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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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and one more traffic update - an accident on i-71 in blue ash is lear. traffic is moving again in that area. back to that top saw that clerk ... quick on her feet to stop a robbery at the marathon in corinth, kentucky last night. night.those men are still on the loose but they're empty handed thanks to the clerk who has everyone talking.. 9 on your side's julie o'neill joins us live from corinth with the story. a lot of hearts racing here at this marathon last night. wait till you see all the pictures and hear what that clerk and the others endured...before finishing their shift afterward. :31- :401:01-1:08it's an amazing thing when you look at it really.a woman looking right at an armed masked manclicks the glass doors locked so he can't get in. she's got a lot of nerve. i
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in corinth- this truck stop diner just down from the marathon station where it all was quick thinking grant county deputy sheriff scott conrad says that clerk had actually gone outside moments before suspecting something was going on.she caught a glimpse of a shadow crossing the front door. she stepped out. 19:26 she walked back in the store and told the male patron and the male employee that she thought they were fixing to get robbed. at that time the two males walked outside and confronted the individual where the gun was brandished.suddenly a gun is pointed at them.she saw that happen, she turned around into the store and locked the door. 19:49one of the suspects came up and attempted to open the doors but they were locked. at that time that male subject according to the witnesses stated, " come on let's go and they both ran off." 20:02zola collins, corinthshe is a hero thinking enough to understand that there was that danger. 11:55 and to be looking at that scary thing looking at you you know?patsy wainscott, corinthyou never know what
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really. 09:29never been there but i hope i never am.and we're very proud of her in our community. deputy scott says the clerks were shaken up...but again...they finished their shift after deputies left. tonight grant county sheriff deputies are hanging this wanted poster at gas stations across the area. it includes a picture of the would-be robbers and couple of cars that may be just like the one seen driving away. a 90s silver toyota tercel or mitsubishi galant possibly. if you have any information call the sheriff's office or crimestoppers at 513-352-3040. it is back to the drawing board for dayton, ohio police. the prosecutor in montgomery county will not approve charges for brandon carr - who was arrested for the murder of a middletown mother. mother.nine on your side's jay
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from that woman's family - who, earlier this week - thought the killer had been found .. jay? at this time the prosecutor's office in dayton is not approving any charges on brandon carr pending further investigation--he will not be in court today or monday on a murder charge. charge.i talked to billy russell sr. brittany russell's father and he says they've been getting very little information from dayton officials and he wants it to changetoday he described his emotions learning that there won't be a charge right now ((billy russell/daughter shot and killed))"it's a roller coaster don't know to either hold my gut or throw my hands up in the air it's just down right not fair not knowing least called me." me."his daughter was found slumped over her steering
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daughter haven edwards in her car seat now the good news as russell sees it is that at least carr won't be leaving jail--he's being held on a federal detainer--so right now it gives time for police and prosecutors to tighten up their case agains him--jay warren 9 on your side middletown developing now -the university of cincinnati police chief and his right hand man are out amid a review of the department.we broke this story on our mobile app this afternoon. afternoon.that review was ordered in the wake of a deadly shooting last summer ... when then-university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing shot and killed sam dubose ... an unarmed driver.9 on your side's evan millward is at u-c with new information and the reaction from campus. evan millward - big changes within the police department here at university of cincinnati.chief jason goodrich and major tim thornton have resigned.
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in october a statement the university department of public safety says the changes come at the recommendation of an external review.that was launched weeks ago - after the shooting death of sam divide during an off campus traffic stop seven months ago now former uc officer ray tensing lost his job and has been charged with murder for that - - and it has caused sweeping changes here at uc.student body president andrew naab says it was a shocksot - andrew naab - our first reaction is where do we go from here? sitting back as knowing that we had a great relationship with chief goodrich and major thorton. we're very much looking forward now to the opportunity we have to figure out where we go as a police department. evan -i'm set to sit down with public safety director and now interim pd chief james whalen in minutes stay with 9oys.on uc's clifton campus, i'm em. a horrifying discovery by cincinnati police inside a mount airy apartment today ...
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the welfare of the people who lived there ... instead, they found two people dead. dead.9 on your side's ashley zilka is live in mount airy with details we just learned moments ago. ashley? it's still chilly as we kickoff our's 9
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meteorologist steve raleigh with what to expect this friday evening - steve? temperatures improve to 50 on saturday. winds increase from the southwest on sunday and this helps pump in warmer air. temperatures should top out in the low 60s on sunday. a quick moving cold front rolls through the ohio valley late sunday night and into monday morning. admitting to murder in two states. at five - he shot
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officer to shoot him!new developments in this multi- state investigation. he seemed happy!it's a shocking eye-witness account from the kansas workplace - new information about his history
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a man who already admitted to killing his girlfriend -
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kentucky. michael wilcox from brown county, ohio - pleaded guilty to the murder of zachary gilkison. he was killed in april of last year.wilcox is already serving an 18 year sentence for the murder of his girlfield. last year - wilcox blamed heroin for the killings. before his arrest - wilcox also heard on camera asking a police officer to shoot him but the officer refused. wilcox will be sentenced next month. new developments now on that workplace shooting at a kansas factory. a kansas judge had issued a temporary order of protection against the suspected shooter, cedric ford, earlier this month. police say he killed three people and injured 14 before he was shot by police. we've learned a woman asked for the order of protection on february 5th.tonight a friend says ford had a smile on his face as he was shooting his co-workers. :01- :09he looked happy,
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looked like.. he hopped out almost like a smile on his face police say ford has a long arrest record.but the reason for the shooting is not known. police say ford first opened fire on random drivers - before driving to the industrial plant where he worked. a shampoo session nearly turns deadly. you've probably had your hair shampooed at the salon before. next at five - one woman's warning.why she says her last shampooing caused her stroke. stopping child abuse.we'll tell you the change employers can make - to instantly reduce child abuse cases. your seven day forecast is next. to bring you wendy' s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this... on boats like these... in weather like this... all the way up here...
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today where' s the beef? means something different. some use beef frozen from far away. but wendy' s believes the juiciest hamburgers are made from fresh beef raised... right here. land of the beef, home of the
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 all new at five - you wouldn't think a simple shampooing at the salon would lead to a stroke. many of us have had our hair shampooed at the salon. but one kansas city woman warns - a trip to the salon turned into a life- threatening nightmare. "so even separating this"for elizabeth smith, even simple tasks... tasks... "it's much harder, much slower" require a lot of effort, the result of a painful ordeal that began with a trip to this salon to have her hair styled, first spending about ten minutes in a shampoo chair. eight days later... later... "weakness in my arm and weakness in my leg"she came down with some strange symptoms that quickly disappeared. a week later ...
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mother of two young children, "i couldn't stand"suffered a massive stroke. stroke. "they thought i wasn't going what nearly killed her. her doctors pointed to her time in the shampoo chair. "beauty parlor stroke sydrome" - they called it ... a rare but documented condition.doctors say when her neck was bent backwards - like you see here - it hyperextended, her vertebrae slicing an artery. according to medical reports, a clot began forming, later causing a stroke.smith, who racked up $250-thousand dollars in medical bills, just filed a suit against the salon. salon."we believe the personnel didn't adequately support her neck or adjust the chair properly to compensate for her small frame"some two years later, smith still has strength, balance and vision issues.but her biggest concern is a clot that remains in her brain. brain. "so i do live with that every night. i go to sleep wondering will i wake up tomorrow" the salon disputes all the claims in this lawsuit.9 on your side did some digging
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in a 2008 report by c-n-n, this can happen.doctors suggest hair stylists use neck pads and chair cushions when shampooing their clients. they also recommend clients spend no longer than three minutes at the shampoo bowl. one neurologist reported seeing about five to six cases of "beauty parlor stroke syndome" each year. temperatures improve to 50 on saturday. winds increase from the southwest on sunday and this helps pump in warmer air. temperatures should top out in the low 60s on sunday. a quick moving cold front rolls through the ohio valley late
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the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first in the tri-state. state.let's take a live look from chopper nine as you start your weekend... this is a look at i-71 near the ronald reagon cross county highway. plenty of cars on the
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tying you up. chopper nine will continue to bring you any updates on traffic. fewer children abused, because their parents got to stay home. home. next at five - the shocking connection between paid family time - and children with serious injuries. a controversial study about the h-p-v vaccine - retracted! the issue it raised.and why the publisher calls the study "seriously flawed." new at 5:30...hate taking a coupon to the department store....and then learning almost everything is exlcuded? consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with big changes coming to macy's and jc penney....that you may
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tonight in healthy living - the surprising advantage of paid family leave for new parents. a study out of california found fewer children were abused when parents received more paid leave. after california introduced its newest policy, head injuries for young children dropped about five percent. in states without paid family leave - injuries went up. take notes if your child is still in a car seat...
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is recalling about 56-thousand seats because children are able to loosen the harness. the recall is for "three-in- one combination booster seats." they were made between december of 2014 and january of 2016. there are replacement parts you can order. visit slash "seen on nine" for a link to the company's website. a study linking the h-p-v vaccine, or gardasil, to behavioral problems has been retracted. was published in the journal "vaccine" last month. tonight - the editor-in-chief says the scientific evidence backing up the study is seriously flawed. there is no proof gardasil leads to behavior issues. h-p-v is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervical cancer. much more to come on 9 on your side at's anchor tanya o'rourke with what we're working on. craig - she died from an addiction to alcohol. alcohol.and tonight the one person who watched her struggle the most is doing
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others don't have to face the loss she knows all too well. and rooting for gold.the tri-state company with ties to an oscar nominated film shares their hopes for a golden statue.nine on your side at
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09;34;39- 09:34:47 good evening...that woman watched her mother fight a habit she could not break. break.and after watching her die from the disease... she's doing something about it!nine on your side's rose-ann aragon has the story. "it's my favorite we continue at 5-30 with....
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highways.a crash in the northbound lanes of i-75 near i-74 shut down lanes for hours. chopper nine - the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first shows us the scene... where as you can see... it's pretty clear!we'll stay in the air, and bring you any breaking traffic updates as they happen! this man - timothy bray is accused of performing oral sex on another man without his consent.according to court documents - bray is the victim's caretaker.he is charged with rape and is being held on a one-hundred-thousand dollar bond. a tri-state mall is embarking on a new challenge in effort to keep teens safe! safe!security guards at northgate mall will start checking i-d's on friday and saturday nights. nobody under 17 can be at the mall after five o-clock unless they are with someone 21 years or older. the new policy is being met with mixed reviews. "they do get loud and they do


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