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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 20, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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a helicopter tracks the suspect who escaped into the dark. how a secret weapon foiled that plan. this woman is about to face a reporter. why it can't faze this news pro. it's new video from last month's texas tornadoes. the eerie scene of twisters in the night. >> holy [ bleep ].
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moves so good, they should be illegal. and the kid who can do the twist -- >> 180 degrees. >> see the crowd pleaser with one head-turning move. you just love these kinds of videos, when an air unit gets involved in finding a suspect. in florida, their air unit got involved after ground crews spent almost half an hour trying to find an aggravated assault suspect. he took off, and in the dark night he thought, they'll never find me. >> oh, right there you are. >> the air unit was amazingly good at seeing things in the dark. what is that right there? let's zoom in. that sucker's been spotted. effective. >> is it me or is he just
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they seem him even though there's a helicopter above him? >> there's a good chance he doesn't realize the equipment that comes with that air unit up above. >> if you're a sheriff in that pilot, it's almost unfair, it's like, shall we fly around and scare him a little bit? >> he's arrested and charged with felony battery. >> no word on the victim, but they got their man. police in china also got their man in this incident. but in this case, he caught himself. >> in a window. a four-story window, dude apparently trying to break in. the homeowner spotted him, like really, what was going on in his mind to make him think he could make it? watching too many movies and cartoons, perhaps. >> and he's on the top floor.
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for a while. oh, my god, it's destroying [ bleep ] everything. >> those poor people. >> the terror of a tornado increases exponentially when it's the middle of the night and you can't see anything. >> we're looking across downtown dallas, what appears to be a very powerful tornado. >> you may have had it in christmas. what we have here is a couple of videos which surfaced of that exact moment when the tornado really comes into its own, when you start seeing the flashes. >> huge explosions, the transformers which are exploding as the tornado is passing over these power lines. in these moments you can see the size and scale of the terror. >> there goes another
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>> you can hear justin as he's realizing what happens. >> oh, my god, those poor [ bleep ]. >> up to 200 miles an hour. you can see the shape of the funnel, where it's touching down. while these flashes are happening, without these lightning flashes, you can't see it. >> if the power is out and you don't hear that siren, you don't know where to go. if you're on the roadway, god help you. >> in a situation like that, light is your only security. if things go dark, your security seems to be dying even more. >> 600 structures were destroyed by the tornado. eight people were killed by the tornado alone. before this job i was a reporter, out in the field all the time. okay. so this classifies as a
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this rtv reporter is in the middle of giving a weather report. >> what a jerk. >> interestingly enough, the broadcast continues. she tosses to her graphic, then back to the studio. but the tv station didn't let it go. they filed a complaint to protect the reporter. >> that's scary, gayle, you've done live tv, you're completely unprotected out there. >> that's no joke after what happened last year. >> yes, this situation happened six months after the reporter and photographer in virginia were killed. fear. >> did they know who this guy was? >> not sure. when you're out in the field like that, you're in the midst of a bunch of people. police are not sure whether the firearm was real or fake. but speaking of safety measures.
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>> this flight attendant, the folks on this aircraft were told that there's ice on the wings and they're going to be sitting in because you don't want to die. >> if that wasn't bad enough, these folks have a reason to be upset. >> i would have gone insane. i would have called my attorney. >> a hole in the side of the plane. well. >> there is a passenger bill of rights in the u.s. they cannot keep you on a plane eight hours anymore here. >> they offered an apology but also offered everybody vouchers for $7.25, just under a dollar for each hour they sat there. neighbors like this just drive you insane.
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all kinds of noise in the middle of his street, does not belong there. if only someone could get him to stop or something. >> 720 degrees before it happened, you get closer and closer to that lift. >> the guy smacks it. >> pretty hard on the ground. hopefully that will remind you not to be a jerk face neighbor anymore. unintentional wheelie. this guy, long with his two other buddies out on some dirt bikes, enjoying their day, looks like they're on back roads, not bothering anybody. what better time than to practice your wheelie skills? >> there's nobody else around. this is where you're supposed to do it. it does look a little bit icy.
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>> did you get that on video? >> i really want to get rid of my rear fender. >> thankfully that's all he sheared off. he says he wasn't hurt. this cat is -- >> carrying a kitten in her jaws. >> see what awaits her inside. and dude is hanging on for dear life. >> help! >> let's hope he's already done it. i'm rewarding fans with a special offer. order a large pizza and get a second large pizza for 50 cents. 50 cents?! that's pocket change! if only we had pockets... what? purely decorative. get a large,1-topping pizza for only 50 cents when you order any large pizza at regular menu price. add our new brookie for just $6 more. p better ingredients. x better pizza. better football. papa john'
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many prescriptions can cause dry mouth. act dry mouth mouthwash and toothpaste relieve dry mouth symptoms with soothing formulas that strengthen teeth and freshen breath. act. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. a guy climbing this rock, he's really far out. >> except that is not really what he intended to do. >> a mountain climber. he's not climbing that rock, he's clinging to it for dear life. >> you see as he points the camera around, he's far up there. >> his canopy is all tangled up on the rocks. it's snowing, it's cold. >> now i've got some time to do, what am i going to do besides record this video. >> i had nothing to do and i
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i wanted to say hello to terry and everybody, hey, guys. >> let's teach him an idiom too while he's at it, up a creek without a paddle. >> not our definition of hanging out. >> how is he getting back? >> you do see he took some pictures of some people out there. we do have a photo of how far up he saw. this guy seems to be pretty happy he's alive and is probably going to do this exact thing again. people in turkey are loving this video. this is from a mosque in istanbul. as you can see, there is a cat carrying a kitten in her jaws. and she is welcomed into this mosque. did she go in there to pray?
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>> she found a nice, secure, safe spot for her to take care of her kittens and nobody is bothering her of i love it that she's going about her business. heart. people love the video, they say not only does he have a good sense of humor but they love that he loves cats. when the weather gets cold he opens the mosque up for cats to come inside. facebook. when he posted this video, he said, kitty found a heart of compassion and mercy. he opens it up for the cats to come in and stay warm. >> it's a great for a sense of community with cats and animals. >> i love the fact that there is
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>> she's a cute little kitty. there's no parking over there. the traffic cop is around. >> like a lost member of the village people. >> he is a viral sensation. >> he's an officer in norway and does this in his spare time. >> he says it was recorded on company time but he said it's important for people to see police officers as people, to see their human side. >> if i had a traffic cop in this town, i would want to get caught.
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just like the cop. ain't nobody writing him a ticket because he can turn his head 180 degrees. >> like "the ex orcist." >> the part where they're holding his hand and he twisted out. how do you like me now? he initially hit the internet back in december. now he's back again. at this rate he'll keep them coming. >> and never look back. a commercial that has everyone talking. >> this is an ad for volkswagen and their new trailer hitch feature. >> see how they did it. >> it's really clever. plus this mom got in the
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>> this old lady is trying to steal my car. >> why her son didn't stop her. >> any good child would have done that. on lighter italian fare. inspired dishes. ed in a mouthwatering garlic sauce. and flavorful new! chicken piccata. all under 575 calories.
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>> look at this, around the parking garage ramp system. the guy on the scooter is like, whoa! cruising through the streets of nor way, this guy is a trailer ninja. >> there's something going on here. >> you're not the only one whose suspicions were raised. look at this woman. she wants to know what's going on. she gets a peek inside. >> it's rigged, i swear there must be a driver in that trailer actually driving. >> this is an ad for volkswagen and their new trailer assist feature. this is the behind the scenes video. this is how they built the trailer. there's a driver inside. they started with part of a car. >> really clever. >> built the trailer around it, basically it's a clear plexiglas trailer that the stuntman can drive from the inside.
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they're working in harmony to pull this stunt off. what you've got on the outside of the trailer is basically that one-way film. the stuntman can see out but people can't see in. >> it's got everything talking and sharing. now you know about the whole reverse thing. those are big pains in the butt for their moms sometimes. this guy is in his car, he was waiting for his mom who get into a car directly behind him. it must be a similar car. >> this is the wrong car. >> he's cracking up. >> the greatest thing ever. >> i feel bad for her. >> she goes all the way in, she's sitting in the car waiting for her son to come back.
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the owner of the other vehicle that car. and you can tell from his body language how puzzled he is. making this one of the funniest, most awkward juken videos we've ever seen. >> he's like, is this old lady trying to steal my car? >> can i take you home? >> need a ride? >> i think the dude is laughing as well. see how he kept his distance. >> mom is like, this is my son's car. >> before too long she starts getting out of the car. >> the guy must be in stitches by now. >> she closes the door, she walks over.
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he's laughing at her. yes, he is. >> it is kind of funny. >> any good child would have done it as well. >> i probably should have told her. perfect proof that men, patient. >> see what happens when a girlfriend walks in on her pigeon-head boyfriend.
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sure, people think men are from mars, women are from venus. i've got proof here that men are children and women are just patient. >> the part i want you to draw attention to is the bottom left hand corner. >> he's a pigeon. >> he is a pigeon. he's playing in the rocket league community, a league for remote control video game soccer. he's hosting the game. he's trying to entertain people. he's got his pigeon head on. pigeon. it's fine. then it becomes a relationship issue.
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the pigeon head. >> so weird. >> who can it be? >> this gets real bad, real fast. >> oh, my gosh, i can only imagine being the girlfriend walking in and my boyfriend is wearing a pigeon head. so many things have to go through your mind, like what kind of a freakish thing is this? >> you start to question your and own choices. >> right. >> the great thing about it is he does not try to explain but the entire time keeps the pigeon head on and keeps playing the video game.
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