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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 21, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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when a cop pushes him too far, a suspect -- >> takes his handcuffs. >> how going all bruce lee landed him in a lot more trouble. the minute you see him, you wonder where are they are. the latest journey of instagram's golden couple. a young woman bares her soul about what it's like. >> to lose your hair when you're way too young. >> the freeing moment when she finally decides to let it all go. plus the crazy ride at a wedding.
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big one. >> just a second. >> why he definitely wasn't ready for this. a little back and forth. he got aggressive. they brought him in. once they got there. >> whoa. >> okay. you can see and hear the charges adding up. >> he's having some heated conversation with the officers. he turns around and -- >> he was forced to surrender when they pepper sprayed him and he came to his knees. >> while handcuffed and surrounded by police, this is the perfect time to start a fight. >> well, you know. >> i want to hear his logic. >> they pushed him. >> okay. and?
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he's already in handcuffs. he's already at the station. do they really have to push him? >> they let him go. >> what? >> yes, he was released on the premise that he will return to be charged. he will face the judge. in england they're looking for these guys because they believe they raided several stores. they have their wheelbarrows. they're going to sweep that face. that's the goal. they're going to get away with it. >> they went straight for it. they knew it was theirs. >> they got away with the face and cigarettes and then ironically, another supermarket got hit.
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to be in the first raid are heading down the street. >> they're looking for these folks. this is the video that i have to hit play on. >> it's another production by j. alvarez. you might remember him, we've seen him on the show with his gorgeous girlfriend. >> this video was shot in and around hawaii. they look gorgeous and they travel to gorgeous locations recording their different encounters with puppies, out surfing, all kind of experiences, shot beautifully to make the rest of us super jealous. >> just embrace life and live it. >> i love that they added
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they add to make people love it? >> people on instagram are saying it's not real, that life isn't real, there have to be moments when they lose their passports. >> they want to encourage everybody out there and live and do the things you always wanted to do. he gets to do a lot of it. it's a great lesson, who cares if you don't look like them? it doesn't matter, the point is to have these amazing experiences and go places and have a good time doing it. 12 centuries ago the chinese invented gun powered. powdergunpowder. >> we've known that fireworks do one thing: kaboom. >> which is amazing that this still happened. it's a fireworks factory, quite literally going up in smoke.
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it's a beautiful show, but it's a shame to see it go that way. >> it's a beautiful show but a dangerous one as well. you can see the factory caught fire, explosions are happening left, right, and center. this particular accident happened so quickly, it actually injured 48 people and unfortunately killed one. >> oh, my goodness. this is the worst case of dominos. once one of those goes off inside a factory like that, how do you stop it? >> "factory" is just a term for a building where they make fireworks. there are tens of thousands of fireworks factories in china. >> they have to figure out how to fix it. >> they have to be stored in a way where the chain reaction can stop at some point instead of the whole factory going up.
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to these. did i say they were police dogs in training? >> how cool. >> and as you can see, this dog makes easy work out of jumping over. these dogs have to be trained constantly, even in the snow, because they want to improve their efficiency and their relationship with their handlers. >> they have to work with them all the time and also have to learn how to listen to that voice and obey every command. >> these dogs are so intelligent. >> and they're so agile, so quick. i love them. >> it's a dangerous job. for them, they're just out there having fun. >> you both are right. these dogs have to sniff out explosive. besides that, they're also
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to take down the bad guys. >> the really cool thing is that you see how they're held on a leash but sometimes not, standing there waiting for that command. that's why they practice all the time. dogs need that constant activity. >> look at the size of that thing. >> i've always wondered what it feels like, he's just sitting there with his tongue out. >> when the police have a dog like that, i would do whatever they tell me. [ barking ] the folks that have a new use for drones. >> the genius method that can make a huge difference. and the most tolerant award goes to this dog.
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have been about drones. people use them for different things. >> at the start of this video we see huge crevasses off the side of a mountain. this video is like a proof of concept of how they're going to be able to use that drone to get inside crevasses, go under the ground to find climbers who have fallen down these things. >> in that little safety cage, so it doesn't matter if it bumps into something. >> exactly. this spherical rotating cage, they call it collision-tolerant. >> they're doing this test at 11,500 feet of elevation. they can get it, they say, 30 feet below the surface. you can see just how useful it is in this video. it starts through an extremely narrow crevasse, banging off the
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at to fly. >> does it in any way put the person at risk when it hits the side? >> it seems to be quite light and the impact doesn't seem to be that tough. it comes with a full hd camera and has live hd video. >> at this point the only thing that seems to be limiting it is how far it can communicate from the controller to the drone. >> just having eyes on where somebody is can help rescuers determine how they're going to effect the rescue. >> we'll keep an eye on it, this could really be the drone of the future. i figured out one key reason why humans like dogs. we like nap time. it is nap time for this puppy. this puppy is being put down by laura, the queen of evil, that's what her family calls her. >> is that puppy sleeping or
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>> it's not moving even after she covers him completely. >> it is alive and not comatose. >> that's the older dog. >> this is cuteness overload. >> and as you can see, the puppy in the background still dead to the world. >> i have yet another video of nap time. this puppy illustrates toddler behavior. they will do anything to not fall asleep. >> the person who filmed this video said, my dog refused to go to sleep. >> making sure the house is secure is a tiring job. >> you generally see really young kids do this. i've never seen a dog do this. these videos remind me that boys will be boys, and boys turn
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it's great entertainment for me. they do things like take not one bungee cord. >> two bungee cords and make themselves sling shots. get ready. >> oh, yes! win, win. >> no, no. >> the neighbor's yard. >> yeah. and everybody is looking like, wait a minute, is he okay down there? >> did you say the way he flips up and on? these guys can quite 855 pounds. >> is this a hoax? he's lifting all the weight. >> he's getting under the bar. ready?
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>> you have to make sure your feet are in the right place. >> if this goes south, you're in trouble. >> oh, it's going to go south. tighten it up and go. >> you kind of saw that coming. >> nailed it. for the past nine years -- >> i have been putting my hair to try to hide the bald spots. >> find out how she took control. >> a lot of people are affected by alopecia. we don't talk about it. a truck driver has a blowout. watch how deadly this almost was. witness the close call with your own two eyes. if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza for only 50 cents when you order any large pizza at regular menu price. better ingredients. x better pizza. better football.
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is that a dark spot? new gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. this is the reason why this show is great. a truck driver in the uk has a blowout. he stops the truck, gets out and investigates. the trucker now walking down alongside his rig. but watch how deadly this almost was. thankfully, that driver was not injured. i know, they're going to keep coming here. what's so interesting about this guy on a scooter. he dropped two tires over his head and he's driving his scooter like this.
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have faced a fine of approximately the equivalent of 21 u.s. dollars. >> that's it? dog having the time of its life. she's been dealing with auto immune disorders most of of her life. her hair started falling out because of alopecia. >> our hair is really a strong part of our identity.
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be like to lose your hair when you're way too young because of alopecia? >> my sister has alopecia and started losing her hair in junior high. >> this video from buzzfeed walks us through the journey of a young woman who at a very young age lost her hair from alopecia. >> she works for buzzfeed and has been in several of their videos. >> since high school she started documenting her process for nine years. finally she decided it was enough. >> every three weeks i come in and a dermatologist injects cortisone into my scalp. i'm a lucky and grateful person. but those shots suck. >> she's a lot more mature and comfortable with her situation that she's decided to do away with her own hair. >> it's element of finally
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she's got no control over what's happening. this means that she owns it. she's in charge. >> i have to imagine it's particularly difficult for a woman. guys, we can shave our head, it's no big deal, but a woman, a hair is so much a part of your identity, particularly difficult. >> she is such a great example, to own it, take control, nothing to be afraid of. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to witness a
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you. >> i would lav ove to use this for perfect fitting jeans. one of the most popular toys ever, silly putty. it's been reinvented.
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>> a cooler consistency. this stuff is clear and it's malleable and it bounces and you can tear it, all like the original stuff. >> silly putty just got more interesting. >> you think this is cool? imagine if you had 500 pounds of liquid clear crystal putty. that's exactly what the folks over at bat 19 did. they poured it all into a giant tub and the get a guy in his bathing trunks. what's it feel like? >> it's cold and hard to breathe because it's heavy on my chest. >> this guy shaved most of his body. >> i'm really glad i shaved most of my hair. i forgot that. >> that's not going to let go.
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underneath his armpits. >> it takes a while and quite a bit of strength. they found a fit dude to pull himself out. >> i don't care how long that takes. that looks fun. if you could have anybody we celebrate on youtube to officiate your wedding. >> will you marry us? you say, of course, no, i will not marry you. but what if they say to you, no, don't marry us like this, you will be our minister and marry us so it's an official while sitting in an auto, singing a song, on the side of a parade? then you say, of course. >> we are gathered here today to
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with a little tune. he chooses -- >> "white wedding." >> there are many things missing from this wedding. but not a flower girl. >> but in every wedding you also need a witness. >> and now the vows. and i have to say, very brief. >> do you take her? >> i do. >> do you take him? >> he do. >> this guy is killing me. he just makes everything -- >> i declare you guys man and
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