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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  February 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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a 9 first warning weather alert day brings snow and freezing temps. more winter weather is headed our way-- will it impact your wednesday commute? and the polls are closing.and results from new hampshire's primary are trickling in right now.what it all means for ohio governor john kasich. this is 9 on your side at 7.
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tonight - snow continues to linger around the tri-state... as bitter cold temperatures set in. 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh outlines what you can expect - in your first and only local
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an eventful day for construction workers downtown. this after a massive crane tipped and got stuck mid-air.. 9 on your side's ashley zilka is live with a look at the progress crews have made at the banks. ashley- is it back on the ground? the good news back on the ground. but the bad news here have to cut the crane in pieces. no word on how long this will take. it's not something you see everyday.martin fournier: 01:02 i just want to take a picture with my bike next to it. 04a massive crane tipped over down at the banks. john becker: 02:31 i think somebody is having a real bad day today. my honest opinion. 34 right on the new parking deck near paul brown stadiumcity manager harry black says the crane was picking up a bundle of steel bars when it toppled
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expensive one! 09the crane was rented by maxim to monarch. 9 on your side spoke exclusively with tom butler, the president of monarch construction. take a listen."there's an investigation underway to determine what caused the crane to tip over. it is fortunate no one had been hurt."after accessing the damage- crews detached part of the crane and got it back on the ground. a long day for these they probably won't forget.john becker: 02:40 very unusual. maxim is usually a good crane company so it's kind of surprising something like this would happen. 45 9 on your side looked into osha recordsand monarch never had any serious problems with cranes. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. it's decision day in new hampshireand at this hour -
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the nation's first primary! abc's marci gonzalez is manchester with the latest... polling places- packed?. on this primary dayvoters making last minute decisions- in these final hours?sot - "i honestly was not sure who i was going to vote for up till the very minute,"candidates- made the rounds...nat chris christie polling place visit "christie! christie! christie! trying to round up?quick nat cruz last minute support.. quick nat rubioand?even a little luck:woman : your father shook my hand and he won your brother shook my hand and he won jeb: give me a hug then they hug (very sweet) donald trump- went into primary day the front-runner in the polls..but john kasich - had a little boost?nat from dixville notchwinning- in dixville notch- the small, first precinct to cast and count ballots at midnight. i just ran into trump and he said "you killed me"crowd laughing?this election - all coming down to undecided - nat wplg- "what ballot would like today?" and independent voters? sot:so who was it?bernie
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republican side and the democratic side he was our clear choice?vermont senator bernie sanders - polled ahead here in neighboring new hampshire..sanders: if there's a large voter turnout, we're going to do just fine.but hillary clinton?nat says this is a fight to the finish..sot hillary clintonwe're going to keep working literally until the last vote is casttag- the first polls close at 7?the rest at 8 tonight? 9 on your side and abc news will bring you live updates as the results from the new hampshire primary come in over the next couple of hours.and a full recap tonight at 11. covering northern kentucky news tonight.imagine your car sliding on icy roads, being hit by a train and then being rescued by two deputy sheriff's seconds before a second train hits.that's the amazing story of tim mccullough tonite. tonite.this is dash cam video
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sheriff's office showing officers carrying mccullough from his mangled car on maher road to a safe place where paramedics could treat him.the impacts tore the engine completely out of the vehicle, but the passenger compartment stayed relatively intact. mccullough is in fair condition at uc medical center. the man who opened fire on a covington cop and his k9 partner has pleaded guilty. guilty.daleon rice will now spend at least 20 years in prison.he was charged with attempted murder of an officer and attempted assault on a service animal, among other things.tonight - commonwealth 's attorney rob sanders is in frankfort fighting to change how the state defines those charges. on the phone/kenton county commonwealth's attorney rob sanders0358 if somebody is assaulting a police k9 with a deadly weapon, such as a gun or a knife, that person should face a felony offense.//lt. marcus jordan/covington police k9 coordinator171340 from my standpoint of being a handler and working here, it would seem that it's time to look at
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again.right now - that's only a felony if the dog dies or can't return to work.sanders has already worked on a new bill to change that. a racially charged threat at a middletown school.. has parents concerned and extra security lining school hallways. what the student behind the threat now faces. plus new charges in the case of a deadly car versus bicycle crash.why the change-- coming up. you're watching 9 on your side
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a 15-year old middletown high school student is arrested after police say he wrote a racially motivated death threat. 9 on your side's t.j. parker spoke with parents today who say even after the concerns. t.j.: "school officials here at middletown high school say they'll beef up security, tomorrow and thursday, after that note was found on the flood by students, yesterday." middletown police arrested the 15-year old student, who wrote the note, and charged him with a second degree felony- inducing panic. *this* is the note students turned in to school administrators. a phone message was sent out to parents- making them aware of the situation- and saying the students are safe. one parent, though, who didn't want to show her face on camera, says she still has a lot of unanswered questions. parent: "45:58 has the kid been expelled, is he going to come back to school, is this something the kids need to worry about outside the school?"t.j.: "school officials say if they have any updates on this- they'll be sure to alert parents. as for now, school will be in session. in middletown, t.j.
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breaking at 7-- another confirmed case of zika virus hits the buckeye state. the latest numbers.. and where officials say it was contracted. next. get ready to take the plunge. temps are falling across the tri-state.just how cold it will be when you wake up... plus if any new snow will fall
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new tonight - another case of the zika virus is being reported in ohio. ohio.the very first cases in both ohio and indiana were reported earlier today.. and tonight's confirmed case makes three new cases today. people in 13 states have been ohio - the cases are not connected, but both people did travel to haiti. indiana health officials believe the confirmed case there was also contracted in haiti. nine is on your side with what you need to know about zika - and your risk of contracting the virus. the virus is primarily transmitted through a mosquito bite. it cannot be spread person-to-person except through sexual contact. of all the people infected - 80 percent will not experience any symptoms. pregnant women are still asked to postpone travel to countries with high infection rates. senator sherrod brown and several other u-s lawmakes introduced a bill today - to fast-track the development of a zika virus vaccine or other treatment options.
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"the zika virus - like so many other public health threats - is never more than a plane ride away... away...and we must make sure the u.s. stands ready to prevent its spread and give care to those who need it," there are new, more serious charges in a hit and run crash that killed a cyclist last month. a grand jury has now charged melinda woodall with aggravated vehicular homicide in the death of michael prater. police say woodall was under the influence of drugs when she hit prater on kellogg avenue in anderson township. she was also driving under a suspended license. an 18-year-old has pleaded guilty plea in the death of his friend. friend.tristan lacey was drunk behind the wheel of his car when he crashed on beckett ridge boulevard on december 26- th.his friend - mark valentine was riding in the back seat... and died after being taken to the hospital.lacey will be sentenced next month. in northern kentucky news tonight,the case against a youth pastor accused of sexually assaulting a 7- year-old is heading to the grand jury. jury.police arrested joseph
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time - he confessed to inappropriately touching a girl at his home.but the victim says he did much more than that.niemeyer worked at new banklick baptist church. commonwealth attorney rob sanders will present evidence
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after the break. break.back in the spotlight. the cover-up that is hanging over the head of cleveland
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9 on your side is following breaking news from the cincinnati reds.longtime clubhouse manager bernie stowe died today at the age of 80.he started with the reds in 19-47.
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can bet our 9 on your side actor hugh jackman says he's fighting another bout with skin cancer and is reminding people to protect themselves. jackman posted a photo on his facebook page this week saying "an example of what happens when you don't use sunscreen." he wrote that it is the mildest form-- but it's the third time he's been treated for it.more than 3-point-3 million americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. a new report is surfacing tonight about cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel. manziel.n-f-l dot com reports the team knew he was drunk when he showed up for practice one day late in the season. according to his sources - the team covered it up... and said that manziel was sitting out of practice because of concussion protocol. this is just another blow for the young athlete. the team is not commenting on this report tonight. red lobster is thanking beyonce for a boost in its sales. sales.the seafood chain says
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sunday... you may wonder what does beyonce have to do with red lobster.well in her new single "formation" - she talks about going to red lobster!red lobster was trending on twitter after beyonce's half time performance. "real housewife" teresa guidice -- fresh off her jail sentence -- is writing a book. book.after spending eleven and a half months behind bars, guidice says the transition from realty star to inmate wasn't easy.she maintains that at the time of her arrest.. *she* did not know she had committed a crime.guidice and her husband ultimately pleaded guilty to multiple crimes including consipiracy to commit wire fraud and bankrupcy fraud. :49 giudice: "it, you know, broke my heart because, you know, i was always growing up the good girl." girl."in her memoir "turning the tables".. giudice writes about her month her husband will begin his three and a half year
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this tuesday!updates on all the day's top stories
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