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tv   Good Morning Tri- State Weekend  ABC  February 6, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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happening this morning...firefighters fighting a fire in district 3. a view sent 9 on your side this cell phone video of the house on (la-fuel) an officer tells me someone
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walking by the home and seeing flames on the first floor.they have several roads blocked off in that area right now.we are working to learn the cause or if anyone was inside.we'll havew a live report coming up on good morning tri-state at 8 o'clock. breaking overnight in the live alert center....the death toll is rising, a powerful earthquake in taiwan has killed at least eight people and toppled several buildings. the six point two magnitude earthquake hit early this morning.this aerial video gives you some ideo of the of the destruction.the rescue effort is ongoing.some 220 people have already been pulled to safety.we'll be keeping an eye on gthis throughout good morning tri-state. and the search is on for survivors of a mid air collision that sent two planes
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the coast of los angeles teams have been scouring the area all night, but there has been no sign of the three people believed to be on board. searchers found wreckage from one plane, the other is thought to have sunk.still no word on what caused the collionsion. turnig to local new now.the question this morning... why was the woman accused of hitting an 11 year old girl..and then leaving the scene... not held at the hamilton county jail. this morning the search for ruby estepp is on after she failed to show up for a hearing.but things get jumbled when trying to figure out why she was allowed to leave in the first place evan millward has the
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(covered) london smith/hit by car 120355 - i don't remember when i got hit by the car. only i remember when i got in the was a split second -(covered) smith 120438 - i was talking to my sister.- london smith thrown to the ground by a driver who didn't stop.smith 120255 - i still have pain and i my leg, my hand and my eye. she sits at home friday - leg in a cast - surrounded by frustrated family.rebecca thomas/mother 120730 - i'm still emotional and mad. i'm mad because they let her out last night -- the lady who hit her -- and she didn't show up in court today.nats - no show ruby estepp was cited for leaving the scene - and driving while suspended.she was arrested for drug warrants - then left and didn't come back.and this video - prompting more calls for improvements at that intersection.pete witte/price hill civic association 132926
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fact, we've had an ongoing conversation about how crosswalks are not effective. now that london is safe at home -- her family focus turns to finding the women who fled. thomas 121014 - i want you to turn yourself in -- and own up to your responsibility of what you did to my daughter because my dauthter could have died and you left the scene and you basically just left her out there to die.em, 9oys. the first g-o-p debate of 2016 takes place tonight in manchester, new hampshire, but you can watch it right here on 9 on our nine o'clock the remaining candidates will answer questions from abc news anchor david muir and chief global affirs correspondent martha raddatz who will moderate. in the past, much of the focus
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led most polls going into last weeks caucus in iowa.but trump came in second behind ted cruz, something trump himself attributes to his skipping the last debate... over a fued with fox news. because of that, this is a very important debate for trump who needs a good showing. but it is also important for the other candidates. ted cruz looks to keep the momentum going.marco rubio..who came in a close third in iowa..could easily wind up the big winner with a good showing.and for ohio governor john kasich a strong showing could breathe new life in his campaign ahead of next weeks primary in new hampshire. that is where he has spent much of his time and finances. how will things shape up in what has become a "statistical dead" heat between senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton?clinton declared victory in last weeks iowa primary, but the difference was less than one pecent.the latest poll ahead of tuesday's caucus has sanders leading clinton by a two to one margin. this mornign investigators say
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a plane in somalia after an explosion mid-air,, set the explosive himself. himself.they say the bomb was hidden inside of a laptop that he smugled on board. authorities say he knew just where to sit in order to do the most damage. despite the explosion and hole in the side of the plane, the pilot was able to land the plane safely. officials say it looks like north korea is getting ready to test a long- range rocket. new satellite images from the group '38-north' show the presence of vehicles, including buses for personnel-- at the launch-site. the launch tower is considerably larger than in the past.. suggesting the rocket is also bigger than before. a larger rocket would presumably have a longer range... possibly able to strike the continental united states. construction disaster.. caught on camera. a giant crane collapses in new york. the procedure that kept more people from being hurt or
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a water main break has shut down part of westfork road between parkwalk and shepard creek. creek. 9 on your side's kristen swilley is there right now, hey kristen what are you
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this morning officials in new york say "wind" could have been a factor..but the exact cause of yesterday's crane collapse is still under investigation. the 300 hundred thousand pound crane came crashing down mid- morning.right after the impact... witnesses pulled out their cameras and record the destruction... and people started trying to save a victim who was trapped inside a car. that person was killed, several others were injured. ironically.. crews were trying to secure the crane because of the high winds when it collapsed. indiana police arrest 10 people from a suspected drung ring.why the suspects are being linked to last year's
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you're watching good morning tri-state 9 on your side this morning charges have been filed in the case of leroy.. a dog found near death in middletown. his owner is accused of starving and beating him. the ten-month-old boxer puppy was sick.. dehydrated and practically skin and bones when a good samaritan found him in an alley. he was taken to a vet... given food and water.. and treated for the parvo virus. he's now doing much better. in indiana - police have busted a drug ring they say is responsible for helping spread h-i-v in their community-10 people were arrested including the alleged ring leader.police say they flooded the area with
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are also attributing the drugs to a huge outbreak of h-i-v in scott county.they believe users would typically crush pills, and then inject them using shared needles. (josh minkler, u.s. attorney) "people that saw a demand - sought to infest a community - did so and made money off it." 188 cases of h-i-v have been reported in scott county in the last 13 months -that's compared to 10 cases the previous year.all 10 of the people indicted..face anywhere from 10 years to life in prison. ohio c-v-s stores will begin stocking a heroin overdose anti-dote in *its* pharmacies next month.ohio is the first of 20 states where it will start selling narcan this year. this is the latest indication heroin and other opioid drugs have gone mainstream across america. even though it's not a prescription drug it won't
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will still have to ask the pharmacist for it. are you brave enough?the 11th annual kentucky-ohio polar bear plunge takes place today. today.its going on at joe's crab shack in bellevue. actually it's for a good cause. it benefits the special olympics in both states.last years pluge raised more than 150 thousand dollars.check-in is at 9, the event starts at 11. it's time to check weather
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sunday night, rain showers arrive next cold front arrives. monday, we'll see rain with and changing over to snow showers as colder air moves into the now, light accumulations are possible, but into the overnight. monday's highs will reach the upper 30s early before falling. tuesday, snow showers continue. we could see snow squalls creating white out conditions as very cold air arrives. light accumulations
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our studios have a special guest coming up next. well be right back with pet pels next
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welcome back. thanks for joining us here on good morning tri state weekend edition edition it is saturday and time now for our pet pals segment.
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for more information on adopting one of these animals you can call the pet pals adoption line at (513) 206-4513.
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westfork road between parkwalk and shepard creek.a live
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, 8 people are now confirmed dead in yesterday's six point four magnitude earthquake in
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injured.rescues teams scrambling to pull trapped survivors free of the rubble. morethan 200 have been saved so far.we'll continues with updates throughout good morning tristate. good morning...i'm timyka artist and i'm jason adams adams expect mostly sunny skies clouds from time to time. highs will reach the mid-40s, just a few degrees above fall into the upper 20s and increasing afternoon clouds
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a car runs over a fire hydrant sending water intothe street. it has shut down part of westfork road between parkwalk and shepard creek. creek. 9 on your side's kristen swilley is there right now, hey kristen what are you seeing right now. this hubcap is the only part of the car still on scene, but the damage that driver left behind is the real story. when they took that hydrant out it eroded part of the earth and this portion of the road will have to be removed and redone. greenship township police say a call for a suspicious person just before 3:30. the driver was taken into custody for driving under the influence. police say this is a common cut through for suspects trying to evade them. water crews from cincinnati tell me they expect this stretch of west fork road to be closed
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the local man hit by his own stolen car.. and left critically injured. only on nine on your side.. aaron burmeister talking for the first time abouit what happened to him. 9 on your side's ashley zilka was at the gas station in mount healthy where it all happened. the man who left aaron burmeister in a wheelchair is still out there.02:44 i am terrified that he is going to hurt somebody else the same way. 47 the 39 year old hasn't been able to walk since his last shift at this speedway gas station.03:07 i
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in the morning. my car was covered in ice so i turned the car on, went back into the store for just a second. i came back out and saw the guy running towards my car. 19 burmeister tried to stop him suspect ran him over in the stolen car..and took off.02:47 he obviously doesn't have any remorse or care for other humans. 52 burmeister now wonders if his life will ever be the same. he now lives an hour and a half away at his grandfather's because his house is handicap accessible... he spends his days with a physical therapist instead of his kids. 02:03 it will be probably a couple of months before i am able to walk without a walker or crutches or anything like that. 09at this point- police can't even find burmeister's car let alone the suspect. 02:30 i don't really care about the car. i am just mad that somebody could hit somebody and just leave them there like that. 36the father of two says he needs your help finding his stolen car...which could lead police to the suspect.05:02 that's the only
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individual who did this to me. 04az, 9oys. it's a story you'll only see on 9 on your side. the owners of an adult bookstore shut down by the city are opening shop in a new neighborhood. 9 on your side's john genovese has the details. a longtime adult gift shop ordered to lock its doors"they was a small business who was struggling to stay open" but in a 2-page memo-city manager harry black says several times the owners of the 'the pink pyramid' sold sythentic pot - and harmful inhalants known as 'poppers' - to undercover cops"this is one of the last things we would like
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allgeier's' booking photo three years ago - shortly after the vice unit raided the race street store. now - he and others are unpacking boxes in this new spot along harrison avenue"i definitely don't have confidence that we can expect the business to have turned a new leaf just because they've come to westwood"mary jenkins and harry frondorf with the local civic association aren't happy "its really frustrating that we've done so much work to make this a better neighborhood and people just ignore it and say - oh i'm just going to open shop with a questionable store"gary and other workers didn't want to go on camera-but say they won't be selling anything pornographic or anything illegal "what we've seen going on in the shop so far suggests a business that is completely out of line with what the residents of this area want to see happen" mary says she's already concerned giving board members and police a heads up "to think that someone would have the gall to come into this neighborhood where we've worked very hard to stamp out that sort of thing and to revitalize this business district is very
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mixed news in the latest u-s unemployment report.the jobless rate is down to 2008-levels, but hiring is also down too. too.this morning the unemployment level sits at four-point-nine percent.that is a long way from 2009 when the rate was 10 percent.wages are going up too.president obama hailed teh progress as a testament to american workers and businesses being resilient. (president obama) "over the past six months, wages have grown at their fastest rate since the crisis. and the policies that i'll push this year are designed to give workers even more leverage to earn raises and promotions." but like we said the report wasn't all good news.hiring is slowing down, as the u-s economy added 151-thousand jobs in january, but was
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you could soon be paying more for gas.the white house says the president has proposed a tax of ten dollars to be added to every barrel of will be part of the budget he releases next week. the money would be used to pay for high- speed rail... self- driving cars.. and other travel systems that could reduce carbon pollution. oil companies would pay the fee... but the adminstration says it will most likely be passed on to the rest of us. the fee would be phased in over a five year period. water in a northwest ohio town are getting better.wher officials say those lead levels are this are wathching good morning
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the water in a northeast ohio town is getting better -- but now state employees are on
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water in sebring show acceptable levels of lead.but now two workers in the ohio e-p-a's field office have been placed on leave while investigations continue. officials are not saying the two are tied to anything specific in their investigation.sebring made news headlines after the e-p-a accused leaders of covering up high levels of lead.. found in the water last year. john materese reporting...well this is news iphone owners have been waiting to hear.. there are reports this morning that apple will soon pay for broken i-phones.'s an upgrade to apple's current i-phone trade-in program, which already gives customers who trade in their old model phones.. credit toward the purchase of a new model. tuesday...but in northern kentucky it's tonight. tonight.this evening you can take part in the 20th annual mainstrasse village mardi gras. local bars will be serving special foods and drinks.and a
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gets underway at 9.parents, leave the kids at home, tonight is your night. all these events are for anyone over the age of 21. the superbowl is just a little more than a day away.but it what's going on each time there is a break in the action that can actually be the best part of the evening.a peak at a few superbowl ads you'll see
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thanks for getting up with us this saturday morning. it's now --- degrees at -- o'clock. thansk john the big game is a little more tha 24 hours away. it's going to be the most watched event of the year. that's why the commercials are such big business. business.30 seconds of time costs 5 million dollars ths year.snickers, butterfinger, bud light, taco bell and the list just goes on.they are often funny, some controversial, but with out a doubt the time between time outs has turned into must- watch t-v. and we suspect gaga would
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footballs" created just for super bowl 50. designers from tiffany-and-company, betsey johnson. gold leaf and tassels put their own glitzy take on the old pigskineach piece is being auctioned online from now until february 14th. proceeds will go to the n-f-l foundation, a charity serving various causes. still don't know where you're going to watch the big game.. well we might not be able to help you with that, but before the game the chrsitian morelein brewing company is hosting a big party's the first ever "super firkin saturday'.they'll host over 2 dozen firkins all with unique and specialty starts at 2 and goes until six p-m at the taproom in o-t-r.
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just imagine receiving your w-2 or 1099 in the mail and finding the envelope wide open, so that anyone can peak in and get all of your personal information!the city of cincinnati's tax office says quote-- "a handful" of tax forms were mailed out without being properly sealed. one employee tells 9 on your side that anyone could have seen his name, address, and social security number.the city blames a mailing machine and says the problem has been corrected. mewanwhile the i-r-s has resumed tax return processing after a suspected hardware failure knocked some tax agency's computers out of sevice.things were pretty much back to normal yesterday after being out on wednesday and thursday.the i-r-s has apologized for the inconvienence caused by the outage..but say taxpayer should see little to no impact
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many of you are wondering what is the best and fastest way to get your refund. refund.right now the i-r-s says nine out of 10 people filing online should get their refunds within 21 days.that time can be much longer if you choose to mail your tax return in.processing time: about is six to eight weeks from the date the i-r-s recieves your return.however, if you mail it in early before the mass rush closer to the april deadline.. you could get your hands on two weeks. takata says more of their airbags are at risk of'll remember more than 20 million cars had to be recalled last year due to violent.. and in some cases deadly.. airbag explosions.all of those were on cars older than the national highway safety administration says takata has notified the 12 auto makers: more recent airbags are at risk of exploding.
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trouble for how it has been treating minority will have to pay nearly 22 million dollars for adding more interest to auto loans for black and asian car buyers. the consumer financial protection bureau launched an investigation back back in part of the agreement, toyota will also cut its maximum dealer markup in half.. for loan contracts.. five years or less. one last look at your saturday forecast is next.this is good
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your weekend forecast from meteorologist jason adams. that's good morning tri-state for this saturday.we're always on with breaking news and weather updates on wcpo-dot-com.
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