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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  January 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this afternoons snow and a whole lot more when good morning tri-state at 4:30 starts right now. find out exactly how much snow in your part of the tri-state... the timing from when it'll hit to when it'll clear out all part of your 9 first warning forecast. and along the east coast millions prepare for what forecasters are calling an epic are already being canceled in and out of several cities.a look at how officials are coping. good morning i'm chris riva. riva.i'm kathirne nero. it's going to be an early start for kentucky road crews. they hit the streets at six a-m. as they work on the roads, drivers tolds nine on
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to ask...when you see them, please give them plenty of room. many people
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it's going to be an early start for kentucky road crews. they hit the streets at six a-m. as they work on the roads, drivers tolds nine on your side they've got a favor to ask...when you see them, please give them plenty of room. many people spent much of last night preparing for the weather heading our way. thousands grabbing those gotta- have items from the supermarket before the snow touches down. we sent 9 on
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the newport kroger to find out what items shoppers can't live without. cart after cart --with grocery bags filled to the brim "pretty crowded -- wasn't surprised though" scouting a parking spot at the newport kroger was only the first battle "milk, bread some things for breakfast" as for getting what you wanted--kisha willis wasn't taking any chances "definitely trying to prepare for the upcoming weather -- don't want to be caught without the necessities at home" with snow on the radar--comes a mad dash to stock up "we got some chips and ice cream and pork chops" but in winter weather --the 1 thing johne and andresia thomas say they have to have at home "ice cram -- and movies" "the one thing i can't
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it on tv? beer! (laugh)" so with the 'red stripe' checked off the list--how much of the white stuff are people really planning for? "im expecting the worst -- because you never know with mother nature" and before she ever strikes--she's clearing out the aisles "whatever you can grab -- right now -- you better go ahead and get cause everybody's just about gotten everything that's good -- so if you haven't gotten it yet -- sorry for ya! (laugh -- audio fade)" jg, 9oys. and even as we prepare it's going to be nothing like what they are expecting a little farther east.nearly 30 million people could see blizzard like conditons.from d-c to new jersey offcicials and governors are reassuring their residents that they are prepared.but urging people to stay home if possible.shovels,
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shelves as in some places as muchas 24 inches are expected airlines are already taking precautions ahead of this dangerous winter storm.more than four thousnd flight have already been canceled between today and fact american airlines scrapped all flights to charlotte today. they're doing the same thing in phildelphia tomorrow.and united say it would start suspending flights soemtime this afternoon. nine on your side will have extra crews working throughout the day to keep you informed . and a reminder this is a good time to download our "snowcast" app for i-phones and i-pads. it can help you see how many inches of snow will likely fall in your location now, later in the day or over the next 48 hours.. giving you an edge in beating the winter weather. it costs just under three dollars. new this morning... a late night shooting has now been ruled a homicide. homicide.police were called to winton hills after firefighters found a man shot
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initially called out as a man passed out.police have not yet released the name of the victim. tracie hunter will be in court again this morning.but the suspended judge already won one round before the ohio supreme court.justices granted her request to stay out of jail while she appeals her conviction for helping her brother.. who was a county employee.. during a discplinary hearing. hunter was sentenced to six months. earlier this week, prosecutors dropped plans to re-try hunter on eight other charges. his daughter's mother and the man police say is responsible for her death were in court yesterday.hear the shocking and emotion filled words kinsley kinners's father has for them both. sherry will call for graphic
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a big pot bust keeps drugs from colorado *off* ohio streets.yesterday state patrol seized 123 *pounds* of marijuana! marijuana!they stopped a car on i-70 west of columbus for following another car too's not clear why that trooper brought in a drug-sniffing dog, but a search revealed the huge haul of pot.police say it has a street value of more than 600- thousand dollars. the father of a murdered 2 year old girl was understandabl y emotional in court her mother and her mother's boyfriend faced a judge for her death. 9 on your side's ashley zilka tells us how kinsley kinner's father showed his anger after yesterday's court hearing. kinsley kinner's father- scott senft- sat in the front row of the courtroom- leaning forward listening to the judge's every word.09:15:39 we had the opportunity at the pre-trial an agreement by the state and the defendants that the cases will not be tried similtaneously. bradley young is charged with the murder of senft's 2 year old daughter. he's accused of shaking and punching the kinsley in the head multiple times. police
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kinner, did nothing to stop young or get her daughter to a doctor for emergency care.a very pregnant kinner stood before a judge- her child due in february.after thursday's hearing- senft told our partners at the journal news his own idea of punishment for the couple saying quote.."they should be hanged...if i could, i would drag them behind my truck." kinner's trial is set for april 4th, while young will stand trial on april 25th. as senft continues to mourn the loss of his baby- he says he can't thank the community enough for their support.09:25:11 everywhere i go. anywhere i go, people are always asking me anything i need you can have. 15az, 9oys things are to get pretty bad out there by this evening. declarations of snow emergencies are sure to come. but what does that mean for you?we'll tell you next. many of you will try and tackcle the white stuff on your own.depending on elbow
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and sidewalks.nine is on your side with a few tips to make sure you don't end up making a
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" firefighters are on the scene of a fully involved house fire on the 400 block of locust street in lockland.we've learned everyone was able to get out o-k.we've got a crew on the way right now. a live report coming up a little tri-state. while the snow hasnt started to fall yet, some places aren't taking any chances. the town of elemere, near florence has already declared have to be off the roads by noon.
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cincinnati, but we want you to be prepared in the you're probably asking, what does that mean for me? me?there are three levels... all decided by the sheriff's office.level one is just to let people know the roads are hazardous.level two means only people who have to be out should bne on the roads... and you should contact your employer.level three is the worst... and roads are closed
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now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather.
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it's ben a while siince we've had to think about this much snow.hopefully getting out and clearing driveways and sidwalks isn't someting you have to do. do.but if you do we want you to be safe so nine is on yor side with just a few tips to remember. remember there is no law that says you have to clear your sidewalks, and if someone falls on your property it's not your fault.the ohio supreme court ruled people must assume that due to ohio
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slip or fall due to ice and snow. on the heels of a recent rash of having rescue both people and dogs authorities in southwest ohio are urging residents to keep pets leashed near icy ponds.firefighters in butler and waren counties have had to pull the pets and the people how went after them from icy waters three time in the past week.while every one was pulled out o-k, emergency crews say people should never enter the water even to rescue aperson or animal. instead call 9-1- as fast as possible. sad news to pass along this of the cincinnati zoo's best known animals, sarah the cheetah, has died. she was 15 years old and her health had recently taken a turn for the worse.sarah was an international star. national geographic took this video of her a few years ago when she broke the speed record for land animals.. reaching 61 miles an hour. he's played one of the most recognizable people in the
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to play one of america's most iconic villians.what brings the tri-state resident and oscar nominated actor to the queen city. movies featuring people with superhuman powers are all the rage right an illinois man with a very
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jesse eisenberg is in the queen city- and 9 on your side got to speak exclusively to the oscar nominated actor. got to meet eisenberg last night at joseph-beth booksellers. he signed copies of his new book
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hiccups." eisenberg says the book is a collection of short stories written over the last three years. the social network star says he is very impressed with cincinnati. he even spent some time visiting the art museum. 09:18 i am continuously amazed because i am from new york and we live in a real bubble there and we don't realize there is wonderful things outside of new york so we come to a place like this and see more art and interesting things to do per capita than anywhere else i have been is incredible. 30 eisenberg says he now lives in bloomington, indiana with his girlfriend because of family reasons. he volunteers at a women's shelter there. have you seen this guy?he's been nicknamed "canhead".his video has been blowing up on social media and as you can see the nickname pretty much speaks for itself. meet illinois native jamie keeton.keeton has the odd ablility to stick cans and other objects to his you ask?no one really knows but one doctor says his abnormally high body temp, 100 degrees, turns his skin into a
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explains how first discovered his superpower. (jamie keeton/ "canhead") "23 years ago i shaved my head for the first time and i was at a ball game. i was trying to cool my head down because it was a hot day. and all of a sudden they hit a home run i went up to grab it, i missed it and then said where's my drink? everybody was laughing, because it was stuck to the back of my head." head."it's not just's pretty much anything flat.he's turned it into a money maker.keeton says he makes up to a thousand dollars a day and even eight grand for a weekend of renting out his head. this next story might not be quite as amazing but it's sure to make a lot of people happy. sriracha lovers tired of carrying around a clunky reason to rejoice. single-serving packets of the spicy "rooster" are now available.sriracha has gained a cult following since
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news..."my life is now complete". road crews will be out early this morning making preparations for today snow storm.all you'll need to know this afternoon. a late night shooting is now ruled as homicide.what firefighters thought when they first found the man in winton
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steve live tease good morning.i'm kathrine nero. nero.i'm chris is a 9 first warning weather alert day.many schools...
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kentucky are already closed.
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