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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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new hampshire.the message he has for supporters... reaching out for's a problem that's holding back development of a cincinnati city leaders plan on addressing o-t-r's parking problems. if you're stepping out the door in a few minutes... you'll want to bundle up first. first.9 first warning meterologist jennifer ketchmark with the bitter cold that's greeting us this morning. feels like temperatures dip to the low single digits this morning with the chance for a few more spotty snow showers. only isolated snow chances continue into the afternoon hours and highs hit 19 for a
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triple-a roadside rescue crews are preparing for another busy morning... thanks to the icy conditions.yesterday... they came to the aid of more than 700 stranded motorists in the greater cincinnati area. 9 is on your side... with what you need to remember before you get behind the wheel this morning.- be prepared for black ice... especially on bridges and overpasses.- slow down...- never use cruise control on slippery roads...
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changes.- and if you do start to skid... ease off the gas pedal... don't slam on your brakes and steer in the direction you want your car to go. this morning... we're hearing from the man who escaped his mangled jeep... just seconds before a *second* train smashed into's a story we first brought you as breaking news yesterday on good morning tri-state.john genovese spoke with him about his close call... in an interview you'll see only on nine on your side. "its wild just thinking about it - period." suffering a punctured lung.his fact that i slammed into a train, not just a vehicle, i mean a train - and i survived - i mean, its amazing" tim mccullough was driving west on
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amid icy conditions"i just kept sliding. nothing i did would stop the car"his jeep - crossing the signal. the remembers the sound of crunching metal "it's very, very indescribable i mean--. it was scary i aint gonna lie. everytime the train hit it, the car hit it - it jerked the car. i thought i was gonna get drug further down the tracks" boone county deputies shows up in minutes /d"we were just the right place, right time." dashcam video shows them pulling mccullough to safety- "i told them id like to shake their hand - i appreciate them for saving my life." just seconds before a second train comes barreling down the tracks /d"when everything clicks and everything comes together for a happy ending thats why everyone gets into this line of work""i'm very, very fortunate. i thank god every time i think about it" new this morning.. there may one less g-o-p presidential
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night's new hampshire primary. new jersey governor chris christie says he's heading home to -quote- "take a deep breath."christie had been hoping on a strong showing in the granite state... but finished with just 8-percent pace. one governor who's celebrating a strong finish in new hampshire... john kasich.the ohio republican came in second with 16-percent of the vote. kasich had been banking on a strong performance in new hampshire to keep his campaign afloat... and says he's making a difference thanks to his upbeat, positive message. (gov. john kasich/(r) presidential candidate) there's magic in the air with this campaign because we don't see this as just another campaign. we see this as an opportunity for all of us - and i mean all of us. us.kasich still finished nearly 20 points behind first place finisher donald trump... who turned big poll numbers into his first third place... iowa caucus winner ted cruz... who beat
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by a single point. on the democratic side... bernie sanders made a big comeback after losing iowa to hillary clinton by the narrowest of margins. sanders led in most new hampshire polls leading up to yesterday... and won by more that 20 points... 60-percent to clinton's 38-percent. sanders... from nearby vermont... says his win sends a big message to the establishment. (bernie sanders/(d) presidential candidate)"it is just too late for the same old, same old establishment politics and establishment economics, the people want real change." change."meanwhile... hillary clinton, in her concession remarks... says she'll focus on winning over young voters. nevada will be the next contest for clinton and sanders on february 20th.the g-o-p candidates will compete day. happening today... cincinnati city leaders are looking to
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the city council may establish a special task force to try an provide some solutions to the shortage of parking spaces in the area.the council is facing a order to create new parking... the city would have to knock down some of the area's most unique and historic buildings.last month... mayor cranlet vetoed a parking permit program. the city council... also expected to join other communities across the nation in supporting the people of flint... michigan during their water crisis.the motion would ask city leaders to help collect and deliver water to flint.people living there continue to rely on bottled water every day... after high levels of lead contaminated its water supply. sending a message.kentucky's governor... praising the supreme court's blow to president obama's clean power plan. plan.why *he says* it will help keep your electicity bill lower... bright idea?why your children may soon need your permission before they go under a tanning bed. feels like temperatures dip to the low single digits this morning with the chance for a few more spotty snow showers.
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hours and highs hit 19 for a very cold day.
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some scary moments... caught on camera... as a demolition project in houston goes horribly can see the wall of a parking garage collapse on top of an excavator.amazingly... the driver walked away without a scratch... and that excavator is still in working condition. in fact... the demolition work will continue this morning. this morning... kentucky's governor is praising a supreme court ruling that blocks president obama's efforts to stop climate change. a five-to-four decision... justices temporarily blocked the obama administration's plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.under the e-p-a's clean power plan... states
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specific carbon emission reduction standards based on their energy consumption. in a statement... governor matt bevin called the decision -quote- "a victory in our efforts to save our coal jobs and protect kentucky families from skyrocketing energy prices." a second case of the zika virus has been discovered in ohio. it's in addition to another case of the mosquito-born virus... discovered earlier this week in indiana. both ohio cases were found in the cleveland area... but health officials say they're *not* connected.they also say both victims had traveled to may recall... a kentucky family also contracted to virus while volunteering in haiti. kentucky teens may soon need a permission slip to get under a tanning bed.lawmakers are considering whether to ban anyone under 18 from using a tanning bed... with *or* without their parent's permission. supporters of the bill say it'll help fight the rising number of skin cancers cases.its already passed the house and is now in the
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murder arrest...detectives track down the man... wanted in a tri-state murder case... where they caught up with him... and what the victim's mother is telling 9 on your side. party's can forget about mardi gras...why the tri- state is trading in bourbon street for early morning mass. feels like temperatures dip to the low single digits this morning with the chance for a few more spotty snow showers. only isolated snow chances continue into the afternoon hours and highs hit 19 for a
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" a daughter is murdered protecting her mother from gunshots. now the man accused of killing kesha jendrysik has been caught... 700 miles away in florida. ashley zilka spoke
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on your side. after two long months- polly jendrysik says she can breathe a sigh of relief.16:19 we were living in fear because we didn't know if he was going to come back and finish what he started. 23michael prewitt was arrested in orlando tuesday for kesha jendrysik's murder. 16:06 i should have suspected that because he was always talking about going to disney world so i should have known. 13jendrysik says she will never forget the morning of december 8th. her family came over for morning coffee - when without warning- kesha's ex boyfriend, prewitt, busted open the front door and started shooting. he hit kesha and her boyfriend. the 35 year old mother died at the hospital.jendrysik says kesha died a hero blocking a bullet that was meant to hit her. 19:54 i always called her my angel she was my angel and she will always be my angel. 59 prewitt dated for ten years..but then prewitt moved later, he found out kesha had accept that i guess. 3819:22 if only he had loved her like have taken my baby away. 28 kesha's two daughters. she hopes this arrest can bring them a sense of peace.15:50 i never doubted my police faith in them but my highest
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happening today... the woman accused of letting her grandson drown in a bathtub while she was high on heroin... is expected to take a plea deal this morning. morning.kathy huff is facing several felonies... including involuntary manslaughter... endangering children and forgery.police say huff
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just before babysitting her four-month old grandchild last october. mardi gras celebrations have come and gone...and this morning... it's all about sacrifice for thousands here in the tri-state. state.that's because today is ash wednesday... it's the beginning of lent... the period of fasting, prayer and sacrifice leading up to easter sunday.churches across the tri-state... including st. peter in chains church... will be distributing ashes to the faithful later this morning. now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather. weather. long:while snow showers will continue, the larger issue is the bitterly cold temperatures
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like the single digits, and that will continue through the day. the actual temps will only reach the upper teens or low 20s. a winter weather advisory continues until 10 a.m. as we head into the morning, isolated snow showers will develop again. most will not pose any problems, but there's still a chance for a more moderate to heavy snow shower to develop. finally, we thursday. it will still be the single digits and highs only in the low to mid 20s. skies will be mostly cloudy on friday and a flurries will be possible in the tri-state. northwest winds pick up a bit more on saturday and that could result in a few isolated snow showers as lake effect snow bands drift into the tri- state. as always, we are looking ahead. more ample moisture arrives by monday, bringing in another chance for snow. we will have to watch temperatures closely with this system as it may start as rain and eventually turn to snow. morning rushspotty snow showers feels like zerolow: 15wednesday light snow continueslittle to no accumulationhigh: 19 wednesday nightpartly cloudy bitterly coldlow: 7thursday mostly sunny skiesunseasonably coldhigh: 24thursday night partly cloudyvery cold again
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traffic fourth down for one of america's biggest sports retailers.the problem it could create for the super bowl champs. a familiar favorite is back on your t-v screen...a sneak peek at the 80's sequel... and
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feels like temperatures dip to the low single digits this morning with the chance for a
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only isolated snow chances continue into the afternoon hours and highs hit 19 for a very cold day. if you're looking for a job... c-v-g is the place to be today... today...the international airport is hosting a hiring event... from one to four this afternoon... at cvg's new corporate headquarters in erlanger.26 c-v-g employers will be hiring for approximately 350 open positions that includes everything from mechanics... to ramp and ticketing agents and customer service. a big blow this morning to one of america's biggest sports retailers...sports authority could be days away from bankruptcy. the sporting goods company missed a 20-million-dollar debt payment a month ago... and may have to close about half of its 450 could also affect the super
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the team plays its games at sports authority field... and it's unclear if the 25-year naming rights deal with the stadium will stay intact. it's a crime that's going viral...but the attorney for a new jersey teen... who filmed himself sucker-punching an elderly man... is blaming it on mental illness. illness.this is video of kristian gonzalez approaching his victim on a patterson, new jersey street.we won't show you the knockout punch... but gonzalez recorded it and posted it online.gonzalez's attorney says the 18-year old has a host of undiagnosed issues... including schizophrenia and a-d-h-d. troubled comedian bill cosby has a new supporter in his corner...rapper kanye west tweeted last night that cosby is -quote- "innocent" of sexual assault charges.he didn't offer an explanation. more than 40 woman have come forward... saying cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them. you probably remember the 80's
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well... it's back and even "fuller". "fuller".yes... this is real. it's the trailer for "fuller house".all of the original stars are back for the sequal... including bob sagat... john stamos and candace focuses on the next generation of the tanners... all living in the same house.fuller house is coming to netflix on february 26th. new report into a tri-state firefighter's death.what this report on the fire that killed patrick wolterman is revealing... and keeping secret... hoverboard warning...a tennessee family... warning others not to repeat their mistake.what led to the loss
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a second place finish revs up a struggling campaign. "there's so much gonna happen. if you don't have a seatbelt go get one. we're gonna shake this country from top to
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god bless you. you.what the new hampshire primary means for ohio governor john kasich's white house dreams. reading between the lines.the new report released in the death of a local firefighter. what we're learning this morning. some snow flurries in the area...but nothing like yesterday morning. morning.and nothing like yesterday-we're in the teens this morning.9 first warning meterologist jennifer ketchmark is here now to talk about the drop in temperatures. the low single digits this morning with the chance for a few more spotty snow showers. only isolated snow chances continue into the afternoon
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very cold day.
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