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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 5, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EST

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okay. nine on your side's evan millward has the video.. and how people tried to help the girl. evan. that little girl was thought to be heading home from carson school - and trying to cross glenway avenue right here to get home.and though other drivers stopped - one didn't.and still didn't stop until police picked her up. glenway avenue gets busy in west price has just let out.from a security camera down the street you can see a small group of kids step into the the white car at the top right of one child is thrown onto winfield avenue. amy loechel/witness 062922 she hit her so hard she didn't have shoes on, she was knocked out of her shoes.amy loechel watched from across the street - loechel 062817 i stood here and i just had tears in my eyes, like wow this just blew me this video - you see people run to help.loechel says the girl's family came was screaming, trying to get her attention to move and it wasn't happening.ruby estepp
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scene and driving under suspension.she's in jail - arrested for outstanding warrants.nats 062131 yeah i see. we showed this security camera footage to former west price hill community council president joe hirth.evan 062352 do you feel like this is a particularly dangerous spot in west price hill? joe hirth/west price hill community council - yeah i do think it is. carson school is right here and sunset avenue is kind of offset and winfield traffic and a lot of different turns and things going on all at the same times.hirth tells nine on your side this stretch is one for price hill leaders to study.nats?amy loechel and her husband have some ideas for them.a. lochel 063104 they need to put flashing lights on the crosswalk thing.(covered) charles loechel/resident 063003 nobody will stop for nobody here. just this week - every city council member called for a report to be done on most dangerous intersections and crosswalks for for that little girl - all we know is her injuries aren't in west
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now at 11.. a youth pastor charged with raping a child was also a volunteer at twenhofel middle school. we first told you about the charges against joseph niemeyer as they were breaking last night. 9 on your side's john genovese joins us live from the kenton county jail with more. john. niemeyer remains here tonight -- but for years -- he volunteered with the 'fellowship of christian atheletes' club.they met wednesday mornings before school... and officials say... at no point was he ever alone with students. accused of sexual abuse... rape and sodomy. his alleged victim -- a girl younger than 12. "he led prayers, he read scriptures"for 3 years -- every wednesday--kenton county district spokeswoman 'jess dykes' says 'joseph niemeyer' 'fellowship of christian athletes' club at 'twenhofel middle school' "he wasn't alone with those students -- so that we have some peace in mind in that -- because we
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be alone -- there's always multiple adults"niemeyer mainly served as a youth ministry leader at 'new banklick baptist church.' senior pastor tim cochran tells us the 54-year-old confessed to him about inappropriately touching a girl."his choice was either you can go tell for yourself or im going to tell for you" still -- kenton county commonwealth attorney rob sanders says this is far from case closed "we're not gonna stop the investigation until we've made sure that we've uncovered any other victims that are out there" both church and school district officials say background checks were conducted-- describing this as a tragic situation "we are definitely following up with those students and any concerns they might have because they've seen it on the news and they know him " we want to be clear -- right now there is no evidence of any wrongdoing on church or school property. as for that f-c-a club -- we're told around a dozen students were
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new on 11 at 11... developments in the case of kinsley kinner. her mother and boyfriend are charged in the two year old's death. rebekah kinner gave birth to a boy just days ago. her estranged husband.. and kinsley's dad.. scott senft... said he'd fight for custody of the newborn. but tonight senft tweeted that he is not the boy's father. tonight the only two democrats vying for the party's nomination took the stage in a debate in new hampshire. the debate was hosted by m-s-n-b-c and was full of fire out of the gate. so i think it's time to end the very artful smear you're campaign has been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues. i'm very proud to be the only candidate up here that doesn't have a super pac who's not raising huge amounts of money from wall street and special interest. interest. the candidates both targetted one another and
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the dicsussion tonight ranged from healthcare reform, to the collapse on wall street and traditional politics. the fact that major banks after major bank has reached multi billion dollar settlements with the us government when we have a weak regulatory system tells me that not only did we have to bail them out once, if we don't break them up we're going to have to bail them out again and i don't want to see that's a broader target list than just wall street and we have to be very focused on how we try to take back the power and increase the empowerment of the american people. people. the discussion on terrorism and capital punishment also became a topic of debate. as well as current news out of flint michigan and the ongoing water crisis there. 9 on your side teamed up with politifact, one of the most respected fact checking groups in the nation the candidate's remarks ...
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for what they are telling you. our first fact check of tonight's debate comes from a statement bernie sanders made about workers in america.. and why millions are giving up on the political process: "millions of americans are giving up on the political process.. and they're giving up on the political process because they understand the econmy is rigged. they are working longer hours for low wages. they are worried about the future of their kids, and yet almost all the new income and wealth is going to the top 1%" 1%"our team at politifact rated that statement - half true.he made a couple claims here.first -- that americans work longer hours for low wages.. according to labor statistics.. on average, they're far as "almost all" new income going to the top one-percent... a lot of it *has*... but not *almost all* of it.because sanders exaggerated parts of that statement, politifact gives it
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that will not be the only fact-check of tonight's debate. our politifact team will be working long into the night - reviewing the comments by clinton and sanders. we'll have more "truth ratings" on good morning tri-state starting at 4:30.. and on wcpo dot com and our mobile app. the next republican presidential debate is saturday. you can watch that right here on nine on your side starting at eight o-clock. a-b-c world news tonght anchor david muir and chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz will moderate. it was cold enough to see a few weak flurries today. nine first warning chief meteorlogist steve raleigh has morning. plenty of sunshine will be around for the morning with a few afternoon clouds moving in later. afternoon temperatures should bounce back to more
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a dayton, kentucky woman says she lost her job - because saint elizabeth hospital held her against her will.'s one of two lawsuits against the hospital group for false one attorney wonders if it's a pattern.another involves a woman who worked for saint e's at the time.she claims she had her daughter admitted for suicidal thoughts - then was admitted herself. (shane sidebottom/attorney 014519 her employer, the hospital, admitted her for a
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that hold, and then their self-insurers' program wouldn't cover it because it was medically unnecssary that she undergo this involuntary treatment against her will. will.a saint elizabeth spokesperson told nine on your side he couldn't comment on patient matters - and pending lawsuits. we'll stay on top of this for you. the state giveth.. and taketh away. that is the situtation at northern kentucky university tonight. on one hand.. governor bevin's proposed budget would give n-k-u needed extra funding. but on the other hand.. it's calling for less spending. 9 on your side's ashley zilka is live at the for us. governor bevin's proposed budget has students here at nku talking. new funding downside. students agree there's room for improvement at nku.paul kemp30:50 it definitely needs a lot of work on student engagement. 52mitchell wendling 34:50 the first thing that comes to mind is parking. this whole year has been an absolute disaster. 55it would
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new annual funding to bring the university up to the state average. governor bevin has proposed increasing the university's state appropriation by that amount over the next two years. micah vance34:30 it will do a good job with bigger and better facilities. it will bring more students in and get more people excited to come in. 36mitchell wendling36:04 it would be a nice opportunity for us to catch up. 08 ...but catching up may not be realistic. the governor has also proposed statewide funding cuts of 4.5 percent this fiscal year and 9 percent over the next two years. in a statement nku president geoffrey mearns stated quote "we are gratified that governor bevin recognizes that our university is historically underfunded and wants to correct that disparity. however, we are concerned that the proposed funding cuts to higher education would substantially dilute the positive benefits of that funding increase."students on the other hand are remaining optimistic. 31:54 i would like to hope that it ends up being a positive number in the end but if not i guess we are where we still are. it's a great school and we've been doing great things with what
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doesn't hurt us. 05 the governor's proposed budget is now in the hands of the legislature. on saturday morning, there will be a public meeting to urge local lawmakers to reverse or reduce those proposed funding cuts. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on our side. higher taxes at the pump. the new white house plan to tax oil. what the money would be used for. shocking discovery. six people found dead in a chicago home. the link they all share. tomorrow on good morning tri-state starting at four-30.. .making sure local children have a healthy smile. what dentists are doing tomorrow that will help kids
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 president obama wants to add a tax of ten dollars to every barrel of oil. the white house says it will be part of the budget he releases next week. the money would be used to pay for high- speed rail... self- driving cars.. and other travel systems that could reduce carbon pollution. oil companies would pay the fee... but the adminstration says it would likely be passed on to you and me. the fee would be phased in over five years. terrible scene in chicago tonight.. were six people were found dead inside a home. officers made the discovery after they were asked to check on a man who hadn't shown up for work for two days. the victims are four men.. a woman.. and a child. its believed they are all members of the same family. police aren't saying how they were killed. maurice white, the founder of the band "earth wind and fire" has died. his brother says white passed in his sleep last night.
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songs ...."september", "shining star" and "sing a song." white announced he had parkinson's disease when the band was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2000.white was 74 years old. chopper nine had the vantage point you can't find anywhere else today.. that huge sinkhole that's still growing tonight in anderson township. its in the same place where a sinkhole opened up a few years ago. the hole is right next to "plants by wolfangel. "its owner spent 500- thousand dollars repairing the last sinkhole. now.. its on the property next door... which is owned by r-g-t management for now.. its stuck with the bill. the company says it will make repairs as soon as possible. nine on your side has been telling you about the mudslides on columbia parkway. and now.. part of it will be completely closed tomorrow so crews can remove loose dirt. the closure begins at nine a-m and runs from baines street
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city hasn't said when the lanes will reopen. this will affect some people's drive to good morning tri-state will have eye on this project.. and they will let you know if the crews start work early. there are always lots of parties on super bowl sunday. now... state police say they'll have extra troopers on the road to watch for drivers who had too much to drink. in indiana last year.. there were 740 traffic accidents during superbowl weekend. its the one thing they have plenty of in the desert.. sunlight. now .. morocco has found a way to sell it. its new solar power plant on the edge of the sahara desert is so large.. it can be seen from space. and... this is only the first phase of the project. when its done.. it will generate enough power for more than one million homes. a michigan man is celebrating his wife's sense of humor by sharing what she had inscribed in his wedding ring.
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love... it says "put it back on."friends of amanda and dan tallman describe their marriage as "awesome."they've been married for five years and have three children. weather summary: as for the next few hours, an area of high pressure is drying out the tri-state, and the clouds are dissipating. temperatures will fall into the upper 20s early this
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near 200 by daybreak. plenty of sunshine will be around for the morning with a few afternoon clouds moving in later. afternoon temperatures should bounce back to more seasonal levels in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy over the weekend, and each day should bring a slightly warmer high temperature -- 460f on saturday and 490f for a high on sunday. at times, we will see mostly cloudy skies as a couple of mnor weather systems
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tonight in healthy living...a clinical trial for a heart drug taken by millions of people is under fire. fire.more than 13 million prescriptions have been written for the blood thinner *xarelto.* *xarelto.*the clinical trial was conducted to find out how safe and effective the drug is when it comes to preventing a stroke.but... a medical device used in the trial was later recalled.critics say the results of the study may be inaccurate - and are calling for an investigation. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. the uc bearcats were on the court tonight...they didn't need another squeaker. we have the highlights. highlights.and we've seen robots build cars and sweep the house, .but could one hit a golf ball? the answer in
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good evening everyone. the uc bearcats did what was expected of them just took a while for them to get started. was the view for 25 hundred fans......seeing the game like the head coach- it was mick cronin look alike glasses night-he didn't like what he saw early...oh farad cobb struck first with a three pointer from the wing.-but a
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hung around with the cats the whole first half.-with a minute to go in the was tied at 29....then troy caupain connected on a three....cobb...then stole away the inbounds pass.- starting there, the cats outscored south florida 59 to 28...they won it by 31.- that wasn't the only game in come the norse of nku in highland heights tonight. the norse running against wisconsin green bay...tyler white can't connect on the fast break....but jalen billups is there to put it back...-nku trailed by five at the half....they closed to within two in the second half.. but they fall tonight at home. our thoughts are with a great cincinnati sports family tonight. ten month old addy rose sylvester died unexpectedly this morning in daycare. she was the daughter of former moeller and ohio state standout matt sylvester. matt is currently the assistant coach at wilmington college. .thad matta wore a patch bearing addy's name when his buckeyes took on wisconsin in madison tonight-the
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jaquan lyle who was eleven of 19 from the field.-but wisconsin shot the lights out in the second half and beat the bucckeyes by eleven. tony stewart is going to miss the start of the sprint cup season after fracturing his back while riding an all- terrain vehicle over the weekend. drivers are slated to report to daytona next week. one of the most decorated athletes in x games history is dead tonight, apparently of a self inflicted gunshot wound. dave mirra, was an accomplished b-m-x rider who had 24 career medals in the x games. he was only 41. the reds did something today they haven't done in 12 years..they went to arbitration with a player. the reds argued their case with relief pitcher j-j hoover, who might become the reds closer this season. the reds hadn't gone to arbitration since chris reitsma in 2002. finally...rickie fowler, shane lowrey and hideki matsuyama share the first round lead at phoenix....but this was the best highlight of the day...somebody built a robot
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at the part 3 16....somebody programmed it perfectly because that's a hole in one. i wonder who buys drinks back in the clubhouse. 9 on your side continues in a moment and now beacon's
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this thursday. thursday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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