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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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"i'm happy i am alive. i'm scared and i'm sad that the house got destroyed" at least ten shots fired- some into the home of an unsuspecting blue family on a sunday morning. 9 on your side in blue ash gathering all the latest for you. no word in a week-- police *and family* working to learn where this falmouth woman is...and what's behind her disappearance. and a frantic search for survivors...after *this* destruction from that taiwan quake. how many are still believed buried.
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crash -- and a scared blue ash family.a total of *four* people injured in this crazy scene.and a ten-year-old coming too close to stray bullets that hit his family's home. nine on your side's rose- ann aragon spoke to that family... and has the breaking details on the investigation from this wild morning in blue ash. as you can imagine it was a busy day for everyone in this neighborhood-what we know is the the incident happened near the corner of oak and florence just houses away--- bullets hit this home--- a terrifying moment for this family. "it's just shocking that something like this would happen in blue ash"havoc in this hazelwood neighborhood neighborhood "at about 11:25 this morning we had a shooting at 11142 oak avenue."blue ash police say two people were shot in a flurry of gunfire--one victim ran away the other drove off--a quarter mile east--this--the victim crashed his car causing a 4-car accident--in the victim's back seat--a 3-year-old child-- both went to the hospital --
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"another vehicle was recovered a quarter miles west here. that vehicle was damaged two people may have fled the scene" back at the scene--police say 10 shots were fired--2 guns recovered-- a bullet penetrating bryan isaac's home. nats: went through the garage, through the door and then exited out the back wall. wall. "my son aidan came up really scared and said what was that? i said fireworks"the ten year old--couldn't believe it. he saw it. it. "i ws sitting here about 5 feet away from the bullet." more than 5 bullet holes penetrating their home in a neighborhood that once felt so safe. safe. "i have mixed emotions. i"m happy that i'm alive. i'm scared and sad that the house got destroyed."but his father reminds his son-- what's most important. important. "everybody's okay. that's the most important thing. all the family is here the house can be repaired..i'm just more
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again." aidan wasn't hurt--police say they have two people in custody they are not sure of their involvement, they say they will be interviewing victims and witnesses all night-- there will also be a community meeting on this tuesday. reporting live ra 9 oys. right now -- police are trying to find the man accused of holding up a lower price hill business. officer on scene suspect hit a man over the head at "henry's market".the masked man ran from the business... this happening just before 11 this morning.if you know anything about this hold up... call crimestoppers. another mild sunday with sunshine. we turn to 9 first warning meteorologist sherry hughes for the transition to the work week. 7 p.m. as a cold front arrives. tonight, lows will fall to near freezing, with the chance for some sprinkles
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see light accumulations around and after sunset with snow showers continuing monday night. tonight -- a pendleton county father is desperate to find his daughter -- who's been missing for a week.
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to search for 31-year-old tara turner.she was seen a week or so ago -- headed toward campbell county.right now -- there are no signs of foul play.and her father says rumors about her using drugs -- simply aren't true. "we don't have any reason to believe that she's gone to one of the crack houses that the sheriff's office think she's gone to in cincinnati -- we don't have nothing to prove that" here's another look at tara turner.she's five-foot- five... around 110 pounds.if you know where to find tara turner --call the pendleton county sheriff's office. super bowl sunday isn't stopping presidential hopefuls. just two days before the first-in-the-nation primary... and everyone is trying to get voters to hear their message. and as a-b-c's marci gonzalez shows us... one democrat's late night appearance is creating a lot of buzz. "i enjoyed your debate last night." a tamer tone today on the trail - natsot - man - "we drove a hundred miles down to have breakfast with you
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following a fiery night on the gop debate stage? natsot - trump "let me talk?be quiet. (boos)" front-runner donald trump moving up even more in the polls today- and standing by - some of his most controversial stances on "this week" -- (this week) sot - stephanopoulos: as president, you would authorize torture? trump: i would absolutely authorize something beyond waterboarding. // stephanopoul os: do we win by being more like them? trump: yes. i'm sorry. you have to do it that way. another headline-making moment of the debate? sot - presidential candidate "and let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. //let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing.// he knows exactly what he's doing." sot - gov. chris christie / (r) presidential candidate "there it is -- the 25 second canned speech." today- some mocking marco rubio him for being redundant- (wright mos) sot - mos woman - "i didn't like that he went back to his 25 second spiel." richard hagan - "it's pushing me toward jeb bush." (this week) sot - sen. marco rubio / (r) presidential candidate "as far as that message, i hope they keep running it and i'm going to keep saying because it's true." (snl) natsot - sanders - "wait a second!!" and bernie sanders is getting
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appearance on saturday night live. (snl) natsot - larry david - "sounds like socialism to me." sanders - "democratic socialism!" back campaigning in new hampshire today- natsot - "hillary! hillary!" while hillary clinton visits flint, michigan - discussing the water crisis there. sot - hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate "what happened in flint is immoral." marci gonzalez oncam close: not much movement in the polls on the democrats side?sanders is still leading clinton by double digits..with just two days before the primary. mg, abc news, manchester, nh it folded like an accordion -- and tonight we're seeing new video of the damage after the earthquake in taiwan. this aerial view from a drone shows just how badly that government building was torn apart.nearly 200 people have been rescued frmom that building -- but officials think more than a hundred are still least 32 people have died from the
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two airport workers part of the plan -- that led to an explosion inside an airplane! arrest. stopping teen suicide... church leaders pull together teens -- in hopes of stopping an unsettling trend.hear the message they want these teens
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two airport workers are now accused of being part of the plan... that led to a hole blown in a somali commercial airplane! airplane!you'll remember -- a bomb hidden inside a laptop blew a hole in the plane.this is security video from the airport... you see one worker hand off the laptop to the passenger.he was killed when he was sucked through the hole in the plane during the flight. two other people were injured. stopping *teen suicide* from becoming a trending topic... the disturbing yet vital
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teens this afternoon. afternoon.these kids heard that today at new prospect baptist church.leaders called it an "island party"... island standing for "i shall live and not die".it's in response to the growing social media trend -- challenging teens to take their own the men want the kids to go on facebook and twitter -- and say they choose to live. "our theory is that if you ask your kiid or make your kid or if you encourage your child to say i shall live and not die then at least they'll have the understanding that they're not a part of a suicide trend" trend"three tri-state teens have taken their lives in recent weeks. if you or someone you know is considering taking their own life -- you can find resources for help on w-c-p-o-dot-com. coming up, ken broo is in tonight with the latest in sports. sports.he super bowl is minutes away. and will peyton manning's nfl career end in just a few hours?the answer
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monday, we'll see a few rain showers mixing with and changing over to snow showers. temperatures in the morning will be warm enough to prevent road surface issues. as we cool off later in the day, rain will switch over to scattered snow showers and squalls. we could begin to see light accumulations around and after sunset with snow showers
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super bowl 50. in just a couple of minutes, the carolina panthers and the denver broncos play there....levi stadium....santa clara, california.a lot of late money, in vegas, has come
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line has come down with it. it is now denver plus four and a half. it had been as high as denver plus six.the over/under is now 43-and a half. so a reason for the late money on denver could be the belief the broncos defense can at least contain cam newton. and win or lose, this sounds like this is 'it' for peyton manning.reportedly, in the broncos last team meeting, last night out in in california, manning became very emotional when addressing his team mates.he'll turn 40 next month.and broncos team president, joe ellis says manning was near tears talking last night. so too was broncos defensive lineman, demarcus the way, on one line gambling site says the over under on manning shouting 'omaha' a the line of scrimmage tonight, seven and a half. and last night, newton picked up the top award in the nfl. he was named the national football leagues most valuable
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cast by writers for the associated press news service. newton got 48 of the 50. tom brady got one vote, carson palmer the other.the voting started. and not to take 'anything' away from ken stabler's selection to the pro football hall of fame.but where is the support for former bengals quarterback, ken anderson?both were an nfl most valuable player. both were an all pro, first team once in their careers. same number of pro bowl selections.anderson was a passing yards leader twice in his career. stabler was a season leader in touchdowns once.anderson had a better touchdown to interception ratio. did stabler get in because he led his team to a super bowl championship? doesn't seem like a fair tie breaker, in a team sport. and the seattle seahawks may be shopping for a new running back.marshawn lynch is telling friends that he's retiring. he'll turn 30-in april, only carried the ball one hundred and eleven times this past
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nfl, lynch has 51 rushing touchdowns. and that's the
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the latest college basketball rankings won't be out until monday.but with the top two teams losing saturday, there's a chance xavier could jump into the top four. the musketeers were sixth last week.but here's the bigger deal. xavier's 'rpi', the holy grail in college basketball...the most important thing the tournament selection committee looks at on selection sunday...xavier's rpi is currently seven.there is a lot of basketball left between now and then. xavier has two large road games coming up: at creighton tuesday night, then at butler next saturday. but now 21-2, a number one seed is a real possibility now. the most famous american player in the history of soccer. john harkes, the first american to play in the english premier league,
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new team.harkes is the head coach, of the expansion cincinnati fc. it opens play in the united soccer league last month.youth soccer is huge in the greater cincinnati area. but will it translate to ticket sales?cincinnati fc's most recognizable player is austin berry, former summit country day star, a one time first round draft pick in the mls. trt :16outcue:...this thing...this thing grow." ((berry: we've never had that opportunity to watch soccer at a high level, besides driving up to columbus and watching on tv. but now we have that here. and to get people out and get people engaged in the soccer community. that's only going to help this thing...this thing grow )) )) as for cincinnati fc, harkes will take his club to florida soon to train. it opens the season on the road, march 26th. after another road match, the home opener is saturday night, april 9. harkes admit, the cincinnati fc roster is fluid now. players may come and go. the
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the team come opening night. trt far it's been good"((harkes: at the combine last week, add more players to the roster, that jelling, that chemistry is going to take time. we know that. but so far, it's been
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that's 9 on your side at six for this sunday.we're always on with breaking news and weather updates on wcpo-dot-com.
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