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cincinnat's food truck community. reporter timyka artis is live at u-c hospital where emily frank is now recovering. timyka? 41 year old emily frank is still in the hospital with injuries to her foot and ankle according to her mom. just moments ago cincinnati police asked anyone who saw or heard anything to please come forward emily and her father had just dinner together, when both of them were struck by metro bus. though several eyewitnesses rushed over to help her 73 year old father did not make it. police do have surveillance from the bus which they will not release to the public pending their investigation. as for any possible charges against the bus driver 57 year old tyrone patrick
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unit there is no signs of impairment or speeding gave a voluntary blood sample .. present all that to the prosecutors office " if emily frank's name sounds familiar . she is the co founder of the food truck association and owner of cest cheeseher mom tells 9 on your side stephen frank, her ex husband, had recently moved back to cincinnati to be closer to his daughter. breaking news coming in to the 9 on your side newsroom just minutes ago ...g-e confirms it is laying off 307 enginneers ... including 238 here in the cincinnati area. the company says it's due to a shift from development to production phase.the company
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about seven percent of the overall g-e aviation engineering population.g-e is working to notify those whose days. here's a first check of your
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a major water main break caused a serious hassle in liberty township this morning ..right now crews are on scene repairing that break ... which flooded an entire neighborhood. 9 on your side reporter jordan burgess shows us how it left part of one man's home under water. water. 00-:14:14-:57right now the intersection here at kyles station and yankee road is closed while repairs are being made.the water is off but the shutdown came too late to help one man whose home filled up like a bathtub.sotno cgdoug mulcockhome flooded41:07 i've seen bad ones but i've never seen one flood a house.voyou can see how the water from this main break poured across yards and driveways here along
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mulcock's place got the worst of it.he had about three feet of water in his family room. the water also flooded the car in his garage.we called butler county water to ask about the break. they say the main was more than 40 years old.. they typically last about 50 years. they tell us it did take about 15 to 30 minutes longer than normal to turn the water off because they couldn't find one of the valves.mulcock says he'll spend the rest of the day trying to dry out his home. sotno cgmulcock 39:53 this one's going to be a costly one, that's for sure. i'm just hoping insurance pays for it. jordan tagfour homes right now are without water. crews hope to have that back on early this afternoon.they're going to try to get the intersection here open by the end of the day but say it could be closed 9 on your side. new at noon .. a deadly school bus crash in miami county this morning leaves the driver of a car dead and five students injured ... this morning at the intersection of ohio 55 and
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car was torn into pieces and caught fire... the driver was declared dead at the scene. five students on board the bus were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.police are still investigating the cause of the accident ... they haven't released any information about the victim. ohio lawmakers are debating a controversial bill... that would cut more than a million dollars from planned parenthood. parenthood.the bill passed the ohio senate yesterday and now heads to the would ban about one point three million dollars from going to groups that provide abortions. organizers with planned parenthood say the money supports h-i-v testing... breast and cervical cancer screenings... and prevention of violence against women. a bill to protect victims of domestic violence is making its way through the state legislature.the house passed a bill that would shield the addresses of victims from public follows the 2009 triple murder in canton of marcia eakin and her two children by an abusive ex- husband.the bill still has to make its way through the senate and the governor must sign it to become law.
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starts its work analyzing the pros and cons of legalizing medical marijuana in the state. state.the panel was created by republican ohio house speaker cliff rosenberger includes house members along with representatives from business groups, law enforcement, and medical november, voters defeated a ballot measure to legalize a monopoly over legal recreational and medical marijuana ... but polling around the issue shows there is support among voters for legalizing medical use. rosenberger says he wants the panel to analyze as many facts and perspectives as possible before taking action. the money is 'pouring in' for liquor sales in ohio. ohio.state officials say sales set a 'record' last year ... passing the one billion dollar mark for the first time.and it's quality over quantity ... regulators say ohioans are buying more top-shelf products than ever before.a department of commerce report says 20-15 saw 70 million more in sales than the year before....and ohioans bought 'thirteen
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2015.and apparently ohioans like their whiskey ... the top sellers were jack daniels and fireball cinnamon whiskey. next on the noon ... keeping a promise ...what the president is doing today that he says ... will help find a cure for cancer. and ... still in a standoff .. the f-b-i is negotiating with protesters inside a wildlife refuge ... as their leader tells them ... it's time to back down!the latest from oregon today. and ... just three more weeks! we're counting down the days until reds pitchers and catchers report to training camp ... as the players set off on their tour of the farthest reaches of reds country!
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police make more arrests in the oregon standoff as the leader of the anti-government protesters issue a new message.. calling on remaining militia members occupying a
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home. abc's elizabeth hur is in new york with the latest. three more protesters.. under arrest and each facing one federal felony count of conspiracy.. and to those still occupying the federal land in oregon.. a message from the group's leader.. ammon bundy.. now speaking out from jail.. through his attorney.((sot)) michael arnold, ammon bundy's attorney: "i love you. let us take this fight from here. please stand down."bundy and seven others were taken into custody yesterday.. another member, lavoy finicum was shot and killed by law enforcement following a traffic stop. ((sot)) sheriff dave ward,harney county: "it didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life. sometimes our choices go bad."authorities.. so far.. giving no details about the deadly shooting.. but this morning.. conflicting accounts are emerging about how he died.((sot)) cliven bundy, rancher: "lavoy finicum, they have murdered him.. he had his hands in the
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eyewitness: "he charged at the law enforcement // he was not on his knees // that was a miscommunication"with remaining militants.. now surrounded by federal agents.. local residents echo bundy's pleas to his supporters.. it's cheryl smith, burns resident: "i'm just kind of upset that bundy and his group didn't listen to the majority of the people said 'go home."liz tag: reportedly, there are as few as just five militants now out at the compound.. as for the deadly shooting.. police say.. a full investigation is now underway. eh, abc news, ny. coming up ... surviving the fall ...hear how this professional skier managed to plunge off a cliff! plus ... it's the unofficial start of baseball season!where
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon short forecast tease.i'll have the complete check of your nine first warning forecast in
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today marks the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle 'challenger' disaster. nasa will pay will tribute to the crews of apollo 1 and space shuttles challenger and columbia, as well as other nasa colleagues, during the agency's day of remembrance. seven members of the challenger crew died on the morning of january 28, 1986, when a booster engine failed, causing the shuttle challenger to break apart just 73 seconds after launch. today the president will sign a presidential memorandum to create a white house task force ... to find a cure for cancer.'s a pledge obama made in his final state of the union address.vice president joe biden ... who lost his son beau to cancer ,... will lead the panel.biden has said he plans to seek out both public and private resources to fight cancer.the panel is expected to meet for the first time on monday. reds pitchers and catchers report to spring training in
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unofficial kickoff of the 20-16 seaosn started today - with the reds caravan.nine on your side's kathrine nero was at great american ballpark for the sendoff. the reds caravan left from the reds hall of fame and museum this morning headed out on their annual caravan. is there a rose, a becnh on the roster this year? remains to be seen. but the roster looks much different than it did at the end of last year. the team - the players know - the pr push this year is more imporant than ever.players and staff loaded up for four days ... four tours ...and five days ... into the farthest reaches of reds country.tucker barnhart it's always fun to meet the new fans and the young ones ... and the odl ones ... it just gets you ready for the season." 30the reds caravan has been around for decades ... the faces on those buses change ...but the support doesn't.13:24:45".. you never know whether you're coming off a year where you won 98 games or unfortunately like it was
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the numbers never change - the people turn out in incredible numbers to see these guys" dmitri young"i didnt' know anything about what the caravan meant when it first started .. but then knowing what it does an how it draws fans in ... give a little, get a lot."veterans and upcoming players are joined by front office staff and announcers ... who are prepared for the inevitable questions ...walt jocketty 13:29:28 that's one of the thigns thats intportant with this caravan is to send that message out - that we are on the brink of changing thigns and getting back into comtention 36bryan pricemore getting out there and reaching out to the communties that support us - not just cinti but outsiued, the neighboring state.s paying homage to fact that these folks spend a lot fo time supporting the reds. the reds haven't forgotten their fans here in teh tri-state either .. for the first time ... all four legs of the caravan are gonna end the tour at the florence mall - 11-2 on sunday is your chance and autogrpahs from your favorite the
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it's that time again.when we ask you to help to "caption this". each week, we'll give you the chance to create the top caption for w-c-p-o dot com cartoonist kevin necessary's editorial cartoon. if you don't have your own caption, you can just vote for your favorite by visiting facebook and clicking "like" on one that's already there. the person who comes up with the winning caption gets a free subscription to w-c-p-o
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on the recent adoption of a pup from a local shelter.. by none other than george clooney walking away from a terrible crash ...what this skier says it was like to go flying off a 'cliff' ... and fall a thousnad feet! plus ... cleaning up the neighborhood ...two cincinnati communities have improvements headed their way ... what's
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talk about a lucky escape ... you may have seen this video of a professional skier's 1- thousand foot tumble down an alaskan mountainside ...the video of angel collinson's fall went viral last spring ... after it was released on youtube to promote skier safety. collinson amazingly walked away with only two sprained fingers and some bruising after her she's survival. "everything was very still. it was almost like time stopped and it was blissful in a weird way where you can pause time and be in the moment, it was beautiful and also very scary
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time."collinson says there's no reason for typical skiers to ever be afraid of experiencing something like she did ... and there's no reason to stop having fun on the slopes. coming up ... asking for relief ...why the attorney for a suspect in a deadly shooting says his client deserves a break ... and why a judge says ... not a chance! plus ... stopping meth cookers ...what indiana lawmakers want to do to keep drug addicts from turning cold meds into
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today 9 on your side is learning more about a father and daughter who were hit by a metro bus in hyde park square last night ...emily frank's 73 year old father died in the accident that sent her to the hospital... hospital...the 41 year old is recovering for charges against the driver ... police say he has submitted to a voluntary blood test .... that evidence has been sent to the prosecutor's office.but police say they want to hear from witnesses too. lt hoffbauer traffic unit sot we ask that anybody who maybe did not know about this last night who there and saw anything call police traffic section. we would like to talk to them to see if they can add ." ."cicinnati police say there 'is' surveillance video of the incident ... but they are not
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co-founder of the cincinnati food truck association ... and owner of the 'say cheese' food truck. there will be no reduction in bond for the man west chester police say shot and killed 18-year old tyler kassow. kassow.demarcus staley stood before judge keith spaeth this morning with his public defender ... who made the argument for a lower bond... attorney chris hawkins said that staley is a graduate of princeton high school and was on a path to college.the judge said that prosecutors maintain staley entered kassow's home with a mask and gun and was the one who actually pulled the trigger on january thirteenth.staley's bond remains at 1.5 million dollars and he'll be back in court in february check out this incredible dashcam from a boone county deputy's cruiser after a chain reaction crash.a pick up engulfed in flames ...the driver still inside.deputies run to the burning truck with fire extinguishers and pull a man out. here's how it started: police say a 22 year old was
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and side-swiped a jeep. a 75 year old woman was hurt by flying debris. tom scheben/boone county sheriff's office spokesperson 01:19:40 a piece of debris from the first collision flew up and came down into their windshield and of course she had glass in her face and that's what she was taken for. 52 52the 22 year old continued driving the wrong way and hit 65 year old michael puckett's truck. it burst into flames and deputies saved him.medical helicopters took two victims to the hospital. the water has stopped flowing at the intersection of kyles station and yankee road in butler county ... after a water main break ... but not soon enough for one man ... whose liberty township home filled up like a bath tub. can see how the water poured across yards and driveways ...but doug mulcock's place got the worst of it.he had about three feet of water in his family room. butler county water says that main was more than 40 years old.. they typically last about 50 years.four homes right now are without water. crews hope to have that back
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they're going to try to get the intersection here open by the end of the day but say it could be closed until tomorrow. two cincinnati neighborhoods will be getting a host of improvements soon ... as part of the city's plan for 'neighborhood enhancement' in 20-16. manager harry black and mayor john cranley were on hand for the announcement that lower price hill and mount auburn will be targeted for community development this spring.the plan for lower price hill includes revitalizing the parks ... tackling blight ... and installing a new amphitheater under the viaduct.representativ es from both neighborhoods say there is plenty of work to be done ... but they're confident in the plan. just get back to being a normal neighborhood ...... just fine//we've got a lot of abandoned buildings ...... revitalize the community community lower price hill is slated to have work begin first ... coming up in march.
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kentucky university is hosting a blood drive... and there's a tasty incentive in it for donors. donors.hoxworth blood center is teaming up with the university's panhellenic council and inter-fraternity council to host the drive. students who donate will get a five-dollar chipotle card as a special thank's from 10 am to 4-pm in the university center ballroom. tomorrow ... the norwood city schools after school program is asking the community to come together to help the people of flint, michigan ... coping with a toxic water crisis. crisis.'avenues for success' is partnering with 's-n-c norwood' to hold a bottled water drive.they're asking you to donate gallons and bottles of water tomorrow ...donations can be dropped off at any local norwood school. just follow the signs in the parking lots.s-n-c norwood will deliver the water to flint on february first. indiana lawmakers are considering a bill to combat meth cookers in the state ... the state senate could vote today to advance a bill that would give pharmacists the
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cold medicine to suspicious customers ... if those medicines contain 'pseudoephedrine' ... an ingredient used in home- cooking methamphetamines. according to indiana public media ... police in the hoosier state busted more than 15-hundred meth labs last year. tonight, g-o-p presidential frontrunner donald trump will be a no show at the republican debate hosted by fox news. the debate fiasco is playing out just 4 days before the iowa caucuses. abc's kenneth moton has the latest from washington. one thing is for sure...donald trump may not be at tonight's debate but he will still own and dominate the media cycle. (pkg) trump's debate boycott...sot donald trumpso i get on the stage a number of months ago for the first debate \\\\ i got a very unfair question from somebody, but we don't need to talk about that (boos.) instead, the gop frontrunner talked about it on the very network he's in a bitter, public feud with...taking on bill o'reilly on the o'reilly factor.sot trump i have zero respect for megyn kelly. trump wants debate moderator megyn kelly out. o'reilly suggested trump turn to his christian values.sot-trump it's called an eye for an eye i guess you can look at it
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you are the christian the eye for the eye rule goes out. (show poll) trump's biggest rival in iowa, ted cruz, is demanding trump debate him one on one saturday...the venue rented. sot cruz i don't think he is afraid of megan kelly. i don't think he's afraid of me. i think he's afraid of the people of iowa, he doesn't want to answer their questions (show poll) for the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a statistical tie in a new nbc marist, wall street journal poll. sanders is back in iowa after his white house visit with president obama.sot sanders"the energy, the enthusiasm, the momentum is with us." the signs of momentum for sanders can been seen throughout iowa. the clinton campaign is watching.sot matthew dowd\abc news political analysti think if they let bernie sanders win...than they ever thought (kenneth standup close) as for trump, our political analyst says his supporters are sticking with him on this debate boycott. trump has a dueling event in iowa tonight...a
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kenneth moton, abc news washington. how much are you worth to facebook?the sky high numbers out today ... as we learn just how much dough your data rakes in. plus ... a tarnish on the golden arches? not anymore! how the company is luring customers back in ... and why tri-staters are happy to chow down. you're watching 9 on your side at noon winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses.
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30 meg internet, tv, and phone. plus free installation, with a one hour arrival window, tv equipment and epix included.
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a question today for social media users ... do you know how facebook is using your data?one answer at least ... it's making money. money.the social media site reported it made more than one and half billion dollars in profits ...just in the last three months of the u-s and canada... facebook makes more than 13-dollars per user.recently the site has debuted new features like live video ...helping keep people on the site longer ... and generating more information about users so facebook can target ads more effectively. have you noticed anything about mcdonalds lately?the parking lots are filling up's 9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese on how some recent changes have some tri staters once again "lovin it." it." mcdonalds is back....reporti ng a 6 percent jump in end of year earnings, and even bigger surge in saleshere at the mcdonalds on ridge avenue near pleasant ridge, bill hinton
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days....thanks to the new mcpick 2 menu, with 2 items for 2 dollars. dollars."that's fantastic. you save a little money and you get to eat good. value at a dollar. thats the whole idea!"kyle wills says for him, brings him in. in."i really don't eat mcdonalds, but when i do come i get a mcgriddle." mcgriddle.""the change started late last year, after years of falling sales. mcdonald's management decided it was time to do something drastic.and apparently, the moves are working."------------------- cincinnati franchise owner gloria noday told me a couple of months ago she was already seeing a business boost at her restaurants since all day breakfast launched. launched. "customers are so happy now that they can get a has brown or hotcakes at lunchtime, or even at dinner, at 5 or 6 at night."in addition to being able to eat a mcmuffin at 3 pm -- as i did on launch day-- cnn credits the new menu buffalo baco burgers new crispy chicken sandwiches, and mac and cheese for kids. and the chipotle
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bringing others back to the tried and true. true."i like mcdonalds, it gets a bad rap, but it's still good. you always know what you're going to get." have you heard of the 'duct tape challenge'?this teen trend is spreading like wildfire across social media ...but one young man who turned from 'prankster' to alone! and ... trying to shake off the winter blues ... with a golden glow?the new warnings that may make you think twice
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you're watching 9 on your side at noon listen up, parents .... we have a warning for you about the latest 'viral trend.'it's called the duct tape challenge ... and it could put your kids in danger. danger.the stunt seems harmless ... kids duct-taping each other to chairs ... challening each other to escape ... putting it all on video and sharing across social media ...but this silly fun nearly killed one teen attempting the stunt ... 14 year old skylar fish wants his story to get out there so others don't risk it ... sot skylar: ....not a good idea" idea" skylar's head hit the concrete causing a brain aneurysm... life threatening injuries... requiring 48 staples. and maybe costing him an eye.
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experience will prevent others from trying the duct tape challenge. it's winter... and despite the warnings, many may be heading indoors for that golden tan. but now, new evidence that if you tan ... you could be at more risk than you realize. with more, here's abc news senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson. intro:it's winter? and despite the warnings, many may be heading indoors for that golden tan. but now, new evidence? that young women could be placing themselves at more risk than they realize. with more, here's abc news senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson.script:indoor evidence that it's a practice linked to skin cancer? many still look to tanning beds for now, new evidence? that starting indoor tanning at a younger age may be tied to an the deadliest form of skin cancer.researchers at the university of minnesota finding that women who get melanoma in their 20s, 30s and 40s? were more likely to have
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age.what's more? women diagnosed with skin cancer in their 40s more likely to have started indoor tanning in their teens... and more likely to have been exposed to more than 10 sessions in their lifetime. disturbing news? at a time when skin cancer rates are on the rise? even faster in women than in men. and even though the world health organization identified indoor tanning as a likely cause of cancer years ago? only some states have banned indoor tanning for people younger than 18. so before you head in for that tan? think twice. you might thank yourself later. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. let's turn to your forecast now with a live look from skycam 9. 9.i'm joined now by meteorologist jennifer
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a lot of kids dream of growing up to become a heroic firefighter or police officer. it is never too late to realize those dreams. right now the cincinnati police
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seargant dominic gulliford is here now with more on what it takes to become a candidate. - cincinnati police department is offering events to learn more ... - who will be a lot of kids dream of growing up to become a heroic firefighter or police officer. it is never too late to
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now the cincinnati police department is recruiting. seargant dominic gulliford is here now with more on what it takes to become a candidate. - cincinnati
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a look out over the city from the nine on your side skycam. we'll have a final check of the nine first warning
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later today at 4 on the now cincinnati... we are putting the zika virus into perspective - what does it really mean for you. you.and today is data privacy day... the steps you can take to make sure your private information stays private. private.and they rescued each other... the moving story that brought these two burn victims together.join tanya o'rourke and me for the now cincinnati... today at 4. let's get one last check of your forecast. that's 9 on your side at noon
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again at four for the now cincinnati. cincinnati.and don't forget - keep 9 on your side - at your side - everywhere you go.
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