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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  February 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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now at seven! a tri-state paramedic is missing!what his family is saying tonight about the disappearance. plus you might see a couple flurries if you head out tonight!we're tracking your thursday night forecast... and weekend! and a national criminal organization could be targeting the tri-state.what you need to know before parking at the gym or daycare. seven! the search is on tonight for an aurora first responder who has been missing for 4 days. your help.
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with our ashley zilka in an interview you'll see only on 9 on your side. craig whitham has worked here as an emt in aurora for more than two decades. his family says they've searched all throughout these streets.. but have come up with nothing. he saves lives for a living but now craig whitham needs your help. 05:44 just let him know they we care and that we are out there. 45take a good look at this picture. rising sun police say whitham has been missing since monday morning.the 42 year old left his cell phone and wallet behind. 9 on your side spoke with whitham's cousin angel adams. whitham lives with her parents in rising sun. his family says the aurora first responder wouldn't just pick up and leave.02:52 he is the most dependable, responsible person you can ever imagine. he's been an emt for 20 years. he was in the army. he has worked at the hospital. his whole life has been about helping people. 05craig's friends started a facebook page to spread the word.
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help us bring him home" has nearly 150 members.04:02 everyone cares about him and really wants him to come home and to know that he is okay. 06 here's what craig's car looks like. police say whitham may be driving a silver 2014 dodge journey. as for his family and friends- they have looked all throughout town and beyond. now they have no choice but to wait.05:24 it's just a whole range of emotions. one minute it's we know he's okay, he's probably just somewhere taking some time and he's going to be okay and then we are sad. 37 right now- there are no big searches planned. police say they don't have a lot of leads and need your help. if anyone has any information, call reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. we have breaking news.there are reports from local media in kansas that five people
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at a workplace.two of them are dead.and the alleged shooter is at large.the workplace is called excel industries-- it's about 40 minutes north of wichita, kansas.again - five people shot, two dead at a workplace in kansas.we'll bring you new information in this show if we get it... and tonight at 11. we could see more flurries tonight.nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is here with your
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developing now. the v-a calls it "the right thing to do for veterans and taxpayers. "the agency taking action against two top officials at the hospital here in cincinnati. network director jack hetrick was the v-a's highest ranking official in three states. he submitted his retirement after a v-a deputy secretary in washington proposed he be removed. barbara temeck was the hospital's acting chief of staff.her medical privileges at the v-a hospital have been suspended and she has been reassigned to non- patient care duties. hetrick and temeck were at the center of a scripps washington d-c bureau and nine on your side uncovered questionable management practices and cost cutting at
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the four-month investigation followed complaints raised by 34 current and former va employees. you can read the full results of our investigation right now on wcpo dot com. there are fears tonight that a national criminal organization is targeting the tri-state. tri-state.they call themselves the felony lane gang.and police in clermont county need help identifying a woman wanted for township authorities think she has something to do with a group that's breaking into cars in places like day cares and health clubs. she was caught passing bad checks at a huntington bank branch.and now she might be the subject of an even larger investigation. "they possibly believed that she had struck in another state and done the exact same thing in another state and wanted to know if they could post that information on their facebook page." page."the felony lane gang task force is investigating similar crimes across the country.
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woman - call crime stoppers at the number on your screen...513-352-3040. he wanted six people dead... but tonight - they are alive, and he is in jail!police say maurice stallworth intentionally hit a car with five people inside on harrison avenue in westwood on sunday! he then crashed into a utility pole.the person inside his car, told police that stallworth wanted to kill all of them - but nobody was seriously hurt!stallworth stood before a judge today - who set his bond at 60- thousand dollars. the pledging process for new members of miami university fraternities and sororities is coming to an early end this semester. semester.the school says that's because of 21 hazing allegations... against 12 greek organizations. the school says it's looking into each claim-- but so far no dicsiplinary action has been taken. greek life accounts for about 30-percent of the student body. we have new information tonight on a little girl fighting for her life after her buffalo home caught fire..
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cincinnati for medical care. treasure brighon is undergoing treatments at shriners hospital.she has burns to 90-percent of her body.the eight year old was flown her from in new york last friday. today - we are happy to report that brighon made it through her third surgery.she is also breathing on her own. two people died in the fire... one safety. coming up next at seven...taking the lead. lead.the new poll numbers just released showing where the republican hopefuls stack up ahead of tonight's debate! and deadly impact.the growing number of people dying from heroin in a tri-state county.
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we are just minutes away from the final republican debate ahead of super tuesday! tuesday!this is the first time all five republican hopefuls will be together since the nevada caucuses.donald trump remains in the lead... ahead of marc rubio, ted cruz, john
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brand new quinnipiac poll. our team is fact checking the candidates tonight on nine on your side at 11. an alarming statistic coming from the butler county coroner tonight-- who says the leading cause of death in the county last year was drug overdose. coroner, doctor lisa mannix, says last year there were 189 deaths from drug overdoses. that's higher than the number of deaths from natural causes that comes through her office.. and nearly a quarter of all deaths her office responded to. she says the majority of overdose deaths are from heroin. dr. lisa mannix//butler county coroner 11:02 it only takes one more time just one more time and that may be the last time they ever use because they die diewe asked how this year was shaping up in regards to overdose deaths. mannix says it's too early to tell, but believes it's off to a slow start. coming up next at seven! seven!taking the stage.the unlikely introduction lady
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and what can you expect for your weekend?steve outlines the nine first warning
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vice president joe biden is bringing a serious message with him to this sunday's oscars! oscars!the vice president will make a call for sexual assault awareness in front of hollywood a-listers!he will then introduce lady gaga.she is performing one of her songs nominated for an academy award the world will also be watching host -- chris rock -- and how he handles the growing "diversity controversy."the comedian has remained very quiet about what we can expect from his performance sunday-- while many actors have been speaking's brandi hitt has more from hollywood. ((abc music - red carpet))the buzz surrounding this year's oscars... isn't just about who's walking the red carpet... it's also about -- who's not. sot -- jada pinkett smith, actress // "i will not be at
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-- spike lee, film director // "we're not coming - not going!" 2((animated graphic)) for a second year in a row... *all* 20 of the nominees in the acting categories... are the twitter hashtag -- "oscars so white"... nats -- (protests)leading to protests... and boycotts.nats -- (film clip: beasts of no nation")"beasts of no nation's" -- idris elba -- was passed over for an oscar nod... only to be nominated -- and win -- a screen actor's guild award... weeks later on t-n-t. sot -- idris elba, actor // "welcome? to diverse tv... (crowd laughs)." 4sot -- david blaustein, abc newsradio entertainment correspondent & movie critic // "this is that watershed moment... when the academy changes because they're being forced to change." 5((animated graphics)) the academy has now put forth *new* initiatives? to double the number of women and minority voters by 2020...and increase diversity on the academy's board of governors. sot -- will smith, actor // "it's a systematic bias that needs to be addressed... across the industry." 3in fact... a new university of southern california study on "diversity" - looking at 2014 and 2015 -- gives failing grades to every hollywood movie studio and most t-v
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smith, usc researcher // :21 - :25 // "our study makes it really clear - hollywood is a straight white boys club." all eyes are now on this year's oscar host -- chris rock? ((graphic)) who told essence magazine in its march issue -- "black women get paid less than everybody in hollywood. everybody's talking about jennifer lawrence. talk to gabrielle union."sot -- david blaustein, abc newsradio movie critic // "it is going to be an extremely memorable monologue simply because of that particular topic" 5((on camera tag))in fact... an oscars producer says chris rock threw out his original monologue...and has completely re-written it... to include the diversity controversy. brandi hitt -- abc news -- hollywood. you can watch the oscars live on nine on your side this sunday coverage
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a sneak peak of tonight's all-new scandal when we come back. the big names making a stop at this year's bunbury music center.we'll be
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we are staying on top of breaking news in kansas.five people were just shot execution style at a workplace. two of them are dead.there are conflicting reports about the alleged shooter.the workplace is called excel industries-- it's about 40 minutes north of wichita, kansas.again - five people shot, two dead at a workplace in kansas.we'll bring you new information tonight at 11. tonight it's an all new night of t-g-i-t!and we have a special sneak peak of tonight's scandal. scandal.
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t-g-i-t starts at eight on nine on your side with all new episodes of grey's anatomy, scandal, and how to get away with murder. some high-profile acts will headline the fifth annual bunbury music festival this summer. last's year event was a huge hit.. and this year's is drawing even bigger stars.the multi-stage fesitval will be held june third through fifth at sawyer point and yeatman's cove... are some of the headliners-- "the killers," "florence and the machine," "ice cube," tears for fears... "of monsters and men," and "elle king." for the complete list of artists .... visit there are more than
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this thursday.updates on all the day's top stories right now on wcpo dot com.our next newscast is tonight at 11..."the list" is next...
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get pumped, the list starts now. bag. our list of awesome stuffer that only cost you a few bucks. >> and a strange twist for jet blue passengers, the weird request the airline made once they were up in the air. beginning. >> five things you didn't know about shark tank. >> hello, welcome to the show. >> i'm donna ruko.


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