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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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- arctic air will start off your weekend ... and i'm also tracking this front and the accumulating snow it brings. sot) "he put the gun to the front of my head right here and said get out of the car." forced from her cab and her livelihood at gunpoint. a 13 year old arrested. tonight this victim speaks only to 9 on your side.she bears the scars from columbine... (sot) "i don't have anger... i have questions." from tragedy... to service... the life she's rebuilt.9 on your side at 11 starts now tonight on 11 at 11.... carjacked by a 13 year old... staring down the barrel of a gun. now.. that cab driver is talking only to nine on your side. he said get out of the car - get out of the car - i said sir - i can't - i'm paralyzed" we'll have more on that in a moment.first.. the bitter cold tomorrow. for that.. we go to
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meteorologist steve raleigh. steve. the weekend begins with another round of arctic cold air. the front that is triggering the snow now will unleash winds from the north that will push our temperatures into the single digits on saturday morning. but once you add in the wind, it will feel more like -50 to
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new at 11... a cab driver carjacked at gunpoint. a 13 year old is now under arrest. now.. that cabbie is talking only with nine on your side about her terrifing experience. our john genovese joins us live at the shell gas station in westwood where this all began. john. that driver is still shaking tonight--and with her car gone -- she doesn't know how she'll get by. she says her passengers asked her to briefly stop at this gas station--and moments later -- that teen walked up... and took advantage 02:32;19"as soon as i hit the unlock button he grabbed the drivers door, opened it up pulled the gun out of his waistbelt" christine
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off and on for 16 years02:33:00 "he said get out of the car - get out of the car - i said sir - i can't"she has trouble with her knees--telling us she's been robbed before... but never like this 02:33:09"i said my walkers in the trunk - he said pop the trunk - so i hit the button and he held the gun out while he went and got my walker and put the walker up - and i was trying to get out and i wasn't getting out fast enough so he yanked my arm real hard - he hurt my arm pretty good"police say that's when the 13-year-old car thief hopped behind the wheel. armed with a pellet gun that looked like the real thing 02:37:43 "i could not tell the difference at all - i was very up close and personal - i couldn't tell at all" minutes later -- investigators tell us they spotted the stolen taxi. the teen -- leading them on a chase before hitting a wall and wrecking the ride in north fairmount 02:33:52"i just couldn't believe it - he just looked like a young, very nice suburban kid" christine says her taxi paid the bills02:35:23
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should've asked for it - he didn't need to do this"with a career dependant on moving forward--she doesn't know what to do 02:34:18"now i have no job - no way to support my kids - no way to pay my rent - nothing. i'm screwed" by the way -- those passengers were among the people calling 911. that boy is being held by police tonight--and they believe he carjacked someone else yesterday. as for christine -- she says despite what happened -- she wants to get back on the road as soon as possible. john genovese 9oys now at 11.. we're closely watching developing news in the murder of a middletown mother found dead in dayton wednesday. police have questioned a person of interest in brittany russell's death. he's now being held on unrelated charges in the montgomery county jail. she was found shot to death in her car... her six month old in the backseat..but unharmed. russell did not have custody of her baby.she vanished after taking the child from the dad's home tuesday. we'll bring you any new developments
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a-m. now at 11.. a federal lawsuit in a deadly shooting by a former u-c police officer. ray tensing killed samuel dubose last july during a traffic stop in mount auburn. the lawsuit accuses tensing of using excessive force... wrongful death.. and assault. the suit says it will up to a jury to decide how much money the dubose family should receive. zika virus is now in the tri- state.ohio - reporting four cases.indiana - one.tonight we sent nine on your side's evan millward looking for what a local case means once it warms up. tonight we know one of those four cases is in butler county. the others are near columbus and cleveland. for the time being... doctors say you don't need to be worried. dr. justin coomes/mercy health fairfield emergency medical director 022543 right now, there is very little risk of this transmitting to anybody else in our county. mosquitoes aren't around and they're not spreading.what *is spreading is a series of questions. doctors have patients
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will happen? what about my kids?coomes 022536 i think it's important to pace that concern with the amount of danger it poses.the ohio department of health friday announcing a 56-year-old butler county woman has zika - - she's the state's third confirmed case.and she'd just come back from guyana.mercy fairfield emergency medical director justin coomes -coomes 022612 for now, i would say we need to be watchful and wait and see where this happens and when, if this spreads we look again at what we need to do in our area.80 percent of people who get zika - don't ever show symptoms.but what happens when the arctic cold ends - a mosquito could bite someone with the virus... and pass it to you. coomes 022019 - people can typically take care of this, their bodies take care of this on their own like most viruses. like i said, symptoms usually only last up to seven days. but.. pregnant women - are discouraged from traveling to areas where the virus is being transmitted.. because it can cause birth defects.
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snagged this map from the c-d-c for you and posted it to my facebook can see - all the areas affected are in south america. work is underway on a zika virus vaccine. but one that is safe and effective is more than a year away. in the meantime.. the hoxworth blood center is asking people who travel to areas affected by zika to wait at least 30 days after they've returned home before donating blood. now at 11... a 74 year old woman neglected for weeks... has died. there is now an investigation into how this abuse happened. 9 on your side's ashley zilka says police have not charged anyone... but those closest to the family say there's more to the story. right now- no one officially knows why barb tuggle died. but her friends say she was an active 74 year old until december when they couldn't reach her for nearly two weeks.
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tuggle as a spunky woman with a sense of humor. 09:31 she was tough nut to crack!but vicki martin says in the blink of an eye, everything changed. her friend went into the hospital in december recovered.02:29 i have never seen anything like that. it reminded me of pictures of the holocaust victims. 37according to this police report- tuggle arrived with "extreme sores and extreme malnutrition." 02:47 it looked like somebody had just taken a knife and sliced it all the way down because she had open wounds all the way down on the right side. 53police say someone else was living in the home with tuggle year old got to the hospital, she was put in protective custody. martin says tuggle told her she fell and laid on the floor for weeks.03:03 to think my friend went through that and there was someone there to take care of her that's what really bothers me. the butler county coroner's office says it is waiting on results from the autopsy. as of now, middletown police have
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case. martin says no matter the outcome- she hopes tuggle's story helps other families.18:39 check on them, call on them, go see them 19:05 that's what i tried to do for barb. tried to be there for her. 10ashley/tagtuggle had been caring for five cats and two dogs. joseph's legacy, an animal rescue group, says the cats were locked in the garage with no food or water. ashley zilka, 9 on your side. in democracy 20-16... president bill clinton spent his day in the tri-state to stump for his wife. clinton saying she will look for ways to unite people if she's elected. elected. clinton spoke to 500 supporters at the clifton cultural arts center. he said hillary clinton would create jobs and restore the middle class...and expand treatment for heroin addicts. as first lady, u-s senator and secretary of state, she has -- in his view -- the experience to do the job.
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it better or you don't. people are either better when you quit than when you came or they aren't. children have a brighter future or they don't. we're coming together or we're not. that is all that matters. so, don't let up, bear down and elect the best changemaker i have ever known." known." earlier today, clinton spoke to a fund raising luncheon downtown at the contemporary arts center. the bitter fight among republicans for the white house is growing even more intense. donald trump tweeted he might sue ted cruz because cruz was born in canada. that.. as cruz is attacking trump in t-v ads in south carolina...reaturing a woman trump tried to force to sell her home. vera coking's home was all she had left, but it stood in donald trump's way.. way..the ad doesn't mention the woman did not end up losing her house. that will be the climate tomorrow when
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tomorrow night in a debate in south carolina. a columbine massacre survivor talks about her feelings after all these years. years."i dont' have anger, i have questions" questions"she will always have the scars from that terrible day. how the murders are now helping others get through tough times. a water main break.. a house damaged.. and coverage denied. the county prosecutor now looking into whether that's really fair. a cell phone network that can download an entire movie in seconds. not minutes. seconds. the technology is here, now. the plans for it to power your cell phone. turns out a messy kitchen can affect your health. and it has nothing to do with cleaniness. the unexpected side effect, coming up. thank you for spending your friday night with us - you're watching nine on your side at
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 welcome back. just before nine on our side tonight we heard from sue kleboldthe mother of columbine killer dylan klebold. its the first time she's talked publiclly about the massacre that left 12 students dead... plus her son and his accomplice in the killings... eric harris. kacey ruegsegger was at the library in columbine high school when the shooting began. she still has the scars from that day. she spent weeks in the hospital.. and years recovering. her experience inspired her to become a registered nurse. but even after 17 years... there are some questions that persist. i dont' have anger, i have questions, like, i would love to sit with either of their parents, and just ask, you know as a parent myself now, what did you see, like, do you feel like you missed
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ruegsegger says her columine experience has helped her in her nursing.. she uses it to inspire patients who are having a hard time.. as an example that people can move past tragedy to better things. a double shooting at a school in glendale, arizonia is now being called a murder- sucide. two 15 year old girls are dead. the shooting took place just outside the cafeteria as the school day was beginning. officers found a suicide note near the shooting scene. the butler county prosecutor is now looking at whether a family should be covered by the county after a water main broke. the break late last month caused extensive damage to doug mulcock's house at kyles station and yankee roads. more than a half- million gallons of water poured out before the break was fixed.the county authority that pays for damage in cases like this denied mulcock's the county commission has asked
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at whether mulcock should be reimbursed for the damages. hamilton hopes a pop-up park will drive folks to downtown businesses...and tonight they're getting help to make it happen. happen.this lot at the corner of second and high streets will be turned into a "pocket park".urban design firm "m-k-s-k" says it will do the work for free.the city's also received donations for some amenities -- like a ping-pong table and giant chess set. we've learned tonight that big computer outage at the i- r-s this month was caused by not one computer failure.. but two. the outage stopped tax processing for more than a day. turns out a computer voltage regulator failed.. then the replacement for that part failed. finally.. another replacement worked and processing resumed. a cell phone network up to 100 times faster than the one you're on now. that's what a- t-and-t is promising with its
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increases security for on-line shopping. the new technology will take years to install. you'll probably start seeing it in the year 2020. it's unavoidable. when you're the pope, the type of hat you wear is kind of a big deal. deal. today... pope francis doffed his skull cap for something with a little more pizzazz -- a sombrero. the pope put on the hat briefly... as his plane left cuba... for mexico. the moment created some laughs and a lot of smiles. the pope's stop in cuba included a meeting with russian orthodox patriarch kirill.the orthodox and catholic traditions split nearly one-thousand years ago
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weather summary: the weekend begins with another round of arctic cold air. the front that is triggering the snow now will unleash winds from the north that will push our temperatures into the single digits on saturday morning. but once you add in the wind, it will feel more like -50 to - 100skies will be partly cloudy on saturday with a highs only in the teens, but will feel like single digits all day. lows on sunday drop to 5 and highs increase to th low 20s in the afternoon hours. skies will be mostly cloudy on sunday with light snow developing. we could see around a couple of inches of snow, perhaps a bit more in isolated areas. overall, we should expect 1-3" with most locations around two inches of snow by late at night.snow will continue into monday morning and we could see some light accumulations to start the day. but as temperatures rise, this snow will likely turn to rain, which would then
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and a reminder this is a good time to download our "snowcast" app for i-phones and i-pads. it can help you see how many inches of snow will likely fall in your location giving you an edge in beating the winter weather. it costs just under three dollars. tonight in healthy living... another benefit of doing your chores. the huffington post reports
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cadouble your calorie intake. after ten minutes of being in a messy kitchen - women were more likely eat snacks like cookies as opposed to fruits or veggies. experts say chaotic environments with less control are bad for our diets. kroger will now sell narcan without a prescrtion. narcan can instantly reverse the effects of a deadly heroin overdose. overdose. it will cost about 80 dollars for one kit.. which includes two doses of narcan. kroger's pharmacists will take steps that people who buy the drug know how to use it effectively. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. it all came down to the final game in the greater catholic league... league...could lasalle put away moeller and win the title outright? the highlights
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good evening everyone....the dead of winner and the end of the regular basketball season in ohio. alex barlow...a moeller kid
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butler..and now works for the celtics was recognized before the game-it was lasalle against the moeller...jeremy larkin owned the first half..he makes the steal and goes end to end. the lancers led mighty moe by four at the half.-but gradually, moeller came back... isiah payton with the head fake and then the finish. then it was trey mcbride with the pick and the points......-trey's daddy is walter mcbride..a former xavier great...he had 12.. the crusaders win it, moeller, lasalle and elder share the gcl south title. to northern kentucky...the cheerleaders from dixie heights showing the spirit, but not a lot to cheer about.- they played the colonels of cov cath ...cole von-han-dorf drops it off to andy flood for the finish-17 points tonight for flood....a bit later he drives and uses the glass for two they had to watch him..-when they did...he drove and threw the no-llk pass to austin sweeney....sweeney gets it done after that.- c-j frederick ended up as the high scorer. he turns this into three of his 20 points .
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uc's oscar robertson will be given the nba's lifetime acheivement award this weekend in toronto.presenting the award will be fellow hall of famer magic johnson. college basketball tonight..a great one in the a- ten......about 40 seconds left in the game when the rams of rhode island worked inside...they lead dayton by two.-but here come the flyers....inside... outside.. to the corner..darrell davis nails the three...dayton wins for the 21st time. college ball saturday, east carolina is at uc. the bearcats have won five of their last six games. the xavier musketeers are on the road...playing a tough buer team at the hinkle fieldhouse. chris mack says the muskies have to forget about that loss at creighton on tuesday...and simply have
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big game for kentucky on saturday. they play at souith carolina. nku is at illinois chicago. hockey don't see much of this on the ice like the old days...but there must be something that the cyclones and the fort wayne komets fine distasteful...they got it a little bit tonight.- cyclones stormed out to a three to one lead.....fort then picked up a score in the closing seconds of the first period.-but the cyclones answered back on a goal by nick huard in the early stages of the second period...cyclon es win six to five. nine on your side returns
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this friday. we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- george clooney. plus dave salmoni and animals. with cleto and the cletones. and now, most of all, here's jimmy kimmel!


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