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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 12, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EST

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describing for us tonight.only 9 on your side's john genovese spoke with her. her.he joins us live from the hamilton county justice center with more. john. 29-year-old 'jerome brown' is staying here tonight -he's now facing charges for aggravated arson and burglary. that woman says she was trying to move forward-and in the moment didn't think she'd make it out alive 02:04:27"he was saying 'b i'm gonna kill you'"a threat beginning by the front porch- then making its way inside 02:10:21"once he busted out the second panel this is the window that he dove through" early sunday morning - brandy chivers says she froze 02:06:59 "i think my heart fell to knees because i couldn't believe he was here at my house - couldn't believe he found me" telling us her ex-boyfriend 'jerome brown' the 'price hill' apartment she'd been living at for less than 2 weeks 02:04:52"i tried to run out my front door - i didn't make it, i was already in - that's when he grabbed me and drug me into my room."
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wall-02:07:28"i said i'm gonna die. tonight is the night that this man kills me." she says brown grabbed a hammer continuing his rampage 02:05:20"i finally got out - while he was in the living room i ran out of my house up the street"turning around-- brandy saw her kitchen up in flames 02:12:04"he put my clothes on the front two burners and had em up high." the room so hot -- the blinds were melting. in court -- brown's attorney maintained his client's innocence. but brandy says -- she can finally sleep. now -- sharing this message02:09:19"i don't care if it's verbal, physical, mental - it's abuse. and no woman deserves it because this is what could happen and you might not make it." tonight -- brown's being held here on 600-thousand-dollars bond. if you or someone you know is trying to escape an abusive relationship --police say the best thing to do ask for a temporary protection
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breaking at 11 in columbus, ohio.. police kill a man after they say he attacked people with a machette. the man cut several people in a resturant near easton before he was stopped. at least one of the victims is in critical condition. nine on your side will watch this overnight for you... and we'll have new information on good morning tri-state. also breaking at 11.. a deal for a cease-fire in syria. secretary of state john kerry.. and leaders from russia and other countries annouced the agreement just hours ago in munich. it calls for all sides to stop fighting next week.. and for humanitarian aid to begin moving into war-torn areas immediately. but.. russia says its air strikes will continue against terrorist groups.some of those groups are allies of the united states. for the third time in just days... a person is arrested.. accused of threatening to kill students at a tri-state school. nine on your side's ashley zilka is covering this for us tonight. ashley. an 18 year old man is in
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say he threatened students and staff here at altercrest in anderson township. in the past week alone- the tri-state area has seen several cases like this one. take a look at this man. police say 18 year old jaylin bankhead threatened to bring a gun here to the altercrest campus at saint joseph orphanage and shoot people. according to court papers, the incident happened on wednesday. the altercrest campus provides students grades 6th through 12th with mental health services and other educational support.just last week- police say a student at the university of cincinnati blue ash campus threatened his tutor and said he could shoot the place up.and this week in middletown- a 15 year old student was charged with a second degree felony after school officials said he wrote a racist note that threatened the death of fellow students. the student intended to carry out that threat today.back here at altercrest- bankhead is now facing an aggravated menacing charge..which is a misdemeanor. bankhead will face a judge tomorrow morning at 9 am. it is not clear if he is a student at altercrest. we reached out to the school
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were closed. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. winter isn't done with us yet. nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is here to help you prepare for the morning. steve. partly cloudy skies will give way to snow showers by tomorrow afternoon, and arctic air rolls in for the weekend. in the meantime, temps will fall back into the teens this evening and remain nearly steady heading into the
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on the heels of the new hampshire presidential primary democratic winner bernie sanders met for a debate against former secretary of state hillary clinton in milwaukee, wisconsin. the debate was hosted by p-b-s newshour. the issues of health care and education topped the debate. after the american people bailed wall street yes they should pay a wall street speculation tax so we can make public colleges and universities tuition free, we
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time to help the middle class. senator sanders really rests making sure governors like scott walker contribute 23 billion dollars on the first day to make college free...i'm a little sceptacle about your governor caring enough about higher education to make any type of committment like that. that. one topic discussed tonight - the issue of race and race relations across the country. in addition, improving the relationship between police and the communities they serve. we're going to enforce the law we're going to change policing practices we're going to change incarceration practices, but we're going to also emphasize education jobs and housing. we've got to demilitarize local police departments so they don't look like occupying armies. we;ve got to make sure the local police departments look like the communities they serve in their diversity. straight were the candidates with you tonight?
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with the award winning people at "politifact" to double-check their remarks for accuracy. hillary clinton first criticized bernie sanders over health care -- saying the numbers of his plan don't add up and he would expand the government by 40-percent. sanders responded by pointing to the one thing millions of americans of paying are big bucks for... we pay by far the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. one out of five americans can't even afford the prescriptions their doctors are writing. writing. our panel of fact-checkers say sanders is "mostly true." prices of prescription drugs in america vary widely, but largely cost more than in other countries. the difference in cost can be as much as 395-dollars, reports show. we found only one study that showed the u-s on par with canada when it came to generic drugs... the profit margins however are much lower compared to name-brand medications. hillary clinton also tackled the economy in her opening statement. take a listen to how she characterized.. what is frustrating working americans. i know a lot of americans are
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for good cause. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. there aren't enough good paying jobs, especially for young people peopleour team of politifact experts determined clinton to be "mostly true." she is right is you look at the median household income and adjust for inflation. reports show it's actually dropped seven- percent over the last 15- years. however, the earnings of wage and salary workers the same period. and these are not the only fact-checks of tonight's debate. our politifact team will be working long into the night - reviewing statements from other candidates. we will post all our "truth ratings" on wcpo dot com and tell you what we found out tomorrow morning, on good morning tri-state. tonight at 11.. police say everyone is a suspect in the murder of middletown mother brittany russell. she leaves behind a six month old.. and a nine year old daughter. nine on your sides evan millward has more from one of
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dayton police are hoping what they find on her phone will lead them to why she left home here in middletown -- to drive to an apartment parking lot in dayton.and to who was there when she was shot multiple times. jody sheeks (whio)/russell's neighbor i can envision her in my mind, walking and talking, things like that. neighbors become like friends. it was that way with jody and franklin sheeks and brittany russell.franklin sheeks (whio)/neighbor just heartbreaking, a lot of stuff like this happens all the time and no one want to do anything about it. it tears me up right now, wipes tear. thursday - a management company was cleaning out russell's former home. we're told she hadn't lived there for a while - evicted. jody she's just had a bad run of it recently she used to take care of her children and everything else and i haven't seen her in a long time from what i can understand like what chris said she was on drugs and things like that." hit a bad spot - family friends told
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the mom just shy of thirty - described as overjoyed when she got to visit her youngest daughter. her photos show a huge bengals fan - with a huge smile. dayton police taking tips now - but still no luck - lt. andrew booher/dayton police department "right now we are vetting what information we do have and we want to get the word out to as many people as possible to keep filtering information into us but it's not clear why she took little haven edwards to dayton - - even sending texts promising she'd bring her home. a violent death - hard to believe. even harder not knowing who pulled the trigger.jody (whio) it's really upsetting to me, . dayton police won't say for sure yet if russell was in town to buy drugs - both her father and the little girl's dad alluded to that yesterday. police also won't say what the motive might be in her killing. live in middletown, em, 9oys.
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say that was one man's plan.. caught on video. the victim's first action when she discovered her car was tampered with. also ahead. "your're going to come out with your hands up. no we're note notea dramatic end to a stand-off with federal agents. and... the last man to surrender is from the tri- state. did you know there is a tax on the internet in ohio?how that tax got on the books... and the steps being taken right now to get rid of it. why can it be so hard to eat healthy?a new report says it may have nothing to do with money. the finding that could help you to a better diet. tomorrow morning it's valentine's day the good morning tri-state way. we're gonna help you save money while supporting local businesses at the same time. wake up with us tomorrow
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 police say he tried to kill his ex-girlfriend by cutting the brake lines in her car. and it was caught on surveillence video. officers near west palm beach say these pictures show pierre johnson cutting the lines. you can see the car light come on when he opens the door. the next morning.. the woman got into the car with her god son to take him to the bus stop.when the brakes felt funny.. she put the car into park.. and discovered a pool of brake fluid under the car. a stand-off between the f-b-i and protesters in oregon ends... with the last hold-out being a man from the tri-state. a group of men seized a wildlife refuge more than a
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today to get the final four protesters to give up played out over a telephone line. three gave up this morning.but david fry of blanchester wouldn't budge. unless my greivances are heard, i will not come out! krisanne hall, activist: david, it's harder to live for liberty than it is to die for it. don't be a coward like that.david: you have no right to call me a coward. coward.fry's list of grievances ranged from taxation to needing marijuana. eventually.. activist krisanne hall convinced fry to give up. the ban on taxing access to the internet is just a step away from becoming permanent. congress passed the law years ago. but it had to be renewed from time to time. the new bill removes the expiration date. its now on its way to the white house for president obama's signature. ohio's internet access tax was grandfathered in to the current law. but now.. if the law is signed.. that will have to be phased out by the summer of 2020. it looks like kroger wants to
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reports tonight say kroger has put in a bid on to buy the company.other companies are also making offers. kroger is not commenting on the reports. one of the most popular vacations for families in our area is orlando. but now... it's going to cost you more to visit the wizarding world of harry potter. potter.universal has just raised the price of a ticket to its theme park from 102 to 105 dollars a day.even worse, to ride the hogwarts express, you need a multi park ticket...and that goes up from 147 to 155 dollars a day. without a 2 park ticket, you can't leave platform 9 and 3/4. you may soon have another option when you want to grab a quick bite at c-v-g.. food trucks. the people who run the airport are looking at changing some rules so the trucks could do business there. they say the trucks would give travelers and airport employees more food options. right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app... why food
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from the airport..and why executives say things have changed. weather summary: skies will be mostly cloudy on friday, and we'll see another chance for light snow. a fast- moving clipper system will swing through the ohio valley, bringing .5 to 1" of snow max. afternoon highs will reach into the mid to upper 20s.the weekend will be downright frigid! we could see wind chills below zero on saturday and sunday morning. and each afternoon will be very cold, with a high of 19 on saturday and 22 on sunday. along with the cold, we also need to talk about minor snow chances. northwest winds could bring in
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on saturday, but any accumulating snow would be minor and very isolated. this
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tonight in healthy living... why don't more people eat healthier?we all know the foods we should eat more of.. and those we should avoid. turns out.. the problem isn't cost.. or taste. its time. a new report says many people say they are "too busy" to prepare healthy food... and reach for something that is convienient instead.
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adults.... some who could afford healthy food and some who could not. the researchers found that-regardless of wealth-being "too busy" to prepare healthy food was a significant factor in failing to eat well. a u-s olympic committee is bringing in two experts to advise athletes ahead of the olympic games in rio de janeiro. this comes after soccer star *hope solo* said she would not attend the games if they were held today - because of her concerns about the zika virus. the c-d-c says it found genetic material of the virus in the brains of two infants who died. it's the strongest evidence yet - of a connection between the virus and birth defects. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. what is the most important lesson to be learned when you're the guest speaker in cincinnati.....we'll find out. out.and a former all pro linebacker says what vontaze burfict needs to do
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good evening everyone....col lege basketball on a thursday night...not a whole lot but one very nice game in the big ten. ten.that's when number four ranked iowa pulled into bloomington indiana....and the hawkeyes erased a halftime lead and went ahead in the second half-but just as quickly, indiana did a good job in moving the ball inside.....and they kept attacking the basket.-another night of college ball..another highly ranked team falls..indiana with the win tonight by seven. horizon league action..northe rn kentucky was at valparaiso.. tyler white gets
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but ya have play some defense...nobody put a body in front of shane hamnick and he throws down the one hander- northern found itsef in a hole....still down by six when todd johnson buries a long three.-they never got all the way back...valpo by 12 over the norse tonight. seems like there's no way out for vontaze burfict...he has to find it himself. he sat down with nfl commissioner roger goodell to address his continuing problems on the field and how they can be rectified.he's been handed a three game suspension for his playoff hit on the steelers antonio brown and that suspension has been upheld. he's losing time, money and his reputation steadily. tonight was the 32nd annual st xavier high school hall of fame dinner..and the featured speaker was a former linebacker...a real good one in chris says
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another great class of bomber hall of famers..matt williams who starred in football and basketball-ed re-go..a terrific soccer player when st x won state in 1983-bill slinger, who coached baseball for 34 years-and a sensational swimmer max leassner were all honored tonight. and one last note about these hall of fame dinners...stags have to know your audience. chris spielman found that out tonight. tonight. finally...check out the blimp view of pebble beach of golf's most glamorous events. justin rose among the best scorers...he's six under par.....his playing partner justin timberlake enjoyed the
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9 on your side continues in a moment and now beacon's corner, insight into sports
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this thursday. thursday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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because of greed. abc's ron claiborne has more. >> reporter: it began with a fiery explosion. flames engulfing three apartment buildings. and in just a few hours, all of it gone. two lives lost, dozens displaced. the building's owner, her son and two contractors were arrested and charged with manslaughter. accused of tampering with gas lines in their rush to rent apartments for up to $6,000 a month. >> when greed guides the decisions and respect for human
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result. >> reporter: nearly one year later, the two people who died are still remembered here at the site. prosecutors say the contractors illegally jury-rigged the gas lines twice. hoses, shown in this photo, to supply gas to the apartments above. and later, allegedly tapping tapping into the gas lines of the neighboring building and hiding it all from inspect persons they say the day of the deadly fire, the owner's son and the lead contractor went to investigate the odor of gas in the basement. >> they smelled the gas and then they sprinted out of the in the restaurant. ignited. and the motive for allegedly tampering with those gas lineses? prosecutors say the building had already failed one inspection and that the owner wanted to get those renters into the building as soon as possible and not wait months for the next inspection. all four of those suspects charged with manslaughter pleaded not guilty in court. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. southern california families


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