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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  February 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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prepare for dangerously cold temps this holiday weekend. plus a chance for snow tonight. a full breakdown of your 9 first warning forecast straight ahead. an elderly woman is dead.. nearly two months after a complaint was filed against her caregiver. could it have been prevented? president bill clinton arrives in the queen city.. stumping for hillary. what he says voters need to know before heading to the polls. this is 9 on your side at seven. now at seven... it's a cold night across the tri-state.and temperatures will fall through the night.
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9 first warning forecast with
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9 on your side is following breaking news.police are interviewing a person of interest in the murder of a middletown mother who found dead in dayton wednesday. brittany russell was found shot to death in her car-- less than 24 hours after she went missing.police say she did not have custody of her six month old-- but took the baby from the fathers home tuesday and vanished. police say the baby was also found in the car-- unharmed.we're working to bring you any new information about this person of interest. we'll have any updates tonight at 11. a middletown woman at the center of an elderly neglect
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tonight.. a day later.. no one's been charged.9 on your side's ashley zilka has the frustrating accounts of those who loved her. barb tuggle's friends say besides being a little tired, she could go out, drive and acted like any typical 74 year old. but in the beginning of december, things drastically changed.packagethis is what barb tuggle looked like to those she loved.09:23 she was barb. she was spunky. but this is what vicki martin saw when she came to the hospital in december.02:29 i have never seen anything like that. it reminded me of pictures of the holocaust victims. 37according to a police report, tuggle arrived with "extreme sores and extreme malnutrition." she also had swelling and other injuries on her face and the back of her head. martin says when she saw her friend she couldn't stop crying.02:47 it looked like somebody had just taken a knife and sliced it all the way down because she had open wounds all the way down on the right side. 53 police say someone else was living in the home with
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old got to the hospital, she was put in protective custody. martin says tuggle told her she fell in her home on highland street and her caregiver did nothing about it for weeksinstead she just laid on the floor.03:03 to think my friend went through that and there was someone there to take care of her that's what really bothers me. the butler county coroner's office says they are waiting on autopsy results. as of now, middletown police have not charged anyone in this case. 18:26 if nothing comes of this and nothing is said or done, if people would just, if there is someone in their home or in their family that's older or maybe living alone with one other person, check on them, call on them, go see them. 41 ashley/livetuggle had been caring for five cats and two dogs. joseph's legacy, an animal rescue, group says the cats animals were locked in the garage with no food or water. ashley zilka, 9 on your side.
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killed by a former u-c police officer is filing a federal lawsuit. sam dubose's family accuses ray tensing of using excessive force in the july 20-15 death. dubose was shot during a traffic stop near campus. tensing is facing murder charges - and will stand trial in october.the newly filed lawsuit says it is up to a jury to decide how much money the dubose family should receive. the dubose family settled with the university of cincinnati last month for nearly five million dollars. a butler county woman, just back from south america, is diagnosed with the zika virus. according to the ohio department of health -- there are now four people in the state with the virus. zika is usually transmitted by mosquito bite - it can also be spread by sexual contact with an infected the u-s -- there are a total of 52 travel-related zika cases in 16 states. cincinnati police are questioning a 13 year old boy tonight after they say he stole a taxi and led police on a short chase on the city's
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westwood with the latest on the investigation. ((pkg))t.j.: police are talking to that teenager tonight- and right now- trying to figure out if he was involved in another car theft, yesterday police tell 9 on your side- the teen- stole a taxi at gunpoint at *this* shell gas station at mchenry and harrison street. the driver wasn't hurt. police found him- less than 20 minutes later- and were led on a small chase. after hitting a couple of cars and getting a flat tire on this black townecar- police eventually caught up to him. sgt. tom coombs: "50:41 the juvenile who was also suspected of taking the car was arrested at the scene" t.j.: police found the suspected gun inside the car- it turned out to be a pellet gun. police are still investigating. in westwood, t.j. parker, 9 on your side." she's a changemaker who can unite the country.with those words, bill clinton came to clifton this afternoon to campaign and help make his wife the first female u.s. president. more from nine on your side's tom mckee.
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into a third floor auditorium here at the clifton cultural arts center to hear two-term president bill clinton say his wife, hillary, should be the next u.s. president."clinton's voice was hoarse, but he kept the crowd's attention calling his wife changemaker, especially on proposing increased treatment for the heroin and opiate epidemic. epidemic. "she said this is one thing we can do in a biparsian way because this thing is tearing the heart out of small town and rural american not just cities and so it has become an equal opportunity killer. it's dropping republicans and democrats alike." alike."while some may point out examples of bad policing, said what happened in san bernadino during a mass shooting is just the opposite. opposite. "they didn't care what the race, the religion, the age, the you name it of anybody. they just went in there and tried to save people from madness. it reminds of what we can be at our best when we don't look at our differences and we see our common humanity. that's the kind of world hillary wants us to live in."
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audience may have been eight year old ben hartong.he says he studies presidents, wanted to see one in person and has high hopes he'll be one too. too. "i'm going to grow up to go to harvard and then i'm maybe going to be a police officer or a doctor and then i'll be the president." president.""we can expect many more visits from both republicans and democrats as we get closer to the ohio primary on march 15th. tom mckee, nine on your side, clifton." next at seven...coming to a kroger near you the life saving treatment for a heroin much it will cost.... ahead.
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tonight -- we know it was a burlington man -- who died after hitting a semi in pendleton county. county.chopper nine -- the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first -- had an exclusive view of the scene on kentucky 17.police say david erskine's car hit a semi -- then a tree before catching fire.people nearby tried rescuing erskine -- but the flames were too intense. tonight -- we still don't know what caused the driver to cross the center line and hit that semi. coming up next... saying 'i do' on the radio!the special tristate wedding for a dozen couples. and brace yourself... it's going to get colder than it is right now.the weekend forecast
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a dozen couples kicked off valentines day weekend by getting hitched.but this was no ordinary wedding. warm 98's bob and marianne hosted their second annual valentines wedding and invited couples from all over the tri-state. music 15 46 39 00 15 44 36 00 we're looking forward to valentines day and our anniversary and everything else. and what better way to celebrate than a valentines wedding? 15 48 16 29 some of you are about to exchange rings for the first timea big moment for these couples.. some of whom told warm 98's bob and marianne they did it on a whim.. others were surprised to learn they were nominated by friends. 15 40 46 00 without yuor permission? are you serious? totally caught us off guardbut for ann and marvin hott, the exchanging of vows at today's ceremony was a renewal of
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lawful wedded wife. to be my lawful wedded wifea second time around.. 30 years later. marvin says it was a life changing event that brought them out today. he suffered three strokes in september 2012. 16 01 08 57 it caused me to lose 56 years of memory basically 16 01 18 03 and i didn't know anything. i didnt know who my wife was or my children. 16 01 39 29 well, when i told him we were married for 30 years in the hospital, he shurnk up his nose a little and i said well, fyi, i used to be a swimsuit model a swimsuit model for sports illustrated. not really, but it was funthey're able to laugh about it now-- while they work to rebuild their relationship on a foundation of new memories like this one. 16 02 05 03 for me its surreal because i can look at piuctures and try to remember what our first wedding was like and theres nothing there. but now i can look back on this and gives us a light side and its something
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there for me the whole time.15 51 49 44 you may kiss the bride-- clapping.. warm 98 provided the cake, photographers, the venue and giveaways for the newlyweds. the event was held this
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this valentine's day weekend... wcpo dot com might just be the place to meet some of cincinnati's most eligible bachelors.guys like cincinnati reds pitcher michael lorenzen make up the list.. you'll also find ceos, businessmen, and entrepeneurs. our digital team designed it as a play on the popular dating site tinder.. and pulled information used in past stories to create profiles. you can find it on the home page of wcpo dot com. 9 on your side at seven is back with a look at the first
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a catholic tradition happening now. friday fish fries are taking place at dozens of parishes around the tri-state. 9 on your side's john genovese stopped by one in burlington to take a look at how things are going. john.
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on around town - but 1 thing that makes this one unique - the drive-thru. check this out. the cars roll up -they get their order taken - and then some of these kids will start making their way down to get the food. they have a second table set up right down here. they got fried fish - baked fish - shrimp - crab cakes - all the goodies ready to go. so the kids come down here through the double doors. a little bit of a journey - but its all worth it in the end. get through here - and check this out - a second table set up - they grab the food - its out to the cars in under 2 minutes. full service - drive thru, carry out, and dine in. they even have a special sandwich here called the tommy boy - its basically a grilled cheese with a piece of fried fish in the middle. we talked with one of the guys here who's been doing this 19 years about the preparations that go into making this work. ((mike whitlock / coordinator :49 - 1:07))"our delivery thawing process - we hand bread our fish. we're out here for a couple hours on monday and then thursday we're making the coleslaw, sides, the macroni and cheese and making
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out. we get things ready and then we start at 2-15 friday" (john)alright - so we showed you the first phase - this is the second. the girls run up the stairs with that food - bringing it out to hungry customers waiting right now. when it's all said and done around 12-hundred pieces of fish served here every friday night. they're taking the food out to those very happy customers. in burlington, john
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this friday.updates on all the day's top stories right
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. the list starts now. >> beaccumlation


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