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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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a shocking story - with both a tragic and happy ending. a six-month-old girl is safe at home after her mother was found shot in the head inside a car - her death now ruled a homicide. the mother took the child from her father's middletown home yesterday.that mother was found dead in dayton, ohio. 9 on your side is the only station with a bureau dedicated to butler and warren counties. counties.jay warren has new developments from middletown tonight. tonight.he spoke today with this woman's father. it's an interview you will only see on nine on your side - jay? for one middletown family panic over a missing child last night turned to both relief and grief after the child was found safe but her mother found dead six month old haven edwards was safe in the arms of her father this morning at the
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after she was found in the back seat of this car in dayton her mother, brittany russell, was found in the front seat slumped over the steering wheel dead of a gunshot wound((chris edwards/haven's father))"we basically went to dayton look for her until about four in the morning then i came back down her finished up the reports then they told me to go home and try to rest i couldn't sleep i got the phone call about 9:30 this morning saying they found my kid." middletown police say that russell who was a non- custodial parent went to edward's house yesterday and convinced a babysitter to allow her to take haven for awhileedwards reached russell last night who said that she would bring haven home soon--but that never happened ((sot))"now i have her back and am happy that she's home but i'm still tore up about the situation that's about as much as i have to say."today in an exclusive interview with brittany russell's father he admitted that his daughter struggled with a heroin addiction and said that russell also has a ten year old daughter who will have to be told the terrible news
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we stopped her from getting on fb already had her sister call the school and have her blocked off fb right now they're not discussing with me we're all going to get together and try to let her down and let her know her mom's gone." and while russell deals with the grief of losing his daughter--nancy warbutton little haven's paternal grandmother just met haven a week ago and is grateful she's safe((nancy warbutton/haven's grandmother))"oh my god i was just freaking out because when i first found out i didn't know where she was...and then by daughter in law came over and told me they found her and told me she was ok."but after an ordeal she will never remember little haven edwards was bundled up in her car seat and brought out by her father's family--((sot))"i was happy excited that my did was ok under the circumstances i mean i'm still tore up about everything going on but i'm happy to have my kid home." right now we're waiting on word from the montgomery county coroner's office to speak further about the cause and manner of death of brittany russell which will surely reveal new information and more questions about what exactly happened--jay warren 9 on your side middletown breaking now... new information on that school bus accident in anderson township. police now say a girl on the bus was hurt.but her injuries do not appear to be serious.
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cloughpike and fox hollow road. one other child on the bus was not hurt. the driver of the car that hit the bus was cited. a grandmother admits to overdosing on herion - causing bathtub. today kathy huff learned she will spend six years in prison as part of a plea deal she accepted today. her husband found her unresponsive in the tub while she was baby-sitting her dauther's child. today huff apologized in court. 03:04:06 - 03:04:08"i'm just, i'm sorry" sorry" huff was emotional for the entire court process.her attorney says her family had no idea she had a problem with drugs.he says huff does want treatment. 03:20:26 - 03:20:38 "unfortunately it's running rampant ... cc when she's released."
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even huff's family asked for drug treatment over jail time. the judge in this case - says time in prison was mandatory in this case. turning now to the weather - and those uncomfortable, cold temperatures. for how much more temps will drop tonight - let's get to 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh. finally, we get a break for some sunshine thursday. it will still be very cold with morning lows in the single digits and highs only in the low to mid 20s. skies will be mostly cloudy on friday and a flurries will be possible in the tri-state. northwest winds pick up a bit more on saturday and that could result in a few isolated snow showers as lake effect snow bands drift into the tri-state. as always, we are looking ahead. more ample moisture arrives by monday, bringing in another chance for
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a covington man is under arrest right now.. accused of trying to cut off a woman's head with a samurai sword. terry phllips was arrested in lexington. police say he attacked the victim in a home on holeman avenue last week. officers say the woman's arm was badly cut. nine on your side is digging into this and will have more information as it develops. the search is on for a driver who hit a teenage girl in an avondale crosswalk and then fled the scene. it's the third pedestrian accident in weeks! the call is out for drivers and pedestrials to pay more attention. attention.nine on your side's tom mckee is live with new information on this most recent case. it was just after eight o'clock this morning when a 15 year old girl was in a crosswalk here at reading road and glenwood avenue.she had the light with her, but all of a sudden a car came out of nowhere and hit her.that's
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this busy corridor tonight. dominique simmons walks her three children to school along busy reading road each day for safety that a teenage girl was hit in a crosswalk at glenwood avenue has her concerned. concerned. "the people that's driving need to be cautious and pay attention to the street because most of them are usuall on their cell phones or texting." texting."witnesses told police the driver that hit the girl was weaving in and out of traffic before the collision. collision. "they verified that the young person -- the young girl -- was in the crosswalk and she had the walk light in her favor, so she should have been ok to walk through the crosswalk." crosswalk."that driver reportedly got out of his car, took a quick look, then left the scene...but police got a good description. description. "it was a honda 1998 crv, kind of small, blue in color, ohio license plate grw 8229. we know that the registration comes back to the winton terrace area." area."it's the third pedestrian accident in this
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a girl struck by a hit-run driver in price hill and a man hit and killed by a metro bus in hyde park council wants wants a report on how to fix the most dangerous crosswalks. crosswalks. "i think the things that we can explore to address this are lighted crosswalks, more signage in places, there is a various array of street calming methods." methods."but, fulton jefferson of the avondale community council says the real problem is the drivers behind the wheel. wheel. "actually, going too fast for the neighborhood. speed limit is 35 and when you get to the school zone it's 20-25. too fast every day. day.that's the same sentiment from this protective modther. modther. "they need to basically really pay attention to what they're doing so that these kinds of things don't happen." fortunately, the young girl that was hit here today wasn't badly hurt and was taken to cincinnati children's hospital for observation.tom mckee,
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a tipped crane halts a downtown construction job... job...tonight - 9 on your side goes back the scene.we'll tell you where that crane is now. and coming up at five - the ongoing health crisis.zika is top of mind for some u-s athletes. what they're saying about their potential trip to brazil - the country at the
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turning now to democracy 2016 ... two more candiates are out! former technology exec carly fiorina says she's no longer running for the republican nomination for president. the announcement came on twitter late this afternoon. the 61-year-old was the lone woman in the g-o-p field. and new jersey governor chris christie also ended his white house bid. that follows a sixth place finish in new hampshire. it's a final blow to christie - who spent more than seventy days campaigning in new hampshire. one person still in the game is ohio governor john kasich who delivered a solid performance in the new hampshire primary - finishing second after donald trump. trump.kasich finished ahead of eight other republican candidates in the nation's first presidential primary of 2016. polictical experts say it's what kasich needed to keep his white house dreams alive. kasich wasn't shy about his strategy of hosting more than one-hundred town
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"so, i'm gratified by it, for sure. i think it's fantastic, but i wouldn't say i was shocked by it." it." kasich is now focused on a three-day campaign tour in south carolina - before a debate on saturday. today we learned senator ted cruz took third in the new hampshire primary. today we learned president bill clinton will be in cincinnati this friday to encourage people to get out and vote in the ohio primary in march. no surprise - he'll also campaign on behalf of his wife hillary clinton. the timing of that visit has not been released. again that visit is friday, february 12th.nine on your side will stay on top of the president's visit for you. we'll bring you any new developments on air and on and we'll have that event covered for you on friday. reconsidering a chance at olympic gold. gold.u-s athletes concerned about the zika virus. plus - the new cases popping up
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 a crane that tipped over at the banks is back on solid ground. you remember this video from yesterday - the accident caused all four wheels to be lifted off the ground. today - 9 on your side went back to the construction site down at the banks.that crane was not being used - but there was work being done.yesterday the city stopped work at the site - while crews figured out what caused that crane to tip. more cases of the zika virus are now being confirmed in the united states. states.a person has tested positive for the disease in
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that means there are nearly 70 confirmed cases in the united states. and concerns about the virus are growing in brazil... where the summer olympics will be held. zika virus is especially worrysome for women athletes.. because if they are infected while pregnant... the virus can cause serious birth defects. women are now about 40, 45 percent closing on 50 percent of the entire olympic games, and almost all of them are of child bearing age. the good news for athletes concerned about the rio games: by august the mosquito population will be significantly lower because of colder temperatures. the summer games are being held during what is winter in brazil. ash wednesday marks the countdown to easter and a time for repentence for catholics nationwide. nationwide.the day is traditionally celebrated through a catholic mass service-but a not so traditional service is gaining popularity across the country. a celebration known as drive through's a chance
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moment of prayer and still receive their ashes without entering the four walls of a years past--this new age ash wednesday practice has even been spotted with tri-state. pastor paulette wittenbrink// hyde park bethlehem united methodist church"as united methodist we believe that walls of the church but that the whole community is who we and offering the grace of god to people." people." due to the cold weather this year-drive through ashes were cancelled at most locations. ash wednesday kick-starts
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finally, we get a break for some sunshine thursday. it will still be very cold with morning lows in the single digits and highs only in the low to mid 20s. skies will be mostly cloudy on friday and a flurries will be possible in the tri-state. northwest winds pick up a bit more on saturday and that could result in a few isolated snow showers as lake effect snow bands drift into the tri-state. as always, we are looking ahead. more ample moisture arrives by monday,
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access to the life-saving narcan. narcan. walgreens is rolling out a new program in parts of the the drug store may help prevent the next overdose death. increasing your own child's risk of asthma.what you're putting into your body while pregant that increases their odds. new at 5:30.... dont fall victim to a rose ripoff this valentines day.consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with how to get the
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tonight in healthy living - a second major drug store is making it easy for anyone to gain access to narcan. narcan.that's the drug people
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drug overdose.the company will roll out kiosks that dispense the drug antidote without a prescription. the program will start in ohio and indiana in late february. c-v-s unveiled a similar plan earlier this year. guns, car crashes and overdoses. experts say those three things are dragging down our life expectancy. those three causes account for six percent of deaths among men.and three percent of deaths among women. women.when you compare americans' average life spans to similar countries - like germany and japan - we live about two years less. a new warning about *acetaminophen* moms-to-be will want to hear. a new study out of norway finds exposure to the drug while in the womb - may put children at greater risk of having asthma. in the study - asthma developed when the kids were three to seven years old. remember *acetaminophe n* is found in many common drugs including tylenol.
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side at's anchor tanya o'rourke with what we're working on. craig - tonight parents are turning the tables and questioning a question on their child's homework assignment. assignment.what it said that has district leaders apologizing tonight. plus - unclear father.the lengths a man is going to in order to get custody of a baby he says is his. 9 on your side
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now at 5-30...a homework assignment is outraging a northern kentucky mother so badly - that she wants to the world to know about it. 9 on your side's scott wegener found out that even teachers say the third graders assignment was inappropriate and disturbing. when a bellevue elementary parent saw her third-grader's homework assignment, she got angry.she took to facebook, saying it was 'very inappropriate. this makes me so sad.' the assignment involves an essay about
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