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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  February 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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now at seven...killer on the run!a mom found shot to death inside her car.her baby in the backseat.the latest information we're learning at this hour. looking for love in all the wrong places. how a woman's experience online almost left her scammed.the warning signs you need to hear tonight. and a tristate program giving deaf kids voices.. is thriving. we'll take you inside what some are calling a miracle factory. good evening, i'm julie dolan. tonight, a mother is dead -
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killer.she was first wanted for taking a child from a home in middletown tuesday.and this morning police found her dead in the front seat of a car in dayton.the infant-- unhamred in the back seat.9 on your side reporter jay warren has the story. after taking her infant daughter brittany russell of middletown was found shot to death in dayton with her infant daughter still in the back seat of her car9 on your side is the only station with a bureau dedicated to butler and warren counties--jay warren has reaction from the child's father--------jay look live-------for one middletown family panic over a missing child last night turned to both relief and grief after the child was found safe but her mother found dead --------vo-------six month old haven edwards was safe in the arms of her father this morning at the middletown police department after she was found in the back seat of this car in dayton middletown police say that russell who was a non-custodial parent went to edward's house yesterday and convinced a babysitter to allow her to take haven for awhile((chris edwards/haven edwards' father)) :08"i was happy excited that my did was ok under the circumstances i mean i'm still tore up about everything going on but i'm happy to have my kid home." -------jay look live------and now that the montgomery county coroners office has ruled this a homicide that's answered one question but opened up a whole
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on your side middletown if you have information that can help lead to an arrest. call crime stoppers - 352- 3040. a bus accident in anderson township is under investigation.the crash happened around 3-30 at clough pike and fox hollow road.a student on board was taken to the hospital... but the injuries are not believed to be life threatening. colerain township police are addressing shoppers' concerns, tonight, after seeing an northgate mall. police tell 9 on your side they were called to the mall on saturday after a small group of teens, in a crowd of a hundred- started getting a little rowdy. when police asked them to leave- some started cussing.police made several arrests. hours before- shopper brandon toelke says he was threatened by some teens after he told them to be careful- when they almost knocked over the stroller his 4 week old son was sitting in.
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myself">colerain police says they're meeting with mall management this week to come up with ideas to make the mall safer for shoppers. tonight - a covington man accused of trying to behead a woman with a samurai-style sword is in jail. 39-year-old terry phillips was arrested last night in lexington. early saturday morning - police say he got into an argument with a woman at his home then tried cutting off her head. police say he missed-- and hit her arm with the sword causing serious injuries. phillips fled the scene before offciers arrived. neighbors tell us he'd only been living in the home a few months. one woman who didn't want to show her face on camera went outside. guy.">phillips is now facing charges for attempted murder and assault. the man believed to be the father of a butler county
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baby.the attorney representing mother rebekka kinner in her criminal case says he's helping the man who claims to be the child's father, petition for custody of wyatt. kinner has been in jail since december-- in connection to the death of her 2 year old daughter, kinsley. her second child, baby wyatt, was born on february first and is now in foster care. kinner's trial date is set for april fourth, but rapier says she is looking at other options and may take a plea deal in the near future. the search for a driver who hit a teenage girl in an avondale crosswalk then fled is focused on winton terrace tonight. happened just after eight a.m. as the girl was walking to school-- using a reading road crosswalk at glenwood avenue.witnesses told
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favor when a car weaving in an out of traffic hit her. that.">the vehicle being sought is a 1998 blue honda crv with ohio license plate grw 8229 registered to an owner in winton terrace. fort mitchell police are releasing a picture of a bank robbery suspect. suspect.this is the person police are looking for tonight. they say he robbed the u-s bank inside the remke market on dixie highway.he got away in a grey or silver colored chevy malibu with ohio license plates.investigators say he resembles a man wanted for similar bank robberies being investigated in erlanger. a middletown dad is found guilty after authorities discover his family living in terrible conditions. conditions.anthony gevedon senior and his wife, katina,
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sentenced.last month - the couple's eight kids were pulled from this home on tytus court - the couple said their church family is helping clean up the home. sentencing is set for next month. coming up next at 7.a love warning... warning...tonight a cautionary tale for those hoping to meet their match online.what you need to know so you don't get scammed. and step into the miracle factory.a look at a local
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a local woman looking for love, instead found lies.9 on your side reporter rose-ann aragon has this woman's story... and what you need to watch out for so it doesn't happen to you. roe: online seesm to be the fastest way to meet people but may also be the fastest way to get scammed-- i spoke with a woman who caught the phony right away-- and is offering her story to help prevent it from happening to you(vo)mary rogers miller signed up for an online matching site-- right away it seemed the perfect man had contacted her-- a man who was her age, lived nearby, an engineer--she knew it was fake but wanted to catch him-- he promised her love--a life. (sot)"it was creepy. it was
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romance novel."but after only about 3 weeks of woo-ing her -he told her he had a project overseas and needed emergency cash-- he asked her to wire 400 dollars--it was the typical romance scam.--but don't let it happen to you-- experts say the person creates a fake profile, researches your preferences and continues to flatter you then ask for money and personal information. roe: luckily this woman knew and didn't give any-- but it's a cautionary tale to be careful online with valentine's day right around tha corner. ahead at seven... seven...changing lives for the better.i'll show you a local program that's helping kids from all over the world, hear. and bundle up! steve shows us just how cold it will get in
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you're watching 9 on your side at 7! ash wednesday marks the beginning of the lenten season... which is a time of reflection, fasting and repentence for catholics also marks 46 days until easter sunday. the day is traditionally celebrated through mass. one of the most recognizable traditions is the ash cross that's drawn on worshippers symbolizes that god created man from ash, and once we die, man returns to ash. other religions mark ash wednesday as well-- some churches adding their own, unique spin. pastor paulette wittenbrink// hyde park bethlehem united methodist church"as united methodist we believe that we're not just inside the
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the whole community is who we minister to be being visible and offering the grace of god to people." people."for a look at the wide variety of services held in the tristate today- head to our homepage at "a miracle factory."that's how my former colleague, dennis jansen, once described a local educational program called 'ohio valley voices.'if you don't know someone who's deaf, it's possible you've never heard of it. but wait until you see the enormous difference it's making in kids's lives. nat -- 14 03 15 28 so where you guys going? we're going exhange of words. nat -- 14 23 20 53 laughs on playgrounda good laugh. this so-called normal interaction among kids like liesl mcgrath.. was once thought impossible.nat -- 14 25 10 31 hii (says it tto camera on playground- so cute)lieslwas born deaf.molly mcgrath, liesl's mom says: 13:55:16:00 it was crushing, ya know. we had all these plans. we were so excited about our first little the time, mom, molly mcgrath, didn't realize that advancements in technology like cochlear implants would one day allow liesl to communicate like any
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25 17 36 that camera is a really big camera. it is a big camera molly mcgrath, liesl's mom says: 13:55:26:00 we thought she's not going to hear us sing to her, we love music, she's not going to hear musical these different things. 13 55 39 00 honestly up until she started to talk it was just all this anticipation of nervousness of what could happen. we just didnt knowenter ohio valley voices. one of the few schools in the country that specializes in helping kids with hearing aids and cochlear implants reach their full potential. maria sentelik, executive director at ohio valley voices says: 14 29 31 31 we're unique in the way we are able to teach deaf children to talk, we do it in a quick time and our outcomes are some of the best in the country so people seek us out. and kids, like liesl, who're fitted with cochlear implants before the age of 3 are 80- percent more likely to succeed here. nat 14 09 53 10 so what does the cochlear implant do for you? they help me hear. watch as maria shows us just how big of a difference the implants make. maria: 14:10:46:50 we'll take that off here. the signals are being sent. theyre sent here up this wire. theres a maggent and there a magnet implanted behind it and so electromagnetically the signal is being sent to the brain and the brain is interpreting it as sound. when i take it off she can do nothing. you heard me ask her how old she was. she as able to tell me. now watch this. do you have any brothers or sisters at home. she cant hear me at all. now watch this. this is the magic. do you have any brothers or
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two baby sisters.14 11 21 41 o-v-v has helped liesl to fully grasp sound, speech, communication - and-- even interests-- on an age appropriate level. 14 12 30 55 whats your favorte activity school has graduated an impressive 130 students-and year of 56 kids from 7 different countries. maria: 14 29 57 46 the whole goal is to teach them enough and how to go out and be who they're requires a lot of intense needs are. specialized educational needs a kid..nat 14 25 55 02 "line up liesl"is just part of what has thrust ovv into the international spotlight.. and given parents like molly.. a new perspective. nat 14 22 41 52 byeee i love you. mwah bye 01 42 15 it will be ok. even though it seems impossible now, in the beginning, it can be okmaria: 14 32 27 00 we can change everything for these little human beings. and isnt that what were supposed to be doing"? ohio valley voices is pretty expensive.. but no one is turned away due to financial hardships. o-v-v offers
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families like the mcgraths... and that is made possible in part thanks to an annual fundraiser.this year's gala is being held saturday, february 27th at the cooper creek event center. i'll be out there emceeing the event.. and i hope you can join us for cocktails, dinner, dancing and a great night out. you can buy tickets now by logging onto ohio valley voices dot org. i posted a link on my facebook
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7...alligator apology.what the man who tossed an alligator into a wendy's is saying
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a heavily intoxicated man forces a san diego bound plane to make an emergency landing. the alaska airlines flight took off from boston last night.the airline says the man got out of his seat and began verbally abusing crew members and others on board.flight attendants asked the man to sit down several times.and when he didn't - the pilots decided to land in denver. the man was taken off the plane... and into police custody. the family of reality star kristin cavallari is learning just how her brother died.the medical examiner says michael cavallari's cause of death is
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found on december 10-th in the utah desert.the search began in late november after his car was found on the side of a highway.a week earlier -- michael cavallari was arrested for drunk driving in orange county, california. caught on camera!a california gas station awning falls to the ground. ground.a man was pumping gas when it happened near los angeles.he was taken to the hospital.a security camera across the street records the whole thing.workers were cleaning the roof when it happened! the south florida prankster who jokingly threw an alligator into a wendy's drive-thru is apologizing. apologizing.joshua james was arrested this week for the stunt that happened back in october.this picture of the alligator went viral online. james is now speaking out about why he did it... after making his first court appearance.
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at him through the drive-thru window. i'm sorry for what i did, i mean, you know, just being stupid, not thinking and obviously i found out what the consequences were."> were.">james is out of jail on six thousand dollars bond.a judge is ordering him not to have any contact with any other animal besides his mom's dog. harry potter fans are rejoicing tonight on news of an eight book in the works! works!a new installment of the series will come out at the end of july!but it's not going to be a traditional's actually the script for the two-part play -- "harry potter and the cursed child" -- opening this summer in london.
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this wednesday.updates on all the day's top stories
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