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tv   Good Morning Tri- State Weekend  ABC  January 31, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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topping our news this morning...police say they have a suspect in custody after two brothers were shot in north college hill last night. a terrifying night for not only the victims but also a young man who came face to face with one of them...opening his door after he heard pleas for help. 9 on your side reporter rose anne aragon spoke to him to hear how he reacted to finding a gunshot victim on his doorstep 7-16it was a terrifying night for 19-year-old dominique thomas--- he lived in this
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to a crime scene. "we heard shots ringing and we looked out the window and someone ran up knocking on our door and he said he was shot and his brother was shot. and he asked us can we call the police for him."north college hill police say two people were shot-- one a 17-year-old shot multiple times in the leg-- it happened around 8. greg simpson was just walking down the street."i saw someone laying on the corner-- laying across the sidewalk."police say the shooter ran-- they were scowering the scene for clues---"i was scared. i honestly thought it was the person who had shot him. i was terrified."his mother called 911."i hope they survive. i they really didn't look to injured, but you never know so through."police say they have the suspect in custody-- he's being charged with 2 counts of
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tampering with evidence and 1 count of possessing a weapon while under disability. this morning the search continues for the gunman who shot a young man in bond hill friday. friday.that victim, 24 year old cameron tyler clemmons was shot five times near oakdale avenue.investigators say they need your help.they are asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers ... that number is 5-1-3 3-5-2 3-0-4-0, the new york times is endorsing ohio governor john
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caucus.the times says wrote, "governor john kasich of ohio..though a distinct underdog .. is the only plausible choice for republicans tired of the extremism and inexperience on display in this race."it cited kasich as a veteran of bipartisan deals during his time in the house ... those endorsements could sway some voters in iowa ... where voters will caucus in a little more than 24 the last poll ... donald trump was leading ted cruz by five for hillary clinton and bernie sanders ... they are in a statistical tie.with the race so close ... the candidates have been all over iowa ... searching for every last undecided vote.a-b-c's brandi hitt is in des moines. nats - sanders rally tonight the count down in iowa... is getting ugly.sot trump: "ted cruz, who was not born on u-s soil - it's a problem!" republicans -- donald trump and marco rubio - both attacking ted cruz.sot rubio: "he's decided to run a very, y'know, deceitful campaign at the end on some things he's saying...people see through that."sot cruz: "six weeks
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attacking donald trump. now, everyone in the field is attacking me." (map gfx) nearly all the candidates - are now criss- crossing the hawkeye state.... nats democrat - hillary clinton - joined by both bill and chelsea.(graphic) clinton also addressed the state department decision... to declare 22 emails sent from her private account "top secret"... in this interview with cnn.sot clinton: "i didn't send or receive emails marked classified."each rally - each townhall - now critical... in courting undecided voters.sot - heather carlson, undecided voter: "what i'm looking for is, like, the genuineness that maybe you can only get from seeing them in person." clinton's opponent -- bernie sanders -- is also drawing big crowds... confident he can win monday... and in november.sot sanders: "many of the polls suggest we can beat people like donald trump and beat 'em pretty badly."brandi hitt on camera: well, the clinton and sanders campaigns are also now going "back and forth" about whether the two should debate each other again next week... ahead of the new hampshire primary... along with possibly adding three more debates through the spring. brandi hitt, abc
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the clock is ticking ... if you haven't gotten your healthcare sorted out yet ... it's time to act ... tonight at midnight is the deadline to enroll in a health insurance plan for 20-16. 20-16.'get covered america' is offering free in person assistance for ohioans ... today from 10 am to 8 p-m.walk ins are welcome at their office ..that's at 4545 montgomery road. and if you live in kentucky and still need to enroll through the 'kynect' marketplace . their kynect call center will be taking calls and answering questions from 8 this morning to 11o'clock this evening.that number is 1-8-5-5 4 kynect ... or visit kynect dot ky dot gov. americans with income above the federal poverty level who 'dont' enroll in health insurance coverage by the deadline, could be hit with a fine by the i-r-s. it's a big night for the queen city's music scene.the cincinnati entertainment awards are taking place tonight in covington at the madison theater.the cincinnati
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hottest around. around.9 on your sides kristen swilley joins us with a few special guest this morning.hey kristen.. silver pockets trio is nominated in the blues category. alex miller. is the drummer . alex tell me about what its like to be nominated and a little about the band itself. silver pockets trio is nominated in the blues category. alex miller. is the drummer . alex tell me about what its like to be nominated and a little about the band itself. cincinnati entertainment awards are tonight at the covington madison theater. reporting live... kristen
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code red!what caused the hamilton county justice center
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officials are calling it the worst fire in 30 years, flames reaching 70 feet into the air. why firefighters will be at lexington's blue grass stockyards for the next 24 are watching good morning tri state weekend
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thanks for getting up with us
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a fight between inmates led to the first of two code red situations forcing lockdowns at the hamilton county justice center yesterday. yesterday.deputies say that happened around noon ... then the jail was locked down again around 3-30 because of a disturbance with an inmate in the psychiatric ward.the lockdowns lasted about an hour each ... forcing guards to tighten security and keep visitors out ..some visitors say they were waiting for a long time to see their loved ones. sot "told us we can't go up, in and out of elevators etc........." deputies say code reds don't happen very often, maybe just a few times a month. a cincinnati man who is charged with a 'hate crime' for burning down a church in wisconsin last october, has been found incompetent to stand trial.the judge in ashland, wisconsin ordered 29 year old michael valente to
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mental hospital for the next three months....adding that valente's delusional worldview made it 'impossible' for his attorney to mount an adequate defense. the worst fire in thirty years. that's what officials are calling the massive blaze that destroyed the "blue grass stockyards" in lexington. took more than 120 firefighters to battle this thing...flames reached as high as seventy feet ... and a giant smoke cloud could even be seen on the local news stations' weather radar. crews expect they'll be on the scene for at least an additional 24 hours.they want to make sure no hot spots flare up across the more than 10 acre site. tax season is here, but there are scammers out there trying to get a hold of your money. how you can tell what's real
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you're watching good morning tri-state weekend at 8 on 9 on your side today is the day that you have the chance of possibly saving the life of a local father. father.doug stouten-borough was diagnosed with "acute myeloid leukemia" in july of
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treatment, his cancer finally went into remission.but it relapsed.and now his friends are hosting a bone marrow drive.'s taking place this morning at the mount carmel christian church in batavia. those interested are encouraged to stop by between ten and three.all you have to do is swab the inside of your cheeks to see if you are a match. pink was in style at u-s bank arena last night...that's where the cincinnati cyclones' gleaming ice rink turned a lovely shade of rose! rose!the 'pink in the rink' event raised thousands of dollars for the 'pink ribbon girls'.that's a local organization that provides services like rides, meals, and housecleaning to women undergoing breast cancer treatment.along with the pink ice ... the cyclones sported pink jerseys for their game against the quad-city mallards those pink jerseys were auctioned off to fans after the gameall the money raised will go to the pink ribbon girls. "if it's a dollar or a thousand dollars it really makes a difference to women right here in cincinnati area.
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will probably bring in several thousand dollars. i mean even a thousand dollars donation helps us serve about a 100 meals to women and their families."trt: 15 seckellijo atkinson-colerain twp."i lost my mom in july from cancer, my grandmother the year before and my aunt and my aunt just got after that. so to have so much cancer in our family and to see everyone so supportive it means the world." world."in all 15 thousand and 50 dollars were raised.cyclone forward garrick perry taking home the m-v-p, by raising more than $1,000. tax season is herethis is the time when con artists could be trying to rip you off. john matarese has some warning signs to look for.. so you don't waste your money. with so much concern about tax fraud this can you tell if a letter or email from the irs is real anymore?if you get one...should you respond? or could it be another scam? ----------------almost all of us are now familiar with
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show up in your email inbox, claiming to be from the may say click here to see your refund, or click here because of a problem with your return. but these letters -- like letters from several state tax departments -- are legitimate. legitimate.the letters, offically known as publication 5071 c, is a request for identity verification.the irs is sending it to taxpayers where it has questions if you are really the person who filed under your must then log on to a verification webspage at or call. call. the key here is that if the irs or state has questions for you, they they will mail you a letter with your name specifically on does not arrive via an email.if you get it, visit the irs website...or call them.that way youre safe and you dont waste your money. i'm john matarese 9 on your side. it's time to check weather with meterologist jason adams.
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tonight, expect showers with lows falling into the low 40s. tomorrow, we'll see a mix of clouds and sun with cooler temperatures. highs will reach the upper 40s. tuesday, we'll start out chilly in the upper 30s, but soar into the low 60s by the late afternoon and evening. a few showers are possible, but the best chance of rain will be during the evening and overnight as a strong front arrives. it could bring a risk of strong to severe thunderstorms. the spc has us in a slight risk for severe thunderstorms tuesday night. temperatures behind the front will fall into the 30s
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meat lovers your time is now! the second annual "cincy meat week" kicks off today. today."cincy meat week" is the local chapter of the national week long holiday devoted to the celebration of bar-b-qued meat.treat your taste buds to samples from more than 30 restaurants from the greater cincinnati's taking place as a bunch of different spots this week.first stop: this afternoon at 1 o'clock at pontiac bourbon and bbq on vine street.for a full "meat week scedule" log onto
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not in the mood for bbq but still looking to get your hands on some good food..25 contestants will put their best chili recipes to the test at the 12th annual "chili cook off" at findlay market later this morning. things kick off at ten, judging starts at 11. and it's all indoor at the crown otr at 1739 elm street. they rolled out the red carpet in burlington, kentucky last night. night.this is a look inside the father/daughter dance, put on by immaculate heart of mary school. dads and their best girls got some lessons, played games and of course danced...making it a special night to remember. the last two california prison escapees are back behind bars this morning.where they were found and the tip that led to
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, cincinnati entertainment awards, are tonight.the queen city's live band scene is one of the best and most eclectic around.some of the best bands
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treat coming up in just minutes. good morning...i'm timyka artistand i'm jason adams adams expect a mix of clouds and sun today with mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon and evening. highs will be very warm again, with most places reaching the low 60s. shower chances are very isolated today, with a greater chance for spotty showers moving in after 8 p.m.
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ohio governor john kasich and former secretary of state hillary clinton have earned the new york times' endorsement ... just a few days ahead of the iowa caucuses. the times wrote, "governor john kasich of ohio..though a distinct the only plausible choice for republicans tired of the
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display in this race."it cited kasich as a veteran of bi-partisan deals during his time in the house ...and praised what it called the governor's 'end run' around the republican secure a medicaid expansion in ohio.the times said it picked clinton over vermont senator bernie sanders due to her experience and policy ideas. meanwhile hillary clinton and donald trump have come on top in the latest poll in iowa. the bloomberg politics - des moines register poll is probably the last major one ahead of the iowa caucuses tomorrow.the democratic race is in a statistical dead heat, with clinton three-points ahead of bernie sanders.that is within the poll's margin of error. on the republican side, donald trump is five points ahead of his closest contender, ted cruz.marco rubio is third, 15- points behind trump.jeb bush..who is still in the fight, had this to say. (jeb bush / (r) presidential candidate)"you're not going to
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you're not going to win by insulting women. you're not going to win my saving pow are losers because they got caught. shame on donald trump." trump."donald trump not too worried, continued on with his main theme. (donald trump / (r) presidential candidate)we have a chance to do something so great, make america great again. again.iowa voters will make their choices in the year's first caucus tomorrow. it's a big night for the queen city's music scene.the
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the manhunt is over! the remaining two men who escaped a santa ana-area jail are now in custody! with all three escapees back behind bars, the investigation now focuses on how they got out in the first place. abc's lauren lyster has the latest. off the streets and back in custody. the remaining two california escaped inmates - hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu - captured today in san francisco. sot - sheriff sandra hutchens / orange county, ca "the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief." and this may have been a key moment in the investigation? less than 24 hours earlier - the first fugitive bac duong cuffed on camera - calmly surrending in santa ana - after a week on the run. sot - witness "we're just friends,
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make sure he gets caught safely." investigators believe duong was in charge of transportation? and stole the white van the trio used to get away. that same van - spotted in a san francisco whole foods parking lot this morning? a man alerted some park district police officers? who quickly investigated. sot - sheriff sandra hutchens / orange county, ca "officers approached the van - nayeri fled on foot." natsot - (broadcastify) "code 4, code 4 we got em down. natsot - (broadcastify) "there might be another person in there. standby, take a look at that van." sot - sheriff sandra hutchens / orange county, ca "on returning to the van, they found tieu hiding in the van." now, officials are working on transferring the pair back to orange county? and learning more about how they escaped in the first place. police believe nayeri may have been tasked with getting information? somehow coaxing his jailhouse english teacher to give him more than language lessons? sot - lt. jeff hallock / orange county sheriff's dept. "a google earth image on paper that showed an image of the entire central jail complex. // she played a significant role in the planning" 44-year-old nooshafarin ravaghi now under
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contributing to the men's escape. while officials know she and nayeri developed a relationship - it's unclear whether it was romantic. lauren lyster oncam close: soon all three inmates will be back behind bars at the very jail they escaped. the sheriff telling us kept in a different area and manner than before, making it clear they will not be held together. lauren lyster, abc news, santa ana, california. more than a million people in ohio could soon lose thier food stamp benefits.the rule change that could have many
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thanks for getting up with us this sunday morning. it's now --- degrees at -- o'clock. new this morning ... at least 36 reported cases of the 'zika virus' are here in the u-s ... four of the people who've contracted the virus--
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women.the fight to stop the virus at its source is picking up in urgencyit's spread by mosquitosso in brazil, soldiers are going door to door..checking for standing water where the insects can workers are struggling to help babies affected by the virus... which can cause babies to be born with abnormally small heads and brains. sot dr. camilla ventura: this is scary. we are dealing with a disease that we have no information about aboutthe c-d-c says pregnant women should 'not' travel to places where the virus has broken out and spreadright now that includes brazil ... the caribbean ... and latin america. outdoor adventure've got one final day to take in the ultimate shopping experience. experience.the outdoor adventure experience continues through the end of the day at the sharonville convention's 10 dollars a 12 and under are free and parking is free! 9am. the kentucky wildcats and
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action yesterday.who notched a win and who didn't fare so well.9 on your side sports reporter keenan singleton is next with you weekend sports reports. here's a look at what you'll see tonight on nine on your
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thanks for getting up with us this sunday morning. it's now
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new this morning...more than a million low income people could soon be losing their food stamp benefits.that's because of new work requirements that will kick in next month. month.ohio is among the 21 states affected by a rule change in the "federal supplemental nutrition assistance program."falling unemployement is what triggered the change, which is raising concerns among social service providers and food pantry workers.they worry they'll see more hungry people soon.the change says able- bodied adults between 18 and 49 with no dependents have to work, volunteer, or attend education or job training at least 80 hours a month to receive aid.otherwise benefits will be cut off after three months. the 22nd annual screen actors awards took place in los angeles last night.and while some feel the oscars have a "diversity problem," the sag awards were different story.
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from all cultures.leonardo dicapro won best actor for "revanent", jeffrey tambor won for playing a transgender woman in "transparent".th contrast wasn't lost on one of the night's biggest winners, edris elba who took home two awards for his turns in netflix's "beast of no nation" and the bbc crime drama "luther".while presenting a clip he joked "ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diversity". the rock and roll hall of fame has announced the "who" will be joining the stage with this years inductee's in new york... ohio's own black keys, as well as former matchbox 20 frontman rob thomas will be performing. performing.they'll help celebrate this years inductees -- chicago, cheap trick, steve miller, n-w-a, and deep purple. this year's induction ceremony will take place at the barclays center in brooklyn. tickets go on sale next week. o-k so you hear a song...then you can't get that song out of your happens to all of us right?but why?c-n-n's dr. sanjay gupta explores the
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it's time to check weather
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your weekend meteorologist sarah walters. that's good morning tri-
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always on with breaking news and weather updates on wcpo-dot-com
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