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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  January 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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a man is shot dead in the middle of a street... putting an elementary school on lock down.tonight a new mother who heard it all go down says enough is enough. a man who overdosed on drugs is dumped in a white castle parking lot. how police saved his life.. and what they say comes next.. skycam 9 shows a beautiful start to the weekend.what's in store for the next 48 hours-- straight ahead in your 9 first warning forecast.this is 9 on your side at 7. tonight- people are saying enough is enough after a man
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the street- just blocks away from an elementary school. 9 on your side's ashley zilka is live in bond hill with the latest. police spent much of the afternoon going through evidence here on franklin avenue. but as of now- investigators still don't know who shot a man at least five times. as she sits inside her home on franklin avenue...aristen owens hears shot after shot seconds. 05:27 it was scary because my baby i just had her a couple of weeks ago. 34she drops to the ground with her newborn. her grandmother calls 911. a man is shot at least five times... police find him lifeless in the middle of the street. street. 00:17 don't know if he was shot in the back and they came out the front or not but he was struck at least five times. he was pronounced dead by the fire company. 28 28 07:52 it's getting old. we have to change. 54 54
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between 8 and 9 now. 59 according to police- the victim- a man in his late 20's- gets shot outside of this apartment building- runs into the street where he dies. bond hill elementary school is put on lockdown for a short period of time. time. 09:17 it's not normal to be in the middle of your school day and they tell you it's on lockdown, but the sad part about it..this is normal for them. 25 25 05:53 i just didn't want to get shot. i didn't want any bullets flying in my house. 58 police are looking for anyone who may have witnessed the shooting. no suspects are in reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. two people are dead after a horrific crash in highland county.police say the cars collided at u-s 50 at kier road around one this afternoon. is a picture of the wreckage from the highland times gazette.investigators believe the car went off the road, then sideswiped the van. both people inside the car died.the driver of the van has minor injuries. and chopper 9 - the only local helicopter getting you
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this crash on route 52 this afternoon.nine mile road was shut down near old route 52 in clermont county's pierce township. several cars were word on just how many people were injured. sunny skies greeted you on the way home from work...but what's in store for the rest of the night? night?9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is here with your first a.d only
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police body camera video shows officers discovering the unconscious body of a man dumped in a white castle parking lot.and there's a manhunt to find the person who left him there.9 on your side's tom mckee reports on the person of interest in the case! "it's a quiet friday night here at the white castle in mount healthy -- unlike this morning when the lifeless body of a man named nathaniel clark was found unconscious in the lot "hey. sir. do you want me to give him narcan?" narcan?"this body cam video shows mount healthy police officers alan fath and cody meyer suspecting that clark was lifeless from a drug overdose and quickly brought clark back to life and he was jailed on a drug charge. "the administration of narcan -- there's no doubt in my mind saved another life -- and for us in the city of mount healthy that's three saves."
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chief vince demasi says it's the third person saved with narcan in the past year, while 11 others have died of heroin overdoses.he wants justice for those responsible. responsible. "we're going to be relentless in the pursuit of these individuals and it's my goal to try to put anybody who supplies heroin or any kinds of illegal substances to people in our commuity to put them in jail. jail."the hamilton county heroin task force is now on the case and will trace any drugs involved back to the supplier. tom mckee, nine on your side, mount healthy." tonight, 9 on your side is learning more about five reported attacks over the last four months in hamilton. this follows the story we brought you last night of a woman getting attacked near the greenwood cemetery. hamilton police say over the last four months women involved in questionable activity have been attacked in a vehicle, then later refused to cooperate with police.we've learned the woman in last night's case has a criminal history of solicitation... so they don't believe this is a
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facts.">hamilton police are looking to see whether the woman allegedly attacked last night is connected with the four other attacked in the last few months. a 'public nuissance' no more. a hamilton county judge is making sure five low income apartment complexes get the repairs they need. need.those complexes house more than 1-thousand local families.. who've been complaining that their new jersey based landlord was ignoring the more than 18- hundred code violations including leaky ceilings, bedbugs and unlockable doors.
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there."> on monday-- a judge will decide who will take over as manager, collect the rent and make the repairs. coming up next at 7... 7...a man dies seven years after being shot.the new information that police are revealing tonight, ahead. plus, changing plea.two women accused of prostition have a different story now.. what they're now doing to avoid trial. as we head to quasimodo.he's a purebred german shepherd with short spine syndrome.he is looking for a loving family to take him home.tonight, he's in a minnesota animal shelter. 9 on your side at 7 continues
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a man dies seven years after being shot.david wallace passed away on january fifth. someone shot him on west mcmicken avenue in september of 2008.cincinnati police say his death is due to complications from that shooting. detectives are now reviewing evidence from 2008... and will likely move forward with murder charges once a suspect is identified. a shooting victim knocks on a stranger's door for help in winton terrace overnight. overnight.the man was shot on kings run drive.police say he asked the person inside the house to call for help.he was taken to u-c medical center. authorities say he is expected to arrestes have been made.
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either of these cases... give crime stoppers a call at 352- 3040. the butler county women facing prostitution charges are going to trial. trial.the women were busted in october 20-14 during a raid at the asian spa in the deal... the women pleaded guilty to disordderly conduct. they are serving a 30 day suspended sentence and paying fine. next at seven, inmate captured. captured.what authorities are saying tonight about the arrest of one of the missing o-c prisoners.what their doing to find the other two... next. and steve is tracking your weekend forecast.will the sun shine? the answer coming up
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you're watching 9 on your side at 7! there's new information tonight in the search for three southern california inmates who escaped prison. late today, one of them was captured.police say the trio got out of the orange county jail one week ago.they were believed to be living out of a van they stole last weekend. the man taken into custody today told people he wanted to turn himself in...
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back into custody, we will continue with those same efforts with all resources to capture the additional two escapees who are outstanding."> outstanding.">the two other men are believed to be armed and 50-thousand dollar reward remains for information leading to their capture. the white house says that presidential hopeful hillary clinton's home e-mail server contained 22 top secret e-mails. mails.the revelations come three days before clinton competes in the iowa presidential e-mail chains are being withheld from the public because they contain classified information.clinton exchanged the e-mails while she was serving as secretary of state. the number of zika virus cases is jumping tonight. tonight.the c-d-c says there are 32 cases across a dozen states and the district of columbia.the virus is coming in through travelers...most of those infected with the virus don't even feel sick!the
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pregagnt women, because zilka can cause babies to be born with small brains. by now, we've all heard about the water problems plaguing flint, michigan.and tomorrow you can do something about it. it.between eight and five, you can drop off bottles or cases of water at the kroger on montgomery road in norwood. the norwood campus of the springdale nazarene church is helping organize the water drive. backyard.">students in norwood's after-school group "avenues for success" are also involved.the water will be driven up to flint in the coming days. the western and southern open is making a difference for people across the tri-state. state.the tennis tournament has donated nearly ten million dollars over the last forty years.this year beneficiaries are cincinnati children's hospital, the u-c barrett cancer center, and tennis for
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southern financial group president and c-e-o john barrett spoke at today's luncheon about why giving back to the community is so important. do.">during the summer tournament, cincinnati children's hospital invites the world class tennis players to visit kids getting treatment at the hospital. the founder of cincinnati based pure romance is finishing a big week in the big apple. apple.patty brisben made an appearance on good morning america today.she was a guest of anchor robin roberts. brisben won the appearance at the pink ribbon luncheon last october.earlier this week... she attended live with kelly and michael.she also gave out goodie bags to audience members of the view! this summer's hottest ticket is now on sale. sale.luke bryan, keith urban, rascal flatts, darius rucker, hank williams junior, and toby
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names set to perform.the mega ticket gives you a ticket to all the performances... evan a surprise performance at the end of the summer.we talked with the big dave show this morning about why cincinnati loves its country music. fantastic.">tickets go on sale next friday!prices start at
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coming up next at 7... 7...high school musical. the reason that has mason high
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mason high school is hoping it's lip dub video will set fundraising records.students posted this video on youtube this morning.the school is helping raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society program. you can help donate to the leukemia and lymphoma society by finding a link on the mason schools facebook page. you can also watch the full 13 minute video as well. this weekend you have the chance of possibly saving a local father's life. life.doug stoutenborough was diagnosed with "acute myeloid leukemia" in july of 20-14. after months of treatment, his cancer finally went into remission.but it relapsed.and
7:17 pm's on sunday at mount carmel christian church in batavia.those interested are encouraged to stop by between ten and three.all you have to do is swab the inside of your cheeks to see if you are a match. that is 9 on your side at 7 for this friday!updates on all the day's top stories right now on wcpo dot com.our next newscast is tonight at 11... "the list" is next... have a
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