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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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posted online. paying more to fix broken roads...the group... singled out for higher taxes... and why some say it's not fair. good could be a slippery drive on your commute after overnight showers soaked much of the tri-state. state.we've heard reports overnight of flooded intersections and even mudslides. mudslides.9 first warning meterologist jennifer ketchmark has a look at with latest conditions. showers will continue fading to the east this morning, leaving behind more than an inch of rain in the tri-state. we'll continue to see minor flooding issues. clouds decrease today to reveal sunshine this afternoon but temperatures also slowly decrease during the day. 4
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the star of this snapchat video... along with two of his alleged partners in crime... are scheduled to go in front of a judge this morning. they're accused of leading officers on one of the longest police chases in tri-state history. history.nine on your sides john genovese with the pursuit... from the police perspective. < nat - purp video> in the back seat of a car-with troopers hot on their tail "that was while they were in kentucky, that was my understanding"22-year-old 'jewaun booker' appearing to star in this snapchat-style video. a first-hand account - from the wrong side of the law "that'll most likely be used as evidence - so i don't think we're dealing with the brightest individuals here" hamilton county chief deputy mark schoonover says this lunchtime chase started in sharonville after a narcotics task force tried pulling over a rental sedan "as soon as they got behind it, it made
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wasn't long - he says- before getting back on 75 south"our units actually called the pursuit off as it approached the bridge going over into kentucky"with a special detail of deputies keeping watch from not know is that our helicopter unit was following every step that they made" through kentucky and indiana- ending back in ohio harrison skyline chili. "when someone flees from you like you have no idea what they actually are up to or why they're running" the sheriff's office as 24-year-old 'anthony knight. we're told booker and 19-year-old 'chucky foley' were passengers ties to gang activity in dayton. a 4th man in the car- investigators say -was interviewed and released. the ohio supreme court will hear the case of a tri-state woman who sued police after she was hit during a high- speed chase. pamela argabrite of lebanon was injured 20-11. she's accusing miami township
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outrageous" conduct as they chased andrew barnhart on route 741.but police say barnhart is to blame for argabrite's injuries... not them.the ohio supreme court will hear the case next week. some indiana lawmakers are banking on drivers *and* smokers to raise one billion dollars for some much needed road repairs. repairs.a house bill we told you about yesterday on good morning tri-state now heads to the senate... hiking gas taxes by four cents a gallon.the cigarette tax would see the biggest hike... by one dollar per pack.but to offset that extra cost... the state would start scaling back its income tax by five percent over eight years. sam needham/greendale resident 4645 it ain't right, in fact i think that they should go down ont he taxees. there shouldn't be that much taxes on cigarettes or gas. i mean, cigarettes are bad yeah. yeah.the house has a bill backed by governor pence that would be a short term fix for uses some of the state's surplus to pay for fixes.
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supporters of a bill... that protects lesbians, gays and bisexuals in indiana from discrimination. republican lawmakers say there isn't enough support for the measure to the senate sponsor pulled it from consideration yesterday.religious conservatives opposed the bill... along with some gay rights activists.they said it didn't protect transgender people. the mad dash for voters continues this morning in new hampshire.and some presidential candidates wasted no time coming off success in iowa. hillary clinton campaigned last night with former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband... mark kelly. despite the iowa victory... she's trailing by double digits in the granite state. for the republicans... donald trump is blaming the *media* for his disappointing second place finish. "the headlines were 'trump comes in second, he's humiliated'. there were 17 people when we started, now you have 11, i come in second, i'm not humiliated." humiliated."trump also leads
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hamphire... but marco rubio is expected to make a strong challenge for voters. 9 is on your side with the information you need... to make your vote count in ohio's march primary.the deadline to register is two weeks away on february can get forms online... and at libraries and board of elections. help on the way to flint... michigan governor's is putting money back in the pockets of flint residents.why this deal may *not* be as generous as it seems. zika virus discovery...the medical case that's changing the way doctors look at the growing epidemic. showers will continue fading to the east this morning, leaving behind more than an inch of rain in the tri-state. we'll continue to see minor flooding issues. clouds decrease today to reveal sunshine this afternoon but temperatures also slowly decrease during the day. 4
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introducing longhorn' s steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. welcome back... and check out these huge flames...they ripped through a historic home in fresno... california. firefighters say the one- hundred-plus year-old "rehorn home" is a total loss.over the years... it had served as a catholic church convent... home for unwed mothers and house for communal students. most recently... firefighters say it had been vacant. to the developing story in flint...some help may finally be coming to people... stuck paying for undrinkable water. water.later this morning... michigan governor rick snyder will propose 30-million
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help pay water bills for flint residents.but the catch... customers will still be responsible for paying for water used to flush toilets, water lawns, and wash clothes. health officials say the zika virus -- blamed for severe birth defects... may be spread by more than just mosquitoes. researchers say it appears the virus can also be spread by sexual contact.the discovery was made in texas.doctors say the patient was infected by an ill person... who'd just returned from a country where zika was far... it's the only known case. the zika virus has caused some problems for an indian car company.tata motors had planned to introduce its newest hatchback... called the "zica"... this week.that's "z-i-c-a"... as opposed to the virus... which is spelled "z-i-k-a".the name is a acronym for "zippy car".tata motors says a new name will be announced in a few days. nowhere to go...the tri-state's homeless... facing
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morning.the shelter that could close its doors as soon as this week... and how you can help change that. rescued... just in the nick of time.a police officer's heroic act... not in the line of fire... but sitting in a quiet walkway. showers will continue fading to the east this morning, leaving behind more than an inch of rain in the tri-state. we'll continue to see minor flooding issues. clouds decrease today to reveal sunshine this afternoon but temperatures also slowly
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" its been a mostly mild winter. but despite that... the tri- state's homeless still need shelter from the weather. now... one shelter is on the brink of closing. 9 on your side's ashley zilka explains why time is running out.
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church home throughout the winter months. but without donationsprince of peace will be forced to close in just days.package11:40 it is downright scary. downright scary. you don't know if you are going to freeze up or you don't know if you are going to die. 46drenched in the rain- and nowhere to go. a harsh reality for troy dear and other homeless -a plea from prince of peace in over the rhine. the winter shelter may be forced to close in just days if they don't get enough donations in time.14:11 with a little warmer winter temperatures, people don't normally think of a cold shelter being needed with temperatures that are so warm but they don't realize you can't have a shelter that goes on and off, on and off. 22the church opens its doors every night during the winter months. every bed brings a sense of security.11:06 for the night they will keep you warm. they will keep you warm through the night. 11prince of peace can hold around 45 people each night. the goal- to keep its doors open until february 29th. 17:03 you have to have personnel every night. since it is a 11 hour shift, you have to have multiple
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to have training, you have to have logistics. 12with the homeless population growing- the need for shelters is critical.16:23 economy, with what's going on with the economy, and then also i see a lot of folks that have issues with education, mental health, and addiction. 36prince of peace...a temporary safe haven for dear.10:30 you don't know what is going to happen next. 31ashley/livethe shelter opens every night at 9 - and stays open until 6 in the morning. if you would like to make a donation, go the prince of peace website. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. kentucky's new governor matt bevin didn't waste any time signing a new abortion consent bill. he signed the legistlature as soon as lawmakers presented it to him. legislators can't recall a governor signing a bill so quickly.its the first bill bevin has signed as governor. the law requires women seeking abortions be told of medical risks and benefits at least 24 hours beforehand.women can consult with their doctor in person or by video. a video of a utah police
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reason.the camera captured the officer watching a busy toddler while her father was in traffic court. can see the little girl on the move in the background of this video... officer kevin norris was sitting nearby... waiting to testify.when it was time for the girl's father to go in the courtroom... she couldn't join officer norris volunteered to baby-sit. ofc. kevin norris/orem police "he didn't know what to do so i took the girl by the hand and walked around and we went and got a drink and took giant steps - baby steps. kind of the same thing i do with my own kids." kids."norris pulled up some cartoons on his phone... and the little girl fell asleep in his arms. you've heard the saying crime
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opposite may soon be the case in our nation's capitol. leaders in washington, d.c. approved a plan that pays people *not* to commit crime.under the bill... officers would choose about 200 people considered *at risk.*if they stay out of trouble for a year and complete behavioral therapy programs... they'd get the word on how much... but it could be thousands of dollars. now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather. weather. long:a flood warning is also out for mill creek until 2:30 a.m. canal road will flood. high water is also expected along kemper and mosteller roads. a flood advisory is also out for much of the tri-state until 5:45 a.m. otherwise, rain will continue to fade to the east this morning. wednesday will start mild, with morning temperatures hovering in the mid 50s. clouds will depart quickly behind our rain, revealing some mostly sunny skies during the day. temperatures then start to slowly fall during the day. we'll be in the low 50s to upper 40s by the evening rush, which is still mild for the 3rd day of february. temperatures drop to 29 tonight for a colder low in cincinnati. high pressure builds in thursday to give us mainly dry conditions, but there could be a few flurries along and north of i-70. highs
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thursday. temperatures rise into the 40s by friday and into the weekend.morning rush rain fades to the eastmild and breezy8 a.m.: 57wednesday cloudy start, mostly sunny afternoonfalling temperatures high: 51 (4 p.m.)wednesday nightpartly cloudy skiescolder low: 29thursdaymostly sunny colderhigh: 38thursday night
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super bowl team is already down a player. why it's not an injury that got him sent home. kentucky bourbon lovers... you're not alone.the big business it's creating... and why it's not just america
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showers will continue fading to the east this morning, leaving behind more than an inch of rain in the tri-state. we'll continue to see minor
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decrease today to reveal sunshine this afternoon but temperatures also slowly decrease during the day. 4 50s. if you're just joining us... we're on top of breaking news. columbia parkway is closed at delta avenue in columbia tusculum due to a mudslide.9 on your side has a live crew at the scene.. and we'll bring you any new information as soon as possible. a scam alert this morning if you're looking for cheap airfare online. online.a freebie scam on facebook claims delta airlines is giving away free first- class tickets for its 50th anniversary.the message also claims you get the free tickets if you fill out an online survey.but delta says it's *not* giving away any free tickets. super bowl 50 is just four days away... and the denver broncos will enter the big
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players.broncos safety ryan murphy was sent home after he was questioned during a prostitution sting yesterday afternoon.investigators let him go when they determined he had *not* solicited a prostitute.despite that... broncos coach gary kubiak said he didn't want murphy to become a distraction leading up to the big game. the bookmakers in vegas... betting big on the carolina panthers to win the super bowl. but the animal kingdom doesn't agree... agree...several sports pros... on four legs... are making their own bold predictions for the big game. groundhog day brought some disappointment to football fans in north carolina.grady the groundhog at chimney rock park had a choice of corn cobs... one in front of the broncos logo.the other... in
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went with the broncos corn cob. by the way... grady did *not* see his shadow -- which means he's also predicting an early spring. in montana... a 700-pound grizzly bear picked the super bowl winner.ozzy the bear got a choice of two banana cakes with peanut butter frosting.he thought about it for a bit before making his decision... the case with the horse logo on it.that's right... he went with the broncos over the panthers this year. a big honor this morning for jungle jim's...the popular grocery store has been honored as a top beer destination. and it's not just in the tri- state.the consumer website ranked jungle jim's as one of the world's best places to buy also ranked jungle jim's as the best grocery store to buy beer in ohio.
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bourbon producers will want to toast...sales of bourbon... tennessee whiskey and rye whiskey shot up nearly eight percent last year... to two-point-nine *billion* dollars.demand is way up, too... both in america and overseas. breaking overnight... tragedy in the air.a plane passenger sucked out of a moving jetliner.where it happened. it's a big day for dozens of tri-state teens.the decision that will change their future... and put them on a
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here's a live look outside from our balcony camera.the roads are wet...but the rain has finally stopped.where we're seeing problems this morning from flooding. breaking from inside a plane as explosion blows a hole in the wall!what some are saying caused this mid-flight boom
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