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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  January 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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eastbound lanes were down to one. the started around for a clock. two people were taken to university hospital for unknown injuries. dispatchers tell us that witnesses reported the car was driving erratically before the crash. our reporter, breanna harpers headed to the scene to get more information. she has been in contact with police. parts of the tristate are getting hit with snow but cincinnati had better luck. >> the weather team has been tracking this change in the storm. we go now to jennifer ketchmark with the latest. this is what we like to call a fluid system. to the north there is little to nothing from this system. to the south, the roads are getting bad. here is a live look at downtown. we are finally seeing the best snow showers we get to see today. it is dropping down visibility and it is very windy. winds from the northeast at 10 to 20 miles an hour. here is a better look at our doppler.
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of snow and places that have yet to see any. up to wilmington. west of town for you, some snow coming down. a little, finally into warren county. this band come through downtown back toward the airport and continues all the way into switzerland county. here is a better look at the radar. the blues turn the darker color when the snow is more intense. into downtown, here is one decent band that we finally have a rolling into cincinnati. norwood, all the way out to delhi. this will be enough to bring us minor accumulations on the ground. maybe for some it will be a dusting. elsewhere, we have a better pockets, especially to the east and the south. toward batavia and sterling, some moderate snow showers
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as you head to bracken county, also down to robertson county, mason county in kentucky, the snow has been a problem for hours today. it will continue to be a problem well into tonight. adams county, even down toward manchester, occult roads and out into brown county too. we will keep a look on the radar. the more northern extent of the system has been -- we have been very transparent about it. that is why, north of cincinnati were only in the minor chance for snow potential. some of you will get nothing. as you continue to the east and battle potential is. into 2 inch to 5 inch range. that is turned to pick up into the 6 inches plus territory out in adams county and mayes county. in southeastern indiana, you were in that minor territory. let's look at the radar and what is left for the rest of the evening.
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feeling at times as the dry air throws them apart. 8:30. snow is still east and southeast of town. that will be the case at 10:30 tonight. the winter storm warning is still in effect. for a large majority of the area. if we see any of these counties removed, we will let you know right here on 9 on your side. this storm, the snowstorm is producing a range of results throughout the tristate. down and maysville, it's been falling most of the day and accumulating closer to the city it is a different story. folks along ifor 71 near newport are seeing light flurries and nothing much else. >> not much of there at all. east and south of the city, road there's crews were expecting the worst. jason law is live in east gate. anything there yet? >> reporter: yes, we just
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it's not really doing anything. it's very windy and cold. drop a little bit. flurries. if you look at that panda edge of that. we may see a little bit of that starting now in this 5:00 hour. f-you hours ago we ran into some guys who were at the beginning of a 16 hour shift. for the last couple of hours they been sprinkling buckets, dozens of buckets assault on sidewalks, parking lots and roadways through eastgate. to the told us their company has 600 tons of salt. for today in preparation of what we are getting tonight, they have used 200 tons of salt on the roadways. >> after the snow starts hitting, it's an uphill battle from there.
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>> i don't mind it. i'd rather snow come in the middle of the night. >> reporter: if there is any accumulation in eastgate it will be sometime tonight. right now we're not seeing it. we are seeing flurries but so far, this is to 75 eastbound and westbound, traffic is very light. that is a good sign. people are staying indoors waiting to see what happens. grant county residents spent the day stocking up. the -- that may have been a good plan. tony maronne is tells us road conditions are deteriorating quickly. >> reporter: i'm being pelted by snow. it hurts. snow is moving and its drifting pretty good. road conditions are deteriorating quickly. that's why government offices like the courthouse here in grant county and the schools
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>> road crews are trying to keep interstate 75 clear but the roads are still slick. jason found out how slick during his drive to lexington. >> depending on where lane were in. i was driving down the road and a car passed me and the wind sent me sideway. i lost control of the vehicle. >> reporter: before the storm hit, people are trying to stock up on things to be ready in case it was a long weekend. >> everyone is coming in and stocking up. stocking up on milk and bread. >> they want to have heat and tv for sure. i'm not going without television. >> reporter: everyone out here is trying to safety. you stay safe too. farther south and to the east, folks and maysville are getting the brunt of the storm. maysville is under a level i is no emergency. i spoke to the police chief, he knew of three accident and maysville and a few more in mason county. he says no injuries were reported in any of those
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he is in the live drive on route 32 in adams county. it looks like road conditions are not the worst we've seen but not as good as they were earlier. >> reporter: you are looking live at route 32 in adams county. the heavy snow continues to come down. road crews are working hard and it's all they can do to keep up down. we had to get east of once we got to the eastern part of clermont county and into brown county, and now adams county, that is where we see the heaviest snowfall. i'm dan carroll. jennifer will be back in a few minutes tracking the winter storm. 9 on your side has so many resources for you and your
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radar and if you need to travel tonight, up-to-date road conditions all across the tristate. for any future storms you need to snocat app. it is a good thing to download. it can tell you how much snow will fall at your house and helpful information to help you plan when you should show your driveway. it is in the app store on google play. i'm john matarese. a tristate family has been shivering with no heat for more than a week. waiting for their home warranty company to fix the furnace. caution about home warranties.
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we are tracking some breaking news. north of the border, a school shooting in northeastern -- north central canada. two people were killed in the gunman is in custody. the lockdown was in place for much of this afternoon at a reports of a shooting at a community school. the saskatoon star reports about 900 students attend the school. located in a remote town in saskatchewan. more than 250 miles from the nearest large city of edmonton.
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unknown if others are injured at this hour. down a man accused of holding up a hamilton bank. budget inn in fairfield. and does not have a permanent detectives say it is him in these images from first financial bank. right now, police are trying to verify his identity. we are still tracking snow in the tristate. a look at the latest snowfall numbers coming in and i will show you how much longer this will last into the night. >> this is the worst thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: no week for a week. and local families struggle with multiple repair shops. their home warranty and the way they are trying to stay warm now.
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a tristate family has gone more than a week without heat because they are waiting for their home warranty company to fix the furnace. john matarese is on your side with a caution about home warranties. >> reporter: can you imagine
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during this, the coldest week in january? westchester's family with their frustration and what you need >> reporter: steve is hitting his house the old-fashioned way, with a wood fire. heater are barely enough to keep the house 55 degrees. >> there's a unit right there. been out more than a week. ever seen. >> reporter: he has been trying to get his home warranty company, first american, to fix his furnace. >> we called multiple times. my wife and i have been on the >> reporter: typically if you're furnace, heat pump or air conditioner goes out, you comes out. to call the warranty company that they can call their repairmen. he said the repairman they finally sent tried replacing the circuit board but then -- >> the came up from the
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problems than we thought. we don't know what it is. you need a carrier expert. >> reporter: now he is on the phone trying to get them to send another repairmen. we're trying to help a customer. calling first american's corporate offices. a spokesman promised to investigate and make the repair a high priority. first american has a be reading with the better business bureau but has 1000 recent complaints from homeowners. >> they almost want you to give up. >> reporter: frustrated and cold. we are not saying home warranties are a bad thing but no you typically cannot choose your own repair man. you need to go with the repair man who they provide. also, there is a recall of more than 70,000 infant car seats. critics is recalling its be safe 35, pc 35 elite and be safe travel system sold since october 2014. it has 74 reports of handles
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if you have one of these contact the company. they will send a handle repair kit to owners. for daily consumer alerts, like me on facebook or follow me on twitter. to your forecast. mason county is now a level ii snow emergency. things are very fluid at this point. >> it is really out east. that is where the bulk of the snow has fallen. we're finally seeing snow showers in cincinnati. i have yet to see -- to see anything accumulate but low visibility is there. some pockets of snow are finally here in cincinnati. here is a better look on our first warning doppler. out towards georgetown and west union, widespread snow showers there. the same thing down at falmouth and maysville. lets look at downtown.
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we have a decent snow showers township. day in cincinnati. it stretches out to lawrenceburg and dillsboro. getting more than likely a accumulations. i had a report earlier of the ground. look how isolated those bands look at this one here as you head out into portions of the warren county. we finally see some snow bands there. this is no is it barely moving at this point. we've been waiting for it to move to the north all day long but this dry air to the north has been making it difficult for this to move very far. for those of you north of cincinnati, it has cut down your snow potential. if you are in portions of butler county or much of warren
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the same can be said in southeastern indiana and places like franklin county, union county, fayette county. outside of cincinnati, this is where we will see some hit or miss reports. pendleton, grant, ranging from 2 , maybe as high as 5 inches of snow. if you are getting 5 you are getting to the south and east. in mason county, robertson county, bracken county and also athens county. that is where the big event is for the system. that is what we thought from day one. the best potential for snow was out in those eastern and southern spots. there was going to be a dividing line somewhere north of cincinnati. the line is on top of cincinnati. we will continue to watch that. widely scattered snow showers mainly east and south of town. this goes through 8 pm. you'll notice on the model and
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there is 10 pm. is still there. that is why i have a minor we continue throughout the pink. tomorrow. weather advisory. for those of you where the snow is falling now, still likely as we continue through the evening. temperatures will hover in the mid-20s. tonight, we are down to 23 degrees as snow starts to end. the seven-day forecast is warming a little bit this weekend. 34 on sunday. monday night into tuesday, another system has our way. right now, everything looks minor. jason adams has been with me this afternoon. >> we were talking about it. we said it would be her near i- 70 one where the snow would stop.
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traffic is not moving with any issues as we continue some snow here. some snow totals that have come in from the national weather service. some impressive numbers. 3 inches in and around adams county. to in georgetown, aberdeen at two. felicity sitting at one. some of these are from a couple hours ago. were waiting for updates. you can get us your totals, tweet us. we will update these totals all night. east coast troubles, our snowfall as child's play compared to folks east. a look at conditions there and
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this no-fault and parts of this tristate, folks back east are preparing for worse. snow is falling up to 3 inches an hour in west virginia. drivers near charleston found rosa snowpacked. that was a problem for truckers. this rate it got stuck on the turnpike. drivers are being warned to
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emergency. the washington dc area is expecting nearly 2 feet of snow in some places. >> i have friends in the dc area and they are staying indoors. boardgames. >> 9 on your side at 6:00. is next. we are keeping a close eye on the track of this snow storm. we have team coverage in our studio and outside in all the elements. a wyoming humming -- wyoming high school graduate is
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winter returns with a biting wind in many parts of the tri-state. snow plasters some roads... leaving an icy coat of white.. making driving dangerous. in other areas... roads are coated with a slippery slush.all that.. as the storm takes a subtle turn.. sparing many from the worst. this is a nine first warning weather alert day... tracking the storm. good evening. a dusting for some - several inches of snow for governor matt bevin has declared a state of emergency in kentucky. and the snow will continue falling for hours in parts of the tri-state. we have reporters across the tri-state right now watching conditions for you. but first.. lets to go to first warning meteorlogists jennifer ketchmark and jason adams for
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