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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> live from hollywood, this is "on the red carpet at the oscars" with our own stunning stars, george pennacchio, kristen aldridge, roshumba williams and yu tsai. to you, george. george: thank you very much. we're counting down to the 88th annual academy awards. joining me now is my counterpart from wabc tv in new york, sandy kenyon, before we talk, our helicopter has captured some
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a small protest in hollywood led by the reverend al sharpton, over the lack of diversity at the oscars for the second year in a row. a peaceful protest is going on involving the entire #oscars go white campaign. but chris rock is hosting the oscars. he's been in complete silence what are you hearing about him? >> he had the #black out #see you sunday. that's the last we heard from him. i heard it's going to be blistering. there are going to be some folks who are very uncomfortable in that all of a sudden. for me, that's going to be something to watch. tune in because who knows what he's going to say, buzz but but it's going to be funny. george: what do you think are the chances of "the revenant"
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>> it's got a chance. two big competitors. i think leonardo dicaprio, best actor, "the revenant," best picture and then screen play, so-called consolation prizes, though they aren't, to the vine and writers of "the big short." adam mckay is the writer, co-writer of "the big short," so he takes home an oscar for that. then that's adapted then the original screen play is "spotlight." three oscars, i think that's the way it's going to go. george: you have it all figured out. >> an alternate scenario is best
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beautiful. kristen: which of our nominees will steal the fashion spotlight? as a spokes model for louie vuitton, it's no surprise alisha vikander has been wearing that label almost exclusively this awards season. she sparkled in a patch work swelled gown. jennifer jason leigh has found a connection with roland mouret's dresses. awards season kate winslet tries something new.
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a hatter style gown from ralph lawns at the ball. and rachel mcadams went with this coral ensystemable at the sag awards. rooney mara choose a nude shredded lace gown from alexander mcqueen for the golden globes. at the sag awards, rooney wore this black valentino with a plunging neck line. based on what you've seen so far this awards season, if you had to pick the best dressed who would it be? roshumba: alicia vikander. a new fashion siavii and big athlete.. my favorite. has got to be the patch work gown she wore to the sag awards. kristen: you're shaking your head. do you agree? yu tsai: i love rooney mara.
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around the shredded dress from mcqueen but she's beautiful and plansed. she doesn't need anything else. you. george: the movies this year have covered every corner of the imagination and bringing all to life on the big screen from extraordinary effort from the stars. as a solitaire spaceman marooned on mars, matt damon redefined the role. >> ridley and i sat down and really combed through the script moment to moment and really kind of planned a design of attack. >> he redefined real life screenwriter dalton triumph boston >> he was a beautiful man to
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study and learn about. >> last time we met she -- me. >> red ed -- eddie redmayne stepped into the heels of a transgender pioneer, a journey which redefined the limits of love. >> it's about the fact that love is not defined by gender or bodies but it's -- it galvanizing you to work hard and do as much work as you can. >> same-sex romance is redefined by mara rooney and cate blanchett. >> the world lesbian is never used in the film. they didn't have that language. we relished the times we could come together. george: return to the world of mad max 36 years later, redefining it for a new all of a sudden with a new bag of tricks. >> to be able to do it again
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with all these new tools is quite different. it was very exciting. it's cool that we're here. george: who do you think redefined acting this year? join the conversation on social media using the hashtag red carpet redefined. now we check in with albert lawrence, who's been backstage. albert: we have -- we are backstage of the dolby theatre in the green radio. this is the space where presenters and performers get to come in and hang out while the main show is going on. this is classic hollywood. in addition to the luxury within the room, it's also supposed to make you feel peaceful, at home, and when the show starts this television right here is going to show us everything that's happening inside the main theaters so in the may not, let's tee -- see what's
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the guests are starting to arrive right here, right now because this is the biggest night in hollywood and no one wants to be late. who's the next to come out of the security tent? we'll find out in just a little bit but we know that there are some people that we want to see if we'll bring them to you right here "on the red carpet at the oscars." >> right now, jimmy kimmel is putting the finishing touches on his actor oscar special. and up next, he gives us a quick preview. plus, otrc is redefining the way you look at the red carpet. head to and check out our 360-degree tour of the oscar red carpet. let the stars on the red carpet, the all-new lexus rx redefine sometime.
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george: welcome back to the red carpet here at the oscars. i'm with 14-year-old abraham attah. he won the independent spirit award last night for his work in "beasts of no nation." told me what that moment was like? >> i'm so happy.
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they were like oh, gosh. i won. so it was pretty cool. george: you come from ghana and i want you to tell me if you can reflect on what that means to all of your friends and family and country, this contribute -- victory you had last night? >> it feels great for my country. i'm a guy from ghana and i'm -- [indiscernible] i think it's great to do something for my country. george: you're 14. are you nervous taking the stage live in front of a worldwide >> no. my first time i came to hollywood -- i'm used to it. i'm giving a speech in front of them so now i'm used to it now. george: abraham, have fun tonight at the 88th annual academy awards.
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roshumba and yu tsai. kristen: i love how he said that. roshumba: adorable and confident. kristen: leo is here to take home that oscar. is he going to be best dressed? yu tsai: always stylish and consistent. kristen: consistent, for sure. he is always pribblingt in his style. take a look a and see what we mean. leo was just 19 when he got his first oscar nod. his hair was still floppy and no goatee yet. 11 years later, he wore a traditional two-button black tucks from prada. two years later, another two-button tucks with a black
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armani was an oscar go-to again in 2014. with this made to measure wool midnight blue tucks with grosgrain tie. leo has struck with armani so far this awards season. at the globes, armani, at sag and at behalf -- bafta, you guessed it, armani. it's safe to say he loves armani. you have photographed him up close and personal. what is the real leo alike? yu tsai: exactly what you expect him to be. a leading man, when he walked into the room i got chills and i was nervous. but for fashion, i don't care if leo wears jeans or a tuxedo, he's always prosecutor for me. roshumba: i call his style rat pack chic. kristen: because it's so
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roshumba: yes, and also a bit of a throwback. he's sweeting -- sweeping awards show season. if it's not broken -- broke, don't fix it. kristen: the as far as are shining and it's a beautiful day here in hollywood. go to facebook for highlights of today's events plus entertainment news all year
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>> the otrc fashion camera is brought to you by mercedes-benz, the best or nothing. we have robin roberts and michael strahan here ready to get to work and talk to the stars.
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we've also got diane warren, the amazing songwriter nominated tonight. let's check in with tina malave and allison mcnamara, who are all over the mercedes-benz fashion camera live on >> we sure are. we're having a party up here high above the red carpet. seeing who's showing up, talking all the fashion trends. >> we're so excited to see the beauty and the fashion and the gowns. we're just breaking it all down. >> this one likes everything. if you're wanting to know who went through what to get ready for tonight, she's got all the secrets, including the japanese potato. >> you have to stay tuned to find out. >> let's see what's going on back on the red carpet. george: we'll see the stars walking down the red carpet. stars. let's look at some of the nominees for best original songs.
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the pop pioneer, a british ballad match, a rising r&b prodigy. grammy and golden globe winner lady gaga joins forces with pop powerhouse diane warren for their song "till it happening -- "till it happens to you." happens to you george: this is warren's eighth oscar nomination. you know her as the songwriter who scripted the sound track for a generation. don't want to close my eyes i don't want to >> everywhere i am there you'll be george: the powerful pair collaborated about surviving sexual assault for the documentary "the hunting ground."
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both women survivors themselves. >> it's truly an honor and it is extremely appealing for it to be for a song that for both of us is part of who we are. george: sam smith set oscar in his sights creating the theme for " spectre." >> the james bond film, i wanted to bring out something time lesley classic. i just hope people listen to it and think that sounds like a bond theme. george: and he's got golden shoes to fill. adele's ballad "sky at all" won the oscar in 2013. also in the mix, rising phenom the weeknd. his smash hit from "50 shades of grey," won him a nomination and fans agree, he earned it.
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who created the soundtrack for a generation, diane warren, eighth oscar nomination. >> it is. it's number eight. lucky number eight. george: why do you think this one is so special? i've heard you say it means more than the other nominations. >> this is a really important song. it's really helping a lot of people. it's becoming an anthem for really important causes. george: you might have to give a speech and you've had seven times where you didn't. have you thought about this great speech you might give? >> i've thought about something i might say. george: can i hear some of it? >> i hope you get to hear it. george: you worked with lady gaga. how did you two vive jive? >> amazing, she's great. i love her. george: up for her eighth oscar. will it be eighth time a charm? we'll see. >> many of year's nominees made
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anywhere contacting -- acting debuts in commercials. you don't want to miss this. "on the red carpet at the
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george: this year's nominees have a combined 511 years of acting experience. sylvester stallone alone has 46 years of acting experience but he is trumped by charlotte
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rampling, who's been in the business prosecutor for 51 years but none of the actors nominated ever started out with an oscar nomination. before leonardo dicaprio blasted onto the best actor list. he was busy popping bubble gum. >> this is a chunk of super soft bubble yum bubble yum yum gum. >> and long before leo was king of the world, he was cheesing it up on the small screen. >> but mom? >> you know he's watching his fat and cholesterol. >> you know jennifer lawns -- lawrence as the hunger games heroin but before that she was battling birthday bash blues in this promo for mtv's my super sweet 126. >> ahhh! george: don't blink or you'll miss future dark knight christian bale dancing to the beat of this ad for pacman
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cereal. >> when you look inside, it's shocking. george: and batman's baines, a.k.a. tom hardy shedding a tire in this kleenex commercial. back in the 1980's. incredible hulk mark ruffalo was making us angry. here's michael fassbender baring it all in a racy ad for scandinavian airlines. and brine crant on the -- bryan cranston was dealing with a different problem. >> preparation h. >> tonight they're walking the red carpet as oscar nominees, but remember, everyone stars starts somewhere. george: jimmy kimmel is across the street right now working really hard on his post-oscar annul special but agreed to take a little time to talk to us. jimmy, how's it going over
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there? jimmy: hey, george. i'm actually very busy right now so don't have -- would love to chat but -- now i lost. god! george: oh, jimmy. thank you very much, i think. have a good show tonight and we'll be back with more from here "on the red carpet at the oscars." you can see jenna owens has arrived. people on this side are taking up some space. lots of people are suddenly showing up all at once and we'll talk to as many as we can but it gets to be a very complicated maneuvering act but we'll figure it all out right here coming up next. >> some stations are breaking away for local news.
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for everyone else, pop out the popcorn. this red carpet is about to heat
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