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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 28, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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come on. >> a tourist falls into a deep selfie. the ingenious move by villagers to get her to the surface. motorcyclists sees another rider trying to gait tension. the moment he realizes what's really wrong. >> oh, no! >> they have a lot more than interest in an igloo that comes -- see what else is inside the ultimate cold weather man cave. plus, the rock jump that makes you realize --
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>> and -- all my life >> a prafrpgster auto tunes a singing group to sound worse. >> where did that come from? >> how they try to zone in on who is hitting the wrong note. >> but first, let me take a selfie. could have been the famous last words of a tourist when she fell into a well in india. >> yes. she fell into a well while trying to take a selfie. and this is the moment that villagers and bystanders gather around to help rescue her. you can hear everybody screaming as they start pulling her out. eventually, you can see basically half the village about it loobz of it are are there. her shin. the only injury she us is stabd
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like i said, cause bid taking a selfie. she did get interviewed by indian news. >> i fell into a hole because there was no protection, you know? they should cover these holes. >> to rescue her, the villagers used the shirts off their back, tied them together and managed to make a rope to help pull her up. >> it ended well. >> some may call that a lucky escape. but as we head over to brazil this one i think is the definition of it. because look at this train starts backing up. you realize just how close this young man came to dying. now what happened was apparently this young man fell ill and collapsed on to the rail in front of him while waiting for the train and the driver at 29 year veteran saw what happened,
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stopped inches from this young man. >> in the nick of time. >> can you see later on, no videos were released. people come over and try to turn him over. you can see he's not feeling well. they try treating him. they bring a back board as well to take him off to hospital. >> let's hope his recovery is a quick one. you can see in this rural area of brazil, rain caused the river to swell quite a bit. you can already see bits of that roadway leading up to the bridge, collapsing into the water below. >> you can see large group of people on the other side of the bridge and i believe they're being warned not to cross. and according to some translation that's we got, you can also hear somebody on this side of the bridge saying don't do it. don't cross! the guy on the motorcycle doesn't listen and off he goes. >> oh, my gosh.
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roadway and on to the bridge surface, that material collapses. rest of it gets washed out, gone. >> the amazing thing is the guy keeps riding. he has no idea he dham close. >> i don't think he cares. look, i got to be over, there i'm getting over there. >> another motorcyclist, this guy in australia. slightly off camera. another motorcyclist comes up. that guy on the other bike waves him down and gets him to pull over and stop. the guy says that other biker pulled up and starts to rub on his back. what is this guy doing? watch right here. keep in mind, australia. >> oh, no. >> no! >> the motorcyclist could see it. >> the spider which can grow to a diameter of 10 to 12 inches. >> but they're not dangerous. >> they are known to have venom.
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>> it's a 12 inch spider, come on. >> the guy posted this video and said this guy may have saved my life. what if the spider crawled into my color or lar or helmet. that could cause him to crash. the guy takes off after that and prison much says, thank you, buddy. >> fish and wildlife troopers got a call about this fellow. it's a 6 point bull elk. the folks that reported it said it came over the guardrail and got stuck in the snow. >> it's alive? it looks like -- >> it probably looks stiff because it is cold and fatigued. but watch as they get the rope and start to wrangle it, he starts to kick his legs. look at how deep the snow is. >> yeah. he can't seem to get his footing. this poor thing. >> i know. under normal circumstances, those antlers look amazing and powerful and strong.
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>> yeah, it's like long darts stuck in the ground. >> it's hard to see an animal that big and strong look so helpless. they take rope from both sides and they're going to start to pull and tug in an effort to tip the elk back over. after a while efforts pay off and the elk is upright. because of the fatigue, it's having a difficult time getting out of the snow. >> that's deep snow. this poor thing, you're right. just down right exhausted. just down right exhausted. look at him. the big guy is back on his feet. >> so many things in the u.s. got pounded with tons of snow because of that darn blizzard. extra snow? i think the family got it right. see that mound of snow? it's not just collected snow. >> did they build an igloo? >> you're darn right. check out this video. this guy starts coming around to the front. you see kids going down under there.
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>> of course, he's got to go in there to show us what's going on. wow. complete with a fireplace. >> that's ligit. >> who knew? >> you do use it to hang out in at night. i can imagine the kids like, can i sleep in this? >> yeah, right. a cool backyard camping trip. >> seriously. it's not just the fireplace that is making this thing really, really cool, there is a tv in there. >> what? >> no way. >> yes. >> that's great. >> i think it's a tablet they just placed in the snow. but still, you're watching good entertainment. >> you can't go to work, you have a snow day, you may as well play. you put together the greatest snow fort ever. >> you see people coming in and out of the igloo. it's cool. they can actually make it cold for a little bit. >> i would enjoy it while can you, though.
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that roaring fire inside a snow cabin doesn't going to make it last forever. >> signing out. >> yoga class just got a little more cuddly. >> look at how adorable these little suckers are. >> by posing with bunnies is helping a good cause. >> plus, a brave guy breaks the rules to grab a pyramid and heading to the top for a cool create your s most mouthwatering dishes, starting at $12.99. choose 3 of 10 classic favorites to enjoy on one plate. like our delicious new shrimp ravioli with lobster alfredo, a filled pasta like irresistible tortellini al forno, and a classic like creamy fettuccini alfredo. plus unlimited salad and freshly baked breadsticks. because the best tour of italy is the one you create. only at olive garden. we' re all family here. breadstick lovers, your new favorite lunch is here,
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it's a pyramid. >> it's the oldest and highest of the three great pyramids in egypt. and this guy, 18-year-old tour frist germany, decided this is the time in the middle of the day that he was going to climb the pyramid. american. i was really thinking that. please. >> there is not permitted in any way. in fact, he was facing up to three years in prison in egypt for doing this. it is 4 1/2 how how years old and there is a reason. if people kept climbing it this thing would get broken. there would be all kinds of damage and no pyramids to enjoy in the future. >> when he gets to the top, it almost seems worth it. i was going to say, he can see the tex r text ture of it. wow, that view. >> did he see aliens? >> he didn't. but he bust out this really cool camera.
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>> i think -- i hate to make this sound cool in any way, but -- >> it is cool. it is freakin' cool. you're just not supposed to do it. >> we should really condemn him for what he's doing as well. if everyone see this is video and decides they want to do it, look at all the gra feet i didn't remember people have already carved in the top of this pyramid. this is a bit of history. the thing is, though, he did get busted. he did get arrested. he basically got away with it. there is no fine. there was no jail time. i'm thinking some greasey palms, maybe? >> look like he's hanging off like it's nothing. >> yeah. >> if you need a little extra motivation to get to yoga class, i got a really furry motivation for you. doggy yoga?
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>> look at how adorable these little suckers are. they're super cute. band aids for bunnies partnered up to do a class where people can come, do their yoga while surrounded by cute precious furrey bunnies. >> so you don't pick them up and do strength moves with them. >> i was thinking downward dog or rising bunny. you know, you stand there with the bunny in your hand. >> no they just hang out with you. >> they're on the mat while you're doing the poses. i'm sorry, i would get no workout done. i'd sob distracted looking at them trying to pet them. >> i would draw your attention to the little smart pills that are being dropped all over the floor. what happens when you go down to their little pills there and you're laying in bunny droppings? >> they're not that messy. obviously, it gets cleaned up. the good 1, 2, 3 inning is that they're getting a lot of attention and they're looking for homes for the bunnies. they a couple classes already. they have another one coming up
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>> fellows, someone is get hurt >> yes. you're going to laugh. on the slopes. >> get a little closer. >> you could see that coming a mile away. perfectly ly ly in sync. >> look at the size of that mountain, all the room to run and play. >> you definitely don't want to fail here. >> yeah. >> no. don't do it. >> no, look at this move. it's like olympic distance. >> look at the girl in the purple sweater there. she's got her head in her hands. she knows. this is a bad idea. >> but if you're going to do it, do it with friends, sfligt and on my cue. one, two -- oh!
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>> i thought i heard it snap. >> i did, too. >> that is a broken bone. that's not a stick. you have to land both feet at the same time. >> oh, gosh. >> hopefully it's not a broken bone but i think there is a lesson learned. >> a snake in a cage seems normal. but the python is not the family pet. see why a stray snuck in. next "right this minute." and still to come, dude's not having any luck getting a hand. but then this guy steps up and says, let me help you out there. see why his simple act of kindness is about to pay off big time. >> wow! >> plus, the vehicle that must have more than a little extra foot room. y'all. than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get
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. relief starts now. life's too great to be stuck with stomach issues. get back to living. kaopectate multi-symptom relief quickly relieves 7 types of stomach problems so you can get back to life! kaopectate. this is in azerbaijan and the road is covered in black ice and cars are out of control. a lot to believe that an intersection this busy can make it out of this hazardous situation without a crash. >> na. >> no way. >> you have a ton of cars you have large trucks. horns are honking.
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>> there is classical ballet music playing. everybody is just perfectly missing each other. >> a passenger on a completely out of control bus. where does this end? the hill is full of cars. >> oh, yeah. >> this tells me that people in this area in azerbaijan know how to drive in winter conditions. >> yeah. >> that's the only way can you disguise it. >> if you thought that was shocking, get ready for this one. this suv pulls up to this building. two adults are there waiting. and then suddenly, they start helping one child and then another child and then another. >> this isn't an suv. this is a school bus. >> right. it's not a family vehicle. it's a vehicle for all the families. >> yeah, mongolian school bus is what we're seeing. >> it is the middle of nowhere. there are no other roads. there are no other vehicles. it's more just transportation across open country. >> yeah, it's 35 children and three adults. >> wow. i want one of those vehicles. >> 35!
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>> this video is catching a lot of attention going viral on the interweb. >> i think manufacture us learn at an early age that kindness you would agree? >> all right. we all learned that lesson. this guy here is struggling to attach one of the roof top carriers to his car. there he's in a parking lot. he just can't seem to get it right. lots of people walking by. but nobody really lending a hand. the guy continues to struggle. finally, this guy steps up and says let me help you out there. >> he's walking up with a smile. of course he's healthy. >> that wasn't anything difficult to do. just a few moments of your day to lend a hand to another human being. well that, kindness pays back big because this is a social experiment put on by lifetime tv.
10:22 am
all expenses paid ski trip. but there's a catch. you need to be able to accept this gift right now. >> here you go. yes, can you go. he calls up his buddy and says, meet me at the airport. it gets better. they are going in style. >> in a private jet? >> yep. they cannot believe the treatment they're getting. again, for just a simple gesture to save my fellow man. it will make you think twice about taking a little bit of time out of your day just to help somebody else. >> it ain't over yet because like a rock star, this is a helicopter. >> there is super cool. everybody at work thinks he's sick, right? >> meanwhile, everybody that is watching this video and walked
10:23 am
parking lot is thinking, oh! all my life >> a singing group belts out a casey and joe joe hit in the studio. >> everybody's note is right where it's supposed to be. >> but see how things get a bit
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ararare company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting marr ied? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. we can do this together. an appointment specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. medicaid. medicare. marketplace. for more information,
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arar y into it. >> i love my sweets. i love my candy. that's like homemade candy. >> the great equalizer. it can make you sound fresh. >> these guys, they'll eat. >> yeah, yeah! >> that's the group lincoln bridge. they're singing "all my life. it's a serious situation. everybody's note is wright where it is supposed to be. they're just belting it out.
10:26 am
>> you know something is going down. so they caught the guys. >> i don't know if there is one little pitchy thing maybe. >> he's saying it's pitchy. >> yeah. that just kills me. >> i didn't hear anything pitchy. >> well, you're about to. there is the thing. >> they don't need that. >> so maybe you reverse auto tunes. basically, use auto tune to make the notes sound off instead of on. >> you hear it? >> as they're listening, you see each of the member's faces. they're like where did that come from? >> he looks a little like somebody you don't want to mess with.
10:27 am
>> they're like oh, my goodness. we sound terrible. >> what kind of plug in you got on that? he wasn't playing but whatever that is making him play. >> he's blaming the computer. >> they're starting to get to it now. >> someone was about to get it. >> we're in the studio, baby. >> auto tunes, the great equalizer, unless you don't need it. >> stop playing. >> i'm sorry, i had to do it. >> that's all she wrote. we'll see you on the next "right
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