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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  February 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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first at four -- stay in your homes!that was the warning today for hundreds in middletown following a chemical spill.chopper 9, the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first was above the scene at noon. after.. but as the now's briana harper taking any chances.
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it was quickly contained.. but during that time administrators here at amanda elementary school took precaution for the sake of safety. police and fire surrounded amanda elementary school around lunchtime today. and just a mile away emergency vehicles at a different scene for a chemical spill. anthony gloss// concerned parent "i heard that it was chemical leak and that it was sulfur or something that could be acid so i was just worried that the kids were breathing all that in." it all began here at pilot chemical when crews noticed a leaking tanker truck. thats when middletown police took to social media warning those in the area. and shortly after middletown city schools took action. sam ison// superintendent, middletown city schools "they secured everyone into one room and they had all the windows shut and they had all of the proper authorities notified." hazmet crews were also called to the scene to test the air quality. but eventually no threat was found. "we're not experts in that area so obviously when the fire dept
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tell us it's ok then we resume on." just after 1 o'clock classes continued as usual. but some parents did chose to grab ther kids from school early. "i feel like everybody reacted really fast and got to the kids and took care of that situation." middletown fire officials tell us the clear weather conditions that you see now also made it easier for the chemical toxins to quickly clear the air and remove any lingering threat. in his experience the superintendent says this is the first time anything like this has happened. reporting live, from middletown briana harper, the now cincinnati. a developing story now out of dayton.prosecutors there have chosen *not to charge a man with the death of middletown mother brittany russell. russell was found found with a gunshot wound inside a parked car last week.her six-month- old child was in the backseat. police had arrested a 37 year old man days after she was found dead, but now say he is
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death.police say russell had taken her daughter without permission in the hours before her death. today -- police said they were justified when they shot and killed a man in cheviot -- and they say this video proves it. it was taken during the incident by a witness and it shows the confrontation with 36 year old paul gaston.9 on your side's timyka artist updates where the investigation stands. source: timyka ins and outs this is not something that any officer wants to go through but police insist their actions were justified when the paul gaston reached for they thought was a handgun. --------vothis is video of the moment officers fired a total of 9 shots at the 36 yo suspect. you can clearly see him reach for something with his right hand.there were numerous calls to 911 including from the suspects girlfriend and others who saw him waving a weapon in the streets...then eventually crashing his car on harrison avenue and running away, appearing intoxicated. you can hear one female driver pleading for gaston to
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firedsource: police shooting presser 911 tape sot 17:45:05 please do it please do it please do what you're asked please 17:38 :47 mayor cranley i just want there to be a clear consistent message that when our officers are faced with a situation where there lives are in danger and and reaching for a gun that their legal action is justified although unfortunate" -------- take 9:03:50 timyks ins and outs the three officers involved. they are on leave pending further investigation on cam timyka artist for the now gaston has a police record. mayor cranley says the investigation isn't over. the driver who police say caused a deadly wrong wa crash on 71 south early wednedsay morning may have been going the wrong way in the northbound lanes too.. just 30 minutes before that crash. crash. i'm just calling to let you know i was passing stewart road on 71 going northbound, there's somebody in the fast lane going southbound in the
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area."the calls say a minivan was first spotted around the montgomery road exit going south on the northbound side of i-71.about half an hour after those calls.. and eight miles further south.. police say taryn chin.. who was driving a minivan.. hit and killed jose arenas. but at that point she was now going north in the southbound lanes. at this point police are trying to figure out how she might have got turned around to go the wrong way a second time.officers say chin had been drinking and they suspect she may have been using drugs as well. in brown county today -- a man and woman were hurt after they were attacked by a dog! deputies confirm the couple had to be taken by air to the hospital following the attack on new harmony salem road this afternoon.they are expected to recover.we're told the dog involved is a *staffordshire terrier and was had been fighting with another dog when the victims tried to stop them. things are finally starting to
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temperatures return to seasonal levels today with highs in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy, so we'll finally have more sunshine to enjoy during the day. winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. strong southerly winds will gust near 30 mph and push temperatures to the upper 50s and low 60s to end the work week. skies will be partly cloudy and no rain is expected so it will make for a beautiful but breezy friday forecast. saturday is the best day of the extended forecast. highs will be in the low 60s with partly cloudy skies throughout the day. temperatures this high are 15 degrees above normal and more like late march levels. scattered rain showers will be around on sunday, so it won't be as ideal to head outside. it's a 40% chance for rain during the day with highs in the mid-50s. temperatures slowly cool behind this rain as we head into the coming work week. after a winter off ... reds
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in action .. for the first day of spring training! it's going to be a very different reds team this season .... at least, the fans hope so ...and joining us now with a look at some of the new faces and challenges ahead is 9 on your side sports director john popovich. it's the season of the optimisim when it comes to baseball...pitchers and catchers have reported to camp and all teams are even at this point. but baseball fans here are's okay to be optimistic....but this year it's a better yet to be realistic. fans here are aware that the reds have been dreadful for hte past two seasons...a last place club in 2015...and they've traded away some of their better players. -so every fan enters this season with hope and that's the way it should be....but also knowing that this reds team
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john fay is covering the reds in goodyear...he's tweeted out stories on j-j hoover and devin mesoraco today...look for john at wcpo dot com. wcpo reds contributor john fay is in arizona with the team now. he sat down with manager bryan price to talk about this upcoming season.. who says he's approaching it differently. insider's can read fay's full interview on wcpo-dot-com right now. but first listen to this exclusive perspective on what fay believes price is up against over the next six weeks.
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says: again you can check out fay's
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meanwhile ...former cincinnati slugger and hall of famer 'ken griffey junior' will be immortalized in bobble head form ...the reds posted this picture to their instagram account ... and say the first 25 thousand fans at the game on may 21st will get this bobblehead ...showing griffey in both his reds gear ... and the seattle mariners uniform he retired in. there's a new nightspot coming to the banks this summer. it's called "the stretch" ... and according to developer "four entertainment group" ... the bar will feature shows from local and national d-js.the developer is the same one behind spots like lachey's and igby''s scheduled to open in the former johnny rockets space at the banks in jus a few months. are you spending more than you have to when you use your credit card?why it could pay to take another look inside your wallet. "it's been the life source of our world since the beginning of time. but the massive decline in the bee population
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society. so what can we do
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it's scary to think there may be weed killer in the food we we're going to find out for sure.the f-d-a is going to start testing for an herbicide called glyphosate (gleye-foh-seight)... which is the most commonly-used weed killer.last year the world health organization declared it a probable carcinogen.the f-d-a may start by testing soybeans... corn... milk... and eggs... but it has not yet outlined a specific may be reacting to pressure from the government accounting office which criticized it for not publicly disclosing that it hadn't been doing the testing already because of the cost. from colonies collapsing... to beehives actually being stolen. one man... just arrested in california... accused of taking more than 60 hives... to rent back to desperate bee keepers.the now's andy choi shows us why this problem is reaching a critical point. 1:09-1:16 suggested super: tim brod | highland honey bees [knock, knock] "but if you put your ear against here and give it a little tap, you can hear
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what the heck? [knock, knock] it's great!"the child-like curiosity with bees started more than 40 years ago for tim brod. but it doesn't take a beekeeper to know... you mess with the hive, you might get stung.3.14.22"but there's a lot worse things than getting stung. what's worse is having no bees."and the painful realization for this shepherd of swarms is, with each passing year, these pollinating civilizations are closer to the brink of collapse.3.06.51[long sigh] yeah hard for every one.tim's company highland bees has already lost $50,000 in business this year.2.56.38"of course it's very hard for my business financially, but it's indicative of what's coming." 2.54.15"we have incredible systems pressures going on with bees. we have much less land. we have much less biodiversity, there's way new generations of pesticides that are contaminating and poisoning 3.22.34"but these
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"and certainly in the bee industry, there's a lot of chaos. people are trying to maintain the old paradigm. there are more and more reports of theft going on, of beekeepers stealing from other beekeepers."as the bee's demise now ripples through own human infrastructure...3.09.50 "that's the signal for the bees to start building up." beekeepers like tim still believe knowledge can turn the tide. 2.59.27"we can start planting high forage. whether we live in an apartment, that can be in a five gallon bucket. whether we have a lawn, we can say, 'i'm not going to be using pesticides and insecticides.'"and if this hive mentality still feels like a lost cause3.19.02"get in there you"tim brod will tell you the hive he hopes to save is a lot bigger than you think. in boulder, i'm andy choi, for the now. beekeepers in california say the recent "unprecedented" hive thefts come just before the state's almond pollination season. california produces 80
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temperatures return to seasonal levels today with highs in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy, so we'll finally have more sunshine to enjoy during the day. winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. strong
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30 mph and push temperatures to the upper 50s and low 60s to end the work week. skies will be partly cloudy and no rain is expected so it will make for a beautiful but breezy friday forecast. saturday is the best day of the extended forecast. highs will be in the low 60s with partly cloudy skies throughout the day. temperatures this high are 15 degrees above normal and more like late march levels. scattered rain showers will be around on sunday, so it won't be as ideal to head outside. it's a 40% chance for rain during the day with highs in the mid-50s. temperatures slowly cool behind this rain as we head
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most of us have credit cards... but you may not realize you could be missing out on extra benefits by sticking with the same old plastic in your wallet for years. 9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese is in the newsroom right now with more on how you can get more credit ... for your credit. julie ... when it comes to credit cards, loyalty doesn't pay. 25 million people haven't changed their credit card in at least 10 years.and another 20 million people have never changed it.that's according to a report out today from credit cards-dot-com.more credit card companies are now offering sign-up bonuses and rewards as they compete to get new
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the report found one of the big reasons people aren't getting new cards is they're worried what canceling their old credit card will do to their credit shouldn't close your cards... especially the oldest ones... because that will cause your credit history to appear shorter.that could then hurt your credit score.but you can still get a new card... just put the old card in a secure place like a safe deposit box. and it's not just what you do with those old cards that could impact your credit score. women may have lower credit scores than men even though they have less debt.that's according to a new report that analyzes credit information. the reason may surprise you. it's because women make less on average... which impacts their debt-to-income ratio.but speaking of protecting your finances ... make sure you watch tonight at 9 on your side at six ... with break-ins and home invasions in the news almost
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about our security at tonight at 6 on 9 on your side i'm on your side with real answers about how to build a d-i-y home security and surveillance system for just a couple of hundred dollars.i'll show you the high tech kits anyone can buy, and tri-state homeowenrs who are using them to feel safer. d-i-y home security: tonight at 6 pm on 9 on your side. it's national drink wine day! but who really is raising a glass? glass?the age group that drank the *most amount of wine in 2015and the answer might not
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imagine -- a month of sick time at work or getting paid for two years if you lose your might sound like a dream but it's actually happening, just not in america. 9 on your side's carol williams with a look at the
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the u-s ranks last in the world when it comes to benefits at work.that's according to a new report out from employment site "glassdoor." "glassdoor."it looked at the u-s compared to 14 european countries.denmark did the best with france close behind.right now in france, employees may soon have a new rule that lets them ignore their emails at home so they can actually disconnect from the office. if you lose your job in denmark you can get 90-percent of what you were making for the next two that to the u-s where we get around half of what we were making for 26're also guaranteed five weeks of paid vacation in denmark.and 18 weeks of maternity leave with your full pay. but those benefits definitely come with a cost.workers in denmark have to turn over more than 38 percent of their pay
4:26 pm's 24 percent in the u-s. after a long day -- a good glass of wine might be just what you is the perfect day for that.. it's national drink wine day. day.doctors say it's something that can actually help your health.moderate drinkers have lower risks for liver disease, type two diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and some can also reduce "bad" cholesterol and increase "good" cholesterol. and how about this?a recent study found millennials -- those ages 21 to 38 -- drank 42 percent of all the wine sold in the u.s. last year.the *wine market council found millennials drank more than 159 million cases of wine in 2015.that's about two cases per person.millennials considered *high frequency drinkers consumed about three glasses of wine per sitting too -- more than any other generation.
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lot more than that.. olivia honor of tgit-- and wine day.. the show tweeted out this gif. so what's in store for us tonight? according to entertainment weekly-- fitz gets a new love interest and its a reporter who's writing an lengthy feature on the president. president. we want to hear from you while you're watching. tweet your thoughts to tanya and me tonight. tgit- starts tonight at eight with grey's antomy then it's time for scandal and how to get away with murder.then tanya's back for 9 on your side at eleven! apple battles back after a court orders it to hack into the iphone of a terrorist. why does it matter to you that the company is fighting the order?and who is right?a look the battle --
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... a developing story right now. the fight between apple and the f-b-i is getting even more reaction this refuses to help investigators open the cell phone of one of the san bernardino shooters out of concern it could compromise the security of millions of i-phones. but when it's a matter of a person who killed 14 americans with links to terrorism what's the right thing to do?the now's laura harris asking that very question. out and about today everyone we talked to say if given the option... they pick safety over privacy. 1:11-15 "how would we feel if we were always
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protecting our lives?" 1:17- 21 "i don't fear my privacy, but i like my security thats more important to me..." 1:14-1:18 "it's not just about me. a lot of people would be safer." while they think apple should hurry up and help-- tech giants like google are siding with apple -- google's c-e-o saying in part today-- companies give law enforcement access when necessary... but what the f- b-i is asking of apple could set a dangerous precendence for our future. n-s-a whistle blower edward snowden tweeting out a lot about the case-- talking about the irony of all this. the same people who are charged with making cell phones secure for everyone.. are now being asked to break into them. so where would it stop? so here's the facts about this phone:(1) too many incorrect passcode entries could result in the phone wiping itself clean. the f-b-i wants apple to help them make sure that doesn't happen. and that's what the court order is mandating apple do. (2) the f-b-i can't crack this code without the help of apple. the company is the
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program needed to get in. (3) the f-b-i has probably already contacted the cell phone carrier and gotten the limited info they could provide. they now need that detailed info hidden in the phone. (4) reports are apple will be filing an appeal against the court order any day now. now. one law enforcement expert we talked to expects this case to end up before the supreme court.there's also the possiblity congress could get involved and pass a bill to force companies to include so- called "backdoors" built into their products to unlock any encryption if necessary. kentucky and ohio troopers will be out in force on i-75 starting 'tonight at midnight.' they're joining troopers in four other states in a super visible push until sunday night ... to stop speeders and drunk drivers on. in ohio-- 390 people were killed in more than 14-thousand o-v-i related crashes on the state's highways last wear your seatbelt ... obey the speed limit ... and never,
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are the bridges you drive over every day safe? safe?more than 58-thousand in the u-s are now considered structurally deficient.the new numbers today are from the "american road and transportation builders association."that means 10- percent of all of our bridges nationwide are in poor condition.that's fewer problem bridges compared to 20-14 but there are still a lot to fix. so let's take a look at what this study found about bridges here in the tri-state.the news is somewhere in the middle. ohio and kentucky are both this medium shade of blue -- that means between six and eight percent of bridges are structurally deficient.but this darker shade of blue in indiana means between eight and 12 percent of bridges are in need of major repairs. a nice day especially when you compare it to all the cold recently.steve is a pretty
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temperatures return to seasonal levels today with highs in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy, so we'll finally have more sunshine to enjoy during the day. winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. strong southerly winds will gust near 30 mph and push temperatures to the upper 50s and low 60s to end the work week. skies will be partly cloudy and no rain is expected so it will make for a beautiful but breezy friday forecast. saturday is the best day of the extended forecast. highs will be in the low 60s with partly cloudy skies throughout the day. temperatures this high are 15 degrees above normal and more like late showers will be around on sunday, so it won't be as 40% a cincinnati charity is opening up a new pharmacy to afford their medications. medications."saint vincent de paul" says it's part of the relocation and expansion of
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and donation says it built a charitable pharmacy there ... hoping to increase access to life-saving medications for uninsured and under-insured cincinnatians. the pharmacy will also offer flu shots and pneumonia immunizations to patients. looking for something to rev your engines this weekend? you're in luck ... the cincinnati auto expo is already in full swing at duke energy convention center. center. this is video of last year's expo ...'this' year organizers say you'll be able to check out more than 400 cars at the expo ...and even ride in some of them!there's also a display of some big time dream cars like alfa- romeos (row-mey-ohs) .. . maseratis ... and porches. if you don't see a vehicle you'd like to drive on a regular basis you probably ought to consider another mode of transportation transportationmister redlegs and "who dey" will be there along with plenty of family activities ... kids under 12 get in free with a paying adult ... tickets are $11 but you can save three bucks by buying them at kroger.the show runs through sunday.
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national highway traffic safety administration to recall all cars with takata air bags. far the agency has given takata until 2018 to fix the problem and if it doesn't that's when a widesweeping recall would happen.the air bags can shoot out pieces of shrapnel when they go off. despite ten deaths connected to that problem, the administration says it doesn't have enough data right now to justify taking action.24 million vehicles have been recalled by 14 different car companies.another 50-million cars are estimated to have the air bags that have not been recalled. another big recall to tell you about right now and already one death is announced today it's recalling more than one-million rav-4's here in the u-s.this is video provided by toyota.the cars were made between 2005 and 2012.a design problem could cut the seat belts in the back seat during a's been
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and as we said one passenger died in one of those accidents. an iconic board game -- is getting a makeover.which game is being changed and what it means for the rules. happening right now... a job fair for tristate millenials. it's at the public library in newport from 3 to 6.employeers from a dozen local companies are looking for workers between the ages of 16 and 26. some of those include great american ballpark, belterra, the 'y,' and kroger. get hired on part-time, full- time or for the summer right
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it's now well-documented... combat like this can be extremely stressful on our troops...but a new study released today... suggests the military is not doing its part... to treat p-t-s-d and reviewed 40- thousand cases...and found many of the soldiers are not getting even the minimum number of therapy sessions established by the military's own guidelines.that's four sessions... within eight weeks
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blame a lack of mental health professionals.they're now reviewing the study to find ways to improve. an iconic board game is getting a modern-day makeover. newsy's leah becerra shows us why you could be going bankrupt a lot faster when you play monopoly. paper money - that's what hasbro has stripped from the latest edition e/20160212005417/en/ of its classic monopoly board game. the banker has also been replaced with this small atm- like contraption. in place of the monopoly currency, players will use debit cards to make purchases and pay fees.sure, removing the paper money may mean you'll lose fewer parts, but what about the whole money- managing lesson?or was the lesson supposed to be something about capitalism? either way, removing those dollar bills will undoubtedly change the way the game is played.just like how using a credit card in real life has been linked to overspending, for psychological reasons
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, this new "ultimate banking" edition of monopoly could make more players go bankrupt a lot faster.but that might also make the game end sooner, which - i think we can all agree - could be really nice. hasbro's "ultimate banking" monopoly edition will be in stores this fall. fall. believe it or not -- kanye west fans have started gofundme campaigns to help pay for the debt the rapper says he has accumulated. accumulated.west claimed on twitter saturday that he is 53 million dollars in debt.tmz says that figure is actually kanye's investment dollars that are tied up in his music and fashion lines. most of the gofundme accounts supporting kanye have raised nada. traffic on the vegas strip is always congested but could it go away completely? that story
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come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes r r at half-price during r half-price happier hour, p weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. the four dollar menu at steak 'n shake. featuring handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. the four dollar menu, where all
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at steak 'n shake. you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side...
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streets in america and one of the most visited in the world. this is a live look at the iconic vegas strip but could las vegas put the brakes on this major tourist attraction? the now's tood walker is in las vegas breaking down the odds. :00-:04 suggested super: todd walker | las vegas, nevada 1:01-1:05 suggested super: steve sisolak | county commission chair1:25-1:30 suggested super: terrell and derrell brittenum | street performers1:53-1:59 suggested super: todd walker | @toddwalkernewsit's one of the most iconic streets in america... and one of the most visited in the world. (this is a live look right now... as you can see... lots of traffic... any time of day) but could las vegas put the brakes... on its legendary strip?the now's tood walker is in las vegas... breaking down *pkg full=-todd look live- 22:47 a proposal here in las vegas is turning heads turning the iconic drive down the strip, into a walk?-pkg-a trip down las vegas blvd can take you to other countries and other times..but it is so crowded.. on foot or by car.. you won't get there quickly.. thankfully.. to serenade the trek are terrell and derrell brittenum13:37 b-r-i-t-t-e-n-u- m :38they do that a lot13:40 pretty much :41the twins have been performing on the strip in unison..17:36 i'm either here or there :38 for a while now..**cover (cut if it seems weird covered)15:07 five months :08in that time they have seen how crowded it can get down on the street..17:02 lot of people get hit one major accident a lady hit like 15 people :07 others have noticed too.. which brought back a proposal that has been
4:46 pm
the strip to vehicle traffic.. and make it one big pedestrian's come before the county commission once again. 3:47 i think it caught a lot of people off guard :49 frankly :50steve sisolak is the chair of the commission.. which approves money to build the pedestrian bridges over the strip..:39 they said look we can save a lot of money don't have to build any more bridges if we close down the strip vehicular traffic :43but he says that opens up more issues than it solves.. the hotels spent billions on their properties which have main entrances on the strip.. taxi and other transportation companies make all their money here.. and the side streets couldn't handle more traffic 1:28 people can argue the strip is congested and it takes a long time to get from one end to the other 1:34 that's part of the las vegas experience :3617:23 this is it this is it :24 so you know it needs to be sectioned where drivers are on one side and pedestrians can be safe as well :31the support for this idea to get people out of their cars and onto the strip.. needs to be a lot more in unison..nat singingthe brittenum brothers know a thing or two about that... 23:14 two more bridges have been approved by the county commission with more on the way to keep the people and the cars separated.for the now i'm
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the cost for those two pedestrian bridges alone is estimated at 15-million dollars.more than 60-thousand cars pack onto the vegas strip every day. it's an accusation that's gone viral.. and it comes from a texas mother who posted on facebook today.she says the red mark on her 18 month old son's face and the story she was told by his daycare *don't add up.the daycare first told her the boy fell then said he was hit by another child.that mother thinks her child was *slapped. elizabeth o'rear mother1:10 "i don't want people to be punished the don't need to be punished and if nobody really did hit him i don't want anybody punished i just want
4:48 pm
out."that mother says her son will not be going back to the daycare anytime soon.police are now looking into the allegations but haven't spoken publicly about that investigation. temperatures return to seasonal levels today with highs in the low 40s. skies will be partly cloudy, so we'll finally have more sunshine to enjoy during the day. winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. strong southerly winds will gust near 30 mph and push temperatures to the upper 50s and low 60s to end the work week. skies will be partly cloudy and no rain is expected so it will make for a beautiful but breezy friday forecast. saturday is the best day of the extended forecast. highs will be in the low 60s with partly cloudy skies
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temperatures this high are 15 degrees above normal and more like late march levels. scattered rain showers will be around on sunday, so it won't be as ideal to head outside. it's a 40% chance for rain during the day with highs in the mid-50s. temperatures slowly cool behind this rain as we head into the coming
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it may be best-known from the movie "the big lebowski"... now this one-of-a-kind house... is being donated to the los angeles county museum of's on the side of a canyon overlooking's considered an architectural landmark... for its dramatic design featuring glass walls and concrete.the owner... james goldstein... bought it in 19-72 for 185-thousand dollars... it's now worth an estimated 40-million.and his donation includes all of its contents... art... and a 19-61
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9 on your side at 5 is minutes away. craig mckee is joining me with a peek at what's coming up we always talk about being on your side. well tonight john matarese is taking a look at how some in thr tri-state are better protecting themselves from drug seekers and thieves looking for things to steal for quick cash. how to better protect yourself and john is on it for coming up in the next 90 minutes of news. a teen who tried to take his own life is now on a mission to save kids who are bullied and feel like the world doesn't care about them. why he is telling his story now and the moment he experienced as his heart was slowing down - that made him decide he wanted to live. rose ann aragon has the story
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tanya -- ad lib wraphere is anne mcnamara with a look at what's next. hackers got ransom money from a california hospital. today we ask...what can other
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president obama taking some heat today after announcing he will *not attend saturday's
4:55 pm
justice antonin scalia.vice president joe biden will attend the funeral instead.the president will pay his respect at the supreme court tomorrow with the first lady.critics say obama's decision is disrespectful to the justice while others say it's not uncommon for presidents to skip the funerals of justices. meantime -- president obama is getting ready to do something no u-s president in office has done in nearly 90 years.he's headed to cuba next month. month.he's planning to meet with cuban president raul castro.this is video from their first face to face meeting in panama last year. the obama administration says the goal of the visit is to open up more opportunities for business and travel with cuba. calvin coolidge was the last president to visit cuba while in office in 19-28.he's second from the left in this picture with cuba's president at that time. you usually hear donald trump slamming other presidential candidates.but today he's going after pope francis. francis.this all started with the pope saying trump isn't christian if he calls for
4:56 pm
immigrants... and pledges to build a border wall with mexico.the pope made those comments on this flight back to rome from mexico today. trump is now responding. donald trump | (r) presidential candidate "for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i am proud to be a christian and as president i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened, unlike what is happening now." now."trump goes on to say if and when the vatican is attacked by isis... the pope would wish donald trump had been president because it wouldn't have happened. another surprising comment today from the a reversal from the catholic church's view... he's saying contraception is o-k if women use it to protect against the zika virus. speaking of the pope and faith -- a major religious group says *nascar fans are some of the most faith based consumers in the country."faith driven consumer", which represents about 41 million consumers
4:57 pm
said today nascar athletes and their sponsors are more faith- friendly than those you'll find in the nfl.the nascar season begins sunday with the daytona 500. and a somber anniversary today. 15 year ago dale earnhardt died while racing in the daytona 500.he was 49 year old when he crashed on the last lap. a hospital in california desperate to get its stolen data back pays computer hackers ransom. it seems to set a dangerous precedent. precedent.but what can other medical facilities across the country learn from this?the now's anne mcnamara asks a cyber security expert. 55:22 hospitals are full of computer these days...right down to the mri machines, the iv machines, everything has hardware and software in it every time you go in for surgery...or get an x-ray... computers are collecting your personal information. and if even one machine gets hacked...the whole hospital network could be at risk. dr. steve beaty | metropolitan state university denver57:57 typically what it does is
4:58 pm
your machine...and then it's the case you then have to pay them money for the password to decrypt all those files and the truth is it's very very difficult to go backward from that so what can american hospitals do to keep up with high tech hackers? computer science professor dr. steve beaty's very difficult...especially because corporations are slow to approve changes from the top-down. 1:00:23 the defense here is keep your machines up to date. keep a back up in what we call an offline back up. because these ransomwares know about how people typically back up things and go and encrypt the back up and there's no guarantee -- the ransom money will stop them -- from doing it again...or worse...exploiting what they already stole. 5:42 any piece of malware -- once your machine is infected -- can do anything. encryption is certainly is one of those things and stealing your information is another one of
4:59 pm
that's it from the now cincinnati. cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. a "justified" killing.why police say officers were right in shooting an armed - the incredible images caught by witnesses on the street. breaking now - two people in the hospital - attacked by their own dog. we'll tell you their conditions at five. no murder charges.breaking developments in the shooting of a middletown mom.we have the setback in this investigation. driving the wrong way twice!9 on your side breaks down the route of a suspected wrong-way driver - with the help of 9-1- 1 calls. bosses tracking your pregnancy! why companies are keeping tabs on employees' health care data. the alarming report - and what your boss really knows. 9 on your side at five starts now!
5:00 pm
shot dead by police.people driving home from work - coming across the deadly police encounter -- capturing the drama on their cell phones from at least three different angles. that all played out 24 hours ago.tonight police call it "justified." "justified."it happened near cincinnati's border with cheviot ... ...that's where nine on your side's tom mckee is live with new information. three cincinnati police officers fired nine shots here on harrison avenue when they say paul gaston ignored repeated orders and tried to pull a weapon from his waistband. people on thieir way home from work were stopped in their tracks by the encounter andmany pushed record on the cell phone cameras. wednesday afternoon. incredible cell phone images from a stunned citizen witnessing specialist scott mcmanis, officer zachary sterbling and officer eric kohler confront paul gaston on harrison avenue. avenue.


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