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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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ground and still falling in some areas. spotty, light snow showers will fall during the day on tuesday. temperatures will only top out at 280f for a colder day. a secondary front will bring even colder air into the tri-state late tuesday into wednesday and reinforce another wave of scattered snow. snow accumulations from 1-3 inches from monday night into wednesday are expected with much of that occurring
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9 on your side's john genevese is live along i-75 tonight with how city crews are preparing to keep the roads clear - john? activity happening. the first crews are scheduled to arrive here around 7 tonight to begin the overnight shift. we're told crews were waiting for the rain to die down
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salt working on as we speak.they're also going through all the equipment on hand -- making sure everything is in working order. as always.. the priority will be on clearing the main roads first before moving on to residential. if you see the trucks out and about - give them some room to work and slow down. some fast facts for you-road crews will be workin on 12-hours shifts. cincinnati has more than 20-thousand tons of salt on hand in four domes around the city. each truck is responsible for clearing around 52 miles roughly the same distance as driving from here to dayton. will check back in just a bit. john genovese 9oys stay with 9 on your side for continuous updates on the weather from steve on air and on'll also keep you updated with any traffic issues with live cameras and the 9 first warning live drive.
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bus crash!at least thirty people were hurt during a connecticut snowstorm today. at least six people are listed in critical condition. police say 55 people were on the tour bus at the time. you can see the bus completely flipped on its side. snow and getting to the scene. defending her shows a woman hit an 11 year old - and drive away.but today - that driver's attorney told happened. 9 on your side's evan millward broke this story last week and is live with who else is taking notice of this case. ruby estepp pled not guilty to nats - walk in courtruby estepp says she turned herself in yesterday.wanted after not showing up to court friday - accused of leaving the scene of this crash -- caught on security video given exclusively to nine on your side.stephan madden/public defender "she tells me that when this accident occurred, she was at the scene for quite a while. she felt unsafe where she was and went one block away and waited for police to show up and flagged them down.
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will stick as it is."11 year old london smith will have a long road ahead.we introduced you to her last week - scratches on her face - her leg has to be elevated at all times.nats?only nine on your side - taking neighborhood concerns to council - nats?- as city leaders say it's time to take a look at pedestrian safety.david mann/vice mayor - neighborhoods committee chair david mann says council will push for a full survey of crosswalks.the goal - to find which crosswalks are the most dangerous.mannback in court - nats?- estepp will be allowed to go home again after paying cash on ten percent of 17- thousand dollars bond. evan also spoke with london smith's mom again today - she tells him he's upset about estepp's bond - and worries about her back out on the road. more from that family coming
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closing down to keep you safe. chipotle restaurants are back open. they closed for four hours so employees could learn about food safety following e- coli and salmonella outbreaks. our t-j parker is on your side tonight - with the steps chipotle is taking to keep customers safe - tj? i came across a lot of dissapointed chipotle fans- this afternoon- trying to get a bite for lunch. a lot of people- commending chipotle, though- saying they're being proactive in their food safety measures. i was pretty dissapointed but i'm glad that they're keeping people safe instead of rushing to and from- taking more time to do the job versus just slapping things togetherthe doors at chipotle across the tri-state- seeing a lot of tugs- and confused customers- today-after closing for hours- for staff to be involved in a nationwide food safety meeting. beefing up their safety measures is definitely an excellent idea"employees listened in on a meeting from the company's denver
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the farm to food safety program- which includes changes like different food prep techniques and paid sick leave- so employees don't come in sick- and spread germs. chipotle live tweeted their meeting- to keep loyal customers in the loop- letting them know the changes they're making to keep everyone safe. if lots of people are getting sick it's probaby a good idea somebody has a meeting"some of the other ways chipotle is ensuring safety are making sure they do strict testing on the food they purchase for their menu... coming up with better ways of storing and preparing their food for the day... and weekly inspections by chipotle field leaders, who are trained in food safety. safety. it takes quite an effort to do as a team but good thing they're doing it" four hours without chipotle- but customers say it's worth it. we all love it they have some good food" 9 on your side's i-team looked into over more than a hundred inspection reports from the past year- here locally. tonight at six- jason law- will tell you the locations where customers filed complaints for food poisoning. and we'll explain why health inspectors say it's so hard to find the cause of food-borne
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and- if you *tried* going to chiptole for lunch- today- the company is doing a raincheck for a free burrito- you can find out how to do that by going to our website w-c-p- o-dot-com. live in newport, t.j. parker, 9 on your side. all sides losing a custody battle... battle...we have new developments in the case of rebekah kinner.where her newborn son is going - as she faces charges for her daughter's death. a dream wedding for an inspiring couple.when devon still will tie the knot with his finance.and some of the details inspired by his time
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breaking now in fort lauderdale... police are checking a report of a car that was stolen from a laundromat with a baby inside. police are talking with the mother right now... she says a man jumped in the car and took it as she arrived to do her laundry. nine on y our side will bring you more information on this as it develops. new developments in a bitter custody dispute out of butler county ... the newborn son of rebekah kinner will be placed into foster care.kinner is accused of allowing her boyfriend to beat her two-year-old daughter kinsley to death. prosecutors say kinner did nothing to stop the a judge determined no one in kinner's
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baby boy. kinsley's father - *scott senft* fought for custody of the newborn. but d-n-a testing confirmed that senft is not the father. new at five ... devon still announced his wedding date after his daughter's 22-month battle with cancer. devon and his fiance - tweeted this "save the date." the wedding is may 13th at the new york public library. remember the future stills were chosen to receive the knot's dream wedding. many details will be posted on the knot's website including these gifts to the bridesmaids: the future mrs. devon still will wear the white jersey - which has "bride-to-be." the bridesmaids each received a
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stealing from students in need. food and toiletries - swiped from those who need it most. how you can support this tri-state school - as it tries to make up for this loss. fighting the zika virus.the nearly two-billion dollar proposal from president obama. and the new warning for olympic athletes. your seven day forecast is
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 the search is on tonite for someone who stole food and other items meant for students in need at northern kentucky university. university.however, nine on your side's tom mckee found a silver silver lining to this story - showing the community comes together in times of need. "this is the new university center home of fuel nku -- the free food pantry to help students in need with food, personal care items and school supplies. the shelves are full now, but it wasn't that way 10 days ago." ago."shayla robbins and shannon scherer stocked shelves monday at fuel nku, but their minds weren't far from january 28th. that's when robbins went to the pantry's former home in founder's hall and got quite a surprise. surprise. "when i arrived, the door was wide open, the light was on and it was apparent that everything had been ransacked through." through."that's right -- thieves took everything -- much to the dismay of assistant professor jessica averitt taylor who began the program three years ago with one shelf in her office. office. "more so than feeling angry, i
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they had asked we would have given it to them. we are a free food pantry. but, clearly someone needed it and so i hope that they ate it." it."but, a funny thing happened the past 10 days. donations have come pouring in from all over the area.once again, the shelves are fully stocked. stocked. "the outpouring of support that has come from that has been unbelieveable -- not only from campus, but from local churches and other people kind of letting their families know." know."that's good news for nku students cheyenne who has lived much of the past five years on the streets. streets. "it it wasn't for fuel nku providing toiletries, providing toilet paper, providing canned goods, i would have to go to the community and ask for a handout." handout."nku police are tracking down leads in the case and hope to make an arrest soon.while that's ongoing, chief les kachurek says department has donated to help replenish the shelves. "any time that something negative occurs, i've found that there's always the proverbial silver lining and that good comes out of it and
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your 9 first warning is for the tuesday morning commute as we'll have light snow on the ground and still falling in some areas. spotty, light snow showers will fall during the day on tuesday. temperatures will only top out at 280f for a colder day. a secondary front will bring even colder air into the tri-state late tuesday into wednesday and reinforce another wave of scattered snow. snow accumulations from 1-3 inches from monday night into wednesday are expected with much of that occurring
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millions to fight the zika virus... virus... how president obama hopes to stop its spread.and the shocking message to u-s their health. new at 5:30...a tri state woman falls victim to a home rental scam, that was so sophisticated the scammer let her tour the house!consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with how to avoid what happened to her, so you
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tonight in healthy living - tackling the fast-spreading zika virus. virus.president obama is asking congress for nearly two billion dollars for prevention
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will be used in puerto rico for mosquito control ... and training programs. meanwhile - the united states olympic committee told athletes they should consider *not* attending the olympic games in brazil if they're concerned about their health. insulting ... severe ... and impractical. strong backlash against the c-d-c after officials suggested that all women not on birth control refrain from drinking. tonight, the c-d-c is defending that recommendation - saying more than three million women who drink alcohol expose their infants to alcohol disorders - by not using birth control. much more to come on 9 on your side at's anchor tanya o'rourke with what we're working on. craig... as we've been telling you, snow is moving through the area.we start at 5-30 with an updated forecast from chief meteorologist steve raleigh. well as a live report on roads to see if this afternoon's snow is sticking to the ground. and police are greeted by a man waving a an overnight call for help turns
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9 on your side starts at 5-30... with video of the snow falling across downtown cincinnati.this is what it looked like earlier this afternoon... afternoon...another view shows the flurries moving in from high atop eden park looking across the river into dayton, kentucky. and this is a live look at i- 71/75 at turfway road in northen kentucky. 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is tracking where the snow is falling... and just how much
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