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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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joseph niemeyer is charged with sexual abuse, rape and sodomy of a child under the age of 12.they were filed after he went to the independence police station to tell officers that he had to come clean. "i think it's along the lines of someone found out about what's going on and his choice was you either go tell on yourself or i'm going to tell for you." you."kenton county commonwealth attorney rob sanders says detectives are intensifying the search for other children who may have been abused. abused. "we're not going to stop the investigation until we've made sure that we've uncovered any other victims that are out there, but right now all the charges pertain to one victim." victim."heidi malott is manager of the mayerson center for safe and healty children at cincinnati children's hospital.she says the case is a reminder to parents to ask tough questions about anyone caring for their children. children. "are people going through background checks and those kinds of securities in order to make sure that we're not hiring or using staff or volunteers that might have a background of child abuse." abuse."pastor tim cochran says
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new banklick baptist church. but, malott says parents need to dig deep into procedures on supervision. supervision. "child serving organizations should have situations set up where there's no one-on-one time between staff and children, but there's groups of people together." together."the niemeyer case strikes a nerve with law enforcers like rob sanders. sanders. "child molesters that perpetrate on children under 12 are especially reprehensible. they do permanent damage to these poor children and it's something that will stick with them for their entire lives." one final piece of advice from heidi malott -- parents should talk to their children about not being afraid to speak up if they're unconfortable around any adult.i want to point out that pastor cochran asked me to stress that nothing in this case happened on church property.tom mckee, nine on your side, live in kenton county. an anderson township woman is concerned for her business.and you can see why.a massive
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even stranger than a sinkhole - it's happened before at that exact can see the side by side - the scene in 2011 looking very similar to today. 9 on your side's t-j parker is getting answers about what happens next for the businesses in that area ... tj? this sinkhole formed, yesterday. i'm standing next to it- to give you some perspective on just how big it is. barb henry has a businesses just next door- and she's hoping this hole doesn't get any bigger. barb henry: "13:33 the unknown of an event like this is scary" barb henry's pride and joy has been her business- plants by wolfangel- which she's owned for years in anderson township. never did she think a sinkhole would damage her business in the first place- and then- threaten it again! barb: "12:39 just standing there yesterday watching that earth crumble in, the sounds of it, the smell of it, it's all familiar and it doesn't bring back good memories"barb
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beginning to form, early last month. she says it was 8 feet across- with a small recession in the ground. a lot different to what she came to work to - yesterday. barb: "14:35 the minute i pulled up close enough to see a wall of brown dirt crumbling, i just, honestly started crying"a sinkhole formed on her property a couple of years ago. she says repairs for that cost her a half million dollars. after that financial burden- she says she sold half of her property to rgt management group. barb: "12:20 you learn some lessons having gone through it once beforethe sinkhole is becoming a neighborhood concern- acroos the street- staff at saint timothy's are also hoping it doesn't grow. 22:42 we just want to make sure that the road keeps open so that the access is there fore the people on the other side of the sink hole barb says she's trying to keep a positive- and hopeful attitude- that this *hole* problem goes away soon. 16:07 you try to find that the glass is half full and not
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we understand- rgt foods owns this property. i talked to management at the taco bell nearby- who say the company is working on a fix. live in anderson township- t.j. parker, 9 on your side. police say two accused killers tried to escape from the hamilton county justice center. but their plan was foiled by sheriff's deputies. deputies.according to the sheriff - "james kirby" and "tristian herron" left their cells during a shakedown and tried to run away. but deputies stopped them. herron is serving ten years for manslaughter. kirby will stand trial in march for murder. patients held in a hospital against their own will. two women say it happened to them e's. evan millward is live tonight with what the hospital has to say.
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lawsuits - two different lawyers - different circumstances - both happening within the saint elizabeth hospital system. system.the most recent claims a former employee took her daughter in for suicidal thoughts - and ended up being admitted herself.the suit says she was on an involuntary psych hold - without her phone or keys - unable to see her daughter - who was also being held.then - to make matters worse - her attorney tells us she got billed for the overnight stay - and saint e's - her employer - refused to cover it. shane sidebottom/attorneyone record thats aid that she was showing mental issues and then 15 mins later another person says she's showing tendencies and problems with mental health issues and she wants to go home. and then someone else would come in and say she's got mental issues and then finally a doctor came in and said there's no reason for you to be here. there's just so
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to speak that i don't think they knew what they were cooking. saint elizabeth's responded -- saying the hospitals can't comment on litigation - or patients - quoting -"we place a high value on all our patients' health and privacy." saint elizabeth's is in the process of merging all it's behavior health beds into one facility in covington - with a non-profit northkey and with a for-oprofit business out of jersey. it needed to show that bed space was needed - and has received that approval from the state. live in florence, em, 9oys. dozens of delta employees are losing their jobs at cincinnati / northern kentucky international airport. according delta's senior vice president - there will be no current changes to the c-v-g
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delta has been overstaffed at c-v-g since 2010. 9 on your side learned today 120 jobs will be terminated. another 185 employees will get fewer says the employees will be offered positions at delta stations across the country. staffing changes begin may first. the downsides of this week's rain just keep coming.two lanes on columbia parkway will remain closed all evening long. that's in the westbound lanes. the parkway will shut down completely at nine a-m can see dirt just pouring over the retaining wall on columbia parkway near william howard taft road.the closures will help crews remove any loose dirt. emergency landing! landing!donald trump late to his own rally.we'll tell you the reason for the delay. :35 - :36"just gotta bump the ends a little bit." bit."doing hair could be a father's worst's also the subject of p-and-g's
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company is spreading to young girls and their dads. holy grail ... shooters sports grill ... and oakley's pub and grill.the trusty team at 9 on your side put together the top nine sports bars - that are perfect for watching the super bowl. check out the complete list on you're watching 9 on
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donald trump went through a lot to get to a rally in arkansas today.the g-o-p contender was two hours late because of an emergency landing in nashville. we're told his jet experienced engine trouble. trump traveled the rest of the way in a smaller plane. tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off again in what will be their last debate before the new hampshire primary next week. week.the two are expected to not pull any punches after sanders accused clinton on not being a true progressive. clinton calling the comment a low blow.the debate is tonight at nine on msnbc. nine on your side will be working with politifact tonight to check the candidates' statements for accuracy. we'll tell you if if they are true.. false.. or something in between tonight at 11. .and on wcpo dot com and our mobile app. p-and-g is tugging at the heart-strings for this year's super bowl ad. ad.unfortately the pantene ad features steelers player
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all appreciate watching a dad hair ... 1:06 - 1:17"hehe i'm good ... dady can you like put the bow inside the braid (pause) .. yea." yea."the message: girls who spend quality time with their women. hackers spying on you and your family! family!if you have a webcam you're at risk.the controversial website with an alarming lack of security. we're on your side with how to keep hackers out!
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 all new at five - strangers spying on you and your family. right here for example, we're looking inside someone's living room - and they have no idea! hackers are taking advantage of this website called "show- dan" - and taking advantage of your mistakes!tonight we're on your side with how to protect yourself against this frightening reality. "what is that?! is that a kid?" even burton kelso, a tech
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seeing... "i just can't believe people are that stupid, to have their...", , to have their webcams unprotected ... for the world to see.a simple web cam search pulled shocking results -- someone's bedroom, a backyard with toys, what appears to be a daycare. daycare. "it doesn't matter what device it is. if you've got an internet connected device such as a tablet or smartphone or a convertible laptop, you can definitely get on and take a look at anybody's unsecure webcam."the technology to spy is as old as the webcams themselves. but peeping toms used to need techy language in order to illegally log into your webcam. now, a website called "show-dan" has made it easier to spy into your personal life with a search engine that displays unsecured webcams from all over the world. world. "i think the most alarming thing is that people can find your location"the results also reveal an i-p address, possibly giving away g-p-s coordinates leading right to your doorstep. "to me that's the scariest part."kelso says although it's immoral,
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is not illegal. in fact some of the cameras are meant for public use, such as traffic and weather cams. "the problem is that most hackers can google what the passwords are for certain webcams and get access to your home or to your business" nine is on your side with how to protect yourself from this invasion of privacy. privacy.the most important thing to do is change the default password when setting up your webcam. webcam.make sure to use a complex password - making it more difficult for hackers to figure out. if you're asking yourself which webcam to buy - it doesn't matter as long as you customize your privacy settings the second you bring
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temperatures stay chilly with highs expected in the mid 30s. high pressure builds in friday which means plenty of sunshine for the ohio valley. temperatures should bounce back to more seasonal levels in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy over the weekend and each day should bring a slightly warmer high temperature. 460f on saturday
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the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first in the tri-state.'s dan carroll in chopper 9 - with an exclusive look at that sinkhole we told you about earlier in the newscast. "the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a live look at the roads this evening.i'm dan carroll in
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making mice live longer! longer! what that means for us humans.we'll tell you what cure may be just a few years away. new at 5:30...a supermarket shocker!consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with a new report about how fresh and healthy your supermarket's
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tonight in healthy living - scientists say they can make mice live they hope to extend our life-span as well... researchers at the mayo clinic say - by removing damaged cells from mice - they increased their life-span by 17 to 35 percent!this process has these potential for one day treating humans who had heart long before
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just a few years. a slew of fake cash is running through middletown. tanya o- rourke is in the newsroom with what's coming up at 5-30. craig... what would you do if you found out the people renting from you paid you in fake fifty dollar bills? bills?that's the reality a middletown woman is facing tonight. how she's handling it... next! plus - the life changing creation a local ten year old is getting.his story only on 9
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now at 5-30...a landlord is put in a hard spot when a tenant pays with fake money! that... as more counterfeit cash is turning up in parts of the tri-state. 9 on your side's butler and warren county reporter jay warren is live with the story in middletown, jay? it's got a definite texture--real cash--but that's not stopping people here in middletown from trying to pass some fake bills--and there's been enough of an issue that
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