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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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dangerously cold temperatures in the tri-state...not just a hazard for folks walking around outside... but firefighters as well!slips and falls tonight at two scenes -- more on that in a moment. but we want to start with steve... who says there's another bone-chilling night ahead. temperatures plunge to 60f tonight for another chill outlook but winds will not be a breezy. feels like temperatures will range from
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morning. as for tuesday afternoon, skies will be mostly sunny and temperatures top out at 220f. here's your 9 first warning for a chance on measurable snow on wednesday. light snow will begin wednesday morning before many of us even wake up for the day. it looks like we could have .1" to .5" of snow on the ground for the morning drive. cold weather - working a number on the firefighters impressive car fire today. today.this view - you only got from chopper nine - shows the
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ramp to fort washington way. way.evan millward joins us live now with why it was more dangerous than you may think. and it could have been worse - that fire happened right at rush hour - or what would have been if so many people weren't off work for the holiday.but it wasn't just the ice firefighters were dealing with -- the most dangerous part was location. nats - choppera fireball on freeway -.closing lanes just before five-30.nats dan: and that's a car that's on fire, coming right off the exit.the fire goes out in a blast of smoke and steam.and within minutes - a new problem on the elevated ramp - as these firefighters starts salting the ramp.they carry salt on each truck this time of year.district chief greg potter 0931 obviously you have those issues where you could cause more accidents, the firefighters could get hurt by slipping and falling - that
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this evening too. the firefighter on the left slips and falls - and pops up again like nothing happened.potter 1051 most of the guys are in really good shape, so you know, you just fall and you go back to doing your task, as long you didn't hurt yourself, sprain something.firefighters handle vehicle fires several times a day.ask district one chief greg potter - he'll tell you anything on the expressway is among the most dangerous for his teams.potter 1344 nowadays a lot of people aren't paying attention to what's going on, or there's rubberneckers not paying attention to what's going on in front of them.that's why they send so many trucks - to block traffic.nats - chopperso what about the driver of this van?potter says when the smoke cleared - no one was around. here's another challenge crews face on the freeway - once someone calls 9-1-1 - they're already long past the today's case, responding companies had to turn around in kentucky - to get to the
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cold weather also trouble for firefighters tonight in bond hill.a blaze broke out in the attic of this home -- that created extra work for crews. it's not clear what sparked the fire.the district chief says one firefighter fell because of the slick conditions. triple-a stayed busy today -- helping stranded drivers.the company says its "roadside rescue team" responded to *a-thousand* calls in greater cincinnati since midnight.the biggest issue: dead batteries. the company says simple check-ups *before* winter starts is key. "make sure you perform routine maintenance, check battery charge. sometimes summertime heat kills batteries and days like today that's when you realize it's weak or dead and you need a new one" and make sure your car is stocked in case you do
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blankets -- water -- and a cell phone charger in case you get stranded. new at arrest in a deadly avondale shooting. tonight -- derrell gover is charged with murder for that shooting friday night on alaska avenue.two men took immanuel scott to children's hospital that night with gunshot word on a motive for that deadly shooting. also new tonight --court documents say this fire in west price hill was arson... and tonight there's an arrest. some folks at that apartment complex used bedsheets to escape -- others had to be rescued by firefighters. firefighters.johnny hammond now faces two counts of aggravated arson.police say he confessed to the crime.he'll be in hamilton county court tomorrow. the "hit king" is back in the queen city -- for the first time since m-l-b's commissioner upheld rose's ban from baseball.and the cincinnati favorite wasn't shy in front of the cameras. cameras.nine on your side's ashley zilka spoke to him tonight.ashley?
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passionate and loyal fans. tonight-- was no exception. hundreds came out to support a local high school and to see the baseball legend. 30:25 i can say anything i want now. what is baseball going to do? suspend me,"the oak hills sports stag had the "hit king" as its headliner. 02:18:23 got an autograph picture for my son. 25the annual fundraiser for the school's athletic department- and pete's first appearance in the tri-state region since the commissioner announced he will not reinstate rose. a decision that still stings for a lot of fans.kevin wentz: cleves 02:18:41 i think he personally deserves to be in and if you need to put an * on his plaque so be it but if he has the most hits in major league baseball, he deserves to be in the hall of fame. 51rose talked about the old times- 43:33 tony perez he is unbelievable. so is johnny. so is morgan. so is davey. that's why we won so many games. 41 and gave advice to the reds- 46:14 you got to have a good attitude. you could have positive negative winning or losing. right now they got a
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cant cheat the fans. they are paying good bucks to see you play.. 30 organizers of the sports stag say ..thanks to pete's appearance, they sold more tickets than usual. all of the money will go to the oak hills athletics department. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. much of "who dey" nation is still sore about the bengals early exit from the playoffs... and tomorrow mayor john cranley will be'll remember -- he and the mayor of pittsburgh made a bet over the game. game.the bengals lost -- and so did cranley.tomorrow -- he'll be sporting a steelers jersey around the tri-state. but he'll be wearing it while helping feed hungry folks in west end -- "at the city gospel mission diner". tonight -- a new look at the mexican druglord -- who's back behind bars.spanish newspaper "el universal" captured this image of el chapo at the "altiplano" prison.he's under special supervision -- and is
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cell-to-cell.they're trying to prevent a repeat of july -- when he escaped a maximum security prison. police say a tri-state mother left her two-year-old son, and 8-month-old daughter home alone for more than four hours. delores williams was in court today.williams claims that another family member was supposed to come over and watch her children but they never showed. police arrested williams when she did come home.williams was released from jail - and was ordered to stay away from her children. the family of a store clerk -- who was run over by his *own* car -- says he's a gentle soul who didn't deserve it. it.and tonight -- surveillance video could help solve the mystery.police say aaron burmeister was working at the speedway gas station in mount healthy saturday morning -- when he went outside to warm his car.a man jumped into his car --- so burmeister ran outside to confront the suspect -- but the suspect ran burmeister over. his sister says he brother broke both legs and will be in a
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"i'm concerned about his safety, his future. anytime a person is out of a job for 3 to 4 months that creates a ripple effect. i'm also concerned about his longterm recovery" recovery"police say they are looking for a 2004 silver chevy malibu maxx. the car has an army sticker in the back and a broken tailight. if you have any information, call mount healthy police. tonight -- a bittersweet moment for the family of sam dubose. dubose.they reached a multi-million dollar settlement with u-c... that includes plans for a permanent memorial to dubose on campus. in addition to the nearly five million dollar settlement ... the university will provide free tuition to each of dubose's 12 children. "it was hard. sometimes i just wanted to walk out -- hearing stuff. it was basically putting a price on daddy's life and all of the memories we had. it just wasn't right to me. at points
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stuck with it." it."000545 - the university has already put into place a number of action steps to hopefully improve overall police/community relations. to the extent that this matter accelerated that process, i think it's a good thing. dubose was shot and killed this summer during a traffic stop by now-former university of cincinnati police office ray tensing. dubose was unarmed. tensing has been charged with murder. gone too oregon father can't believe his healthy, athletic son died suddenly!the simple procedure he thinks took that boy's life... a surgery doctors perform on so many children *and* adults. off the shelves...a book meant to teach kids about a founding father -- deemed racist!the image that has a popular book
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a driving danger...doctors warning about certain older americans getting behind the wheel.the seemingly harmless medication they're taking -- that's putting them at risk behind the wheel. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 breaking news... police are on the scene of a shooting on victory parkway.police confirm a man has been shot in the leg and back.police just secured the scene... and our crew is headed that way.we'll have updates for you on wcpo- dot-com and on good morning tri-state starting at 4:30. a college football player died suddenly sunday night.. and his father says it was the result of a complication from
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removed.a-j schlatter played football for portland state university.his father posted on facebook that his son underwent surgery on friday.. then sied sunday due to a blood clot that formed in his throat. an official cause of death has not yet been released. tonight -- round-the-clock efforts to find missing marines near hawaii -- have turned up life rafts -- but no bodies. a dozen marines went missing after two marine corps helicopters crashed last week. so far searchers have covered more than 150 miles.some debris turned up on shore -- but the marine corps hasn't said which parts were recovered.the coast guard says the search for possible survivors will continue for now. here's some video that will make anyone a hockey fan... fan...a massive brawl after ohio state's hockey game sunday.this all happened *after* the final whistle between the buckeyes and was mostly pushing and shoving.but then you see one of the officials put an o-s-u player and a michigan
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the michigan player reaches around and punches the o-s-u player right in the face!the o-s-u player is going to be okay.the teams racked up 56 penalty minutes in that fight. a controversial children's book about george washington is being pulled. pulled.scholastic says it will no longer distribute the picture book-- "a birthday cake for george washington."it features a slave wearing a big smile and quote 'taking pride' baking the president a birthday cake. critics say the book sugarcoats the tragedy of slavery. scholastic admitted the picture book does not include enough historical context... and could give a false impression about slavery. a bit of good news for the cincinnati corporation that's had a rough start to 2016... macy's had a record-breaking end to last year for *online* sales. sales.the retailer made one *billion* dollars in internet orders last month.and for the first time -- more than *half*
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from mobile devices. the trial for one of the men accused in a deadly indianapolis house explosion begins tomorrow.that explosion killed two people and damaged more than 80 homes. jury selection will begin in the trial of bob leonard ... he faces two counts of murder, as well as arson and conspiracy. leonard's half- brother is serving two life sentences. police say the two, with help from three others, triggered the explosion in hopes of collecting a big insurance
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weather summary: temperatures plunge to 60f tonight for another chill outlook but winds will not be a breezy. feels like temperatures will range from -5 to 00f going into tuesday morning. as for tuesday afternoon, skies will be mostly sunny and temperatures top out at 220f. here's your 9 first warning for a chance on measurable snow on wednesday. light snow will begin wednesday morning before many of us even wake up for the day. it looks like we could have .1" to .5" of snow on the
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tonight in healthy living....a warning that may not apply to you -- but it may certainly apply to your parents. in a new study - drivers who are in their 70's or 80's - and also taking prescription
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more accidents. those who took sleeping pills were twice as likely to be in an accident over the past five years. these same individuals were also more likely to fall - and be on other medications. but they drive fewer miles compared to younger drivers. a slight change in your decor may help you lose weight.a team from cornell university says adding mirrors to your kitchen or dining room forces you to eat less. the researchers say people simply don't want to watch themselves eat - especially unhealthy food. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. the xavier musketeers keep moving on up....they've reached some new heights tonight tonightand if you're going to do something sneaky on teh court........make sure it's not caught on camera. sports
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good evening everyone. it's a challenge every nfl team faces in the off season...replacing coaches...replenishing the staff.vance joseph left last
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coach....marvin lewis reached out to kevin coyle, who he knows well. coyle coached the secondary here for 11 years before leaving for miami. now he's coming back. plenty of experience with the latest hires. jacob burney will work the defensive line. he has 21 years in the pros. he replaces jay hayes who went to tampa bay.and bill lazor who was offensive coordinator for the dolphins comes here to work with quarterbacks. he takes over for ken zampese who moves up to offensive coordinator. the philadelphia eagles have a new head coach and they also reached into the past. they've hired doug pederson who used to coach donovan mcnab in philly. in college basketball, the xavier musketeers have moved to their best ranking ever....posting at number five in the last associated press poll. the muskies are 16 and one and chris mack wants his players to keep their eye on the challenge ahead and not all the publicity
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going to matter tuesday night...the georgetown hoyas are in town to play at xavier. and here's the nation's top five this week....this is some tall cotton for the muskies...oklahoma...north villanova. and you can bet those rankings will change by next week....oklahoma was number one for the first time since the late 80's...and just moments ago...they were beaten in ames by iowa state. also in college basketball..or egon state forward jarmal reid stole the ball against utah last night....he thought a foul should have been he stuck out his right leg and tripped up referee tommy nunez....of course...he pled not guilty to the charge-but today..he apologized and called his actions inexcuseable. he was suspdnded for at least four games. meanwhile in the sec, a hefty fine of 100-thousand dollars was levied against auburn
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victory over kentucky, their students raced onto the court.- the athletic director said the school will happily pay the fine. that's what it means to beat kentucky in the sec. in indiana, the ben davis and pike high school teams got into a bench clearing brawl at saturday's game. today the high school association cancelled the rest of their seasons, barred them from the state tournament and they'll be on probation next season. the commissioner called the fight egregious and dangerous. oh...did i mention?,,,,,these were girls teams. nine on your side returns
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this monday. monday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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