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tv   Good Morning Tri- State Weekend  ABC  February 20, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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expect a partly cloudy and very warm day today with highs around 67. we average 44 this time of year! clouds increase late today into tonight. lows will fall into the mid-40s and we'll have a chance for showers after 2 a.m.
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tri-state. a deadly house fire in buffalo, new york claims the lives of two people. ...burning an eight-year-old girl over 90 percent of her body.she is now here in cincinnati to recieve life saving treatment. late last night, another mercy flight, this time the girl's mother and grandmother were flown to cincinnati to be with her. her.that flight from buffalo was entirely managed and staffed by dedicated volunteers.nine on your side's kristen swilley joins us live from shriners hospital. this is where 8-year-old treasure brighon is being treated this morning.... those burns on 90 percent of her body too severe for her local hospital to cincinnati shriners, doctors say, holds her best hope for survival. the early morning fire destroyed her buffalo home the family only recently moved into. those on scene described burns to her face, her hair, all the way to the bottom of her feet. after her mother's fiance died trying to save treasure, she was quickly rushed to the local e.r. but
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tempest, only 9 on your side with this the pain she's experiencing. "word can't express how i feel right now. when you lose your husband, almost lost your have two kids in the hospital. you have one at home with my sister and you have nothing. it's a horrible feeling. i wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy, nobody." treasure's step brother remains in a buffalo hospital being treated for smoke inhalation. tempest had just become engaged to the man who died trying to save her daughter sunday. supreme court justice antonin scalia will be laid to rest later on today. the president and first lady michelle obama paid their respects yesterday in the great hall of the supreme court... where scalia's casket is lying in repose. they will not be attending today's service. scalia died saturday
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as the race for the white house heats up, cincinnati supporters will join thousands expected to turn out across the country.. to march for bernie sanders. sanders.that march will start at cincinnati music hall and follow the nearly one- mile route back to city hall.and that is where there will be a rally featuring several commuity's today from from 1 to 3p-m. sanders is in for a real fight today as nevada voters caucusboth sanders and hillary clinton criss-crossed the state yesterday trying.. to drum up last minute support the race there is very close. but both sides seem to agree..turnout may be the deciding factor.. and clinton's team of volunteers is more than three times larger than sanders. meanwhile g-o-p presidential candidates made their last- minute pitches in south carolina. dondald trump leads in the polls... but his margin has narrowed.... with ted cruz trailing by five points.. within the margin of error. and... cruz says the same
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at work in south carolina. nine on your side will be watching both races closely for you. and a-b-c news will have special reports from south carolina and nevada as the results come in.nine on your side will have results on air... wcpo dot com.. and our mobile app. new this morning, it looks like an ohio villiage's most recent water samples do meet lead standards. standards.the environmental protection agency says all of the samples from a new round of testing are below the standard for lead in sebring...but says running the tap for a few minutes eliminates any *detectable* lead.sebring has come under scrutiny since e-p-a officials said the operator of the village water plant..waited months to notify people about high levels of lead coming from their pipes. meanwhile in flint, the e-p-a says the latest water samples show lead-removal filters are working there. the e-p-a says the samples confirm results from earlier testing.the
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to recommend residents use the filters in their homes, for pregnant woman and kids age six and under,, bottled water is still the safest option. could apple be held inn contempt of court? court?that's the threat coming from the justice department if they continue to refuse to unlick the i-phone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists.a apple executive say unlocking that phone could create a masterkey that could be used on millions of other phones. drivers beware!...there will be more state troopers patroling the roads this weekend.the reason for the increase, and why it is all
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a two-month-old from middletown is found with fractured ribs and a bruised face...this morning police are trying to determine if the child was child abused. abused.police say the parents reported thursday that the child was not breathing.the father says he performed chest compressions, and a friend took the baby to children's hospital.that child has been removed from it's father's care. a former counselor at a youth home in butler county is accused of having sex with a teenager at that home. 31 year old jillian walker is now charged with sexual battery. oxford police say she had sex with a 17 year old boy, while working at the "bunker hill haven for boys" in hanover township. police say the relationship was consensual.. but walker has been charged because of her position at the home. this mornig the search is on for the gunman who opened fire
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the west end yesterday. police say a group of people were in the area when the victim was shot. his condition has not been released. call crime stoppers if you think you can help. drivers, be on the look out for state troopers along i-75 this enforcement in both ohio and kentucky... are taking part in a project to keep drivers safe along the busy highway.nearly 400 people died last year on ohio roads because of drunk driving... and officials say they want to bring that number down to zero. fiji is getting hit with the stronget storm to ever be recored in fiji.winds coming in at 185 miles per hour.the declaration being made and how
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you're watching good morning tri-state weekend at 8 on 9 on your side the big clean-up after powerful winds rip through the
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trees and power lines. at one point.. more than 13- thousand duke energy customers where affected. this morning.. that number is down to 500. some of the worst damage we have seen is at a home in west chester. nine on your sides ashley zilka spoke with the owners. (cover sot)23:52 it's over 80 feet tall and 5 foot around at the butt, at the bottom of the tree, it's huge. 57mother nature showed no mercy as strong winds wreaked havoc on this home in west chester. 19:23 pulled the root up so far it's on the top patio of the garage. 26beejay and jim draffen got a call from the west chester police and fire department to hurry back to their home on cincinnati dayton road. a giant tree
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out..including the electricity. 18:42 it took down everything and crushed my back porch, crushed my garage, put a hole in the garage, through cement, through 6 inches of cement. 54it may take a week to get the lights back on. the couple says duke energy won't come out until a certified electrician fixes their power box.20:51 i already shipped out all our food with my sister to put in her freezer for as long as it takes, of course we don't have any heat, we don't have any light, couldn't find the box of candles. 00although no one was hurt- beejay says the damage - and mess- are devastating. 21:27 i am overwhelmed, i am very upset, i was born and raised in this house. 3025:30 to say i am lucky just don't feel lucky. 33az, 9oys. it wasn't just the tri state...
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winds did to a semi truck in iowa...flipping it over on to it's side.this was on i-380 near cedar one was hurt, but winds clocking in at over 60 miles per hour.. blew several other trucks right off of the roads. breaking overnight... overnight...fiji is in the midst of getting hit with the strongest storms to ever hit fiji.tropical cyclone winston has the contry in a state of disasterwinds have been clocked at 185 miles per hour in the catagory five storm.a disaster declaration is in effect for the next 30 days. it's time to check weather
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sunday, showers look possible as an area of low pressure moves through. pockets of moderate to heavy rain appear possible, especially from cincinnati south. highs tomorrow will reach the mid-50s. monday, colder air returns as highs fall back into the mid-40s. we're watching a system that could bring some rain wednesday next week. colder air could mix some snow in. we'll keep you
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welcome back. thanks for joining us here on good morning tri state weekend edition edition
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information on adopting one of these animals you can call the pet pals adoption line at (513) 7-3-7-pets. a man looses his life trying
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house fire in buffalo new york. this morning one of those children is here in cincinnati
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working throughout the night trying to restore powere after yesteday's whipping winds.the number still without power is down to 200 this morning.but duke energy tells nine on your side things should be back to normal by this afternoon. good morning...i'm timyka artist and i'm jason adams
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a deadly house fire in buffalo, new york claims the lives of two people.burning an eight-year-old girl over 90 percent of her body.she is now here in cincinnati to recieve life saving treatment treatmentnine on your side's kristen swilley joins us live from shriners hospital.
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treasure brighon is being treated this morning.... but in order to get here she had to be life flighted. and thanks to one organization her family was flown here too. we'll get to that shortly. but first lets take you to the scene of the fire. it destroyed the buffalo home the family only recently moved into. those on scene described burns to her face, her hair, all the way to the bottom of her feet. after her mother's fiance died trying to save treasure, she was quickly rushed to the local e.r. but her condition was too severe for her to be treated there. her mother, tempest thomas, approached only 9 on your side with this message about wingz, who flew this mom to be by her daughter's side. "they flew me and my family here. i give a big shout out to them and thank you so much. i keep you in my prayers. thank you so much treasure's step brother remains in a buffalo hospital being treated for smoke inhalation. tempest had just become engaged to the man who died trying to save her
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ready to rebuild after a devestating fire.the rabbit hash general store was more than a place to shop. it was the center of a community. and as evan millard shows us... that community won't let the fire.. destroy its traditions. here at the old general store - charred debris has been cleared out - and thrown out. but a new place to play has popped up - and a weekly tradition won't go away.nats - jam session montage they say music is universal -natscarey sabin/fiddler 043508 i rediscovered my love for playing out here.well not exactly -nats -- here.nats (dissolve to fire over sot) sabin 043633 hey, don't you go to a place called rabbit hash? i see it all the time on your
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the general store - gone.a concert - canceled.pickers - without a place to play.. until tonight..sabin 043957 this is the first friday night since the fire and you are not going to keep this town down. nats - song/jamthe band's all back.sabin 043840 when we say band, it's a loose thing because anybody who shows up friday night is in the band. carey sabin finesses the fiddle.nats - fiddlethat's kyle smith on vocals.nats - singingmike fletcher slaps the bass.mike fletcher/bass player 044557 i already did, you missed my he's behind the register - nats 044129 two dollars- in a makeshift general store.and concert venue.fletcher 044408 it's the first time it's looked like a store. when i came in it looked like a store and it's getting more by the hour!he lost his bass in the fire.a bass he's played here for decades.fletcher 044634 if somebody shows up to pick, pretty soon you've got a band. turns out community - like music -nats - song- is universal.sabin 043731 it's not just the physical environment that makes this place so special, it's the people.(covered)fletcher 044210 good for you man, good
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9oys, rabbit hash.nats - cymbal a one of a kind tournament is taking place today in richmond, kentucy. kentucy.38 teams featuring more than 600 special olympics athletes.. will take to the court for the "27th special olympics regional basketball tournament."it is happening this morning from eight to 4 p-m at sports of all sorts on mt. zion road in richmond.the winners will compete in the state tournament on march 11-12-13 in louisville. today's warmer weather makes for the perfect time to check out some of this year's hottest new rides.the 2016 auto expo continues today and tomorrow. can head down to the duke energy convention center.. and check out all this year's new models. doors are open from 10 a-m to seven are 11 dollars.
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cincinnati public schools are looking for a few good teachers. teachers.from 11am to 12:30 this afternoon they will be hosting an open job fair for both expierienced teachers..and those just entering the profession. you'll be able to learn about the schools, as well as several academic programs and vacant positions.once the job fair ends interviews will immediatly follow from noon to dress to impress. speaking of jobs, there are a lot of people hoping they have the right stuff to go to space. yesterday n-a-s-a says it recieved a record 300 thousand applications for its "astronaut-candidate training program."that's nearly three times the number that it got back in the most recent 2012.the previous record was set back in 1978, when n-a-s-a received eight- thousand applications remember those memory crystals from the superman movies?you know the ones able to store a
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data?they're not just in the movies anymore.researches at the university of south hampton have created a real- life equivilent.they call it "5-d memory."it's called 5-d because the information is in five demensions.height, length, width, orientation and position.a sophisticated laser engraves data onto tiny quartz glass discs.and get this, each disc can hold up to 360 tera-bytes.that's about the same as 22 thosand i-phones. a case of mistaken identity so extraordinary... it fooled one man's own one man almost went to jail for a crime he didn't commit!you are wathching good morning
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a car versus semi accident on i-75 southbound has one lane closed right now.that's in warren county.were told injuries are only minor but
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this morning we wanna share with you a stunning local case that will make you scratch your head -- and wonder if what you just..was real.even more, it also illuminates what prosecutors say is real a problem. eyewitness accounts. they say they are so unreliable they may just be the worst kind of evidence. this is the bank robber. in 2010 he held up a tr-state bank -- and the surveillance video hit probably every newscast in cincinnati that day. "and we put out a crimestoppers tip and we got about 5 or 6, 7 phone calls, 'i know that guy', 'he lives on this street', 'he lives in this particular house'.
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prosecutor, joe deters, says people were convinced they knew this guy. they pointed at the same guy, the same house... they were sure it was this man . . "and when detectives went to that particular house, knocked on the door, and his mom answered it, and she said, 'i know why you're here. i just saw on television my son robbing a bank." bank."this is that woman's son. take a look. he looks incredibly like the guy in the surveillance video. police took the son, whose identity we were not given, into custody. then, they got a call from a woman who said *this was the *wrong guy... that it was *her boyfriend who robbed the bank...and *this is her boyfriend, conrad zkzierak . ."the accused was african american. the actual
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as could be. he had bought a theatrical mask from beverly hills, which cost a few thousand dollars, and it's very life like, as you know, and he had it on. and it looks like the guy they called crimestoppers about."tanya: "i mean, his mom..."deters: "his mother said it."tanya: "he did it."deters: "he did it." it.""it looked just like her son." son."sunglasses covered zkzierak's blue eyes. gloves covered his hands. "that just tells you, don't believe what you see all the time because you could be dead wrong." wrong."joe deters says ever since he released from prison this man who was wrongly imprisoned in 1982 for rape based on one person's identification of him, he won't take one person's so- called 'word for it.' it.'"you can't rely solely on identification. you just can't do that. it's a recipe for some kind of disaster and i think a disaster is an innocent person in prison." prison."in fact he says eyewitness accounts are the worst kind of evidence. evidence."i would consider identification one piece of evidence that you can use. it should never be the only piece of evidence." evidence."
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conrad zkzierak will be in prison for that robbery and others until 2035. ohio is gettimg some big help from home owners at risk of foreclosure. foreclosure.the u-s treasury department has announced that ohio will recieve $98 million to prevent "at-risk" home owners from losing thier homes. the money comes from the "hardest hit fund," it was set up at the height of the foreclosure crisis.since 2010, ohio has recieved $540 million from the fund which has helped more than 24 thousand ohioans. if it's up to matt bevin you won't ever have to pay tolls on the brent spense bridge. kentucky's governor says he'll 'sign' a bill banning any tolls on bridge's replacement. the bill doesn't mention the project by name ... but instead would allow private money to pay for public projects.the bill states: that no tolls can be part of any agreement or project.. connecting kentucky with ohio without the approval of the
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it's tournament time for ohio boys basketball.the start of a four week journey.9 on your side spors director john popovich is next with part one
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thanks for getting up with us this saturday morning. it's now --- degrees at -- o'clock. while we are all enjoying the warm weather this weekend.. look at what the trend is doing to winter events in rinks look more
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lake...not so frozen over.two inches of water has people nervous, prompting officials to cancel this weekend's art shanty project because they worry the ice can't support the vehicles. it's time to check weather with meterologist jason adams
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while it may not reach 98 degrees out there tonight, today's warm weather makes for the perfect time to celebrate the one year anniversary of lachay's bar in over the rhine. rhine.that's right it's been one year since the cincy's own drew and nick lachay opened the doors.they'll both be on hand to pose with guests.. and prizes and memoribelia are up for's going on at lachay's bar in over the rhine from 8pm-2:30 in the morning. the sound of china's first and only bamboo instrument orchestra will fill the air tonight. tonight.the "greater cincinnati chinese music society" is presenting the
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at the college conservatory of music.this year's concert features: "the beijing bambooo orchestra" whose origins date back nearly one thousand years. there's more sports to talk about.srping training has started for the reds...pitchers have already, which big name bengal might not be back next year.the second half of your
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thanks john.. john.. let's get one last
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that's good morning tri-state for this saturday.we're always on with breaking news and
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announcer: jack hanna' s "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i' m jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." 70% of our planet is covered in water, and most of it is still unexplored. today we' re gonna try and fix that. just like in the movies. whoo-whoo! diving in fiji... i' ve never seen anything like


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