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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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torrential rain... gusty wind... and snow... the timeline... is just moments awaywreaking havoc... a look at some of the severe weather tearing across the states tonight.train versus truck... (nats)...train sots...the minor injury the semi-truck driver is lucky to have tonight.this 18-year old accused of selling l-s-d and various drugs to undercover police.. the investigation into a local teen tonight.9 on your side...starts now rains heading rains heading towards the tri-state. they will likely affect your morning drive.. so we go right to nine first warning chief meterologist steve raleigh. rain will begin tonight, but heavy rain hits overnight, and that's when potential minor flood issues could happen. rain will start around 10 p.m. and become heavy at about 2 a.m., lasting through the morning rush.with the continued rain through the day, flood issues could happen
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breaking at 11... the weather is deadly tonight in lousiana and mississippi. at least three people are dead... seven people critically injured... and dozens more hurt less seriously after tornadoes hit the region.two of the deaths are in a mobile home park near new orleans. about 100 homes there were damaged. south of baton rouge.... the storm damaged several businesses... including blowing the roof off a gold's gym. cars in the area were damaged by flying debris.all the schools there will be closed tomorrow as the clean-up begins. nine on your side will monitor the situation overnight for you. we'll bring you the latest developments on good morning tri-state starting at four-30. you can also check wcpo dot com and our mobile app for developments at anytime. the g-o-p caucuses in nevada will wrap-up in about a half hour. polls are giving trump a big lead in that contest. trump is hoping to build on the momentum he gained with wins in new hampshire and south carolina. many caucus locations appeared to be crowded. so much so.. that the g-o-p is worried about a
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also reports that some voter's identifications have not been checked. but at last check.. the nevada g-o-p said there had been no official reports of voting irregularities or violations. we'll keep an eye on this for you.. and will bring you any updates during the newscast. the next democratic contest is saturday in south carolina. hillary clinton is widely expected to win over bernie sanders. but today a federal judge raised her e-mail controversy again... ruling clinton's top aides and state department officials should testify under oath about their roles in setting up the private e-mail server she used as secrtary of state. an 18 year old in mason tonight stands accused of trafficking in l-s-d and a synthetic designer drug. investigators say he was dealing across mason and deerfield township in warren county. nine on your sides ashley zilka is covering that for us tonight. she joins us from mason. ashley. police tell me logan fitzpatrick was arrested after
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investigation. the 18 year old took online classes but police say he was still considered a student here at mason. i spoke to parents who say they are disgusted. for some parents- it's hard to imagine a high school student trafficking large quantities of lsd and other drugs. rick tripp: mariemont (father)07:03 it's still shocking to hear... it is just something parents have to deal with. 09but that's exactly what the warren county drug task force says logan fitzpatrick was doing throughout mason and deerfield township. the teen was arrested on february 8th after police searched fitzpatrick's parent's home where he lives. major steve arrasmith:com mander of the warren county drug task force12:55 given the age of logan and the type of drugs that he was selling, we moved fairly quickly on this one." 01police say fitzpatrick sold undercover detectives bulk amounts of lsd and 25c- a designer drug new to the area. major steve arrasmith:com mander of the warren county drug task force13:43 most cases especially this 25c as they call it, the sources are typically out of the country and you can order this stuff online unfortunately. 55at one
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fitzpatrick sole them ecstasy and marijuana.major steve arrasmith:commander of the warren county drug task force 13:32 it's kind of scary that they don't seem to make that connection of what they are doing and the impact that has on our communities. 40melanie brand: east gate (grandmother) 05:37 it's terrible. i don't know why they can't get a better hold on it. police say cases like this one are a wake up call for parentspay attention to your children. major steve arrasmith:com mander of the warren county drug task force14:25 if your kids don't have a job and they have large quantities of money and cash in their pockets maybe ask some questions. 31 police say fitzpatrick was selling 50 unit doses at a time. we went to fitzpatrick's home earlier today. he answered the door but said he couldn't comment but he wasn't doing well. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. the cincinnati v-a hospital was the focus of many tough questions today on capitol hill. and in the middle of it... v-a secretary and former p-and-g chairman bob mc-donald. 'the scripps news washington bureau and wcpo spent four months investigating whistleblowers' concerns. at the center of
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barbara temeck, acting chief of staff. whistleblowers say she intentionally cut services veterans depend on to help balance the budget. scripps national corresponded mark greenblat spoke with mc-donald today. we take these allegations very seriously and that's why we're digging into them. when we have more to report we will obviously report it.deputy secretary gibson said yesterday on a reporters call, after a few days on the ground omi investigators quote unquote, saw something which lead them to them to want to call... led you to want to call in the ig. what is it? that's not appropriate for me to tell you what that is. is.our scripps national bureau and wcpo will stay on this and bring you that preliminary report as soon as possible. right now on wcpo dot com.. why secretary mc-donald says the v-a hospital here is "one of the best" in the country... and a look at the ethical concerns at the v-a uncovered by our investigation. continuing 11 at 11-a controversial kroger store is getting the green light to
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chester trustees voted in favor of a 'consent decree' to rezone the land and allow for the new development at state route 747 and tylersville road. that's where 9 on your side's john genovese joins us live with more. john. in the end - trustees say both sides got what they wanted. this 2-year-battle cost the township 300-thousand-dollars. that development will fill the black hole across the street - but not everyone's happy about it . "welch - yes - mr lang - yes - mr wong - yes" and like that- west chester trustees voting in favor of a 'consent decree' "we got what we wanted - they got what they want" now allowing a 36-acre development that includes a brand-new 133-thousand square foot kroger marketplace store to move forward "this consent decree holds everybody's feet to fire - and by holding it to the fire - if they don't complete it - they're in contempt of court" the legal battle against developer 'silverman & company' cost the
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two years ago - amid pressure from nearby residents- trustees denied the request "we believe - and still do - that the original plan was sound even without this enhanced buffer"among other requirements - this plan for a landscape buffer to be built during the first phase of the project "if we would've gotten this buffer guarantee in the beginning this could've all been completely averted"still - "we're being sued to be forced to do something that was voted against" some say the changes aren't enough "this is an accident waiting to happen" "school buses and semis on the same road? it's a two-lane road!" deb lawrence lives in the neighborhood next door "i don't really think that they were listening to their constituents this time - i'm very disappointed" several of the trustees tonight called this the best possible outcome. even two years ago - when that first request was denied - they told residents the land would likely be developed for commercial use. john genovese
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continuing 11 at 11--this newly-released dash cam video shows the traffic stop that put attorney and w-l-w news personality 'lisa wells' in handcuffs. a trooper says three different pills were scattered on a seat in the black s-u-v she was driving near troy. wells declined to take field sobriety tests... telling the trooper she'd quote... "have to be an idiot." she denied any knowledge of the pills. 5:35"(you have a bunch of loose pills on your seat, what are they?) on my seat? (yep, theres three of them, they're loose pills, they're all different?) i don't know" wells has been off the air for several weeks -- she's now facing drug charges. when we first asked her about the allegations --she said... quote... "i am not a public figure and you should not be reporting this."she's due in court on march 3rd. people in westwood tonight got their chance to be heard on an issue that is on many people's minds.. violence in cincinnati. people at the meeting looked
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force.. and specificially strategies to treat violence in cincinnati as a disease and a public health issue. council will later review the task force's findings. in loveland tonight.... council heard from residents who are upset moving the farmers market from jackson street market downtown. organizers say they were told the move would only be for one year to accomodate construction work. but now.. they are being told they can't go back to jackson street market. they are hoping to find another locaton before opening in may. a smoke-free campus. that is what u-c president santa ono announced he'd like to see a year from now. ono today charged a committee with creating a plan to reach that goal. last fall... the u-c student government approved a resolution supporting a tobacco- free campus to promote health and a better environment on campus. u-c current smoking policy bans smoking inside buildings... and within 25 feet of entrances and windows. the horseshoe casino is getting a new name. come june
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cincinnati casino."all of the casinos operated by rock gaming are being rebranded.the company says it costs 40 million dollars for all four of the casinos.last year the horseshoe casino raked in nearly 200- million dollars in gambling revenue. many were called... but only a few were chosen to help take the cincinnati police department to the next level. level.that's how police clergy ennis tait opened the ceremony today for 13 of our city's bravest. among those promoted today.... assistant chiefs.. captains.. and lieutenants. congratulations to all. the killing spree in kalamazoo. new video shows what the suspect was buying just hours before the attack. more women are undergoing double mastectomies. the reasons behind their life changing decisions. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 tonight troubling video in the deadly shootings in kalamazoo that left six people dead. surveillance video shows the suspect... jason dalton... in a gun store just hours before the shooting rampage.. buying a tactical jacket. police say dalton has admitted to the shootings while working as an uber driver. two people were wounded. a 14 year old girl remains in critical conditon. the best man at dalton's wedding said via skype he is in shock. "he was very quiet and reserved. not afraid to speak his mind, but definitely not out to ever cause anybody trouble." trouble."dalton is charged with 6 murders and faces life in prison.. authorities say he's cooperating but isn't talking about a possible motive. he's due back in court next thursday. extraordinary video out of
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trooper's dash cam shows a semi being hit by a train. that trucker is okay tonight. he only suffered a cut above his eye. but his rig was dragged a quarter- mile down the tracks. the dash cam was rolling because the trooper had just pulled the truck over for a routine inspection. it would be a back to school present for parents. the ohio senate today passed a bill that would lift the state sales tax from school supplies for three days in august. the bill would cover clothing that costs 75 dollars or less.. and supplies that cost 20 dollars or less.the bill now goes to the house. ohio had a one-day back to school tax holiday before the start of this school year. now at 11.. stopping the spread of a nasty stomach bug at miami university. university.tonight - cleaning crews continue to scrub down dorms and dining halls in oxford.more than 200 students have contracted the virus - which brings vomiting and diarrhea.norovirus is
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live on surfaces for miami is reminding students to wash their hands - and handing out disinfectant. logistics is big business in the tri-state because of our location and interstates. now.. cincinnati state is creating a "supply chain career development center."the 22- thousand square foot building will be in west chester. the program will offer an asociates degree.. along with short- term certificate programs. we mentioned earlier about the deadly storms that hit mississippi and louisiana today. one result of that weather is video of three water spouts on a lake near new orleans. while tornados did terrible damage in some areas... it doesn't appear that these
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weather summary: rain will begin tonight, but heavy rain hits overnight, and that's when potential minor flood issues could happen. rain will start around 10 p.m. and become heavy at about 2 a.m., lasting through the morning rush.with the continued rain through the day, flood issues could happen later too.i expect .50" - 1" by 7 a.m., and this is when
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continue through wednesday totaling 1.5"-2" by the end of the day. winds to 25 mph will start during the morning hours, with winds reaching 40 mph from wednesday night into
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tonight in healthy living... new evidence suggests the zika virus can be spread by sexual contact more easily than first thought. the centers for disease control is investigating 14 possible cases in the u-s where the virus may have been spread by sex. among the new findings... zika can be transmitted by men to women.. but not vice versa. the c-d-c says because of that.. it is repeating its recommendation that women who are pregant or may become pregnant avoid sex with a partner who has been in an area affected by zika for at least two weeks after they return. a surprising move by many women.the number of women undergoing double mastectomies has tripled - even though breast cancer rates have stayed the same. the reasons vary from patient to patient.some women make the decision to have a mastectomy because they learned they have the breast cancer gene.
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cosmetic aspect. what most people don't know - is that the risk of recurrence does not always decrease after a mastectomy. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. the xavier musketeers get ready for number one oneand look who was in reds training camp today.....last night we had him he was in right field. sports is next.
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good evening everyone...tue sday night at the gym....a lot was going on in college basketball. basketballoff a loss appeared to be loose.-at home.. against alabama...and tyler ulis was distributing the to alex poythress...-then above the rim to marcus lee....-ulis with ten assists...some were works of art...kentucky beats alabama by 25.
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team went into columbus....clo se thru the first half...then the spartans put it away. they win for the 23rd time. how do ya figure? miami had won but nine games. akron led the mac. but the redhawks zapped the zips at millett hall tonight. eric washington had 13 points, 7 assists and five steals. in st louis tonight....dayton forced overtime with the billkins..then kyle davis hit a three point jumper....the flyers win it...that's their 22nd victory of the season. the thomas more men beat waynesburg tonight 72-56. that was in the quarterfinals of the presidents athletic conference tournament. a practice day for fifth ranked xavier as they get ready for number one villanova wednesday night. villanova won handily when they played in philly last fact, xavier is winless against the wildcats since joining the big
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who's next....a great album 45 years ago.....the big question as training camp got started in arizona for the cincinnati reds.we know the reds tried to move brandon phillips, but he wouildn't let it happen. and he doesn't want to hear that he's playing for a last place team joey votto suggested to our keenan singleton that he get a shot of jay bruce this morning because it might be his last chance. for the time being..jay bruce is still a red..and he'll prepare as a
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this tuesday. we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ellen pompeo, from "the walking dead", norman reedus, and music from yo gotti featuring travis barker,


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