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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  February 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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a major airline is making some major cuts here at cvg. i'll tell you what it means for you and how local leaders are responding changing the locks... why people living in one apartment complex are worried someone might have been selling keys to their homes. sinkhole problems... a massive hole is now threatening an anderson township business for a second time. topping our news tonight at seven... major layoffs and cuts by delta at c-v-g are hitting the airline's staff hard tonight... .
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is live at he airport with just how big the cuts are and what it means for you, the customer. john? first off -- the airline says this will not affect the number of flights. delta officials say they've been overstaffed at the airport since 2-thousand-10. they're calling this a difficult - but necessarily decision. it's an airport that's undergone its fair share of changes. now - in a 1-page memo to employees -- delta senior vice president bill lentsch says 120 jobs at c-v-g are getting cut- and around 185 other airline employees will see a slash in hours "you can't say this comes in as a complete shock - but whenever there's job loss it's always tough" northern kentucky chamber of commerce president trey grayson says despite the announcement - c-v-g as a whole is heading in the right direction "last year they increased the number of passengers who were from the greater cincinnati area - who were starting their travel at cvg for the first time in a while" delta officials say due
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restructuring" - they've been overstaffed at the airport since 2-thousand-10. they were hoping to avoid the layoffs through turnover that never happened. "delta's given a lot of options which will hopefully mean that people will land other jobs within the company"last year -- delta flights at c-v-g were cut to less than a hundred a day. this time -- the airline says there are no plans to reduce that any more "for the community as a whole - delta's still committed to the region with the number of flights they have and we are still a major presence in their network. that's good for the region, that's my major takeaway" these cuts take affect on may appears the majority of these positions are for cargo and grounds-workers. delta says every employee affected will have the option to transfer to another location with openings within the company. john genovese 9oys two hamilton county deputies are being credited with stopping an elaborate escape plan by two suspected killers at the county jail. jail.the sheriff says james kirby and tristan herron had
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cells and had a plan to escape. however deputies uncovered that plan.herron has since pled guilty to manslaughter charges.kirby is charged with aggravated murder. tonight-- winton terrace residents say they're living in fear -- as their landlord changed their locks but wouldn't say why. tonight those residents told our roseanne aragon that they believe it's because copies of their house keys had been sold weeks ago. roseanne? roe: now i went directly to the manager of the property who couldn't tell me why all the locks had been changed -- the leader i was directed to didn't even know it was happening. (vo) here at findlater gardens residents tell me they don't feel safe-- their landlord is changing all their locks but won't tell them why-- and the complex leaders aren't answering their questions but what they believe is going on -- horrified them--some residents not wanting to go on camera. (sot) "that a maintenance man had sold keys to someone and was entering people's houses. there's been a numerous amount of break ins. " (cont vo) residents got this letter from the cincinnati metropolitan housing authority-- tell
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their keys today and tomorrow. findlater gardens is home to 600 units. roe: again there is no confirmation that keys were sold. i've been in contact with the housing authority-- after several hours they couldn't tell me why the locks were changed but they say they are working on getting answers. reporting live ra 9 oys. a university of cincinnati student is charged with making terroristic threats at the blue ash campus. campus.police say dondiego bradley threatened to get quote "stupid and get his gun... and make this into a colorado thing" end quote. police say he was in a computer lab on campus at the time when he then went on to say he'd shoot the place one was injured in the arrest. a lebanon man is dead after an early morning fire. fire.investigators say it started in the bedroom of 66- year old scott thacker.his mother woke up to smoke alarms... and went to get neighbors who tried to reach her son..but it was too late. he was more quiet and kept to himself. the times i did see him he was a really nice
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i can't imagine what she's going through. it's just heart wrenching to think about her going through this. this.firefighters believe the fire started with a lit cigarette on the man's mattress. a final report is expected this week. tonight boone county investigaors are trying to figure out whether there was more than one victim in the case of youth pastor who's accused of sexually abusing a 7 year old. old.we're told joseph niemeyer confessed to the senior pastor of the new banklick baptist church that he'd inappropriatel y touched a girl at his house. niemeyer then went to the independence police to turn himself in. "i think it's along the lines of someone found out about what's going on and his choice was you either go tell on yourself or i'm going to tell for you." you."kenton county commonwealth attorney rob sanders says detectives are intensifying the search for other children who may have been abused. niemeyer is in the kenton county jail. he's due in court next week. an anderson township business
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sinkhole- feet away from her property. 9 on your side's t.j. parker gives us a close up look. t.j.: "owner of plants by wolfangel, barb henry, says she was in shock when she came to work and saw this sinkhole- especially since this isn't the first time." henry tells 9 on your side- she saw a small- 8 feet wide indentation in the ground- early last month. little did she know- it would grow to this- in a matter of seconds. this isn't barb's first go around with sinkholes. a few years ago- a larger sinhole- damaged her business- costing her a half a million dollars in repairs. even though this hole isn't on her property- she's concerned it could get bigger. barb: "14:12 you never know how much of your property could be involved in something like this because of how unpredictable and volatile it is" t.j.: "barb sold her property today rgt management group- who we understand has plans to fix this. in anderson township, t.j. parker, 9 on your side.
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near findlay market. parkway mudslides... some lanes are closed tonight... but there are even bigger changes planned tomorrow... what you need to know. medical marijuana... could legalization of the drug soon be up for a vote again in ohio? one local mother hopes
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two lanes of westbound traffic on columbia parkway are closed tonight due to mudslides near william howard taft road. tomorrow morning: beginning at nine... all lanes of the parkway will be closed in both directions from baines street to torrence parkway as crews to remove loose soil. there's a new grocery store coming to over the rhine. rhine.the 57-hundred square foot store is set to open on race street in september.the urban grocery will also have a lunch counter... with food made by a chef right in front of them.this is all part of a project to revitalize the are around findlay market. tonight people are honoring the memory of a young cincinnati boy who lost his fight to cancer. taylor grant was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of two ... last year his fight went viral when his mom used the hashtag team taylor on a fundraising page. she used the money to take him on special trips and help him
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mom hopes one day 'team taylor' will become a national non profit. today the issue of legalizing medical marijuana took center stage at the university of cincinnati.'s part of an ohio house medical marijana task force travelling the state gathering opinions before a potential northside mother whose daughter suffers more than 100 seizures a day says she's considered moving to states where medical marijuana is legal. you should... that medicine here herea state task force is now studying the issue... it includes lawmakers, business groups, medical experts and marijuana advocates. paying with fake cash... the
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turned into a much bigger problem in one tri-state town. town.looking for revenge... the controversial comments from steelers wide reciever antonio brown about what is gonig to happen the next time his team takes on the bengals. we're looking at another cold night again... but tomorrow we could see a warm up again... 9 first warning meteorologist steve raliegh has a look at
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look twice before you put that money in your pocket-- there's talk of counterfeit money circulating in butler county right now nowmiddletown police are investigating a tenant who paid his landlord for utilities in fake twenty dollar bills.the landlord said she didn't look at the money carefully and when she went to spend it at this gabe's store in middletown an employee noticed that the serial numbers were all the same butler county's prosecutor mike gmoser says they're seeing it in other places too... like wendy's and kroger. "the secret service was present and they informed us that it was basically amateur hour counterfeit money which is something that can certainly by the uninformed can appear to be legitimate." legitimate."today 9 on your side tried to get in contact with the tenant who first passed the fake money-- but no one was home. it's a good reminder to double check bills before accepting large amounts of cash. steelers wide reciever antonio brown still believes bengals linebacker vontaze burfict was looking to hurt him in that
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game.appearing this morning on "first take" on espn... brown says burfict could have pulled up on that play at the end of the game... but instead gave brown a concussion and kept him out of the next playoff game. how bad... ...against those guysbrown also denied adam jones' claim that brown winked at him and was faking the concussion.jones later apologized on instagram after brown was diagnosed with a concussion. now is the time to make your plans for super bowl sunday. we're on your side with the 9 best sports bars perfect for watching the big game. from food to t-v's... check out the tri-state's bars and how they rank... by logging onto
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more than 100-million people watched the super bowl last year.. and ahead of this weekend's big game.. you are going to want to keep your t-v on espn. that's where you'll hear the familiar voice of a cincinnati radio d-j who's starring in the network's super bowl pre-game show. "warm 98 today's hits and yesterday's favorites. it's bob and marianne in the morning on warm 98." 98."that's radio host marianne curan. she was invited to take part in a comedic skit with frank caliendo. his role: donald trump. hers? hillary clinton. she's been doing hillary for years.. so it came as no surprise when she was invited to fly out to phoenix this week to tape the show. she says it was a blast.. as the two poked fun at topics ranging from politics to sports. marianne curan// starring in espn"s super bowl pre-show "doing comedy for any kind show is what i love to do more than anything else. we do a lot of wacky stuff, and fun stuff on the radio show and it's the best part of my day." day."as for the key to impersonating someone-- marianne says it's all about
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vocal quirks.. then topping it off with hair and wardrobe. we can't show you the clip just yet.. but here's a little taste of her hillary. my favorite superbowl food... well, i tend to be a messy eater, so i'll only eat superbowl foods that match my pants suit. ha ha ha. again, you can catch marianne
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a project that started about learning turned into so much more for one local boy. boy.coming up how a ten-year- old's mission to educate his classmates became a once in a
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an amazing story tonight on a young man who is inpiring his classmates with his drive and spirit. started as a learning fair project... ten- year-old peyton andry was teaching his classmates about mechanical hands designed by volunteers with e-nable using software developed in cincinnati by simplify peyton is getting is getting his own hand. they told me i could choose my own colors. that's the hand right there. that's all my colors. i chose blue red black and white. 35:30 i'm going to wear it to school next monday. monday.his mom says it was all
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will be fitted for his new hand. we'll let you know how it goes. in about an hour and a half hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in their last debate before the all important new hampshire primary. primary.the two hour debate starts at 9pm on msnbc.the candidates are trying to convince the state's independent voters... which outnumber both republicans and we'll have complete coverage of the debate on 9 on your side at 11. we are once again teaming with politifact... to put he candidates answers to the test to make sure they are
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this thursday.updates on all the day's top stories right now on wcpo dot com.our next newscast is tonight at 11..."the list" is next...
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