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nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh has that. partly cloudy skies and fresh snow will allow the temps to drop back into the teens tonight. thursday will be a quiet day with partly sunny skies with high in the low to mid 30s. the 9 first warning weather team continues to track a system on friday that is now coming more into focus. at this point, this could be 2-4" snowfall around greater cincinnati to a 3-5" snow in
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its been a difficult drive home for some people. for a check on the roads right now... lets to go evan milward
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we'd like to thank all of you who have sent pictures of the snow. this was taken by don adams in amelia. a reminder you can post pictures on our facebook page.. or send them
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keep it right here on nine on your side as the next round of winter weather approaches. closings and delays.. plus your first warning for how much snow we'll see. new at six... a dog is left in a cold van for 15 hours and has to be put down. down.tonite, four employees of the spca have been disciplined their jobs. jobs. nine on your side's tom mckee is live with new information on how this happened. a nine on your side viewer alerted us to what happend here last thursday and spca officials confirmed it.for whatever reason, four employees didn't follow the rules and the dog spent 15 hours in a van with near- freezing temperatures. dr. dave labourveauspca vp of strategic initiatives initiatives "our job is to take care of animals who are unwanted and abused and the last thing that we ever want to have happen is something like this." this."dr. dave labourveau was emotional wednesday, talking
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14th in this transfer was 3:00 p.m. when dogs and cats from the spca's northside facility were put in that van. around 5:00 p.m., it arrived at the spca center in sharonville and four employees started taking the animals out using a standard protocol. protocol. "whoever unloads it then they check off a roster to indicate that all the pets were there. the roster in this case may -- there was some question whether it was accurate or not." not."for some reason, the workers forgot about the pitbull was in this cage at the rear of the van. van. "the last person to unload the van usually goes in and cleans and checks everything. that protocol was not followed so obviously this pet was overlooked." overlooked.""i check with nine on your side meteorologists who told me the low temperature last thursday night into friday morning was 34 degrees -- two degrees above freezing. the dog spent 15 hours in the cold before being found friday morning around eight a.m. a.m. "the pet was deemed to be hypothermic at the time and
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for that reason the veterinarian deemed -- dr. santangelo -- that euthanasia would be the best outcome." outcome."the employees involved got written reprimands.the spca takes care of 14,000 dogs and cats a year and dr. labourveau says the four employees are upset over what happened. happened. "they're very devastated -- because we're all pet lovers." the home of a popular radio dee jay was badly damaged by fire. fire."duke hamilton" from b-105 fm lives in this falmouth home off "kentucky 3- 30."his wife told 9 on your side the fire started shortly
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house suffered extensive fire and smoke damage to the garage and living room. an investigation is underway to determine a cause. protecting children from the liquids uses in e-cigarettes is the goal of a new plan in columbus. the bill would require the liquids to be sold in child- resistant packaging. the liquids are vaporized by the cigarettes.. and often contain nicotine and flavorings such as chocolate. the bill would not affect pre-filled cartridges. the centers for disese control says half of the calls to poison control centers involving e-cigarettes are for children under the age of five. it amounts to one of the largest pay raises in u-s history... and thousands of people here will benefit from it. walmart is giving nearly all of its hourly workers at least at two- percent pay increase. that will put about two point seven billion extra dollars in people's pockets during the next few years. nine on your side's john genovese has more on the
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in ohio alone the company employs more than 50-thousand people at its walmart sam's club stores.this move continues the changes the retail giant first announced last year. (vo)on february 20th-minimum hourly wages for the majority of employees will be bumped up to 10-bucks an hour. entry-level workers will start at 9- dollars and receive the dollar raise after completing an in-house training program. with these changes - the average, full-time hourly wage for a walmart worker will be 13-dollars and 38 cents. walmart also announced a new paid time-off policy that will make vacation days available to employees as they're earned period. they're also rolling out a new short term disability plan at no cost to full-time workers. (john)in the past - walmart's faced criticism for the wages and benefits of store employees. this move comes just days after the company announced the closure of nearly 300
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benefit more than 1-point-2 million walmart and sam's club workers in the us. john genovese 9oys. bringing passengers back to the international airport. the changes that should keep the trend going. hot wheels. a tri-state high school senior wins a national car design contest. the story behind the drawings that are getting lots of attention in detroit. wild day on wall street. stocks plunge... then bounce back a bit. coming up on world news tonight.. why the number that has wall street panicked
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c-v-g has sky-high ambitions when it comes to getting more passengers. last year more than six- million passengers traveled through the airport. c-v-g executives hope to top nine million by 2021.. roughly a 50 percent increase. the airport is already moving in that direction... airlines are adding flights.. and fares are less than they used to be. but it will take more than that to cross the nine million passenger mark. right now on wcpo dot com... the big change that will require. campbell county police hope new photos help catch a couple of burglars. they broke into the melbourne kwik stop ten days ago and stole cartons of cigarettes.
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pontiac g-six. call campbell county police if you can help. weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? a difficult year to be at the top in college basketball...sp orts is coming up. designing passion... this local high school student won a national car design competition... (sot) "i really found a passion for it... designing cars. and i know that's what i want to do as a career." the attention he's now getting from one of the big auto makers. (sot) "i think that's the coolest thing in the world."you're watching
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a local high school senior is getting national attention tonight as a car designer. 9 on your sides tony mirones caught up with the 17-year-old and found out how it all happened and what's his next step after graduation. ben treinen/drive for design contest winner"i've always been good at drawing and my whole family's been pretty good at drawing."sketching drafting table.ben treinen/drive for design contest winner"my sophomore year at moeller high school, we have a really good instructer and he got me really interesting in car design."the teacher is greg stansorth.he encouraged ben treinen (try-nin) to participate in the fiat chrisler "drive for design contest, for high school students.ben treinen/drive for design contest winner"i looked into it but unfortunatly it was for only michigan students."but that was last year.ben treinen/drive for design contest winner"i had a pretty good idea of what they were looking for."this year,
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entire nation.the 17-year-old moeller senior had a huge task ahead of him.ben treinen/drive for design contest winnerso not like any sort of crazy design that engineers couldn't make into an actual product, but something that was realistic for 2025."treinen has drawn plenty of cars, but those have already been produced.he's even created a few self portraits, of course hes' sitting in a car.he's a dreamer,ben treinen/drive for design contest winner"just making a car and designing it from ground up and getting to see it on the road and people buying it." that dream is coming true.ben treinen/drive for design contest winner"i didn't know what kind of competititon i had up against me, and his car led the pack. ben treinen/drive for design contest winner"i guess it was me."so what's next, he'll graduate from high school, and then off to college.and maybe work in detroit.ben treinen/drive for design contest winner"i already have an in with the fiat-chrysler north american design team." congrats young man, i'm sure you'll draw from your past to hopefully build your future. tony mirones 9 on your side,
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it's been a tough season.....a murderous season at the top. it doesn't help to be highly regarded and highly ranked. number one oklahoma and number two nights. that's why mick cronin doesn't panic as he gets his uc bearcats ready for the memphis tigers at fifth third area on thursday. - mick's bearcats have dropped a few games in recent weeks...most by very close
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xavier is a prime example which got its best national ranking ever of number five on monday...then fell to georgetown tuesday night.- chris mack said later he had warned his players that they were going to get georgetown's best. he said his musketeers didn't finish well enough to win.- it's the nfl coaching carousel...the eagles didn't want chip kelly anymore...the forty niners said welcome to san francisco today. he was out of work for about two weeks. there are four teams still playing for conference championships..and in the's peyton manning against tom brady for the 17th time...a trip to the super bowl is at stake. -brady has the patriots in the afc title game for the fifth swtraight season....-while manning guided the broncos past the
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a couple of soccer notes tonight. fc cincinnati has announced that it will play its first home match on april 9th at nippert stadium.and another feather in the cap of cincinnati state mens soccer. former cincinnati state player liam doyle was drafted by dc united of the m-l-s on tuesday. the first of the grand slam tennis events well underway in melbouirne australia. number one seeded novak djokvoc scored a three set victory in the second round over quentin halys of france-roger federer also won in the second round. it's the 17th straight year that federer has advanced to the third round of the aussie open.-and serena williams also reached a milestone. she played her 79th main draw match ...and won with ease over the 90th ranked player. and thanks to the good people of the northern kentucky sports hall of fame who had me out this's my view of the crowd...they do a great job in recognizing
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accomplishments-andrew neagle, fred hester, robbie shearer, bradford carr and tim reese were today's inductees...they let me in the picture. and now here's julie dolan with what's coming up on nine on your side at seven. residents says their apartment complex is filthy.and they don't feel safe living there. but they are out of options because their landlord doesn't pick up the phone.a look at the horrible conditions,
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that's 9 on your side at six for this wednesday. wednesday.we're always on with
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