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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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clouds break up and we'll get back to partly cloudy skies and more seasonal temper ures. highs are expected around 430f today. friday's forecast will be warm and breezy as highs climb to the 60 degree mark. three cincinnati officers open fire and kill a man. nine on your side brought the first live pictures from chopper nine of the shooting. police tell us the man pulled a gun out of his waistband... after reports he was waving a gun in the street.nine on your sides john genovese... with what witnesses saw. along harrison avenue where westwood meets cheviot. a
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polethe driver--00:55:41"he was walking away like he was drunk or something, disoriented" cincinnati police - connecting the dots to a previous call. it didn't take long. 03:06:14"we had a call around 4 pm for a person who was intoxicated waving a gun in the area"a few hundred yards from the wreck02:14:31 "never in my life - it was 2 car lengths ahead of me" three officers - we're told - coming face to face with the suspect 02:03:09"there was cops all over - right there in that area there"at first - police say - the man was compliant. in an instant things changed. 03:07:10"the person retrieved a gun from their waistband - the officers perceived that threat - they fired upon that individual" 02:05:06"when the guy just barely moved - the first cop was standing here like that - pow - shot him, when he shot all of em just started shooting at the same time" as investigators were at work-- the shell casings shadowed by yellow markers. 02:06:26"i jumped outta my van started screaming at the
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up - because that's how close we were"the 36-year-old man - pronounced dead at the sce 00:56:46"gotta watch yourself - you just don't know who's got a gun these days - you just don't know" police plan to give us more details later today.nine on your side and wcpo dot com will cover the police news conference for you on air and on our mobile app.right now on w-c-p-o dot com... we have last night's entire police news conference on the shooting if you'd like to watch it for yourself. we're learning new information this morning about the deadly crash on interstate 71.we brought it to you as breaking news yesterday on good morning tri-state at four-30. four-30.a source tells 9 on your side the alleged driver of the wrong way car... taryn chin... got onto the freeway
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driving north in the southbound lanes.police say she slammed head-in into a car... driven by 47-year old jose arenas perez chin will enter a plea this morning on aggraved vehicular homicide charges. a family is picking up the pieces this morning after a car careened into a home in delhi township. the crash yesterday afternoon on tahoe terrace did some serious damage.nine on your side was able to get inside a short time later... and you can see the damage left behind by the impact. "i kinda see it coming ou know and its nt stopping and then its into the house and now i realize i've got to get away from it, backing up trying to get away from the car. police say the driver... a woman in her 60's... had some kind of medical emergency and suffered minor injuries.she's recovering this morning in the hosptial. happening today... a tri-state man arrested in a deadly shooting more than a year and
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judge.police say william smith killed michael hopkins in july of 20-13 in the 900 block of delhi road in sedamsville. another person was also injured in the shooting. smith will enter a plea this morning on murder and assault charges. three republican presidential candidates tackling the topics on the minds of voters... just days before a crucial primary. ben carson, marco rubio and ted cruz took the stage last night... answering questions about their experience and their records. the candidates took questions from audience members and c- n-n's anderson cooper during last night's town hall.the last candidate to take the stage... ted cruz... has been engaged in an ugly political battle with donald trump.but he said it's less about trump's personality than his policies. (sen. ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate) "to see on a republican presidential stage, a candidate suggest we go should have impeached george w. bush, i think that really draws into question that person's judgment to be commander-in-chief." in-chief."on the other hand... rubio agreed with donald trump
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over questionable campaign ads. and carson sided with president obama's decision to nominate a new supreme court justice. meanwhile... donald trump holding a pair of campaign events yesterday in south carolina.he told supporters he'd force apple to unlock a cellphone... used by the san bernardino shooters during last year's deadly massacre. he'll take part in a c-n-n town hall meeting tonight... sharing the stage with jeb bush and john kasich. a new poll finds that senator ted cruz is leading donald trump nationally. its the first time in months trump hasn't held the top spot. the survey gives cruz a two point lead over trump among republican voters. but it's within the poll's five point margin of error. senator marco rubio comes in third... and ohio governor john kasich is fourth. it's the four magic words that baseball fans have been waiting all winter to hear... "pitchers and catchers report." report."spring training
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the cincinnati reds. the reds' pitching staff reports for duty this morning in goodyear... arizona.the first spring training game of the year... march first against the cleveland indians. 9 on your side is in arizona for spring ball.we'll bring you their first workout in the afternoon later tonight on 9 on your side... and at w- c-p-o-dot-com. we'll see a bit of cloud cover as we start the day. but those clouds break up and we'll get back to partly cloudy skies and more seasonal expected around 430f today. friday's forecast will be warm the 60 degree mark.
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happening now... president obama announcing a historic trip...why his visit will mark a new century for relations with a troubled neighbor. praying for change...the pope... wrapping up his five-day visit to mexico.his final message to the country's
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new this morning... president obama says he's planning a visit to cuba.he'll officially announce his travel plans
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expected to take place in a broader trip to latin's the biggest move yet to normalize ties between to former cold war adversaries. he'll become the first sitting president to visit the island in neary *nine decades.* pope francis is on his way back to the vatican this morning... following a mexico. francis ended his trip with a mass in ciudad juarez... praying for the thousands of migrants who have died trying to reach the u-s.he called on governments to open their hearts... if not their borders... to the -quote- "human tragedy that is forced migration."he also urged mexico's children to stay away from drug cartels... saying god doesn't want them to become -quote- "hit men." we're learning new details about the man who barged into a columbus restaurant... slashing customers with a machete. machete.30-year-old mohamed barry died after he was shot by police officers in the neck. authorities say barry was from the west african nation of guinea... and that his getaway car triggered a terrorism alert with the f-b-i.four people were hurt in the
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to recover. a pair of environmental protection agency workers are looking for new jobs this morning... over their handling of lead contamination in an ohio town's drinking water. water.the ohio state e-p-a says it's the result of an internal investigation into why it took months to find out about high lead levels in sebring.a third worker has also been demoted. we'll see a bit of cloud cover as we start the day. but those clouds break up and we'll get back to partly cloudy skies and more seasonal temperatures. highs are expected around 430f today. friday's forecast will be warm and breezy as highs climb to the 60 degree mark. calling for justice.a family pet... shot in their own backyard.why a tri-state family says police officers aren't taking them seriously. "he could have hit the bus and who knows what could have happened." happened."an angry man behind the wheel of a 40-ton big rig. the scary 9-1-1 calls from drivers in kentucky... caught
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" a disturbing crime has a tri- state family asking questions this morning...the family in dry ridge says someone shot their chihuahua in the head... in their own nine on your side's ashley zilka reports... they're now demanding justice. sarah austin let her dog out before she took her son to school. minutes later- she got a knock at the door. her dog was shot and killed.sarah austin's neighbor found her dog- 4 year old vader- dead in his backyard.06:56 he went back to his house to grab the box that his body was in and he brought him to us and we saw that it was our dog. 00 austin says vader's eyes were open- but he was gone. that's when she noticed the bullet hole07:43 when i lifted his face you could see it right above his eye. 45austin says she called several police agencies- but no one was helpful. she wants justice for her dog.09:41 animals breathe and walk and feel just as humans do. they need the same
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respect. 46now all that's left is memories of vader.09:27 he was my pap paps dog and he passed away two years ago so that was the lsat i had of him and now he's gone. 30ashley/tag austin cremated her dog today. although the dog is gone, she would like police to interview her neighbors. ashley zilka, 9 on your side. a tri-state man... heading to court this morning after authorities say he pointed a real-looking gun directly at the face of a mount healthy officer.christopher laugle will enter a plea on charges of menacing.thankfully... that gun turned out to be fake. laugle was arrested on adams road... near perry street. scary moments for kentucky drivers... after police say the driver of a 40-ton timber truck turned his big-rig into a lethal weapon. weapon."that person is on drugs, i hope nobody gets close to him because he could hit anyone o my goodness. oh!" oh!"that's a 9-1-1 call from a terrified driver near louisville... who witnessed the incident.police say danny gonzalez ran cars and a *school bus* off the road...
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after missing a curve in jefferson one was hurt.gonzalez is now in jail... and charged with wanton endangerment and criminal mischief. a waffle house worker... fired and facing serious charges after police say she poisoned her own co-worker with customers inside.investigators in dawson county... georgia say sonserea evans spiked the man's drink with a massive dose of meth just before christmas last year. "at one point he was critical. at one point he was on a life support system, basically, he was being fed through a feeding tube and was in a comatose state, so at one point he was clinging to life" life"that poisoned worker is expected to survive.there's no word on what prompted the poisoning... but police say they have video evidence of evans doctoring his drink. there's finally a plan to renovate the site of the old americana amusement park in monroe.'ll remember... it closed back in 2002 under the
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is file video from that time. monroe is considering using it as a public recreation site or using it to help enhance nearby commerical properties. he's one of the hottest names in country music... and he's coming to cincinnati tonight... tonight...but you'll notice some security changes at u-s bank arena... if you're heading to the blake shelton concert. everyone will have to walk through a metal detector when they walk through the door. large bags will not be allowed. all bags must be smaller than a ruler in height and length. blake shelton fans are being urged to come early... so they can get to their seats in time. now let's check in with with
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weather. it's a mostly cloudy start with cold temperatures in the mid to upper 20s through the morning rush. temperatures return to seasonal levels today with highs in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy, so we'll finally have more sunshine to enjoy during the day. winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. strong southerly winds will gust near 30 mph and push temperatures to the upper 50s and low 60s to end the work week. skies will be partly cloudy and no rain is expected so it will make for a beautiful but breezy friday forecast. saturday is the best day of the extended forecast. highs will be in the low 60s with partly cloudy skies throughout the day. temperatures this high are 15 degrees above normal and more like late march levels. scattered rain showers will be around on sunday, so it won't be as ideal to head outside. it's a 40% chance for rain during the day with highs in the mid-50s. temperatures slowly cool behind this rain
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work week.morning rushmostly cloudyseasonallow: 25thursday partly cloudymilderhigh: 43 thursday nightpartly cloudynot as coldlow: 37fridaypartly cloudy skiesbreezyhigh: 60 friday nightpartly cloudynot
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coffee turns out... a cup of joe could be a bad way to start your day.the hidden ingredient that has researchers worried. driving home its point...whole foods trying to win over a younger crowd.the message they're spelling out to
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we'll see a bit of cloud cover as we start the day. but those clouds break up and we'll get back to partly cloudy skies and more seasonal temperatures. highs are expected around 430f today. friday's forecast will be warm
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happening today... a special job fair centered on the tri- state's youth.'s taking place this afternoon in newport... at the campbell county public library. employeers from more than a dozen local companies are looking for workers between the ages of 16 and 26.they're hoping to fill part-time, full-time and summer positions. every parent of a new driver wonders... where are they and are they being new technology can answer those questions in real-time. nine on your side's consumer reporter john matarese shows us how it works. you can call it relief for nervous mom and dad's....or you can call it a teen's worst nightmare. finally, a simple way to know where your 17 year old is, and how fast he or she is driving.-------------it's a new system from verizon
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onboard car monitoring started by progressive insurance a few years ago. i even tested it out.but these devices didnt live stream what the driver was doing...until now. now.verizon's hum now offers location and speed tells mom and dad, through text alerts. how fast your teen is driving the car.....and where the car is. can set parameters....s uch as alerts for speeds over 65....or locations more than 10 miles from home.your teen child will hate hate hate this. but you just might be able to sleep at always dont waste your money. john matarese 9 on your side. if you think you're being healthier by skipping the soda machine and going to starbucks... you may want to think again. the group "action on sugar"
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coffee shops in the u-k... including starbucks.some of those drinks had up to 25 teaspoons of sugar.that's three times the sugar in one can of soda... and more than three times the maximum adult daily intake recommended by the american heart association. the upscale grocery chain "whole foods market" will open its first "365" stores later this year.the new brand of grocery stores will focus on millennials... and may include anything from vinyl records to tattoo parlors.the company says each different 365 store could have a different mix of specialty boutiques. unexpected port of call...a ship comes to a screeching stop...what led to this massive mistake. asking for more's not even accepting
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streetcar could cost more than first thought.the new
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cincinnati police officers shoot and kill a man with a gun.witnesses are talking about the armed man... moments before his life ended. in a hurry and ends up in a wreck.where a middletown had to be rescued after crashing his car. run for your life!stunning new video this morning as a ship crashes into a walkway! chris riva. riva.and i'm kathrine nero. here's a live look at great american ballpark.spring training is almost here. pitchers and catchers report today-in arizona...right now the temperature there is 56 degrees ...but let's find out what it's like here...with meterologist jennifer
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we'll see a bit of cloud cover as we start the day. but those clouds break up and we'll get back to partly cloudy skies and more seasonal temperatures. highs are expected around 430f today. friday's forecast will be warm and breezy as highs climb to the 60 degree mark. three cincinnati officers open fire and kill a man. nine on your side brought the first live pictures from chopper nine of the shooting. police tell us the man pulled a gun out of his waistband... after reports he was waving a gun in the street.9 on your side reporter, timyka artist


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