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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  February 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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now at seven a round of strong winds blow through the tri-state.damaging homes, knocking out power, and taking down it over? your 9 first waing forest straight ead. and a man is shot in the st end!brd new informion about his inries jusinto the newsroom! and questions are being raised tonight after an infant is taken to the hospital with fractured ribs and a bruised face. what we know about the baby tonight. good evening - i'm julie dolan! damaging winds blew through the tri-state this afternoon...
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turn to 9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh
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those strong winds caused quite the headache for homeowners across the tri- state tonight. and now that it beginning to slow down... it's now time for clean up. our ashley zilka is live in clermont county with a look at some of the damage. this is exactly what strong winds are capable of doing. take a look over here massive tree fell onto this home in loveland. right now- it's time for clean up. crews are using chainsaws to cut off these branches and get them off the roof. imagine pulling up to your houseand this is the first thing you see on weber road. (cover with best video)betty merrill: homeowner23:17 i drove up and saw the tree on the good part of the house that it could have fallen on. the garage. did some pretty significant damage.betty merrill says she had no idea what had happened until a neighbor called her and told her to get home fast. her
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home at the time. the family left their dog outside in the backyard because of the warm weatherthe tree missed him. betty merrill: homeowner00:39 no one was hurt. it fell a little bit on our bedroom but i don't think in a way where it will leak badly or cause any damage, we can sleep in there. we can still live in there. 48downed trees like this one have been a problem all day. a spokesperson for duke energy says crews are out in full force restoring power. sally thelen:duke energy 12:22:14 from the snow on the ground from last weekend, a lot of the ground is saturated, any light wind is going to have the potential to take over a tree which in turn would potentially hit some of our lines and take out customers and that's what we have sort of been seeing today. 29as for merrill- her house has become quite popular. contractors have been stopping by all afternoon. 01:30 people were bombarding our driveways. we are going to try to be smart about it, get the best estimate, get it off quickly, cover it with the tarp tonight and then make a good decision about a contracter that can do a very good job. 43(cover with video) 01:01 it could be worse. a lot
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happened. these men have been working out here for two hours.merrill says it costs about 800 dollars to get the tree off her house and bundled. it costs about 14-hundred dollars if she wants it removed from her property. reporting live, ashley zilka 9 on your side. stay with 9 on your side and the 9 first warning weather team.steve will be back at 7-15... with your full 7 day forecast. just into the newsroom..a shooting in the west end is under investigation. investigation.a man in his 20s was shot in the leg just after 6 o-clock.police say he was taken to u-c medical center. he's expected to survive!we're told the person who shot him - ran away!if you have information that can help police-- call crime stoppers at 513- 352-3040.
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reported by a man who says he was walking along reading road in avondale today when he was shot by someone in a passing car. police say the victim suffered a minor injury. they found multiple gun shells in front of the lexington market. were in the car. tonight -- a mystery in west chester is solved... as another takes its place. place.eric pefley had been missing for more than a week... last night his body was found near keehner park. police taped off the area today while searching for clues.the butler county coroner has conducted an autopsy on the 28 year old -- but the office has not yet released the results. middletown police are trying to determine how a *2 month old* wound up in the hospital bruised face. police tell 9 on your side the child is being treated at cincinnati children's hospital. the parents called police yesterday when they breathing.butler county children services are involved and we've learned the child was removed from its father's care. 9 on your side spoke with neighbors of the family today-
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its hard to believe, it's shocking, it's shocking that to hear that but i i feel sorry for the baby no charges have been filed in the case.9 on your side reached out to family for comment, today. off camera- a relative tells us the baby is expected to be o-k. up next at 7- 7-a hamilton bar is shut down. the reason why some are happy about the closing tonight! and we'll take you to the cemetery where goats are hard at work!what they are being used to do... when we come back!you're
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to bring you wendy' s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this... on boats like these... in weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... that we panko bread like this... for a sandwich that' s light, crispy and crunchy.
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today where' s the beef? means something different. some use beef frozen from far away. but wendy' s believes the juiciest hamburgers are made from fresh beef raised... right here. land of the beef, home of the deliciously different dave' s double. a hamilton bar at the center of violent crime for years is shut down. down.the doors on the "j and j bar" are locked and it no longer has a liquor license. this comes following a lot of hard work done by hamilton's police department.the chief says this is a permanent solution to a chronic problem. developing eight year old girl badly burned when her
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this morning is getting care in the tri-state tonight. tonight.she has burns to 90 percent of her body... and was flown from new york to shriners hospital early this morning. we're told her father was able to get his family out.. but when he went back in to the burning building to rescue someone who was living upstairs, neither made it out. the girl's mother was not able to fly with her - so she is driving from buffalo to cincinnati. a newport home caught fire this morning -- causing a teen to jump to safety. fire crews rushed to the scene at 9th and ann streets where a 16 year old girl had to jump from the second story window to safety.her brother also made it out okay.. with the family's pitbull. we're told the mother and an older sibling were at work at the time. than.">firefighters say today's winds fueled the flames making it difficult to fight..the red cross is
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place to stay tonight. next at 7 -- why this girl is taking her craft to cancer patients...the special reason behind the bow- ahead! and steve outlines your weekend forecast!the pick day when we come back!you're
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v-a secretary bob mcdonald will face tough questions next week when he testifies before the senate committee on veterans' affairs. a spokesperson told 9 on your side ohio senator sherrod brown plans to grill va sectretary bob mcdonald over conditions inside cincinnati's va hospital. this week a joint "scripps news washington bureau" and "wcpo" investigation revealed widespread problems inside cincinnati's va hospital, including concerns over cutbacks, mrsa infections and unsanitary surgery equipment. today we spoke with congressman brad wenstrup at a veterans job fair in anderson township.
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on the house committee on veterans' affairs- said he believes the hospitals acting chief of staff should step aside until the investigations are completed.
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(pause)) one second. (cries)."> (cries).">after consulting with childrens hospital, remie will be making the headbands out of nylon, because it is easy to clean and won't irritate sensitive skin.she is trying to raise enough money to make two hundred and fifty headbands to give to the young patients. six madeira high school students are all 20 thousand dollars richer tonight! tonight!the students won the "h and r block" budget helps teach students how to start managing their money from a young age. we talked to a student today - who already has big plans for her 20 grand. cool.">their teacher is also getting a 25-hundred dollar
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class. the hills are alive in spring grove cemetery tonight...with goats. a whole herd of goats was brought in to gobble up the english ivy that's overrun the historic cemetery's woodland preserve. the national historic landmark prides itself on its variety of horticulture. with seven goats eating around the clock for a month, the cemetery believes they can clear out the weeds for a lot less money than it would cost to hire people to do it. what they didn't expect was all the attention they would draw. goats.">the goats are safe to pet-- but feeding them would probably be counter-productive to the mission. you can find them fenced up in the central
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next at 7... 7...caught on camera!the abuse accusations being made tonight against a georgia dad.we'll be
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the literary world is remembering one of the best tonight.harper lee died today at the age of 89.she is most famous for writing the best selling book, "to kill a mockingbird."she was living in monroeville, alabama until her death. a private ceremony is in the works. supernanny jo frost reports a georgia dad for beating his son.the whole thing - caught on camera.take a look look tensions in the house were high because the boy used his dad's charger!you see him taking off his belt and walking the boy to his bedroom. the cameras were set up to capture moments around the house for frost to review on the reality show "supernanny." when she confronted the man about it - he said that he was smacking the bed with his belt - and his son was crying
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says he may take legal action against the show. singer zac brown is at the center of a new lawsuit.a woman with disabilities says she was badly injured at his boston concert.she claims she was sitting in a special section for people with disabilities when fans pushed a gate into her... leaving her badly injured.the lawsuit is seeking 75 thousand dollars in damages. that is 9 on your side at 7
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the day's top stories right
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welcome to your weekend. "the list" starts now. >> netflix and chili. three tasty recipes inspired by your favorite shows. >> boom. it bites you back. >> self-talking office chairs because every second saved at work adds up. >> and shelling out big bucks for justin timberlake's unfinished french toast. superfans will buy the weirdest celebrity memorabilia. >> this is not a proud moment


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