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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 29, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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today -- >> a daredevil suffers a major malfunction not long after he's dumped off the top of the that building. see when glitches lead to stitches. backyards to fries, when something's spotted inside that family's pet enclosure. why it's most certainly not the family pet. that girl should stay inside. >> because -- >> because, she's about to go down. brave women, waxing other women. and a spider lady who proves --
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>> the video that may wet your appetite. >> this is hot. >> oh! >> this guy is about to base jump off an 80 meter building in brazil. that's about 262 feet. >> that's not far high. >> it is not very high. and he has not very far to fall, considering what happens next. >> stupid place to base jump. you idiot. oh! >> razor wire! oh my god! >> land on the tracks or land on the razor wire. >> did he think this through at all? guys, you don't plan your parachute to break, because that's what happened. it wasn't a faulty landing, that's where he happened to fall. his parachute broke not long after he jumped off the top of that building. and that is the place where he landed.
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according to plan, i think it would have been dangerous. there was wasn't a lot of place to run off. you were faced with all of the railways. >> oh, and he's wearing shorts. he must be all sliced up right now. >> this man requires 40 okay. >> could the razor wire have saved some injury because he didn't hit the wall, he didn't impact the ground. could have been absorbed some impact? >> that is making me really squeezy thinking about how much this must have hurt and every time he moves is just slicing deeper. >> glad he was relatively okay. after 40 stitches with, that is all that was required, i would have thought broken limbs, but no. people can be freaking disgusting. so disgusting. and i've got two videoses that
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this is going to gross you out. this is at a fast food restaurant in australia. the window is where you pay for the order, something isn't quite right, and this guy is upset, he drives to the second window without paying for his order. >> being impatient? >> apparently, he is. >> stupid irony, now it's going to take longer for him because they're going to have to bring his change back, he's just going to get worse. >> go back to the first window, pay, you'll be gone before you know it. he doesn't want to do that. too much hassle for him. >> so he can leave without his food. >> held does, but not before doing this to the poor clerk at the second window. >> oh! that was -- >> did you see what that dirt job just did? he spit right in the clerk's face. >> i hate people like this. >> this guy turnled himself in after seeing the video
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going to be dealing with this situation in the coming days. >> where does the switch happen in your head to think that's okay? >> it's so weird and odd and just like the next video, for two hours, three burglars hung out in the garden at this home in the uk. they look through the windows, they skeez, they plan, you can see them walking around noticing some of the cameras -- >> let me get this the straight, hanging out in the garden for two hours? >> they were waiting for the family to go to sleep. they were in the home. that's the creep we part about it. there was a husband, wife, and a son that were there. finally they went to bed, but the husband couldn't go to sleep, so he's hanging out downstairs why these guys are waiting, lurking about around their home. >> there goes the husband, wife, kids they, they knee need dogs.
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dogs, chased after them. they got away, looking for them because very similar robberies have taken place in this area. the urgency is very high. >> got another installment from the sunshine coast catchers down in australia. rob here showing us some stuff around the family's pet enclosure outside. all right. he's showing us that he's got all the wire and meshing here, and inside that family pet python. that is a very common snake in this area. >> is that where the pet used to be? >> well, you'll see him open the hutch door right here -- >> oh no! >> just recently had a meal, and the python is not the family pet. nlds the python, was the family pet.
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precautions. the family was wise enough toe use this snake-proof meshing on the side of the hutch, but not on top. that was easily able to slip through the meshing on the top and good night, light's out. >> yeah, and it wasn't able to escape back out because it had put some weight on. >> right. >> wow. >> well it's the circle of life. >> couple of pretty crazy videos, the first one in russia. dash cam from a car that's just been parked. sound of a car door closing. it's the straw that broke the camera's back because -- >> oh wow! >> i hope she made it in the door, she's not stuck in the snow now was she? they have circulate, the sound of the door caused that vibration that let all of that snow loose and it just comes out.
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reason why i bought a dash cam. >> yeah, there's no snow where you live. >> one of the luckiest days for that lady. we head to china for a lucky escape for a guy who decided it was the moats aechl thing he'd ever seen. sea ice, it's so cold that the sea has frozen. and you can see people running on it, they're all carrying rescue equipment because a gentleman apparently, slightly inebriated, so excited by the sea ice decided to go out and try to skate it, unfortunately he kept going so far out until the ice is so then. it's a race against time. just think about how cold it is. sea water, because of the salt, freezes at like 28 degrees hypothermia. though? it's not a smooth surface. >> the the guy, rope attached is getting way wasted and slowly makes his way to the guy.
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to pull him out and rescue. and as you can see here back to the beach, he's all wrapped up and he'll be just fine. backpackers are stuck in a angry elephants. watch the heart pounding moment as they attempt to stand their ground. and a guy enjoys buying his drone until -- >> oh no! that's horrible. >> the story behind the bang that takes it down. dprz used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. now you can create your s most mouthwatering dishes, starting at $12.99. choose 3 of 10 classic favorites to enjoy on one plate. like our delicious new shrimp
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that quad copter is capturing footage in the mountains. >> he's flying his drone, seeing all this beautiful footage. crashed a few times, but he finally gets it stabilized. >> what? >> what? >> did he do this on purpose? >> suspected is hunters in the area as they shot him down. oh, they got it. >> what happened? >> drag, that's thousands. >> that's an expensive piece of equipment, and some jack wagon decides to do that. >> i feel bad for the dude. >> maybe he really was distracting the hunting. >> maybe the drone was coming in and he was about to scare off the target. >> but use your words. can you maybe stop so i can hunt, as opposed to, pow. >> that probably scared off whatever he was trying to chase after. >> exactly.
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didn't find it until later that night, although they did damage the drone badly, it will fly again. gang and street fights from around the world, we're going to start with the gang violence from south africa in the kruga national park. this gang of young punk, bull elephants actually decided they don't like the fact that can these guys are walking through the reserve. these guys came across two very elephants. >> no, no, no. >> and you see everybody season just standing their ground. of people that are taking them out, go through. they can't. this continues for 12 minutes. >> oh my god. >> not bad enough, a third and more mature elephant. >> they all stand their calmly,
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>> you have to stand their ground, if you turn around and run, they will come after you. you have to wait until they're done. >> from a gang violence, just taking place in the middle of the street, no one paying attention. kangaroos, australia, no, lizarded in i think indian. what do you think? what do you think? what do you think? suddenly, bam, ultimate blizzard fighting championship, guys go head to head in the streets. >> this is fantastic, and it's happening down the road as people carry on about their daily life. >> bh i lived in asia, it happened a lot, i've never seen that. knock down, drag out fight. but it's still a second wave. everybody is loving it. >> this is pretty entertaining, right? >> who's on your money?
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>> yeah, what about sushi for breakfast? we have the master chef again creating breakfast sushi, but its got a twist here. you get. and use mcdonald's breakfast items to make a sushi roll. here you've got hash browns, eggs, pancakes, and sausage. going to make it into a a lul. he takes the pancake and film lays it. >> the sushi knives are just crazy sharp. >> cuts the pancakes in half, lays a bunch out. that's what he uses as the seaweed. fills it up with hash browns and sausage, then adds the egg and of course starts making into that. he's got to squeeze it enough to stay together. >> tricky, oh man, it's looking like mcdonald's. >> i want to drench it with syrup. >> that's the finishing touch.
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is there anything that he can't sushi? >> i don't think so. how does it taste? >> excellent. >> a man of few words. it's time for a game of heads up with a twist. they're trying to communicate a message to us. what happens when think figure it out? that's next on "right this minute." >> women help each other handle the lady stash. >> it's a real thing boys and gentleman. >> we know. >> we don't know why you're trusting me to do this. >> what happens when friends have the power of wax in their hands. plus it's the sports mash-up that'll blow your mind. >> why this one's a major score. >> look at that. just made like a diving header. guys, to celebrate super bowl 50 i'm rewarding fans with a special offer. order a large pizza and get a second large pizza for 50 cents. 50 cents?! that's pocket change!
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everybody put your flaps in the air for me itch relief. scratch relief. winter relief. that's gold bond medicated lotion relief. five moisturizers gold bond relief starts now. it's back, the ipad mini giveaway is back "right this minute." >> just enter to win. >> and once every week, there's a bonus prize of a flat screen tv. >> it starts monday. >> we know, yeah, we know. >>. >> the other time felt the stubble because shave it. >> no, don't shave. >> that makes it worse.
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[ bleep ]! creation. there are so many different ways to deal with this relationship, you can bleach it, you can wax it, you can thread it, shave it which is probably the least ideal. >> you can grow te. >> there's that. >> no. >> these girls decided to just other. >> it can't be that hard. >> poor women with all your hair, you need hair, don't want it that, put extensions there. >> shape it. >> right. >> hinge it there. >> okay, ready, one, two -- >> oh -- >> the other thing, they wax it, but you're left with that pinkness and rawness. >> well yeah, it irritates the heck out of your skin. >> you're kind of bleeding. >> i'm bleeding? >> these girls had their lips waxed before? because they look like they're kind of a little shocked when it
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>> it never gets easy though, it's like your eyebrows, the pain is the same. >> well if the waxing is so bad, why? >> you know, the advantage of doing it like that, it takes it all off in one swipe, you're done. >> see, the entire pitch looking at -- >> see. >> y'all are close, don't chose this. >> no. >> i'm sure they're happy. >> in the end, you end up with very smooth, nice soft faces. that y'all men like. >> all right.
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it's another sport, i didn't know existed. 15 million views on facebook. you'll quickly see why. >> wow, look at that. man that dude just made like a diving header prp. >> it's an absolutely incredible display of talent, and this is genuinely a sport. this is one of the most incredible things. diving down, they're only playing the game. they're doing drop shots, it's ridiculous until that guy eventually wins. apparently yeah, this is a game, this is a sport, how do you get good? must have such a headache. >> right? >> it's the guys, girls, doesn't matter, it looks like a lot of fun. i'm going to keep an eye out for
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she's enjoying her cheese and the web's eating it right up. >> this is entertainment, right? it's the definition of viral. >> see why this is one of her many interests getting clicked.
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specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. medicaid. medicare. marketplace. for more information, call (877) 751-6720 arar puppy versus shovel. a learned a couple of things since i worked here. one that the internet is really, really weird place, and the second is there is no equation for calculating what's going to make a video go viral. this is sherry enjoying some
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[ laughter ] >> wait, wait, wait, wait -- >> there's no reason. she's dressed as spider woman, playing the spiderman theme in the background and eating cheese. this is sherry making. >> got it all strapped to her. >> it is really, really makes it peek of interinternet. >> okay, all right. we could attempt to analyze this all day long, but thank you boils down to a girl with cleavage. >> dudes will like on anything that might do that. >> 5.5 million views. >> i want her to date the
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>> she's got 1.3 million followers, on facebook. this is entertainment right, it's the doef in addition of viral. >> this guy said he thinks he's hot. >> hey, fingers pointing, no thank you. >> brush of men i believe she is painting right now. >> we're going to stick this videos on our website. or use our mobile apps if you dare. >> let's get weird. we had fun making it, hope you had fun watching it, we'll
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