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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a winter storm watch has been issued for one indiana counties, three counties in southwest ohio & a larger portion of northern kentucky beginning late thursday night through saturday morning. this includes the following counties: boone, kenton, campbell, owen, grant, pendleton, bracken, gallatin and carroll county in northern kentucky, plus brown, clermont and highland counties in ohio. in indiana, switzerland county
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are you ready? have you thought through your plans for tomorrow? tomorrow? tonight we're on your side with what road crews are saying about this storm...and what you can do *now* to help you. 9 on your side's julie o'neill joins us live from the
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we know northern kentucky will get hit first...and get hit the hardest. i was actually in the room for the snow pow- wow today to prepare the roads for you. in fun, they call this the snow pow wow, but the people making sure you're safe... in this.... take it seriously. seriously. what is your biggest challenge? well the timing is one thing. so way ahead , they watch, they plan....and they prep... and they need your help..eric cain, truck driver for 2 years years try to give us a little bit of room to try to get the roads cleared. eric cain puts it politely, but a word to school leaders and employers as they decide on what to cancel and who to send home when...minimizing traffic around rush hour will be key. key. when traffic's not moving, our salt trucks aren't moving moving we got drivers with tons of salt on the back of the truck, an 11-foot plow blades trying to do their job. job. the more vehicles that are on the road, the more
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to maneuver. if you're not comfortable with driving or if your car is not equipped or if you have a smaller car, don't travel. let us get out there and get a head start on it because with the amount of snow that they're calling for, it's going to take a while. we're trying to be prepared and we hope that everybody at home can also be prepared if you don't need to be out don't go.but if you're like many...who have to go to work...know that you're in good company. greg gausepohl, truck driver for 10 years years if they're going to send us the snow, we're going to take care of it.that's what we do. as of now crews here in northern kentucky plan to start hitting the road around 7:00am. ohio transportation leaders will wait longer, watching the forecast. meantime i'm told we could have a salt supply issue if we have too many more storms. after this one tomorrow, they anticipate about half the 5000 tons here will be gone. julie
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nine on your side will be here for you as the storm approaches. steve will be constantly updating the first warning forecast.. and we'll have the latest closings and delays. check good morning tri- state tomorrow so you can plan your day. you can also check wcpo dot com and our mobile app for instant updates. an ohio professor tonight is under investigation by the f-b-i... accused of having ties to isis. julio pino teaches history at kent state. only on nine on your side... his first on-camera remarks about the investigation and what could have triggered it. investigative reporter jason law joins us with that. jason. "julio pino" admits he is outspoken and controversial. in 2011 he's was criticized for yelling out "death to israel" at an event on kent state's campus. but "pino" says he in under investigation not because he's commited any crimes
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a reporter cut right to the chase when he interviewed professor julio pino outside his home thursday morning. . here's the bottom line: do you support isis?" no, absolutely not notare you recruiting students for isis?" isis?"absolutely not." pino is defending his record after it was revealed the fbi is investigating pino for his potential ties to isis. in october 2011, he made headlines after shouting "death to israel" at a public lecture given by a former israeli diplomat who was visiting campus.. he believes his prior comments the reason he's in this mess. "the only thing i've been saying all along is that we need to stand up for those most need protection, which in some cases would be the palestinians. in other cases it would be other persecuted minorities in the middle east. but unfortunately, that doesn't make much news coverarage speak out and i guess i've stepped up the plate on a couple of occasions." kent state's student newspaper
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fbi's investigation into pino's activity. pino told w-e-w-s in cleveland he has be contacted by the fbi. "are you worried you're going to be charged--when this is all said and done-with something?" something?" "worried? no, i wouldn't say i'm worried. i'll let justice take its course. i believe in the end everything that's been said against me will be proven false because i have nothing to hide. i've spoken truthfully all along." pino said he is not stepping down from his position and he doesn't believe he has become too much a distraction to go on. in fact, he was scheduled to teach two classes today. he's been with "kent state" since 1992. sharing ideas to fight heroin. the meeting today many hope will give communities a new edge in fighting the epidemic. horse rescued. "cinnamon" was trapped in the ice.. and in poor shape when she was freed. how she looks today.. and the extra challenge in her
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steve's been telling you about the forecast here. the east coast is bracing for a blizzard. tonight on world news tonight.. how its already creating problems on the eastern seaboard. you're watching 9 on your side
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the butler county mother and her boyfriend charged in the death of her two year old daughter are now set to stand trial in april.
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kinsley kinner.. and that her mom... rebekah kinner.. did nothing to stop it.. then failed to get the toddler to a doctor. rebekah kinner recently testified before a grand jury.. providing evidence that could potentially be used against her .but her attorney says she just wants justice in this case. hundreds of ohio first responsors are back home tonite -- ready to try out new ideas they learned to fight the heroin epidemic. epidemic. they gathered in columbus for an emergency meeting called "ideas that work." there was talk of expanding the use of narcan to revive addicts and more treatment for inmates with heroin related issues houses in county jails. but, the biggest takeaway was the sense that everyone has to work together. "the more we work with the agencies around us and the other jurisdictions around us and our surrounding counties as well as indiana and kentucky, the more control we're going to have over the entire problem and trying to distribute the help."
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solutions are needed because three or four ohioans die every day from heroin or opiate overdoses. weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? saving cinnamon... (sot) "cinnamon was born on this farm 40 years ago" (sot) "horse... that's an unusual rescue for us." (sot) "i don't think the fire department gets the credit that it deserves. i mean without those guys, she would be dead today." a heroic rescue and a sincere note of're watching 9 on
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its the last place a 40 year old horse wants to be.. trapped in a frozen creek. cinnamon's owner feared the worst when she discovered what happened. but as 9 on yours sides tony mirones tells us, when word got out that cinnamon was in trouble.. there was no shortage of help. ((nats of opening barn door)) denise blomer/cinnamon's owner "we put the horses out for a few hours yesterday and then we went to put them in their stalls last night, and when we called them back."one of their four horses didn't come back. denise and her husband found cinnamon stuck here, in the creek.denise blomer/cinnamon's owner"i was hysterical, i couldn't even talk. i thought that was it, i was prepared to put her down. me and my husband couldn't get her out. i said we have to call in help."cinnamon the horse was born here 40 years ago.denise was a 13 year old girl then. she called 9-1-1 for helptony mirones/twitter: @tmironeswcpo "it's not so much that
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ice or even the creek. it was the fact that she's forty years old, she's had a long life and she just couldn't get her footing, becuase the ice well, it's ice it's slippery. denise was terrified and cinnamon was getting tired." paul hasenmeier/goshen fire and ems deputy chief"horse... that's an unusual rescue for us. she was cold shivering and weak."the goshen fire department and ems spent an hour with rope and pullies to get cinnamon to safety.denise blomer/cinnamon's owner"and not only did they come, other fireman came that just heard the calls."paul hasenmeier/goshen fire and ems deputy chief"about seven our eight guys just to help pull and lift and stand her upright to get her standing up for a little bit."even at the age of 40, cinnamon still weight in at half a ton.denise rushed her to the vet, and now she's back to normal.denise blomer/cinnamon's owner"the vet said she's very strong, even after last night, she's very strong."just to be safe, for now she'll stay warm and cozy in her stall, complete with blanket.denise blomer/cinnamon's owner"i mean without those guys, she would
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on your side, goshen township. weather summary: a winter storm watch has been issued for one indiana counties, three counties in southwest ohio & a larger portion of northern kentucky beginning late thursday night through saturday morning. this includes the following counties: boone, kenton, campbell, owen, grant, pendleton, bracken, gallatin and carroll county in northern kentucky, plus brown, clermont and highland counties in ohio. in indiana, switzerland county
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with 12 games left, just about game is a must win for the university of cincinnati. tonight, they play one of those games. the bearcats have a seven o'clock tip at fifth third arena against memphis. since a 7-0 start, the bearcats are just 6-6, the latest loss, coming last saturday in double-ot at temple. but all six of their losses have been by an average of four points.and here's the problem for uc as it tries to qualify for the ncaa tournament: in their final 12 games, they're facing eleven unranked teams. tonight, they face a memphis team that's 12-5 trt :14outcue:....especially this year.:((cronin: duke's lost three in a row. michigan state's got three losses in the big ten. they were number one in the country. it's crazy. you just gotta make sure you're getting better and try to get yourself in a
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especially this year. )) kentucky plays tonight, too. it's the wildcats first game since losing to auburn last saturday. uk is 13-4 former cincinnati red aroldis chapman will 'not' be charged in a domestic disturbance case. a florida state attorney said today that conflicting accounts made a conviction of chapman 'unlikely'chapman's girlfrined told policd he pushed and choked her in late october. chapman claims her brother pushed him down and that he fired a gun eight times into a garge wall, where he was locked, after the alleged incident. still about two and a half months from the season opener, cincinnati's new professional soccer team had major signing to announce today. forward omar cummings is coming home. cummings played for both uc and cincinnati state. and made the mls all star team in 2011. the bengals continue to shuffle their coaching staff. robert livingston will now be their assistant defensive back
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pitcher as an offensive assistant. he's been with the colts the last four season, mostly as a scout. and now here's julie dolan with a look ahead at what we'll have for you on nine on your side at seven. a former township official admits to having sexual
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for this thursday. thursday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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