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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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you'll get free installation, with a one hour arrival window, tv equipment and epix included. call for more, now. breaking news first on the now airlines is
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cincinnati northern kentucky international airport. a memo confirms the was obtained by 9 on your side within the last hour. the positions being impacted are grounds crew says its had an overstaffing situation since 20-10... when it reduced the amount of flights in and out of c-v-g. and the elimination of the 120 positions is because of it. delta says it's offering impacted employees the same position at other hubs... should they be willing to move. in addition to the 120 positions cut... 185 employees will see a smaller paycheck because their hours are being cut!those impacted were notified of the news today. their final day will be april 30-th. 9 on your side has a crew working this story right now.we'll bring you new information and reaction on the news coming up later today on 9 on your side. also on the now -- an anderson township business takes on serious damage-- no thanks to a massive* sinkhole just outside the property.
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this is the second sinkhole to impact the business. he joins us live now-- with a look at what it means for the area. t.j.? tanya/julie- we're off of beechmont avenue here in anderson township- and take a look at this sinkhole. barb henry- who owns "plants by wolfangel" says this just formed within the past day. she says she began noticing the hole early, last month, but she says it was only about 8 feet across and just a small indentation into the ground. she says it was like that up until yesterday. barb is no stranger to sinkholes, though. one formed on her property a couple of years ago. she says she spent around a half a million dollars on repairs- putting a huge financial strain on her business. because of that incident- she sold half of her property- but she's scared this new hole could get bigger. barb: "14:12 you never know how much of your property could be involved in something like this because of how
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is" this sinkhole has become somewhat of an attraction here in anderson township. coming up on 9 on your side 5- i've been looking into who owns this property- and how they plan on fixing it. live in anderson township, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. disturbing new details in the case of kentucky youth minister accused of having sex with a minor. minor.54 year old joseph neimeyer of the new banklick baptist church has been charged with rape and sodomy. court documents reveal that the victim -- just 7 years old -- told investigators the alleged abuse has been going on for the past three years.9 on your side's timyka artist went to the suspect's home in independence where the alleged abuse occurred.the woman who answered the door was agitated and refused to come outside.
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my dogs lose on you youneimeyer has confessed to having an inappropriate relationship with the girl. he remains on house arrest. his bond has been set at 100,000 dollars. a mom makes it out of a fire in lebanon.. but firefighters and neighbors couldn't get to her adult son in time.jordan burgess looks at their desperate attempts to save him. if you take a look at this home. you don't see a lot of damage.mostly by this window. that's where firefighters say this fire was in a bedroom.. inside.. my husband just tried to go in and get him and he can't get him able to wake up. neighbors try to make their way into a bedroom in this kuntz road home.the woman who lived there.. madeline thacker.. had just gone to their house for help after waking up to the smoke alarm.. to 911. 911. my two sons are in their bedrooms and i can't get them turns out only one of her sons was home.. the other
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to that son who was inside a bedroom here at the home. but it was too late to save 66- year-old wilson "scott" thacker who everybody says they knew as scott. scott. he was more quiet and kept to himself. the times i did see him he was a really nice person. i just feel for his family.firefighters say the fire started on the mattress scott was lying on.they're still investigating but they say smoking was probably the cause.neighbors say madeline has lived in the house as long as they can even after repairs this block will never be the same. same. i can't imagine what she's going through. it's just heart wrenching to think about her going through this. this. firefighters say it will likely be a few days before this home can be lived in again as crews make repairs. right now the red cross is helping the family with a place to stay.jordan burgess. the now cincinnati. cincinnati. firefighters say the state fire marshal's office will likely be taking a closer look into the fire to finalize the cause. turning to weather -- its a
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hours ago, just as steve warned.what's to come as we head into the next few hours steve? but temperatures stay chilly with highs expected in the mid 30s. high pressure builds in friday which means plenty of sunshine for the ohio valley. temperatures should bounce back to more seasonal levels in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy over the weekend and each day should bring a slightly warmer high temperature. 460f on saturday and 490f for a high of sunday. 9 first warning: a rain/snow mix will be possible on monday. but behind this, colder air will come in and it supports light snow by tuesday. we are tracking the system now, so stay with us for a better look at when this transition to all snow happens
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a call to action about what some think is a city-wide epidemic.young kids and teens taking their own lives. -- the *project nehemiah ceasefire* addressed the issue head on, demanding the community begin to discussing teen suicide-- something they worry is becoming a trend. pastor ennis for action to stop teen suicides tc 05;19;21 10 secs"a lot of times we overlook things that are happening in our city. we've been so focused on gun violence and gang violence that this particular situation kind of crept up on us." us."earlier this week -- 9 on your side's evan millward told you about the social media game happening right now -- where kids talk about taking their own lives.some of those who have done it recently are as young as 12 years old. a couple traffic alerts for you that might just impact your drive tonight and tomorrow.we start with lane closures on the carroll cropper bridge.'re looking live at that bridge.come tomorrow -- there will be daytime lane closures as part of the deck restoration project.if you use that area you'll want to give yourself some extra time just
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and two westbound lanes of columbia parkway were shut down today because of a pile of dirt that covered the road. they will stay closed through tomorrow morning's commute.and at nine in the morning -- all of the lanes will be closed so crews can finish cleaning the road.the issues started this morning where torrence parkway and william howard taft road meet with columbia parkway. that's where part of the ground gave way.crews tried to clear away the pile without closing lanes but drivers would have had to slow down. some big developments today in the fight against the zika virus.a family from murray, kentucky returned home from haiti -- after being exposed to the zika virus.the carroll famil is now taking medication. meantime -- new information from brazilian health authorities.stephanie ramos has the latest. heather baker from virginia is living the scenario that health officials fear. baker: after i got home from my trip, i discovered as swollen lymph node on this side of my head. baker worked as a missionary in guatamala and now has the
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staying at home, there is growing concern. florida has declared a health emergency because of 12 cases in five counties there? florida sot - rick scott bite: we are requesting that cdc provide us with 1000 zika test kits so we can test pregnant and new mothers who have travelled to affected areas and have symptoms of zika . in brazil, the fight against zika is uniting the nation. a brazilian health workers union has even called off a strike? staying on the job to help in the battle aginst the fast spreading virus. nats brazil's president in a speech to the nation said zika has gone from a "distant nightmare" to a "real threat." the government, scrambling to start developing a vaccine ? but until one is ready, she says, mosquito control is their best course of action. but with tourists flocking to brazil for carnival and the olympics, health officials are worried. dr. steve redd/cdc: there are going to be many states that have returning travelers that have the infection." some are calling for the rio olympics to be cancelled?.as brazil battles zika sot art caplan
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nyu langone medical center i don't know that it's up to doing the olympics and epidemic control at the same time. the us olympic committee tells abc news it is keeping a close eye on the situation and that team usa participants will be made "aware of the cdc's recommendations regarding travel to brazil." stepanie ramos abc news washington more now from the c-d-c on zika..experts say the virus can stay in your blood for about a week... but they don't know yet how long it can live in semen.the c-d-c says it's not surprising that there have been isolated cases of the virus spreading through blood transfusion or sexual contact. it's advising pregnant women to abstain... or use protection... if their partner has recently traveled to parts of the world where the virus is most active right now. you want a home that looks like it's straight out of a magazine.but you're afraid it will cost you too much? much?how to decorate like the pros -- on a fixed budget -- next! and a rare sighting -- caught on tape.*the animal that doesn't come out to play very
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introducing longhorn' s steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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you see the beautiful home designs in magazines-- most of which looks unaffordable. but the now's tania rogers talked to an expert designer about re- creating an expensive look without breaking the bank. pkg full=----angela reynolds is a celebrity interior designer. -"i worked on celine dion's residence in florida and on her house in las vegas. and i worked on kid rock's residence and elam, who was tiger woods' ex-wife."now she's sharing her secrets on how to have a home look like a celebrity's if you're on a tight budget-- avoiding spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.--"painting a kitchen white it makes the biggest impact, it makes the kitchen feel cleaner and bigger and brighter. often painting it a soft gray even navy cabinets are very powerful and can transform a kitchen." but don't just paint.--"change your handles. the hardware is like the jewelry to your cabinets, so if you change to a large scale, with a little bit of a polished nickel, or even a
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update your kitchen. she says if you need furniture, visit flea markets or a garage sale-- and get creative. something she did with these lamps that are in her house. --"on a budget, great places to look for great deals that look like a designer look is online. there's a lot of great online discounters that do an amazing job."------angela says something as simple as buying affordable flowers can brighten up a room and bring it to life.---- flowers in all of your rooms. ---- and don't forget your bathroom. --"amazing transformations can happen just by editing your bathroom, cleaning out all the accesories on your countertop. making your countertop look beautiful with little jars to put your toiletries and that can make a huge impact." having a celebrity's home, without spending a lot of money.for the now, i'm tania rogers. angela says if you have darker
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consider transitioning them to a charcoal gray to make them look more modern. more tornadoes swept across the southeast part of the country last night ...making it the second night in a row the region endured this winter storm.the storms were part of the same weather system that caused rain in the tri-state all night tuesday into wednesday morning. in tennessee ... the surveillance camera at a high school captured the moment an e-f one tornado crashed through classrooms.fortunately the school day was over when the storms hit.nearby homes were georgia, a twister came throught a military base.frightened parents and children couldn't believe their eyes. oh my god it's taking the roof off houses. are we going to die? the military had to find new homes for 50 the national weather service is inspecting storm damage. they will determine if tornadoes or straight line
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but temperatures stay chilly with highs expected in the mid 30s. high pressure builds in friday which means plenty of sunshine for the ohio valley. temperatures should bounce back to more seasonal levels in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy over the weekend and each day should bring a slightly warmer high temperature. 460f on saturday and 490f for a high of sunday. 9 first warning: a rain/snow mix will be possible on monday. but behind this, colder air will come in and it supports light snow by tuesday. we are tracking the system now, so stay with us for a better look at when this transition to all snow happens
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he's not the legendary big foot, but he might just be the next best thing.this is a rare look at the only-known wild jaguar in the entire united states.the "center for biological diversity" just released this video... taken by remote sensor cameras.the jaguar is in the santa rita mountains... near tucson, arizona.people in the area call him "el jefe" - which is spanish for "the boss."jaguars are the only big cats native to north and south america... but the last-known female jaguar in the u-s was killed
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speaking of things you need to see to believe.right now -- 9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese is putting the final touches on a big story for that you're going to see at six tonight. tonight.and it's a story that even has our good morning tri state team dreaming.take a look.
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they went to the hospital to get better -- now, they're scared beyond belief. belief.what happened that has
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patients they should be tested
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a developing story out of colorado... nearly 3-thousand people... potentially exposed to hepatitis b... c... and a hospital.a former surgical tech is accused of stealing a narcotic pain medication... and replacing a syringe with a different label to cover it up.the concern is how many times this may have happened and if the needle was infected.the hospital is offering free tests to anyone who's been in the hospital recently.that tech has not yet been charged. if you're one of the millions of people dealing with type one diabetes... a cure is now closer to reality.drug company johnson and johnson just announced it's joining with a biotech company....* to speed up development on this little can see it's smaller than a's already being tested on a small number of diabetic patients.the biotech company says that's a first.the therapy involves turning
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insulin-producing cells.then they go into this small capsule that's implanted under the skin.we don't know how long the testing will take. does this look like your garage?according to the u-s department of energy 25- percent of us with two-car garages have so much stuff that we can't even fit our cars inside.not only does the clutter take up space -- it also takes up a lot of our time.and with spring cleaning just around the corner... it's time to take action! we spend about 37-hundred *hours over the course of our lifetimes searching for items we've misplaced. that's more than 150 how can you cut down on the clutter and not go crazy?first -- experts say if you haven't used it in six months to a year -- get rid of it.when starting the giant task of decluttering -- *don't overthink it.sort everything into a keep, donate or trash pile. another idea: *know what you use.turn your hangers around when you re-hang a piece of clothing that way you can see what you actually wear and what you don't.
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with an organizational system with *everyone in mind.experts say one of the biggest mistakes we make is we organize for ourself and then get frustrated when others don't follow the structure. "from radio to tv-- how one local morning show host is taking her relents to network this superbowl weekend" **marianne bite"so it was me as hillary and him as trump and just being ridiculous and letting it fly and some of the ebay stuff can come out of that so that was a blast." the now's briana harper with that story -- next.and we're also talking about marijuana. marijuana.julie takes you inside today's meeting about whether ohio should legalize its use.what your neighbors
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... the push to legalize marijuana moves forward in ohio.. but this time the focus is solely on 'medical' marijuana. in november -- the unsuccessful ballot measure was seen as controversial on two levels. first it would've legalized recreational use of the drug-- and second it created monopolies for distributors. today-- two state lawmakers stopped in cincinnati -- with hopes of leaving that controversy behind to create what they call "meaninful change." 01:13:00 its' time for us to get this thing approved and start reaching out.. this is not about becoming a millionaire, monopolies.. it's about saving lives and the quality of life for so many people who are sufferingnicole scholten says her daughter lucy is one of those people suffering. nat 06:23:49 smile for the camera kiddolucy's diagnosis of cerebral palsy and epilepsy make day to day
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it a catastrophic seizure disorder.. and says lucy often suffers more than 100 per day. . 05:06:20 lucy is a kid who's trialed 12 different invasive and challenging epilepsy drugs that have come with terrible side effects themselves. and all of them have failed to help her condition, have failed to reduce her hundres of daily seizures. scholten passionately believes medical marijuana would change lucy's life. and that's why she showed up at this forum at u-c today-- to encourage state senators dave burke and kenny yuko to make change.13:40:58 my perspective is as a parent, scholten cited research that found other kids treated with medical marijuana have shown cognitive gains, brighter eyes, improved alertness, mobility and communication. after sharing lucy's story, it was clear the audience could relate. nat clapping 22 :01:44 and as district 25's kenny
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not just kids like lucy who could benefit. 00:49:00 it's veterans coming back with ptsd, the senior citizens with cancer, glaocoma, ms, the list goes on and on and on. these are people who we have the ability to help but we're not helping because we have this silly perception.the goal he says is to get as much information and input as possible-- and take those findings back to columbus to push for change. it's important to point out that many people are still opposed to medical marijuana for various reasons including.. easier access for abuse and potentially harmful effects like lower iqs among teens. no word on when state senators hope to draft this legislation. if your car hasn't been part of the enormous air bag recall yet... it may be now.millions more cars are now being recalled.9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese joins us live with what you need to know. know. honda is recalling another 2-point-2 million cars because the air
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is with the inflators in the takata air bags on the driver's side.this impacts nearly a dozen honda and acura models from 2005 to far... about 24 million cars have been recalled in the u-s because of takata air bags. but it's not just those air bags causing "continental automotive systems" says its airbags in 5- million cars have an issue with moisture getting inside. that can cause the power supply to fail... and then the air bag won't go off in a and fiat chrysler are already recalling cars because of this.they include models from 2008 to 2010.but honda says the parts to fix these air bags won't be available until this fall. you should get a letter from the dealer if your car is involved in any of these recalls.but you can also check
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can join me tonight at on your side with a new report on the 10 best companies hiring work from home postitions this year. and get this!toyota lending service is in trouble for how it has been treating minority will have to pay nearly 22 million dollars for adding more interest to auto loans for black and asian car buyers.the consumer financial protection bureau launched an investigation into the practice back in part of the agreement, toyota will also cut its maximum dealer markup in half for loan contracts five years or less. the sun is starting to set and temperatures are going to drop pretty low tonight. tonight.steve is keeping track
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but temperatures stay chilly with highs expected in the mid 30s. high pressure builds in friday which means plenty of sunshine for the ohio valley. temperatures should bounce back to more seasonal levels in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy over the weekend and each day should bring a slightly warmer high temperature. 460f on saturday and 490f for a high of sunday. 9 first warning: a rain/snow mix will be possible on monday. but behind this, colder air will come in and it supports light snow by tuesday. we are tracking the system now, so stay with us for a better look at when this transition to all snow happens and how much snow we could get. the bengals may not be in the super bowl spotlight this year.. but a local radio host is.and you can watch it all unfold on espn this sunday. briana harper talked to morning radio host marianne curan about her special super
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"warm 98 today's hits and yesterday's favorites. it's bob and marianne in the morning on warm 98."its a typical days work. marianne curan back at her cincinnati- based radio station after spending some time out west. "it was just a spur (not spare) of the moment thing, they added hilary and i was like yea i'll be there." marianne was hand-picked to star in an espn super bowl pre-show, political skit with comedian frank caliendo, who's known for his presidential impersonations.nat pop-frank as bush .com/watch?v=rgotb-byvi8 marianne's hillary clinton is spot on too-from mannerisms to wardrobe. "i listen to people's vocal quirks and physical ticks help and when you put on the wig and the costume some of it all of just comes together."it sure does take a listen."wings, and pizza and all that super bowl food but we'll have no dips-- i don't want anything that
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it was me as hillary and him as trump and just being ridiculous and letting it fly some of the best stuff can come out of that so that was a blast."and after a quick, two day shoot in phoenix, it was a wrap.. but there's no time to slow down for this talent.this morning marianne was already back in her seat ready to entertain you on your morning commute.. and anticipating her moment in the spotlight this weekend. briana harper reporting, the now cincinnati. again, the comedic skit will run on super bowl sunday during espn's pre-show. lawmakers want answers on raising prescription drug prices. but the face of the problem -- isn't talking. i'm anne mcnamara...that story is
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the former drug company executive who raised the price of an aids drug by 5-thousand percent appeared in front of congress today.but as the now's anne mcnamara reports, he kept quiet. nats - vine videomartin shkreli sharing this video of
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"slick escape" from today's hearing. tweetshortly after...he posted this tweet...calling lawmakers: "imbeciles." social media was the only place he spoke all day...keeping quiet when asked to testify...po-52th martin shkreli/turing pharmaceuticals, founder and former ceo"on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question."in the past...shkreli's been very vocal -- defending his decision to raise the price of the drug daraprim from 13 dollars and 50 cents to 750 dollars. po-58th :00-:13 rep. elijah cummings, (d) maryland "the way i see it, you can go down in history as the poster boy for greedy drug company executives or you can change the system. yeah, you." lawmakers accused him of planning to run a scheme...taking the money made from daraprim to acquire another drug -- and then raise the rates on he sat and smirked...shkreli's
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na-64th :00-:15 (benjamin brafman/attorney for martin shkreli) "mr. chairman, may i be recognized for a moment?" (rep. jason chaffetz/(r) utah) "no. no, you will not--no, you are not allowed, under the house rules, you have not been sworn in."(benjamin brafman/attorney for martin shkreli) "i understand but he is making illegal arguments." (rep. jason chaffetz/(r) utah) "you are not recognized. you are not recognized and you will be seated."advising his typically talkative client -- to stay silent. na-63th benjamin brafman, attorney for martin shkreli:19 "i think at the end of this story, he is a hero." so what's next for shkreli? he's been indicted for financial problems with a previous company. and if found guilty -- he could get 20 years in prison. do you think you know more than the average football fan? fan?in honor of super bowl 50 we're putting you to the test
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... you've heard of six degrees of's where you see your connection to someone through the people you know -- and the people they know.but we may all be much closer than we realize.
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williams does the math. facebook says it's more like three and a half degrees of separation.that means we're connected to every other person in the world by an average of three and a half other people. of course... this is among people on the u-s we're even closer... with 3- point-4 degrees of separation. and it's even lower for people like c-e-o mark zuckerberg.he has 3-point-17 degrees of separation.the average has been going down over the past five years... because the number of people on facebook has more than doubled.there are now 1-point-6 billion of us using the social network worldwide. if may seem like "longer"... but facebook started just 12 years ago today.we have tweeted out a link if you'd like to see your personalized
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are women being forced to pay more for the same product?a lot of people are using the hashtag "pink tax" online right now... talking about this. this.a recent report from the "new york city department of consumer affairs" found that a whopping forty percent of the time, female versions of products cost more.the department compared nearly 800 products from more than 90 found hair products for women cost 48 percent more on average than the same thing for men.women's razors are 11 percent more expensive.and toys marketed at girls also cost 11 percent more than those for boys.the study suggests women are paying thousands of dollars more over their lives to buy the same products as men. they come from all over the world to be a part of football's big game. but how much do these fans really know about the super bowl? the now's andy choi is hit the streets of san fran for a
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one last super bowl trivia tidbit ... the term "super bowl" was coined by kansas city chiefs owner lamar hunt back in 1966, inspired by his kids playing with a "super ball" toy. maybe you spotted this photo of the president today on social media.during the national prayer breakfast this morning -- the president took a moment to do the *heisman trophy stance with alabama running back derrick henry. henry won the heisman just last year.
4:38 pm
with highs expected in the mid 30s. high pressure builds in friday which means plenty of sunshine for the ohio valley. temperatures should bounce back to more seasonal levels in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy over the weekend and each day should bring a slightly warmer high temperature. 460f on saturday and 490f for a high of sunday. 9 first warning: a rain/snow mix will be possible on monday. but behind this, colder air will come in and it supports light snow by tuesday. we are tracking the system now, so stay with us for a better look at when this transition to all snow happens
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a waitress in pennsylvania shows up for work at *applebees to a surprise birthday party she'll never forget!katherine walsh turned 90 years old this week.she's the oldest of the restaurant chain's 40 thousand employees. walsh is a great grandmother and widow -- and rarely misses one of her shifts as a server. she works five days a week -- in part because she has to but mostly because she loves her
4:40 pm
:55 i'm part of life, i'm not just sitting there. i'm part of living. i'm out every day i have a purpose. i enjoy it. as for her secret to staying so young and active?walsh says its all about being social and being with people. look who stopped in during the now - craig mckee is here with a look at what's coming up on 9 on your side. if you have cameras in your home for security or just a camera on your computer - you need to know who's looking back at you. we're on your side in just minutes with the steps to take to protect your family. then a student accused of threatening to shoot up a classroom what u-c is doing in the wake of accusation and you'll hear from a student who saw the moments after the chilling
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the race for the white house is heating up.but its not the crowded republican field where competition is fierce. more debates between these two.. as early as tonight.. with the polls tightening we'll explain why these last minute face offs are now a
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wikileaks founder julian assange is expected to walk free soon.he has been living in the ecuadorian embassy you see here in london for more than three years.that's after
4:43 pm
now the u-n is expected to announce tomorrow assange has been held illegally.that's according to sweden's foreign minister.assange is wanted for questioning about a suspected sexual assault in sweden.he says the charge is also an attempt to get him sent to the u-s.he says he could be put on trial over wikileaks publishing classified diplomatic documents. tonight democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in the first of four new debates added just in the last few days.. comes as the two rivals are closer than ever in the polls..the now's todd walker explains why the debates have been created out of necessity.. last night hillary clinton and bernie sanders traded barbs on the same stage at different times.. trying to convince an audience of undecided voters who is the true progressive candidate..*sot full=po-153we :15 you can't go and say you're a moderate one day and be a progressive on the other day :17*sot full=po-178we :01 "i am a progressive who gets results and i will be a progressive president who gets results." :07anyone waffling between the two candidates now
4:44 pm
from them.. the democratic party has now scheduled four more debates.. the first one as early as tonight..*sot full= 19:34:39 when you have a neck and neck such a close race all of a sudden the notion that i can ignore this person is very difficult to do :47metro state political science professor dr. norman provizer says when the party originally scheduled the number of debates.. it was when clinton was the clear front runner.. and extras weren't necessary..*sot full= 19:34:22 no one can dismiss bernie sanders after iowa it's very clear :27provizer says these extra debates are something sanders has wanted for a long time.. and clinton likely begrudgingly agreed to. *sot full=19:34:53 from bernie sanders side i'm on a roll and this will help me and from hillary clinton's perspective while she didn't want them at the beginning this is her chance to prove she really is the person who ought to be the democratic candidate 19:35:08 the location of the debates has some meaning too.. the one just after super tuesday will be in flint michigan.for the
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the new hampshire primary is this coming tuesday. today -- the second of two anti-abortion activists involved in recording undercover video at planned parenthood turned himself into authorities.david daleiden was indicted last week by a grand jury in texas along with sandra merritt.they're accused of making a fake driver's license to get into private meetings with abortion providers. that's it from the now cincinnati. cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. a pastor admits to sexually assaulting a young police say they're searching for more victims.and we're on your side with advice for parents - so you can protect your children. it's deja vu for business owners.a huge sinkhole threatens their livelyhoods. 9 on your side digs into what's being done to prevent more damage. patients held against their will.the lawsuit filed against saint elizabeth's.why what happened to two women could happen to you.
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website "hackers" are using to spy on you.we're on your side with how to protect your family - and the changes to make right now. 9 on your side at five starts now! a youth pastor arrested for child sex abuse.but is there more than one victim? victim?that's the question for northern kentucky investigators's also a reminder for parents to ask tough questions about who is caring for their child. 9 on your side's tom mckee is live with new information - and important reminders for parents...tom? parents...tom? it was sunday night when joseph niemeyer came to the senior pastor of the new banklick baptist church to confess he'd inappropriately touched a girl at his house.a stunned tim cochran drove niemeyer to the independence police department where
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joseph niemeyer is charged
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