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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news.. apple ordered to help solve the san bernardino terror attack. (sot) "how is he injured?" "uh, you will find out when you get here." the evasive call for help when a home invasion turns deadly. and a dangerous chase... an officer targeted... children in the backseat... and the suspect's troublesome past. tonight the forecast has cold... clouds... and even a few flurries... but i'm tracking a big warm up heading to the tri-state... in your 9 first warning forecast. 9 on your side at 11 starts now new at 11... a police chase.. with children in the backseat. that man behind the wheel is also accused of trying to run down an officer. 9 on your side's ashley zilka is live in clifton and explains how things could have been a lot worse. kevin choate is behind bars tonight after police say he led them on a chase that started in colerain township and ended here in cincinnati. when we looked into today's incident...9 on your side found out the 24 year old is no stranger to police.
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township police officers turn on their lights and sirens in an attempt to pull this man over for an unknown reason tuesday.but according to court papers, kevin choate has other plans. the 24 year old ignores the officers and a police chase begins in colerain township.police say choate then runs officer roger mitchell off of the road during this chase- two children are in the backseat of choate's car.court papers show the suspect makes his way through traffic until he finally stops at the 54- hundred block of bahama terrace in mount airy. he is then arrested.this isn't the first time choate has been in trouble with the law. he's been arrested on drug charges and was involved in a police chase back in november. choate also got a ticket in 2011 for not having his 6 year old in a booster seat. choate is facing a slew of charges including assault and endangering children for today's incident. he will be in court tomorrow morning. reporting live, ashley zilka,
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breaking at 11... a federal court order for apple to unlock one of the phones used by the san bernardino terrorists. syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik killed 14 people on december second. investigators have farook's i- phone.. but can't unlock it because its encrypted. now.. a federal magistrate says apple has to help the f-b-i learn what is on the phone. apple hasn't responded yet to the order. but nine on your side will keep an eye on this overnight.. and we'll bring you any developments on good morning tri-state starting at four-30. new at 11... a crash briefly closes columbia parkway this evening. police say the driver... 52 year old christopher carney was near baines street when he suffered a medical emergency... lost control... hit a guardrail.. and then finally stopped. baines is now at university hospital. also new tonight.. tomorrow we'll learn who won that historic one - point -six billion dollar powerball jackpot in florida. one of three winning tickets was sold at a store in melbourne. nine
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tomorrow's news conference for you. right now on 11 at 11... a swingers club moves closer to opening its doors in west chester. a judge ruling the township shouldn't have revoked the club's license. 9 on your side's john genovese has the latest on 'the champagne club'. at a place catering to a different lifestyle once touting the look at feel of a nightclub with the excitement of an erotic atmosphere01:54:10 "it's disappointing and its concerning" a butler county judge now ruling west chester was improper in revoking 'the champagne club's' licenseat a packed trustee meeting in november-lisa shoop was among many supporting the now- enacted moratorium on so-called 'sexual encounter' establishments 01:54:17"i know our trustees were trying to do the right thing and they thought they were - and they were trying to speak for our community" in a statement tuesday township officials say in part west chester endeavors to execute in good faith - in compliance with all laws and rules and with the best interests of the community in mind" 01:47:48"our clients
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very open - they said precisely what it was they were going to do - they were assured they were in compliance - then the trustees got public pressure" tim burke an attorney representing the owners the township used a delay in processing a background check to try and push out the club-- leaving the owners on the hook for a 5-year lease"they put their life savings into this - based on what the law said they were entitled to do" lawful or not - lisa says it's the type of place she doesn't want around 01:54:26"i know that our community will continue to fight this" attorney tim burke says there is a separate suit regarding the zoning license that has yet to be heard in court. the owners already operate a similar club in fort wayne indiana. burke says they are fully committed to getting this one open as soon as possible. a local firm is cited by osha after part of a worker's finger is cut off.
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have all the required safety equipment... didn't have enough safety training..... and didn't report the injury to osha within 24 hours as required. part of a workers left pinky was crushed and cut off by the clamp of a machine used to weld copper cables. a guilty plea coming -- from the woman accused of stealing 64-thousand dollars from the preble county historical society. society.state auditors say former executive director mellanie lightner took that money during an eight-year period.that included "misappropriating" grant money... and laundering an *additional* 13-thousand dollars from an elderly donor. she'll be in court tomorrow for a change of plea hearing. new at 11 - police say he was defending himself in his own home... and it ended with the suspect on his living room floor. we now hear from the man who pulled the trigger and killed a man he says was breaking in to rob him.. moments after the attack. evan millward reports from lockland. shooter 0004 i need an ambulance and i need the
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to come in here and cut my throat and he's dying on the floor. attacked just inside his front door.the man on the phone has shot a would-be robber.lockland's first homicide of 20-16chief james toles/lockland police department 073850 at this point, we just think it was a robbery that went bad and the homeowner, at this point, we think that it was self-defense. evan millward 5439 but when he called police, the man inside that house didn't give them any indication how bad it was. dispatcher 0248 is he injured? are you injured?shooter: um, he's the one injured, ma'am. dispatcher: ok, how is he injured?shooter: uh, you will find out when you get here, when they get here.dispatcher: did you shoot him?shooter: ma'am, he's down.toles 071738 officers ntoiced a little bit of a mark in his shirt, moved his shrit up, seen a gunshot wound to the chest.on the floor - a gun - and a knife. the knife was used in the attempted robbery.dwayne palmore/neighbor 4959 everybody knows eveyrbody and
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an outsider.neighbors gather behind police tape -- describing the man as well-known and well-liked in the community.palmore 5035 i do know that if the guy kne whim personally, this wouldn't have happened because he isn't the type of guy, you know, but he's a defender. police - still looking for a gold getaway car.three other people where here when this happened.their motive - lockland -palmore 5026 this surprised me that this happened to him- evan millward, nine on your side. just hours after that shooting... lockland police were honored for helping another community. a few years ago.. when lincoln department because of financial lockland decided to start patrolling the streets there as a public service. state representative alicia reece today presented the lockland p-d with a commendation for its extra public service. hamilton county sheriff deputies now patrol lincoln heights. its billed as a victory in
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and keeping citizens safer. today.. 15 men described as habitual gun offenders are in jail. the suspects all face federal gun charges. that means they will have to serve at least 80 percent of their sentences. federal and local officers started working on this when gun violence surged last year. police say one of those suspects tried to kill lockland officers matt kurtz and travis moyers. that's awsome thats what guys lke this deserve, that's what i think.i"m lucky to be alive. the u-s attorneys office says more indictments can be expected as the investigations continue. radio show talk show host and attorney lisa wells is facing drug charges tonight. court records show she was pulled over on i-75 in miami county, north of dayton... late last month. troopers say they received a call of a vehicle driving recklessly... and after pulling wells over... they say they saw several pills on the car seat. wells is accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. when nine on your side called
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am not a public figure and you should not be reporting this." lisa wells picture remains on the 700 wlw website tonight. the son of butler county prosecutor mike gmoser tonight has been convicted on federal child porn charges. charges.jason gmoser was convicted a jury in illinois. he was first arrested in october 2014 after authorities say they found millions of files of child porn on his computer.sentencing is scheduled for june. warmer temperatures are on the way. nine first warning chief metorologist steve raleigh has your morning forecast. while skies are gray tomorrow, we also have a chance for a few flurries. temperatures top out around in the upper 30s for another below-average day. temperatures return to seasonal levels on thursday, with highs in the low 40s and
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president obama is making it very clear tonight he will nominate a successor to late supreme court justice antonin scalia. within hours after scalia's passing this weekend... many republicans the nominee should be named by the *next president.but president obama says the constitution is very clear on this process... and he intends to follow it. there is more than enough time
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a throughful way, the record of a nominee that i present, and to make a decision decisiontonight inside the supreme court... scalia's bench and chair are drapped in black... in accordance with tradition. his funeral will be held saturday at 11 a-m at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. ohio warehouse inferno. the first decision firefighters made... and the impact on hundreds of people who live in the area. the american band caught in the middle of the paris terror attack returns to france. the outspoken comment by the group's lead singer on gun laws. a big change at time warner will eventually mean an extra fee on your cable bill. the costly change in technology. taken by millions every day.. the new study on some antacids and their long term effect on your brain. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 fire investigators say a huge warehouse fire in dayton, ohio tonight is suspicious. the chief says that firefighters had no chance at saving the building.. and went defensive right away.. trying to control and put out the fire from outside the building. the fire on deeds avenue was reported at about four-40 this afternoon. streets were closed because people were driving over firehoses. nearly 600 customers lost power because of the fire.. and a c-s-x train asked for help from police to get past the chaotic scene. the building was already scheduled to be condemned. a new poll gives donald trump and hillary clinton big leads in their respective primaries in south carolina. the c-n-n survey gives donald
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22 percent. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders among democrats by 56 percent to 38 percent. the g-o-p primary is saturday februry 20-th. the democratic primary is a week after that. absentee voting for the march primary begins tomorrow in ohio. you can vote by mail.. or in person at county boards of election. you will need to bring a valid i-d. the american band at the center of the massacre in paris last year is back in the city of lights tonight. tonight. the lead singer for the "eagles of metal death"... jesse hughes.. says he feels a "sacred" responsiblity to finish the show that was cut short on november 13-th. the attack by islamic extremeists left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded. hughes also spoke out today against france's gun control laws.. saying they didn't save any lives in the bataclan night club. the band played at a different venue tonight. the pope's visit to mexico is turning into a tale of two messages. one shows happy... joyous
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singing with a crowd and performers. the other is a somber message about the realities of life in mexico for many. today the pope told young people that jesus does not want them to be "hit men." the reference was to the violent gangs in mexico's heartland. the pope also urged young people to turn away from the promise of easy money and big cars offered by drug dealers. if you have time warner're soon going to have to add a set top box for every tv in your house. of april 16th 2016, time warner is dropping analog cable in the cincinnati area. so you will need a mini box for every set, or you won't see anything.for two years, the mini boxes will be free. but after that you'll have to pay 3 dollars a month per tv. the emerald ash borer has killed tens of thousands of trees across the tri-state. now the city of middletown
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lost in city parks to the pest. its using "citzinvestor", a crowd funding website designed for use by governments. middletown's goal is to raise 54- hundred dollars.. which would pay for about 12 trees. if the city reaches its goal... 400 dollars will be paid to the website. the city has given itself 180 days to reach its goal. weather summary: while skies are gray tomorrow, we also have a chance for a few flurries. temperatures top
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for another below-average day. temperatures return to seasonal levels on thursday, with highs in the low 40s and sunshine returning to the tri-state.winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. there's an ever-so-slight chance for an isolated shower at that point. more importantly, southerly winds will push temperatures to the upper 50s heading into the weekend.saturday is the pick day of the next several, and you should make your outdoor plans now. highs will be near 60 degrees before dropping back to the mid 50s on sunday as another cold front
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tonight in healthy living...a warning for anyone taking widely used drugs for gastric reflux. a new study links some of the drugs to a higher risk for dementia. dementia.the group of drugs are known as *proton pump inhibitors* or p-p-i' includes brand names such as *prevacid,* *nexium,* and *prilosec.* *prilosec.*a german study found seniors who regularily took those drugs were 44 percent more likely to end up with dementia. the big question mark in this study - is whether participants had a higher risk for dementia prior to taking the drugs. the number of hepatitis "c" cases in grant county is exploding. so now.. the county has approved a needle exchange program in hopes of stopping the spread of the disease. hepatitis "c" is spread by people sharing dirty needles... so its another symptom of the heroin epidemic
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2015 hepatitis "c" infections increased 30 percent in grant county. williamstown has already signed-off on having the exchange. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. basketballs bouncing all over town....the highlights and the scores are coming up. up.and marge schott used to ask..."why do they call him sweet lou"....good question....he's coming back for a special day...sports is
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good evening everyone....he was the last manager in cincinnati to deliver a world series title. lou piniella loved to win....just hated the thought of losing. lost in many of his theatrics
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and guided the reds to a wire to wire championship. we're told lou has mellowed over the years...and he will be back in cincinnati to act as the grand marshall for the findlay market opening day parade. piniella was also recently hired as a senior advisor to the reds baseball operations. pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report to reds spring training in two days....but john fay of wcpo dot com got there today..and so did reds shortstop zack cozart. cozart.he needed reconstructiv e knee surgery six months ago after this mis step in running to first base last june. but he told john today that he's "full go" for spring training . he told john...."i don't anticipate there being any problem. i feel really good..i feel strong..i feel pretty quick taking ground balls." john's full story is at wcpo dot com. john fay covers the early stages of spring training ...he'll be joined by ken broo and keenan singleton when the full squad reports next tuesday. college basketball tonight, michigan played at ohio state.....-it was tight until
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bucks kick it outside and marc loving hits the three......- but doing the most damage was jae-sean tate who just worked over the wolverines inside....the bucks led at halftime..they won it by ten. miami couldn't keep up with ball state at the start of the second half in oxford. the redhawks fell tonight 73 to 56. john brannan continues his rookie season in building a division program at nku-the norse trailed by six at the half....todd johnson protects the ball and tries to cut into that lead.-but detroit is the titans...and they played like titans in attacking the basket tonight.-the norse tried to change the momentum...drew mcdonald got them to within four in the second half.-but the titans had a clear pass to the basket...they win tonight 74 to 68. a big wednesday ahead in college basketball. dayton is at st joe's...louisville and indiana are both at home...and xavier has another test in the big east.'s the providence friars at the cintas center wednesday night....and we'll
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continues to take on all comers.-an interesting player to watch this season has been sophomore j--p macura...his role has expanded as the season has progressed. ((jp's always played with supreme confidence, even as a freshman. the moment was never too big for jp. he's not the guy who's going to shoot in the first half and then defer when it's close. if he's open, he'll take the shot, he relishes it.")) it.")) the uc bearcats travel on wednesday....they play thursday at tulsa...against another conference league looking for a tournament bid. nine on your side returns
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this tuesday. we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- gwen stefani. secretary of state john kerry. and guillermo at the 2016 grammy awards. with cleto and the cletones.


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