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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 6am  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you real-time condition updates with 9 first warning weather and traffic. breaking overnight - an explosion blows a hole in an airplane and experts say it was likely a bomb! the new video and witness accounts right now on good morning tri-state! we're keeping a close eye on columbia parkway right now. crews re-opened the roadway about an hour ago. ago. that's an area prone to mudlsides - and that's exactly delta. thankfully, the rain that caused that mudslide is now out of the way. we're here with 9 first warning meteorologist jennifer
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jennifer calls for graphic
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breaking news - a mid-air explosion blows a hole through a commercial jet somalia!here are the pictures. you can see the hole on the side of the jet.somehow the pilot was able to land the plane. the explosion was while the jet was 14-thousand feet in the air about five minutes into the flight. you can see the oxygen masks come out -the hole in the side is a little smaller than a door. door.the video from inside the plane shows the chaos on of the passengers shot it on a cell phone... somehow the pilot landed the plane safely.investigators now say they found explosive residue on the side of the plane. the pilot tells investigators he beleives it was a bomb of some sort ... about the size of a hand- grenade.. two passengers were
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responsibility for the incident. a birmingham meteorologist tracking the storm captured this tornado on camera tracking from mississippi to alabama.there are injuries, but theyre minor.several people were trapped in their homes.and damage is reported across both states. here's a look at the damage from addition to homes, a federal prison was damaged in the tornado.trees and utility poles came down - leaving many people without power this morning. deputies are revealing details about a high speed ... 55-mile ...three-state chase ...that even involved a stop for chili...they tell us one suspect was brash enough to post video on social media of it happening.deputies tell us the man in this snapchat-style clip is 'jewaun booker.' the hamilton county sheriff's
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and another man were also passengers... 'anthony knight' was behind the wheel. investigators say the chase started in sharonville when a narcotics task force tried pulling over a rental car. the suspects drove to kentucky - then took 275 to indiana - where a chili craving apparently did them in ...they stopped at the skyline in harrison. all the while - a hamilton county sheriff's office helicopter was keeping watch. chief deputy mark schoonover says this cell phone video could be making an appearance in court. "that'll most likely be used as evidence - so i don't think we're dealing with the brightest individuals here" booker..foley and knight are all facing various charges in ohio. two of them are wanted for gang activity in dayton. knight will also face a charge in kentucky. the mom accused of allowing her 2-year-old son to wander down the street, barefoot, will face a judge in a few hours.tanisha cladwell is charged with child endangering. investigators say when she
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morning to pick up her child, she had alcohol on her breath. the child is with his relatives this morning. tonight's your chance to get a "taste of mason." mason."it's a celebration of diversity at mason city schools.the event is free, but the food vendors charge for an opportunity to taste all kinds of ethnic food.there's also live entertainment.taste of mason is tonight from 5 until 8 at mason high school commons. honoring a some folks are hoping to pay tribute to the indiana principal who gave her life to save her students. and disturbing new information about the zika virus, and how it can's not just
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breaking right now - police looking for the suspects in a covington home invasion.
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us some one broke into a home on todd court - holding the people inside at gunpoint and robbing them. those suspects took off - and were last seen driving a black chevy cruze. that car was headed north on i-71 near dorchester avenue. new this morning, there's a petition to rename an indiana elementary school in honor of a principal who gave her life for her students. students.susan jordan was principal of amy beverland elementary school for 22 years. last week, a school bus jumped a curb, and she was killed as she pushed students out of harm's way.the school board would have to make the decision to call for a vote to change the name. indiana's gay and lesbian community is mourning a civil rights bill that died in the state legislature. republican lawmakers said there isn't enough support for the measure to pass... so the senate sponsor pulled it from consideration. . even some supporters complained the bill failed protect transgender people. a big honor this morning for jungle jim's...the popular
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and it's not just in the tri- state.the consumer website ranked jungle jim's as one of the world's best places to buy also ranked jungle jim's as the best grocery store to buy beer in ohio.jungle jim's recently celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2015. syphilis.gonorrhea.zika? zika? new information reveals a virus that's new to most of us, can actually be sexually transmitted. and the bernie madoff story comes to the small screen tonight, only on 9 on your side.a preview, in minutes. chopper 9 the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first is headed to the scene of a home invasion in covington.more live pictures as soon as they
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 6 on 9 on your side!" brace yourselves - there's a major development in the zika virus threat. health officials confirming the first case of zika virus contracted here in the united states.and if that isn't troubling enough, health experts say it was spread by sexual contact. until now.. the virus was only spread by mosquitoes. the discovery was made in texas. the disease can cause birth defects if a pregnant woman contracts the virus. the boys and girls club hosted an event at great american
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night.i had the privilege to emcee the was the search for the 20-16 youth of the year. year. time now for traffic and
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he's serving several lifetimes in prison for bilking investors out of billions. tonight, the berbie madoff story comes to wcpo 9 on your side. remembering afroduck.a feathered friend beloved by many on the ohio state
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the story of one of the greatest cons in history premieres tonight on wcpo 9 on your side. side."people give me their money and i make them richer than god." "madoff" is the portrayal of the billionaire swindler, bernie madoff, and how he masterminded the biggest ponzi scheme ever.richard dreyfuss plays madoff, who's now serving 150 years in prison for bilking investors out of billions of dollars. the nicest, friendliest uncle bernie.. and that's the only way he could have succeeded so
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it."from family tragedies to financial scams.. the show producers say "madoff" is a must watch epic. madoff premieres tonight at 8, followed by american crime at 10.then get breaking news and weather on 9 on your side at 11. ohio state university students bid a fond farewell to a well- known feathered friend on campus. campus.afroduck, as he was called, died suddenly last week.he was found floating on mirror lake.students gathered on campus to sing songs and light candles in the bird's memory. because he was really an icon you know. he was all over the campus snap story on snapchat. people were posting pictures of him everywhere." everywhere."some are even calling for afroduck to be one of the most celebrated buckeyes, right up with there with archie griffin, jesse owens and mascot brutus
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tornado recovery.people on the mississipp-alabama state line being told to stay home while emergency crews get to work. us 50 at sr 133 - just west of owensville in clermont county semi overturned carrying 36,000 lbs of paper and there was also a fuel spill. the semi is still on the highway. dispatch did not expect it to be cleared anytime soon.
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it's 6:30 - and we're covering breaking news all across the tri-state. overturned semi spilling fuel and paper on u-s 50, gunmen busting into a covington home, we also have reports of a fire in that another part of covington as well. plus - new video coming in overnight of weather destruction! people forced to stay in there homes because of a possible tornado touchdown in mississippi.
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tri-state's top college recruits this morning! what to watch for on this national signing day! the rain is over, but it still affected your morning drive.flooding shut down some tri-state roads this morning. morning.this is video of a mudslide on columbia parkway. first let's check in with meteorologist jennifer
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for some across the tri-state this is like christmas morning for is national signing day when high school football recruits across the country make their college choice official. official.jordan burgess is live with what makes today so important to many. we are less than two hours away from the signing event here at elder involving ohio's top high school football may not seem like much.. just a signature.but in
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of hard work.. and the shades of what's to come. here at elder the player considered to be the best in ohio.. number 75 there tommy kraemer is expected to sign with notre other elder football players will also be signing their letters of intent on which college they'll be attending.schools across the tri-state have signing day events scheduled. from mount healthy to st. x. to cincinnati hills christian academy where one of the state's to players prince sammons has yet to decide where he'll go.but in most cases today there will be little drama.. the players made their committments known long ago.but as moeller's athletic director.. whose school has six players signing today.. told us.. this is not only about the journey to come.. but the one to get here. it goes to show not only the talent and skill and academic prowess of these guys but it proves that hard work in academics and athletics can pay off. signing day here at elder is at 7-15 this morning.and it's not just the high schools involved but also area colleges and how their recruiting classes stack up. reporting live.. jordan
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new information coming in on that breaking news in covington. kenton counrty deputies now confirming two people broke into a home on todd court - at least one of them had a gun.those suspects took off - and deputies followed them until they crossed into ohio. they were last seen driving a black chevy cruze, headed north on i-71 near dorchester avenue. i'm in the live alert center following breaking developments in east mississippi, where severe storms and a likely tornado caused major injuries are reported there, but trees are down all over the place.and people are being urged to stay home and off the roads so that emergency crews can do their jobs. and breaking out of hawaii this morning.investigators are relvealing they found d-n-a
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and rescue operations after two marine helicopters collided off the coast...the families of the marines identified have been notified... no other remains have been found...twelve marines were killed in the crash...the navy will use underwater robots to survey the crash area... after that data breach that exposed several celebrities, adultery website ashley madison is going to great lengths to protect its members. members.touching... or yucky?a jewelry trend... taking off with new mothers across the country.the secret ingredient
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online "adlutery" website ashley madison is covering up after a massive data breach left some users feeling exposed. exposed.the company's "discreet photo" lets users put a mask on their profile photo.they'll even let you choose the color to match your outfit.if you don't like the
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eyes or choose from four different kinds of eye blurring. your child could soon be taking less standardized tests. the education department has now outlined ways existing federal money can be used to reduce testing. testing.states for example... could use the money to audit and eliminate unnecessary tests.... develop strategies to improve the quality of tests and decrease the time students spend taking them. president obama wants to cap standardized testing at two percent of classroom time. tax time is almost here and as you know... every penny counts. 9 is on your side with some tax tips that can save parents money.this is compiled by "the stir-dot-com." com."claim your earned income tax credit... which is based on your income and number of children.updating your information in the health-care marketplace to include new additions to the family.and keep track of medical expenses
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prescriptions, and your child's health-care costs.we have even more tax tips for parents on our website... w-c- p-o-dot-com. there's a jewelry trend popping up online for new moms... featuring jewelry made out of *breast milk.* milk.*texas mom bridgette boudreaux cultures pearls out of breast milk. jobri milk charms came to be after the birth of her first son, joey. she says she wanted to commemorate the bond between mother and child. "breast milk is liquid gold. breast milk is your diamond made from you. you know, i culture pearls out of your own breast milk, and it's something that you cannot buy off a shelf." shelf."a photo on facebook got noticed... and now, she's filling orders from throughout the takes about three months for the stay- at-home mom to fill an order. the customized charms cost between fifty and two-hundred dollars. helping drug addicts... lawmakers in indiana putting a drug that helps heroin victims
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shelves.why prescriptions may no longer be necessary to save
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it's time for women to register for the draft.that's the word from top officers in both the army and marine corps. they testified yesterday on capitol hill that it only makes sense, now that the pentagon has opened all combat jobs to female servicemembers. also new this morning, a bill to expand the availability of the live-saving overdose drug narcan is moving quickly
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legislature.last year, lawmakers passed aaron's law, which allowed for narcan to be sold in drug stores with a prescription.this new bill strengthens the law, and would require the state department of health to issue a standing order for those overdose intervention drugs to be sold without a prescription. toss to wx wx showers will continue fading to the east this morning, leaving behind more than an inch of rain in the tri-state. we'll continue to see minor flooding issues. clouds decrease today to reveal sunshine this afternoon but temperatures also slowly decrease during the day. 4 p.m. temperature in the low
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traffic 9 on your side is out to make your month...we're partnering with u-s bank handing out free money. money.our teams are hitting the streets, randomly handing out 100 dollars -4 days a week. and every friday, somebody gets 500 dollars!. dollars!.it will be a february to remember can catch our surprise patrol reports all through february on 9 on your side at 6pm. we're following several breaking news stories right now first a mid-air explosion.what the pilot says he found after safely landing a plane despite a major explosion mid-flight. flight.and a semi-truck flips near owensville.the thousands of pounds of paper and fuel
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now...and what o-s-p is
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now at bringing you up to speed on the mid-air explosion on a commercial jet. jet.this explosion happened over somalia .despite a huge hole in that jet - the pilot was somehow able to land the plane. the explosion was while the jet was 14-thousand feet in the air about five minutes into the flight.the video from inside the plane shows the chaos on of the passengers shot it on a cell phone...investigators now say they found explosive residue on the side of the plane. the pilot tells investigators he beleives it was a bomb of some sort ...about the size of a hand-grenade.. two passengers were hurt. no one has claimed incident. breaking news right now from covington.reports of a home invasion there overnight. overnight.right now police tell us they're looking for two suspects that broke into the house in the 24 hundred block of todd court.a chase for these suspects has ended.
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was reported...police spotted the suspects and chased them in kentucky..but once they entered ohio the chase was called off.dispatch tells 9 on your side that at least one of the suspects had a handgun. they're said to be in a black chevy cruz.we'll continue to follow this story.check online at wcpo dot com for updates. progress on the roadways in the tri-state this morning after overnight rain.we showed you when we first went on air this morning at 4-30 that columbia parkway at delta was shut down.barricades were places at the intersection because of a small mudslide. then at 5-15 crews removed those's been back open and traffic is now moving smoothly. breaking right now in clermont county. a semi crash had u-s 50 in owensville shut down for hours. hours.9 on your side's kristen swilley is there. new pictures just coming in to the 9 on your side newsroom of that semi wreck in owensville in clermont county.the truck has been cleaned up.but paper and fuel covered the highway
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"go home."that's the message from ammon bundy to the remaining protesters at an oregon wildlife refuge. refuge.the leader of the armed occupation says the protest needs to end.he released a statement... through his attorney... asking the other members of his militia to walk away and return to their children. "the harney county sheriff should cordon off the refuge as the citizens work on returning these lands back to eh people of harney county and the state of oregon." oregon."bundy remains in solitary confinement... 23 hours a day... his attorney says he will appeal the judge's ruling to keep him behind bars while he awaits trial. today the mother of a 2- year-old found wandering the streets of cincinnati
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court.tanisha caldwell will answer to child endangering charges.her son spotted by an officer monday night.on montana avenue in westwood.two police officers took him back to the station.they also bought him a coat, pants, shoes and fresh diapers. caldwell picked him up at 5-30 the next morning.the boy is staying with relatives right now.officers tell 9 on your side this is not the first time the toddler has been spotted walking without his mother. in hawaii... a small plane's dramatic landing was captured on can see the plane's front propeller stop moving.the pilot also had technical problems with his landing gear. he set it down in the water off the coast of honolulu.that pilot was the only person on board... he was not hurt.but the plane sank in the water. following that breaking news out of detroit......a 3-alarm fire at a warehouse.. we're told it's full of construction materials.crews have been fighting this fire from the outside-saying it's too point.the fire started a
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smoke can be seen for miles.. it is still burning right now. now let's get another check of the roads. has your nine first warning traffic. traffic
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( gives 7-day forecast) continue fading to the east this morning, leaving behind more than an inch of rain in the tri-state. we'll minor flooding issues. clouds decrease today to reveal sunshine this afternoon but temperatures also slowly decrease during the day. 4 p.m. temperature in the low 50s. that's good morning tri-state for this ------.we're back in 30 minutes - good morning america - is next. next.and you can kep nine on your side your side -
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