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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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counts against him. 9 on your side's evan llward is following breaking developments at five - including where marshall was arrested. he joins us live from the college tonight - evan? robert marshall was arrested here on thomas more college's campus at noon today.he's being held right now on 25-thousand dollars bond. indicted on 36 counts of what amounts to having child pornography. pornography.that means police found 36 pictures.he's been here at thomas more since 19- 99 - the director of public safety since 2003.representativ es here say they just found out about this today.marshall lives in latonia - so covington police have been investigating this case.they tell us - since january 20-14. that's when someone reported marshall having questionable
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there was an image-wiping software running on his computer as they were looking at the computer, which basically there was a software erasing all that data. thomas more college has issued this statement saying the president has named an interim replacement - quoting - rob marshall has been placed on administrative leave. jeff is working with campus safety personnel to ensure the continuity of safety to our community.. what we're still working to uncover is who these alleged victims may have been - police saying only that they are in crestview hills, em, 9oys. a man finds himself behind bars - after police say he held a woman captive in her home while beating her. 9 on your side's rose-ann
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say it happened and has the rose-ann? it's hard to stomach what police say this man did---they say he beat her so bad she went unconscious and then wouldn't let her leave for days-- 31-year-old- eric morris-- accused of kidnapping, felonious assault, aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery--- police say on october 25th--he forced his way into this complex in millvale--punching a woman in the face-- kneeing her chest and beating her until she was unconscious -- erica walker lives right above where police say it happened."i've been here for like 8 years and it's very unsafe here. it's hard to really tell if anyone is in immediate danger because it's always problems, you always hear the ambulance, you always hear the firetruck. it's constant--yelling and arguing and shooting on a regular basis so it's not like anything new."according to court documents .. morris barricaded the woman -- kidnapping her for three days- - the same amount of time
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hospital--when she'd finally escaped--- her injuries--a level 4 liver laceration, loss of her right kidney functions as well as bruising all over the body. brandon creech says he believes he's seen the man around-- he says the saw the man in a fight-- fight--"someone told me the guy went to jail but i wasn't surprised because there is always police in the parking lot." records show-- he'd pleaded guilty for assaulting the same woman in 2014-- the judge-- though- gave him a deal-- suspending his sentence and instead gave him 2 years probation.-- one he later violated for misdemeanor theft and aggravated menacing and was re-arrested -- but he was freed again in may of 2015--after a public defender made the case that he could be rehabilitated into a productive member of society by finishing school at cincinnati state now he's accused of this-- he was arrested this morning. he will be arraigned in court
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a 23-year-old man was shot to death in westwood - as the community pushes for change in that area. kareem howell was shot yesterday evening on bracken woods lane. police have not made any's a scene all too familiar for residents in westwood.46 people were shot in the neighborhood last year. one woman we talked with today says the violence is too close to home. 5:24 - 5:32"we shouldn't have to worry about this guns, worrying about whether the bullets gonna strike us or not strike us. it's just ridiculous. we're on your side with how to voice your concerns.monday night - westwood residents are encouraged to attend a town hall on violence. that's from 6:30 until 8:30 at the avenue. and if you have any information on this latest shooting - call crime stoppers at 513-352-3040. tonight a special prosecutor is looking into whether there were any wrong doings in the
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race.the ohio elections commission received nineteen complaints from residents that falsified information was allegedly distributed on election day.the prosecutors office is looking into the matter...out of an abundance of caution.greg insco won the seat by four percentage points. a crash in hebron spiraled out of control - sending four people in four different cars to the hospital. hospital.chopper nine was over the scene today - it happened near wright boulevard in hebron. we sent our tony mirones back to the scene today - he walks us through this terryifying crash. accident reconstruction crews shut down north bend road in hebron for four hours this morning because of a nasty accident.this is what a 2007 honda civic looks like after sideswiping a jeep suv and slamming head on into a ford f150 this is what the car looked like before the accident investigators say 22-year-old danielle honshell of burlington, drove southbound in the northbound
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cvg around 520 this morning first, honshell sideswiped this 2010 jeep suv, driven by rukia ali from florence.he complained of neck and back pain. debris flew from that crash and pierced through the window of a 2012 honda crv, injuring passenger 75-year-old nora hollon, she was taken to saint elizabeth hospital. honshell's civic kept going south for 150 yards when it collided head-on with 65 year old michael pucket's ford f- 150.tom scheben/boone county sheriff's office spokesperson he's trapped in his, his catches on fire first couple deputies on the sceene were able to pull him out."two boone county sheriffs deputies pulled the pick-up driver, 65-year-old michael pucket from his burning truck.they drove him by ambulance to uc medical center,a helicopter life threatening injuries. remaining memers of the oregon militia occupying a wildlife refuge are debating whether to surrender or stand their ground. ground.police have blockades around the refuge - after one
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others were arrested, including leader ammon bundy. hours ago, the f-b-i told the anti-government protestors it's time to move on -- saying the protestors' actions are not without consequences. :21 - :29"let me be clear. it is the actions and choices of the armed occupiers of the refuge that has led us to where we are today." today."police say gunfire erupted during a traffic shop. they say the man killed - and another man in the car refused to follow orders from police. one of the eight protesters arrested is a local radio host from cincinnati.pete santilli joined the group earlier this month.he's facing a felony charge. his arrest came about 20 hours after he posted these videos on youtube - from the ground in oregon. a principal killed - saving her students. developments in this indiana tragedy.what police know about the bus that killed the school leader. recordings of people using the
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kentucky police were led straight to the suspect - and how long the
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new developments tonight in a bus crash that left an elementary school principal dead. you saw this playing out on 9 on your side yesterday.police now saying there was nothing wrong mechanically with the school bus that crashed.a bus
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the curb - this happened outside indianapolis.police say principal susan jordan was pushing students out of the way when she was killed.police say they are considering operator error - but the cause of the crash is still uncertain at this time. classes were cancelled across the district today.jordan was with the school for 22 years. plain and simple - cincinnati does not have the water issue flint michigan has. has.that's according to a memo released by city manager harry black.that's in response to growing concerns out of michigan and northern ohio about lead getting into water from some pipes.we're on your side with what you need know about cincinnati's water pipes. says about 16- thousand service lines in the city contain lead.that's about seven percent.he says we are in compliance with a corrosion control treatment - keeping lead from getting into your water. homes built before 1927
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men and children - recorded while using the bathroom. police say it happened inside a kentucky fast food restaurant. the man connected to this disturbing crime.and the shocking way he led police right to his door step. can't get enough sleep?blame social media.we'll tell you the short amount of time it takes to wreck your sleep.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 new at five - a disturbing crime for any of us to hear about. a kentucky man is accused of video taping men and children in the bathroom of a fast food restaurant. police say 31-year-old bryan wilson used his cell phone to record five victims at a chick-fil-a outside louisville -- and later helped police track him down. it would be very very disheartening, to think that somebody would do that in a place that should've private." police say a cell phone was sitting above a men's urinal inside this chick-fil-a. according to a police report, an employee found the phone resting on a cabinet. when a manager handed it over to police....investigators found those private moments captured on video ... four juveniles and one adult man. man. "i don't ever recall any situation similar to this at all."31-year-old bryan wilson is accused of video voyerism.. he was arrested on monday but has already bonded out.
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it's an isolated incident... there is no evidence on the phone to show it happened at any other restaurants. police do not believe it was uploaded to any websites. "it's the first case that i've ever even heard of in this area, much less worked."police hope you keep this in mind... mind... "you can't go around looking over your shoulder all the time but if it's something to take a second and look around, that makes you feel more comfortable which i think people will now, and if they see something it will be reported more now." police were able to track the phone back to wilson because of his own pictures and videos. he also called the restaurant saying he may have left his phone there. wilson has no history of this sort of fact, he's never been arrested at all. tonight the better business bureau is warning all of us - don't be like's the meme filling all of our facebook feeds - mocking annoying social media habits. habits.the better business bureau says submitting your
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your own "be like bill" meme - is dangerous.if you check the terms on the app, you're giving permission for that app to use and edit your content permanently.before you click on any app through facebook, you should carefully check the terms of privacy. more clouds are back for thursday, as two quick moving features swing through the tri-state. this means that skies will be mostly cloudy again on thursday. the second feature that rolls through thursday evening will produce isolated snow showers and flurries. currently, only a dusting is expected if you were to see one of those isolated snow showers. that
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the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first in the's dan carroll in chopper 9. "the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a
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evening.i'm dan carroll in chopper 9." social media messing with your sleep. sleep.facebook and twitter can have you tossing and turning. we'll tell the amount of time on social media linked to a poor night of sleep. i'm john matarese. after years of falling sales, mcdonalds is now turning itself around.i'll tell you why tri staters are now going back to the golden arches
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tonight in healthy living - log off your facebook page if you're having trouble falling asleep. asleep.a new study out of the university of pittsburgh found extreme social media use can
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night. adults with the worst sleeping problems admitted to being on social media for more than an hour each day. some companies like apple are rolling out new features which adjust the color of your screen -- making it easier to fall asleep. it's the last place you'd expect a drug shortage -- but emergency rooms are falling short on drugs that could save your life.according to the chicago tribune - drug shortages in the e-r are up four-hundred percent! the primary reasons are manufacturing delays, supply and demand, and a lack of raw materials. more than half of the shortages involve life-saving drugs. the most common drugs on the shortage list are used to treat infectious diseases, relieve pain and treat those who have been poisoned. a 14-year-old teen... convicted of raping a fellow student -- that was too intoxicated to talk!that's all new at's anchor tanya o'rourke with what we're working on. craig -- prosecutors say it's a story *every* tri-state
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hear.that teen did all of this -- at a party after a high school football game!what's next for the teen -- and why the prosecutor says this is a lesson for leaving teens unattended. without water...residents in one local community stocking up on bottled water tonight... with news that they'll be without a vital resource on friday.what you need to know about the water shutoff -- and the steps you should take afterward to protect your
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if ever there was a compelling story against underage alcohol parties -- this would be it. those are the words of a judge -- after finding a 14-year-old boy *guilty* of raping a fellow student. student.nine on your side's t-j parker shows us why prosecutors say -- this is a warning all parents need to hear. it's the nightmare scenario for anybody that is the parent of a teenage daughter"warren county prosecutor- david fornshell- appalled- after
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