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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  January 28, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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new at seven.police are investigating whether a woman was raped and left in a graveyard.what we are learning tonight... ahead in a live report. rain is in the forecast for some of you tonight!steve is tracking the timeline of the showers in your 9 first warning forecast. and a man is dead after being hit by a metro bus in the middle of hyde park square. what an eyewitness is saying tonight. this is 9 on your side at 7... new at 7...a woman is found naked at the greenwood cemetery in hamilton.and now police are investigating
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raped.9 on your side reporter ashley zilka is live now piecing together this developing story... ashley? right now, hamilton police are investigating exactly what happened. witnesses tell 9 on your side the woman was screaming for help in greenwood cemetery. cemetery. a passerby called 911 reporting the rape. hamilton police responded. we are told one woman who lives on this street ran into her home and got clothes to put on the victim while they waited for police to arrive. stephanie randall says she was woken up by an alert on her phone. when she came outside, police surrounded the cemetery. she says the police told her a woman had been raped and they were searching for a suspect in a pick up truck. 01:25:34 i am scared to death. honestly. my fiance he is on the road. he is a truck driver so im here by myself every single day. 4201:25:53 i just feel very sad for the victim. i pray that she will overcome and recover with this. 58 randall says she signed up for a phone app called next-door that alerted her of the rape. right now- there is no word on any suspects. reporting live,
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rain could fall for some of you tonight...will it stop before you head to bed? bed?9 first warning chief meteorologist has your first and only forecast at 7...
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tonight, cincinnati police are reviewing surveillance video taken the moment a metro bus hit a father and daughter who were crossing the street in hyde park square last night. the 71 year old was killed.. his daughter is recovering at the hospital.9 on your side's t-j parker spoke with a woman who saw the whole thing. t.j.: "sara holloway and her boyfriend were on their way home from dinner last night, when they saw the crash. they say they did what they could to help out."sara: "56:39 it's just a tragedy"sara holloway says she's never seen anything like what she say, wednesday
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side the metro bus was turning left onto erie from edwards when it hit stephen and emily frank. sara and her boyfriend were right behind the bus when it happened. a local nurse- sara jumped out to do what she could to help. sara: "53:55 it's surreal. you know, i'm use to adrenaline rush situations, but now when you're in an uncontrolled environment like that" cincinnati police say the driver- tyrone patrick- was not impaired while driving. they do say- he made an improper turn though. lt. appears this is just a very unfortunate and tragic accident and i say that it was an accident"t.j.: "cpd is gathering information to present to the hamilton county prosecutor to see if any charges will be filed. in hyde park, t.j. parker, 9 on your side." tonight the cincinnati police officer facing a theft- in-office charge is speaking out about the accusations.take a listen to what officer joseph simpson said exclusively to 9 on your side's julie o'neill:
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standing in front of district 1 with your attorney on the force. what do you want to say? just that i trust the system and i trust my attorney. those are the only comments that i have."> have."> simpson has been on the force for ten years. investigators say he was working off duty on december 27-th when he was caught stealing money from a restaurant's cash register.the indictment from the prosecutor's office came down yesterday... he is now suspended without pay. thomas more college has fired the campus safety director porn on his computer. computer.robert marshall faces 32 charges-- following a two year investigation. marshall, who'd been with the school since 1999, is in the kenton county jail tonight. devastating news for hundreds of local general electric engineers. engineers.the company is laying off more than 300 engineers nationwide -- 238 of whom will be let go in cincinnati.g-e reps say it's due to a shift from
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phase.the company will notify those who will be laid off in the coming days. local students are testing out a new kind of field trip-- thanks to google. and here's the kicker.. they won't even leave the classroom. classroom.the company is launching its virtual reality 'google expeditions pioneer program' right here in cincinnati. schools had to apply for the program. .. and students in middletown, oak hills, mason and loveland will begin these so-called field trips starting tomorrow. their journey's will take them from bottom of the ocean to the 7 wonders of the world. he may be a hero on the football field, but bengal real heroes are. are.check out this video of the tight end getting autographs at his first pro bowl.instead of asking fellow nfl stars to sign his helmet, eifert passed around a sharpie and asked military members to sign.. they were all at a gathering in honolulu yesterday ahead of the pro-bowl draft. eiffert was one of eight players chose to play sunday. ahead at 7... 7...ten feet under.the
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a warren county field... and the clean up begins.three feet of water fills a liberty township home.the water main break that continues to cause more troubles tonight.
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covering butler and warren county news tonight... a 19-60's convertible is underground. crews pulled the car out of the ground at a property off dixie highway in franklin
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county deputies were acting on a tip that evidence may have been on that car... but they didn't elaborate as to which case it was thought to be connected to. it turned out to be a false alarm.. after a complete search, no evidence was found. a liberty township neighborhood is cleaning up tonight after a water main broke... flooding homes. take a look the problems for homeowners along kyles station road at yankee road.the break was discovered around 5-30 this morning... crews were able to fix it a couple of hours later.but the mess still remains. this.">the water line was 40 years old.people living in the area are advised to boil their water through tomorrow afternoon. a firefighter's family continues to be in the hearts of many weeks after he died in the line of duty. duty.coming up, we'll take you to the fundraiser happening now.
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you go to bed?steve looks at who it could fall on in his 9
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you're watching 9 on your side at 7! tonight, so many people are coming together to help the family of a hamilton firefighter killed the line of duty. 9 on your side reporter evan millward is at the fundraiser for patrick
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the december 28-th fire that killed patrick wolterman is being investigated as a murder and arson.there's a 20- thousand dollar reward to find the person who set the fire.if you have information... call crime stoppers at 513- 352-3040. the cincinnati police department is looking to fill its next recruitment class. class.applications are being accepted right now to join the department.for this latest round, you have until sunday night to apply online.each class has about 50 people. testing and training takes about six months of hard work...
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they actually come out unscathed there's nothing better, there's no greater feeling than that"> that">anyone over the age of 21 that is a resident of either hamilton county or the surrounding counties can apply. the starting pay once you become an officer is about 52-grand. if you are looking to buy a home... now is the time. rates are down to three-point-79 percent for a 30-year mortgage.and for 15- year mortgages, the rate is three-point-seven percent. reds pitchers and catchers report to spring training in three weeks...but dozens of reds got a head start today ... as the annual reds winter caravan left from great american ballpark. ballpark.four buses full of players, staff, announcers and legends hit the road today - the buses will hit five states in "reds country" to thank the fans who support them year after year.and they know that's especially important after a year with 98 losses. 13:20:08-18 bryan price. reds manager"let them know that we
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support and we hope they stay with us as we get back on top of things here and get back on hamilton, reds outfielder 13:21:10-24it's always good to go out and make somones day you see these people come out early morning, it's freezing,last year it was snowing ... it's always good to give appreciation back to the people who appreciate you. the caravan tour ends sunday at the florence mall ... and you're invited.they'll be there from 11 to 2, signing
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tonight the crew on board the international space station is holding a moment of silence to remember the seven crew members killed in the space shuttle challenger disaster 30
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73 seconds after its launch in was later discovered the explosion was caused by a failure in the seals on one of the solid rocket boosters. 9 on your side anchor craig mckee is talking about this story right now on his facebook page. log on and follow craig to join the conversation. next at 7, just in... the country super star headlining a blue ash music festival has been chosen.who it is... after the break., the lift-ing birth that is leaving a big impression on a kentucky man. the ride he says he'll never
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just in - country super star brad paisley is coming to the was just announced that he will be performing as part of buckle- up fest in august at summit park in blue rice will also perform.two day tickets go on sale for 99- bucks tomorrow.more artists will be announced on march first. and finally tonight....a kentucky lyft driver is talking about a ride he'll never forget.jilson daniels was called to pick up a louisville couple about twenty minutes the time, he didn't know the woman was labor - and needed a ride to the hospital.a few minutes into the drive, he says he looked back to check on her.. and that's when he saw the
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hospital... was off the exit. the father ran inside for help and a nursing team rushed to the car. (jilson daniels, lyft driver) "but it had already started happening--she had already started delivering the baby at that point, so they just finished the delivery right there in my car." car."the mother gave birth to healthy baby girl named sandra rose...the next day-- the family received a special care package from the relieved driver. that is 9 on your side at 7 for this thursday!updates on all the day's top stories right now on wcpo dot com.our
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