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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. marco rubio and ted cruz team up against donald trump. >> come on. >> the republican presidential candidates did not hold back last night. donald trump firing back against personal attacks. >> referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there's no problem. i guarantee you. >> and dishing his own. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> gentlemen. >> as mitt romney tries to rally the gop with a blistering attack against trump. >> a phony. >> trump responds. >> they've run things for a long time and they've run the country into hell.
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also this morning, the dangerous morning commute. millions now facing slick roads as a snowstorm hits the east ast. eight states on alert right now. explosive crash. the driver hopping a curb, plowing into a gas pump. the massive fire i left bend was he asleep behind the wheel? star? guess who's storming the ballroom the brand-new cast member we can't wait to reveal live right here on "gma." america. y friday. we canno wait to reveal the memb. here's a cl. this pern wl be twisting in the baroom. >> waia minute george is not here. not george. >> his dancing shoes. >> george is off. david muir is here for us and
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about the presidential race. >> yeah, we've been talking about it before we even came on this morning. the fiery debate, republican candidates on that stage, marco rubio, ted cruz once again taking aim at donald trump and trump, of course, firing back. >> that's right. >> absolutely. >> take a look at this. hillary clinton's campaign having a little fun during the debate. there they are tweeting out an image of three republican candidates arguing and a shot of clinton looking, well, slightly less than impressed. >> we are going to hear from senator rubio in just a moment but first let's get right to abc's tom llamas in detroit for more on last night's big debate. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. you know, the debate went to a very weird place last night and donald trump forced to cont a pattern of fp-flops that was shown in a video at the debate. overnight, the republican debate starting with a low blow. >> he referred to my hands, if they're small, something he must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee you.
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had a moment of zen. >> that is not what you said. >> i know it's hard not to breathe, breathe. >> lying ted. >> when they're done with the yoga can i answer the question. >> you cannot. yoga on this stage. >> he's very flexible so you never know. >> reporter: when it was serious, trump's rivals focusing on his record as a businessman. >> he can start tonight by announcing all the donald trump clothing will no longer be made in china and mexico but here in the united states. >> this little guy has lied so much. >> here we go. >> they devalue their currencies and they make it impossible for clothing makers in this country to do clothing in this country. >> reporter: trump and co-moderator megyn kelly remaining civil after their epic battle in the first debate. >> mr. trump, hi. >> hello. >> how are you doing. >> nice to be with you, megyn. >> great to have you here. >> you're looking well. you're looking well. >> as are you. >> reporter: but later kelly
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the business now the subject of lawsuits over claims they defrauded students out of thousands of dollars promising to teach the secrets of rea estate. >> the rating from the better business bureau was a "d" minus. that's the last publicly available rating in 2010 and it was a result of the number of complaints. >> reporter: and trump forced to defend a montage of his flip-flops throughout the campaign. >> you change your tune on so many things and that has some people saying, what is his core? >> megyn, i have a very strong core. i have a very strong core. but i've never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible. >> reporter: the debate coming just hours after former republican presidential nominee mitt romney took on trump in a blistering speech. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. but you say, wait, wait, wait, isn't he a huge business success? doesn't he know what he's talking about? no, he isn't. and, no, he doesn't. >> reporter: trump responding to romney right at the top of the debate.
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>> reporter: i asked trump if he was worried about the establishment working against him? e establishment is trying to wraesle this nomination away from you. what are you doing to make schauer that doesn't happen. >> look, we have a lot o of delegates and will have a lot more after this weekend. this i've run the country into hell. >> reporter: and that moment about trump's hands, melania trump telling me senator rubio is desperate in his attacks on her husband. >> well, it's just desperation. in the polls so that's why he's going in that low attack. >> reporter: now, senator rubio made the argument at the debate that so far two-thirds of voters have voted for somebody other than trump, that a majority of the republican voters don't want trump yet. that said and all that talk about a contested convention, all four nominees yesterday said they would support -- all four candidates said they would support the eventual nominee.
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republican presidential candidate marco rubio joins us now. senator rubio, thanks for being here this morning. >> good morning. >> senator, i wanted to ask you first about the tenor of this campaign. parents watching, kids watching too. you and donald trump have traded personal insults in recent days and trump responding to your comments about the size of his hands and without going any further, this is a morning show, you have young children. do you regret where this has gone. >> look, i regret the way the campaign has become, absolutely, because donald trump for the last year has made it one of the most vulgartacles in american history offending everyone running for president, jump journalists, the disabled -- >> but do you regret -- >> look, sometimes when someone is as offensive as he is repeatedly he needs to get a taste of his own medicine. nothing i have ever said comes anything close to what donald trump says regularly on a daily and routine basis.
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issues you brought up. you went after him raising concerns about trump university among other things. you said he's making promises he has no intention of keeping. he's trying to con people into giving them their vote. he's trying to con the american voter. >> absolutely and he's done this in his business career. what he's done throughout his business career, look, i'm this successful businessman, i know how to get this done and i can do it for you. sign up with my brand. well, that's what he's doing except instead of money he's looking for votes. it's already clear last night he changed his position on immigration and at least on one key aspect of immigration. he has no answers on health we saw that last week. he had no serious response to foreign policy other than to attack me personally by name-calling. there is not a single issue he has ever given a thoughtful, serious answer on and he's asking to become the president of the united states. >> senator, you know -- >> i think that's evidence of someone -- >> you know there's been a lot of talk about this republican revolt from members of the
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mitt romney now leading the charge. romney saying if republicans choose trump as our nominee the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished. a safe future diminished. do you agree with that. >> first, i would say it's not the republican establishment alone. there are plenty of constitutional conservative, people that believe strongly in the conservative principles who understand he is not a conservative and that could end the end of the modern conservative move many as we know it. the world is a dangerous place and some of the rhetoric that donald trump has and some of the policies to the extent he's even outlined a little bit are reckless and dangerous. >> but if you think he's going to make america less safe, you think he's conning the american voter, you did say last night that you would support donald trump if he's the nominee, how do you square the two? >> yeah, i mean that's the quandary we find ourselves in. that's what i'm trying to avoid. if it comes down to that which i don't believe it will then our choice is between hillary clinton which is just awful, you
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has her own fbi investigation, i think disqualified from being commander in chief because of benghazi and dald trump who is just disgust. i wish people would have a better choice. >> you're aware of the primary in your home state donald trump leading. is it a must win for you. >> we're going to win florida and, you know, polling, i don't believe -- i know that poll is not accurate. i know for a fact. that said, you know, we were down 20 points in virginia and almost basically beat him, would have had there been less people on the ballot. very strong -- it'll be a tough and close race. listen, no, i've never categorized any state as must win but we'll win florida and i'm very confident of that. >> all right, senator rubio, we can hear your voice hoarse this morning. we hope you feel better. >> thank you. >> all right, dad, thank you. for more on the republican debate and the impact of mitt romney's speech we bring in abc's matthew dowd, what a night, what a week, what a year it's been. how about last night, anything to change the momentum from
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behavior as we went from a stage that had the size of a nascar race to a football team to a baseball team to a basketball team and now to a golf foursome we certainly didn't have golf etiquette on the stage last night. i don't think it changes anything really because fundamentally many people are going -- are turned off by it so won't change their vote. it keeps doing this, it prevents donald trump, his behavior and not having really the answers he needs to have prevents him from expanding his lead he's able to coalesce the party which is why the party is in the state they're in. >> some things are not just personal. they are issue based, say trump university. anything like that stick? >> i don't think in the course of last night. peop were sort of lost in the conversation last night. i think the only way that sticks is if the issue is framed in person, not by elected officials but by people impacted so if they have that, then they can stick to it. if it's elected officials it won't work. >> you have thoughts about mitt
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>> i think the problem with mitt romney's speech is that he's a flawed messenger. good guy, flawed messenger. if you took the dictionary and looked up establishment mitt romney's picture was there and that benefits donald trump. >> all right, always, matt, thank you. thanks. now to a big headline this morning about north korea and reports that kim jong-un has ordered nuclear weapons to be made ready for use. the white house now responding this morning. so, let's get right to our white house correspondent jon karl live this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's an alarming threat and comes just a day after the u.n. security council imposed the toughest sanctions yet against north korea. overnight on north korean television, a smiling tv anchor made a provocative announcement saying that north korea's dear leader, kim jong-un, has given the go-ahead for the use of the country's nuclear weapons. the u.s. state department tells abc news they are closely monitoring the situation, urging
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from provocative actions and rhetoric that aggravate tensions. this comes after north korea claimed on state media to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb in january and after february tests of missile technology aimed at reaching the united states. that led the security council to impose tough, new sanctions on north korea. but overnight, north korean state tv praised kim jong-un for the quickevelopment of the new long-range rocket system which they claim has the precision and capacity to hit key targets. u.s. and south korean officials have already met today to discuss the possibility of deploying an advance missile defense system there on the korean peninsula, but, robin, that is a move that china strongly opposes. >> all right, jon, thank you. now a health scare in wisconsin. the cdc warning residents abouten aoutbreak of something
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kingia. abc's chief medical editor is here. you used to work at the cdc. what is going on? >> i talked to the cdc and until you sort out what's going on and solve the outbreak, it's worry sing. elizabethkingia, a newly recognized species of bacteria that can cause bloodstream infections, meningitis. this is the first outbreak they've seen. typically there are five to ten cases per state per year, so it's very worrisome what's happening here. they're not sure why in the elder di and -- >> what is the symptoms. >> what you can see, shortness of breath, fever and neck pain. cdc has sent a team up there. this is what public health does. the cdc has sent five disease detectives up there and have a team in atlanta that's working looking for any clues that connect them. medical records and testing of water supplies, they will interview the patients to see what is going on here that may have caused this outbreak.
7:14 am
on the alert so that patients will be treated with the right antibiotics. >> the cdc is on it full force. attention to. >> all right, rich, thank you. >> thanks, robin and rich. now to dangerous weather making its way up the east coast this morning. eight states on alert. snowy messy commute and indra petersons, good morning. >> good morning, david. it may be march but it is clearly still winter here in richmond, virginia. this morning temperatures feel like they are in the 2s, we have fresh snow on the ground, and behind me is i-95. this could not be coming at a worse time, the morning commute. we've been watching cars slipng and sliding all over the highway this morning. and this is a story a up and down the eastern seaboard. let's take a look at some pictures outside of d.c. and delaware they've already seen 5 inches of novell this morning and that know is still falling. now, even out towards d.c. itself you're seeing actual snow on your car. what does that mean? it means you're scraping ice before you head into work this
7:15 am
jersey flurries falling. look at the map. we are talking about a massive system moving up the mid-atlantic, we're talking about eight states here affe. that means millions of people affected this morning commute. david, it's an ugly mess. >> all right, indra, thanks. robin, you came prepared. you're warm this morning. it is freezing out in new york. >> not yet. >> over to amy. the other top developing stories and the new turn in flint, michigan. >> good morning, guys. the mother who claims her house is ground zero in the flint water crisis is now taking her fight to court. leann waters testified about the crisis last month. now she is suing city and sit officials claiming they are responsible are to the lead in the water that caused brain injuries and other health problems suffered by her children. meanwhile, a $200 million federal aid package for flint is now stalled in the senate. well, an autopsy shows a man fatally shot by police in raleigh, north carolina, this week was hit by four bullets. in a new statement thursday police say akhil den kins pulled
7:16 am
reaching toward the officer's gun when he was shot. a witness claims denkins was shot in the back. in southern california a man is in custody accused of deliberately dashing into the federal building there in orange county. a pedestrian who worked in the building was hit. no word on his condition, but the "l.a. times" reports he may have had a grudge against the government. in washington state police say a driver likely fell asleep at the wheel before crashing into this gas pp igniting a fire. it took him almost a minute to realize what was going on. he then ran away. finally, the video that is making us all feel a lot bette on this friday, bruce springsteen called a special fan onto the stage to dance with him at his concert in minnesota earlier this week. you're looking at jean heint teechlt, 91 years old attended more than 100 springsteen concerts with her daughter. she was holding up a sign that
7:17 am
with the boss and she certainly got her wish, indeed. >> she's the boss. >> wonderful. that is great. >> happy friday. happy friday. >> we have new developments in the deflategate scandal. lawyers for tom brady meeting in court as the nfl tries to reinstate brady's four-game suspension. both sides facing tough questions and we have the latest. >> reporter: this morning, tom brady's playing status on the line. >> touchdown. >> reporter: the deflategate case in the hands of three appellate court judges. the judges grilling both sides during the hour-long hearing quizzing nfl lawyers about goodell's use of power cling the commissioner, judge juror and the enforcer but the most pointed questions seemingly saved for brady's side. judge denny chin saying the evidence of ball tampering is compelling if not overwhelming and zeroing in on brady's destruction of his cell phone during the case. players association lawyer
7:18 am
first time privacy and stalking issues were among the reasons for brady's actions. brady repeatedly denying any involvement in the alleged scheme. >> i didn't alter the ball in any way. >> reporter: each side leaving feeling good about the hearing. >> the second circuit was very well prepared for this case and heard the arguments from both sides. >> we're very happy with the proceedings. >> reporter: and goodell telling our robin robs last month it's not just about brady but enforcing their rights. >> this is an issue of what are our rights in the collective bargaining agreement. we followed them to a tee and we believe that the district court got that wrong. >> reporter: but now another waiting game. the judges aren't expected to issue a ruling for several months. some fantasy football experts are saying you should draft brady's backup. judges asked tough questions but there is a chance we could see a decision by the beginning of the season. >> millions. rob marciano is in -- you're in
7:19 am
>> what? >> that winter storm hitting the northeast. beautiful, rob. >> good morning, robin. yeah, welcome to vail, colora, the finest snowboarders are be plying phi at the burton championships. here's the weekend getaway
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good morning's 7-25in just the next couple of hours nacole benton will be in court.that's the mother who police say falsly reported her
7:25 am
you saw it all unfold here on channel 9 as eaking news. police say --benton's car was stolen from her west end home.. she told officers the baby was insidebut when officers found the car ...the baby wasn't inside.policeow say while the search was on, benton snuck out the back of her home with that newborn and called a taxi. this morning benton is facing charges of obstructing official business... inducing panic... and making false alarms. as we mentioned... two teens are facing charges this morning in connection with that stolen car.but only *one* of them is charged with stealing the of the teens was arrested on hopkins street... with the other was caught on prosperity... near the scene of the crash. light snow gets replaced with freezing drizzle for the morning drive. watch out for slick spots on your way to work, especially on bridges and overpasses. skies will stay mostly cloudy for much of
7:26 am
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let's go. >> let's go. >> oh, sorry. >> i'll let you. >> next time. >> oh, the brand-new trailer for the "ghostbusters" reboot already getting more than 7 million views on youtube. a lot of excitement for that all-star cast. hidden clues in the trailer. we're uncovering them for you. >> i haven't been this excited for a movie for a long time. the female reboot. >> and the slime, it's back. >> slime. >> i watched the trailer. all right. also right now the republicans recovering from a heated debate overnight. marco rubio, ted cruz teaming up
7:31 am
front-runner, of course, firing back with attacks last night rths as well. breaking headlines about whitney houston's daughter. the medical examiner revealing the cause of death officially. immersion in water and drug intoxication and we'll h more on that coming up this morning. really sad. >> also this friday morning, we're going to reveal, we guarantee, this is our most favorite reveal ever for "dancing with the stars." >> a little more subdued than yesterday. >> a little bit more. >> you know -- >> i'm staring. i'm looking, trying to see -- >> tweet us if you can figure that out. >> there wasn't a lot of clues but you gave a good one earlier. >> and david confirmed that was not george. >> i would not think -- >> because 'not here. >> yes and the shape was a little different. >> okay. we'll begin this half hour with the latest in erin andrews' emotional court battle. >> the sports reporter now suing a hotel and her stalker for $75 million over that secretly
7:32 am
closing arguments set to take place this morning. the case could soon be in the hands of the jury and abc's eva pilgrim is covering the tal for us in nashville. eva, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. after seven days of testimony, later today, a jury will begin to weigh the evidence to decide who is at fault and how much each side is to blame for a naked video of erin andrews a stalker posted online. this morning a jury will get the chance to decide who is to blame for a naked video of erin andrews that went viral on the internet. jesse palmer, espn analyst and now a "good morning america" contributor in's deposition testifying about andrews' demeanor after the incident. he was her espn colleague at the time saying, andrews was quiet and more reserved after the video came out. >> i remember thinking with amazement really at the performance she was giving. >> reporter: suing her stalker michael barrett as well as the owners and managers of that
7:33 am
claiming the hotel made it easy for barrett to shoot the nude video. >> this could have been stopped. the nashville marriott could have just called me. >> reporter: michael barrett says he was having money problems when he came upith a plan, record video of andrews naked in her hotel room on his cell phone through a peephole and sell it for money. >> waited until the shower was turned off. pulled the plug out and waited for the opportunity. >> reporter: barrett pled guilty to stalking in 2010 and was sentenced to 30 months in prison. the hotel claims barrett was a criminal who tricked them into gaining access. attorneys for the marriott hotel arguing that the nude recordings have not had a negative impact on her career. >> you also got an endorsement for reebok. >> yes. >> reporter: andrews maintaining this incident has caused lasting emotional scars. >> i instantly cover the peephole. and then i do a check of the room.
7:34 am
>> reporter: the video which is still online today has been seen nearly 17 million times. at court her family by her side, her father saying almost eight years later his daughter still isn't the same. >> she's not the girl that we used to know. >> reporter: the jury will likely get this case sometime after lunch today. david. >> all right, eva, thanks so much. great reporting on this every step of the way. we've got abc's chief legal analyst dan abrams with us with more. take us into the jury room. we heard that grueling cross-examination ask erin andrews did this really hurt your career. what do these jurors have to decide. >> the first question is liability. meaning who is responsible for this and are they responsible? there's no question that barrett is responsible. he's admitted that he did this, that he altered thepeephole. he's going to be found responsible then the question is should the hotel and the management group be found responsible meaning were they negligent? assuming the answer to all of
7:35 am
it's damages. how much should this be worth to erin andrews. >> we've heard the figure 75 million. obviously the stalker doesn't have 75 $75 million. >> if the jury comes back with a huge award, a lot of it is going to be against him and then probably some of it might be against the hotel and the management group. but the management group is where the money is, right? so, the question is going to be can andrews' team get them to pay all of barrett's damages? tennessee law has kind of restricted that ability for a plaintiff like erin andrews. the key is going to be can they show in effect that they were in this together? did they work in concert, not an easy argument for erin andrews' team so if in the end, they can't get the hotel management group and owners to pay for barrett's damages that could reduce the amount that she ultimately gets. >> has to convince them they were in it together.
7:36 am
>> the challenge is throughout for the defense. they've had to be so careful because, you know, there's no question that she was a victim here. so, this has been a tough case for the defense particularly on cross-examination as you point out. >> thanks. now to the scare in the air. investigators are looking into a report that a drone narrowly missed a passenger plane in paris coming within about 15 feet of the aircraft's wing. abc's david kerley has the latest. this is quite disturbing, david, good morning. >> reporter: it is, good morning, robin. they are calling it the authorities, a grave incident. this was an airbus a320 and can carry 150 people on final approach to charles de gaulle airport when the co-pilot sees at a 5,000 feet 15 feet below his wing and takes evasive action. once they get clear of the drone they put the autopilot back on and landed safely. this report just out from french authorities from this incident a
7:37 am
robin and david, for these kind of drones to get so close to aircraft. >> what about back in the u.s.? what is the danger of the drones with the u.s. planes? >> reporte well, these kind of reports are alarming for u.s. officials. every week there are about a dozen sightings by pilots of drones in their airspace and the worry is what happens the day one of these drones hits an aircraft, hits the engine, what happens to that aircraft and everybody on board, robin. >> we don't want to find tha out. david, thank you. coming up u.s. soccer legend brandi chastain with a big announcement. what's she's doing for science to protect young athletes from brain injury. a big health headline about aspirin and how it could help reduce your risk of cancer. what doctors are saying this morning.
7:38 am
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7:42 am
remember that, oh, so well. now she's making headlines again announcing these very going to donate her brain to science to aid in concussion research. abc's linzie janis is here with more on that. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: chastain says she wants to give back and make her sport better by helping docto learn more about cte, the brain disease that causes memory loss, rage and mood swings. it was an iconic sports moment seen around the world. >> goal. >> soccer star brandi chastain scoring the winning shoot-out goal in the 19 9 99 world cup and then celebrating by ripping off her jersey and falling to her knees. >> i think my contribution has been my passion for the game. >> reporter: now 47 years old, the mother of two is making a new contribution to her sport, agreeing to donate her brain to scientists studying the debilitating brain disease cte, chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
7:43 am
players by dr. bennet omalu and portrayed in the movie "concussion." >> repetitive head trauma chokes the brain. >> reporter: it's diagnosed only after death and has been found in 90 nfl players. >> explosion of your head to repeated blows and what about activity has an inherent risk of causing damage. >> reporter: chastain claiming she likely shook off multiple concussions during her career from heading the ball. now telling "the new york times" "i do wonder about the ramifications over the next 20 years. "and says that the children's team she coach, my teams will not be heading the ball and if it means giving up a goal,s that weigh okay. 1.5 million young women play the sport in the u.s. and female high school soccer players suffer almost 40% more concussions than males. >> this is an issue involving girls and women, soccer, hockey, so many other sports, this is not just an issue with boys and men. >> reporter: while cte hasn't
7:44 am
yet, doctors have found the disease in several male former soccer players. chastain hoping her donation helps future players of the sport she loves. now, of the 307 brains scientists have already studied only seven have been from women. chastain says she's not suffering from any cte symptoms but she says as she gets older she worries when she walks into a room and forgets why she went there, we've all done it. >> interesting her players aren going to -- miss the goal she said. >> i think that's a great decision. >> good for her. >> hey, linzie, thank you. coming up here on "gma," who are you going to call. >> ghostbusters. >> the new "ghostbusters" trailer uncovering hidden clues and hidden messages next. >> the weekend is clearly here for lara. >> and for you. >> i saw you. >> you know what, look at this. do you know who that is. our biggest didn't reveal yet. it's our favorite reveal since didn't started. >> a didn'ng tornado.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
who you gonna call, robin. >> the ghostbusters. >> you know the song, the movie and now the new trailer for the
7:49 am
kristen wiig, melissa mccarthy, kate mckinnon and leslie jones has everyone talking and looking for clues. nick watt on the case. >> reporter: that music, ecto 1. the homemade gizmo, slimer, all back thank goodness. >> get out, go. >> reporter: original cast members bill murray and ernie hudson have confirmed cameo, no hints on that in the trailer, but there are hints. chris hemsworth plays the jumpsuit. will he also strap on a proton pack? >> there's a bigger picture at hand. >> reporter: zoom in on her white board. par that an actual link to an online explainer on the science. >> erin and abbie spent many years together researching and get into the very science of ghosts. >> reporter: and so many nods to the original.
7:50 am
>> that's a class one apparition. >> reporter: the head. gear and this billboard with a famous quote. >> this is >> that's a big twinkie. >> reporter: there will be a lot of things you'll be happy to see but they're coming at you at a slightly different way. those billboards very '70s. is there time travel involved? >> let's go. >> let's go. >> oh. >> did you wan -- >> i'll let you. >> next time. >> reporter: sadly not in theaters until july 15th so this will then -- >> the power in me compels you. >> reporter: for abc news, nick watt. >> i love her. >> so excited. 8 million views already of that trailer on the movie's youtube site as nick just said, it opens july 15th. cannot come soon enough. >> we're all going. >> you ready? you ready? >> i'm sorry. >> so good. >> coming up here on this friday
7:51 am
graham, one of our faves and the glam squad -- >> go. >> could she be the "dancing with the stars" -- >> ooh. could. (party music) (splashing/destruction) (splashing/destruction) (burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum lowe's presents how to find the perfect match. wow, they're so perfect together. it's like they wermade for each other. they were, by the experts at hgtv. ght. our best paint and primer in one starting at $23.96, at lowe's. to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... you're right. it's time to set this bird free. hot blooded, check it and see...
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(avo) my name is pamela and i've been making dog chow for 36 years now. my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. i'm very proud to make dog chow right here in mond, oklahoma. welcome back to "gma." we are live from the mountain at the base of the superpipe where weather has been pretty nice. spring-like temperatures across the west that will be building into the northeast. check it out. temperatures in the 60s in denver today and 50s in chicago
7:55 am
7:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by weathertech. the ultimate american made vehicle protection. good morning's 7-56.i'm xxnew this morning an arrest has been made in a local nk roery. robbery.cincinnati police officers took 37-year old bruce canaris into custody at about two a-m this morning. investigators say he robbed the key bank on east 4th stre yesterday afternoon. canaris is now charged with one count of robbery. light snow falls this morning, so watch out for some isolated slick spots. as temperatures rise into the upper 30s today, snow will transition to rain. but as temperatures fall this evening, snow will start to
7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. fight to take down the front-runner. ted cruz and marco rubio take aim at donald trump. >> donald, learn not to interrupt. it's not complicated. >> he doesn't have answers. >> trump not backing down. >> this little guy has lied so much. >> the republicans rally to stop trump's momentum. also this morning, guess who's storming the dance floor? the new didn't cast member we really can't wait to reveal. the huge surprise, it's all happening live. time to get the chains out major mom makeover. model ashley graham and our glam
8:01 am
"gma" viewers. the "sports illustrated" cover girl sharing her secrets to looking flawless. how you can dress like a star too. and it's friday. are you ready to dance? bollywood taking over times square. the moves, the music behind the hottest new workout. it's time to get on your feet as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. as you can see we are having a giant, giant bollywood dance party right here in times square. >> that's gio. go, gio. >> uh-huh. >> he's got to speed this up. >> just a little bit. >> we started the week dancing in l.a. times square. >> love it. >> also that big headline about aspirin this morning and really
8:02 am
cancer later on in life, so we'll have that for you. >> then, one of our favorites is here, ashley graham and she and our glam squad, uh-oh, it's arriving in times square. you're under arrest for being too hot. our viewers, three deserving moms are working their style magic on these lovely ladies. transformation. >> i love transformations. i love it. then we have that huge "dancing with the stars" reveal. who is twisting into times square this morning. any guesses? well, i'll tell you, she's going to be dancing up a storm. >> i was ready for her to go like this. >> yeah. >> we c pretty much guess that. >> we may have beaten that one. >> yeah, we will. confirmation right here. we want to get right to the debate last night for president and fiery republican debate. marco rubio, ted cru both going after the front-runner, donald trump, fighting back. the question, though, is it too late to stop him?
8:03 am
detroit with much more. hey, tom. >> reporter: david, good morning. there were some heated exchanges la night and there was a moment like nothing we have seen yet s far, some people are describing it as incredible, some as ridiculous and others as just plain gross. overnight, a pile-on of presidential proportions. donald trump fending off a hit below the belt. >> he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee you. >> reporter: the wild night even had a moment of zen. >> that is not what you said in -- >> donald, i know it's hard not to interrupt. breathe. breathe. >> lying ted. >> when they're done with the yoga can i answer a question. >> you cannot. i really hope that we don't see yoga on the stage. >> he's very flexible so you never know. >> reporter: the front-runner defending his record as a businessman. >> he can sta tonight by announcing that all the donald trump clothing will no longer be made in china and in mexico but
8:04 am
states. >> this little guy has lied so much. >> here we go. >> reporter: and his involvement with trump university. >> the rating from the better business bureau was a "d" minus. that's the last publicly available rating in 2010 and it was the result of the number of complaints they received. >> elevated to an "a." >> that's never been publicly released. >> reporter: this morning, senator rubio still hitting trump hard. >> the front-runner now in the republican primary apparently has turned this thing into a spectacle. he's turned it into a freak show. >> reporter: but the shoown that didn't happen, trump and co-moderator megyn kelly remaining civil after their epic battle at the first debate. >> mr. turn, hi. >> hello. >> how are you doing? >> nice to be with you megyn. >> great to have you here. >> you're looking well. >> as are you. >> reporter: now tomorrow there are four primary contests, kansas, kentucky, louisiana and maine. not a huge amount of delegates but important to any of the candidates who are trying to stop trump. david and robin. >> tom llamas, the last man
8:05 am
thanks so much, tom. we'll see you tonight on "world news tonight." in the meantime, to amy and the morning rundown. >> we begin on wall street where investors are getting important news about the economy. the monthly jobs report out could be a key factor in whether or not the federal reserve raises interest rates again. analysts say a report showing some positive job growth but not enough to spur the fed to take action. the unemployment rate was expected to remain at 4.9%. well, overseas sharp new rhetoric from north korea this morning. a news anchodelivered the message that kim jong-un has placed the north korean military on standby for nuclear strikes at any time. it comes days after the u.n. approved the toughest sanctions on them in 0 years. the u.s. and south korea are now discussing an advanced missile defense system to address the growing threat. and a health alert about the benefits of aspirin. a new study found people who took low dose aspirin every day
8:06 am
lower risk of developing colon cancer and a 3% lower risk for cancers in general. still doctors warn aspirin is not a substitute for colon cancer screening and as always check with your own doctor before making any changes to your daily regimen. well, breaking news this hour about the death of whitney houston's daughter. a medical examiner in atlanta says bobbi kristina brown's death was caused by drug intoxication and immersion in water. the 22-year-old died in july six months after she was found unresponsive in her bathtub. the full autopsy is being unsealed today. and a surprising discovery at a border crossing in california. a man was being smuggled into the country inside the partially modified gas tank of this suv. he and the driver were taken into custody. and finally they call it march madness for a reason. we're going to take you to the high school championships in minnesota. waseca high versus marshall. marshall trailing by three.
8:07 am
sink a three-pointer then in overtime both teams scored nine points then in the secon overtime both teams scored six points then in the third overtime, waseca was down by three. their only prayer was a full court hail mary and they sink it at the buzzer, so they went into fourth overtime. the clock winding down, the score tied and another buzzer beater, that was it. waseca, 103, marshall, 100. three buzzer beaters in four overtimes. >> that was some great play-by-play action. >> which one was on "sportscenter"? >> amy right there. >> thank you very much. let's get a check on what's coming up here. lara. >> major mom makeovers are coming up. our favorite model ashley graham with us to pamper, to transform three very deserving "gma" viewers. and it's our most exciting "dancing with the stars" reveal yet. wait until you see who is storming the ballroom. could it be me? i hope not.
8:08 am
the hot new trend taking over the workout world. our big bollywood dance party. we're all going to learn how and you can too on "good morning america" here in times square. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints, a multivitamin you
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8:13 am
we've all been waiting for. we introduced you to the first "dancing with the stars" competitor "full house" star jodie sweetin earlier this week. now, let's meet the brand-new cast member. who could it be? drum roll, please. come on out. >> yay. >> ginger. >> hi, guys. >> oh, my gosh. >> good morning. >> i want to kiss everybody. >> i want to too. >> it's been way too long. >> thank you. >> i love the hair. >> hi. >> you look beautiful. >> wow. >> gosh, i am so -- >> it's a new me. >> what people don't know you are a fantastic scientist, but, girl, you can dance. >> we hope. i don't know. i've got a couple of rehearsals. i don't know if that's true anymore. >> why don't we take a look and let everybody see your journey to "dancing with the stars."
8:14 am
fear from dancing live on "gma." >> are you kidding me? ginger zee. whoa! look at that. >> hey, ginger, you know what's coming next, now, go on "dancing with the stars." >> skydiving. to exploring hidden wonders. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: then taking on the joys of motherhood just weeks ago. >> oh, oh, baby boy adrian making his debut into our "gma" family. >> what time did he wake us up this morning? >> oh, he does every three to four hours overnight so it's just like sleeping for "gma." >> reporter: and ginger's next challenge she gets a chance to move she's a natural born performer though her dance experience is minimal her mom says she gives 110% towards whatever she does. >> i think with enough confidence you will see her finish out definitely in the finals. >> on the cheerleading squad in school, a member of the
8:15 am
and now she's ready to dance away with that mirror ball >> oh, boy. >> she's going to have one very big cheering section. >> i love you in more ways than success and i'm here for you as always as you move through this extremely exciting and fun experience. >> oh, my gosh. >> goodness. >> wait a minute. >> oh, my gosh. >> i have a quick question. that little fringe number, was that just for fun or was that your "dancing with the stars" -- >> that's a "dancing with the stars" -- the first thing i went in there and they showed me the wardrobe. >> interesting you did this. >> it was a lot, a lot showing and -- >> no way. >> you looked great. guys, she just had a baby. incredible. >> you have "dancing with the stars," you're going to still be working at "gma." >> yep. >> of course, primarily you're a momma to little adrian. >> mommy first. >> how are you going to balance it all. >> that's the thing. this is what i want to do it for him and show -- and i think a lot of mops can probably say, it's tough to go back to work.
8:16 am
and take every single day as it comes and do as much for him. i have to tell you -- >> he's going to travel with you. >> he's going to travel some of the time. >> ben will be changing a lot of diapers. >> sorry, baby. the rehearsal, the first rehearsal i had i forgot my pump already running into the obstacles. oh, no. it is not just about me anymore and i realize that and that's going to be a big -- >> you don't want to forget that, trust me. >> so can you reveal to us who your partner is going to be. >> i can. this is so exciting. it's more exciting than the -- val. the number one. >> oh, that's awesome. >> how lucky am i? >> you are very lucky. >> mwah, hi, val. >> already. >> good to sigh you, val. >> thank you very much. >> ginger, you got a ringer. >> i mean, i could not have asked -- when i walked in, the first time, so they genuinely surprised me and i walked in and i screamed. i fully went -- i didn't expect him. i don't know why. >> i was very flattered.
8:17 am
>> how are her moves -- we know ginger from the parties and have fun with ginger ourselves but she looks pretty good on the dance floor already. >> yeah, i don't want to make her too cocky but -- >> something tells me you won't. i've seen you. >> how many hours are you all practicing each day? >> it's been like four, five. >> yeah, and then he's like -- we need to add -- we just need to work. there is a lot of work ahead of us so this is no joke like this is not going have some twirls on the dance floor. >> she has incredible potential and really wants to do well and i just want to help her stay super mommy and -- >> i'm lucky because he is such a great teacher already. analogies he comes up. i'm a duck in the water. >> my 50th anniversary -- 50th anniversary? birthday. you taught me how -- he's a great teacher so -- nice shoes too, val. strong sock game too. how are you going toork the schedule being here in new york and l.a., how is that going to
8:18 am
>> we'll fly and we're going to make it work. whatever it takes. >> lots of flying back and forth so we'll be here during the week practicing, rehearsing here. >> and come to -- >> i'm from new york so i love this. this is so awesome. >> which makes me feel good? have you become uncle val to adrian? >> i haven't met adrian yet. >> it's going to happen. >> he will. >> i've met the pumps. >> he did. i forgot to pump. i had to pump that day and i was like, this is what we do. it's going to be a part o our routine. >> it's a beautiful part of motherhood and embrace every bit of it. >> speaking of motherhood, we have another special guest. >> another one? >> we have another special guest. come on out. come on out. your mom is here. >> no way. >> yes, your mommy. hey. >> oh. >> hi. >> you have makeup on. oh, you look great. >> ginger, you're tearing up seeing your mom in the interview
8:19 am
>> oh, my goodness. >> she's probably like let's get out of here and see the baby. >> true. >> she never ceases to surprise you. >> ah. >> no, she doesn't. she doesn't. >> this is crazy. >> this is crazy. >> i know, i know. i can't believe you're going to be doing this and i just really -- i'm so excited. oh, my gosh. >> my stepdad. >> he's like, he's crazy. >> going to be in l.a. watching her do it. >> yes, yes and her sisters. yep and her dad. now. forth. >> you'll see our face in the place too. you know we'll be rooting for you and i think we have something that we'll be wearing. >> oh, no. >> the obvious. >> yes. >> team zee. >> yes, definitely. yes. >> sure. >> we're going to need it. we'll need all of your help so please -- >> should we text our vote now? >> start texting. >> you got the best.
8:20 am
>> ginger, you look amazi too. >> thank you. >> and -- >> adrian, all going well. >> he was almost 14 pounds -- this kid is growing like a weed. last night he slept like ten hours straight. >> that's awesome. you're going to need that. >> 18 months. >> is there one dance that you think she's got -- that's her natural? >> i don't know. i think she's going to do well in all of them. >> do you feel most comfortable with one. >> i think i like the latin ones but i think 'not my natural but that's what i think i am. in my head i'm very this but it's not apparently. >> i can't wait to see her in an element i don't think anybody really sees her every day. and also i was a little confused why she's a meteorologist but doesn't study meteors. >> we're working on the science part. >> both ways here, the training.
8:21 am
>> i want to see that too. >> congrats. i know what you mean. >> thank you. >> ginger said when she comes home to ben she 134e8s like you. i can see why. whoo. what is it that you're wearing? >> i like that cologne. >> great cologne there. >> i just want to know if he smells like her? >> we should go on that. tune in next tuesday when we reveal the entire new cast of "dancing with the stars." a great interview and new season of "dancing with the stars" premieres monday, march 21st. let's go now to rob in vail. rob. >> hey, rob. >> hey, rob. >> hey, robin, we're here and so excited for ginger. i guarantee you she has better dance moves than i have snowboarding moves. look who i woke up with in vail. [ cheers and applause ] these guys are all part of the trail which is a youth
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> all right. i'm going to strap this on, these g also give me tips. we'll huck. we're going to send it. we're going to rip. they're like, this is just not going to go well. go to and find out where your kids can get involved in this great organization. >> i like the sound of that. what's going on with the shirt. >> i think all three of us -- >> is this supposed to hug your muscle. they have elastic waistbands on the rm a. we're not sure but we'll be wearing them. >> with pride. >> we'll get some "pop news" and we're so used to seeing pop razzies and celebs pitted against each other. "batman v superman," so it was a strange moment when this photog asked john mayer if he would sing at his wedding. john politely declined but offered a nice solution and asked the photog for his fiancee's name and staged a paparazzi ambush encouraging him
8:24 am
now roll it. >> action. >> hey, john, anything you want to say at all. >> no, i want to say congratulations to kristen. i wish you a great life. >> thanks, john. >> see, isn't that nice? >> very nice. congratulations, i believe that that is a sign for world peace. celebrity paparazzi, if they can get along. >> we all can. >> i have cat stevens playing "peace train." i would like to say on this friday can we all get on the peace train? >> yes, thank you. >> now it's over. >> yeah. have a great day, everybody. sometimes it's tough being a grown-up. work issues, relationship stress, sometimes you just want to go back and talk to that special childhood friend who was always there for you, listened. never tried to make it about him or her. today is that day, people. it is bring your action figure to work day. >> wow. >> that's right. this was born when a man brought his teen titan action figure to work. i know you're excited.
8:25 am
in 2014 and shared the photos of the superheroes posed all over his office. he then chose a day, created a facebook event and voila, america's inner 8-year-old emerged. if you bring your action figure to work today we would like you to sre a photo with the #afwd, action figure workday 2016 and please keep the poses -- >> clean. >> thank you. >> do you have a favorite when you were younger? >> spider-man. i did like spider-man. this would work but when i show up in the newsroom they're going to be like -- they're going to have serious -- >> you have t explain it was a national holiday. >> and also i was with lara. that's all i have to say. >> he knows you. >> well, on that note i'd like you to meet the chubby raccoon. >> okay. >> everybody, say hello to the chubby raccoon. his name is hang foo which translated in chinese means can i have seconds? clearly he hasn't missed a meal in quite a while. here he is trying to sneak back into the kitchen to hit the fridge.
8:26 am
i say pang foo, consider it your workout and that, everybody, is "pop news" ." >> "pop news." >> i know. where do you find the breaking news thaw cover jo. >> this is true. >> we don't reveal sources. >> we don't. >> i mean, robin, you know that. our sources are the name of the game. >> it is friday. thank you, lara. coming up, our big makeover. model ashley graham and the glam squad are helping three "gma" moms transform and you're going to see they're having a good time. you'll see it live. >> dance moves. >> and bollywood is taking over. >> a workout world. >> the moves coming up.
8:27 am
good morning's 8-27.this morning, nacole benton will be in court.she's the mother who police say falsly reported her 3 week old baby had been kidnapped. you saw it all unfold here on channel 9 as breaking news. police say --benton's car was stolen from her west end home.. she told officers the baby was inside -- but when officers found the car ...the baby wasn't inside.police now say while the search was on, benton snuck out the back of her home with that newborn and called a taxi. this morning benton is facing charges of obstructing official business... inducing panic...
8:28 am
light snow falls this morning, so watch out for some isolated slick spots. as temperatures rise into the upper 30s today, snow will transition to rain. but as temperatures fall this evening, snow will start to fall again. low tonight of 30.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma." bollywood taking over times square this morning. we have a huge party, a dance party, about to happen. definitely a theme today. we just learned ginger -- >> ginger zee, everybody. >> next. >> i can't stop watching gio. >> we're all going to take tay turn. >> girl, you're going up there -- >> is he listening to the same song? >> oh, gio. >> i thud talk. i should talk. >> exactly. >> you're going to make me do this. the moves taking the world by storm. it's such a good workout. you'll want to stick around for this. >> we'll walk the walk.
8:31 am
by. hey, robin. >> ashley is over here. we can't help but, ooh, ooh. we have a big makeover reveal. all morning long we've been transforming three "gma" moms who want to revamp their styles. we'll bring them out in just a moment but first i'm here with ashley, the woman behind these makeovers and knows beauty and sizes. >> yes. >> from the runway and the red carpet, to the cover of "sports illustrated's" swimsuit issue. >> for the first time ever, there are three covers. >> ashley graham is making history as a model, designer and body activist out to prove once and for all that beauty truly doesn't have a size. >> i like to think of it as my size. >> now she's bringing her own brand of confidence to her new fashion line at dress barn. >> this year was beyond
8:32 am
thought a woman my size could do in fashion. >> reporter: urging us to go beyond labels to love and empower ourselves. >> tah-dah. >> i feel sexy and i feel fearless. >> why? because she is sexy and fearless. ashley, it's great to have you here. >> thank you. >> i know you've had the lingerie line but now you're having -- >> my first ready to wear collection with dress barn. so exciting. it's a gorgeous dress collection. so excited to present it with you guys. >> that's wonderful. i don't know how you do it but you do. >> you just do it. >> you find a way and you do it. you do it so well. i love your spirit. >> thank you. >> always so much fun and these three moms we have here, they're here with their families. they all have a special story behind them and why they wanted to revamp their style because look at them, beautiful families to begin with. but they just wanted a little something. >> giving them a little oomph with the beyond by ashley graham dress collection at dress barn. >> beyond.
8:33 am
>> first is kate and i understand kate has lost 30 pounds since november and she wanted to have a new look. >> yes. we amplified her look and got her a little sexier. oh, you see the ladies here, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> all three of them. then where's kate. >> kate is i the pink. >> she has lost 30 pounds since november. >> yes, and ashleigh is a mother of three and alisha is a mother of five teenagers. >> wow. >> she's got two graduating high school this summer so getting her in gorgeous graduation dress, as well. very exciting. >> are you ready to see the transformation? are you ready to see the transformation? come on out. come on out. kate. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoa. >> alisha. >> ashleigh. >> hey. >> all three. >> you guys look amazing. >> oh, my goodness. >> so kate just lost 30 pounds. we threw her in a dress and on the side they've got -- we've got this great ruching and can
8:34 am
there's ruching that goes everywhere. how do you feel, kate? >> awesome. >> you feel gorgeous. >> gorgeous. >> you look insane. >> it's funny because with the baby crying, oliver looked over like is that mine? is that mine over there crying. you had the latest be in september. >> yes. >> so this is a date night look. ashleigh said she feels insane in the back. she's a teacher so s's not going to wear this to school but she's definitely going to wear it when they are husband takes her out to go dancing, dinner, right? >> for sure. >> and i'm not really a huge print girl but these brush strokes are for any girl who's not a print girl to take it to another level and alisha. >> wait, you have five teenagers. >> five. >> never seen you dress up. >> no, not really. kid, what do you think of mom gentleman. >> looks good. >> yes. >> what did you do. >> alisha doesn't have -- she doesn't really have a lot of hips so we wanted to create an hourglass on her so that's
8:35 am
and flair dress here by beauty beyond, ashley graham and just throwing that in there one more time for you but alisha said she loves prints and likes to feel really girlie so we wanted to put that with her personality. >> okay. i want to ask some of the family members over here. what do you think? >> oh, my god. she looks amazing. i love the dress. everything. thank you so much. >> are you proud of momma? >> yeah. >> are you good teenagers, all of you? do you behave? >> of course. yes. >> you never get a chance to see your mom dress up. >> no. >> happy birthday. >> who is this over here? >> what's your name? >> ah. >> it's worth it. you know what, your family love you. they love you, love you. love you. it's wonderful you wanted to do something special like this. what does your family mean to you for them to see you like this. >> everything. >> it means a lot to me. >> it's special.
8:36 am
>> wonderful. >> you guys look amazing. >> you have ashleigh here to thank and also the glam squad experts. kelly bartlett for doing a beautiful job with the hair and makeup. can we get a shot of them over there? they look great over there. that's our glam squad that helped in the dark. >> let's go back to rob in vail. thank you all very much. >> hey, robin, the kids have dropped their boards because i need all the help i can get. all right, let me snowboard here ten feet. all right, how am i doing? josiah, are we doing all right? all right. burton u.s. open snowboard championships happening this weekend. i am not breaking news there. let's go over the forecast for the northeast. we've got windchills that are going to be, well, pretty chilly tomorrow so once the snow moves out we're calling for temperatures to feel very winterlike so just brace
8:37 am
yourself for a bit of a warm-up. 50s cash squirting back here. 50s in chicago and new york and 60s in st. louis and the rain and snow is moving into san francisco and i see you guys do a lot of this. ah, gosh. this is painful at my age. all right. >> this weathercast or this weathercast is brought to you by king's hawaiian. i know we're talking about snowboarding but i remember back in 1988, the olympics in calgary. there was one guy who took the olympics by storm.
8:38 am
he's now -- his life is about a movie now starring hugh jackman. i got to sit down with him. this guy has amazing grit and determination. check it out. >> looking right. >> reporter: paparazzi in a frenzy over a 52-year-old british plasterer. yep, a plasterer. >> my brother is a plasterer. my dad is a plasterer. all my uncles were so it's in the dna. >> reporter: this guy m be bred for construction but he became famous for this. >> that's a british record. >> reporter: meet the real eddie the eagle. one who in 19 8 became the buzz of the winter olympics. >> how did it go? >> i was getting shakier and shakier. >> reporter: an unknown underdog and unlikely sports hero. >> hopefully within the next year or so i will become a world class jumper but at the moment i'm the best ski jumper that britain has. >> reporter: so you accomplish your dream of becoming an olympian and you satisfied the family legacy by being a plasterer, as well. >> eventually i went to law
8:39 am
then i still carried on my plastering and construction and i was just happy doing that as i was ski jumping. >> yes. >> eddie, you are not an athlete. >> your father accurately portrayed as being very black and white. >> he was also very supportive just in a different way. he would work extra hours, do extra jobs to bring in a bit of extra money and he would help me. >> this is not fair. >> reporter: the actor that plays him in the movie, a spitting image. >> it was like looking in the mirror and i thought, my god, you looked just the way i looked 28 years ago. >> do you think hugh jackman has what it takes to be a real ski jumper. >> i think he would be great. none of my coaches were ever as good looking as hugh jackman. >> reporter: amidst the glamour of having a movie made of his life his message remains the same. you never gave up. what am i doing, this is stupid, was there ever a time for that. >> never. even if i broke things or sleeping in the car, didn't know where my next meal was coming from, i never ever thought about
8:40 am
>> i'm going to take that as a message as i try to snowboard. i loved the movie and i love his message. never give up no matter how much it hurts. ah, i love it. we talked about "eddie the eagle." you know about the flying tomato but have you ever heard of the flying weatherman? he's got it right here. yeah, baby. meteorologist mctwist right here. u.s. open championships happen this weekend. >> did rob sleep last night. >> i know. we were all looking at like we new something was coming. >> have a great boys weekend, rob. have fun with your friends. thank you. >> we got the advil back for you here. >> we do. that movie is so sweet. highly recommend it especially for kids and there's something that when i talk to hugh jackman about it, he said you don't have to win to be a winner. it's about doing your best, giving your best. >> i love that. >> it's really good. that and "zootopia." coming up here on "gma," our big
8:41 am
it's live next. talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america
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dancing is back.
8:44 am
ginger zee and jodie sweetin join "dancing with the stars." >> love it. >> and this tuesday, the rest of the cast will be revealed. live on "good morning america." abc tuesday. you just can't stop moving when you hear the music. it is our bollywood dance party and we've got moves that are taking over the world like "slumdog millionaire" and this from selena gomez. part of a hot new workout craze. we have sarina jain and dune ya dance creator priya pandya. both great workouts. what is it about indian dance that makes us want to move. >> it's about joy. we have priyanka chopra, bollywood star who gets in >> i'm in. she looks pretty darned good. your dance is an interesting dances. we'll get a sampling. i see him sweating.
8:45 am
first i want to go over to crunch team's sarina. team pink. tell us about your dance. >> this is an indian dance workout. i created it 17 years ago known as the jane fonda of india, whoo. >> you are the jane fonda -- >> i am. it's been at crunch fitness since the beginning. >> it has. we've got rachel smith. you have a little glow, girl. >> i'm glistening keeping my workout fresh and this group is so energy ittic. >> is it easy to do. >> i think i'm picking it up okay, guys, right? [ cheers and applause ] >> live and learn. live and learn. >> what does that mean. >> whoo. >> we gots first move. you got five, six, seven, dhol beat, one, two, three, airports up, now this works your upper body and your legs, okay. works your upper body and your legs. >> yeah. >> there you go. >> nice. >> bollywood butterfly. give me your heart.
8:46 am
>> five, six, seven, eight. this works your abs and upper body. >> very selena gomez. nice. >> i wish i had that. i got that. here we go. >> and your body. >> now the third move is called bhangra groove. arms out, shoulders. yeah, hit it hard. two, three. move. whoo. yeah. yeah. bolly, bolly. five. there you go. >> thank you. i'm heading this way. so, you've got a very active dance there. tell me a little about doonya. >> it is super easy. full body workout coming from all cultures of india. you know, millions of people are doing itty it's on downloading
8:47 am
at our studios in new york city, there's millions doing it. morning long. >> it's not super easy but i'm sweating and i'm not doing it totally wrong. >> here's our bolly tap. we're going to take it around in a circle. >> i can't really do it. >> we got our village wave. celebrating and then some high cardio high happy knees. and tap. here's your abs. and up. hut, hut, hut. >> whether it is doonya or masala b hangra, it is a fun, happy experience. gio is doing it. rachel is doing it. home you guys have enjoyed it. we want to say thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> keep on dancing because we're coming back with actress joan allen here on this friday edition of "good morning
8:48 am
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we are back now with actress joan allen. she stars in the new abc show "the family" as the mother of a boy who reappears ten years after going missing and in this exclusive clip you will see just how desperate she is to help her son recover. take a look. >> you're his doctor, all right. you are supposed to be fixing him. >> he's not a broken toilet. he's our son. >> no, he's not our son. he's just -- there somewhere. please, just help us find him. >> and joan allen is with us today. between that role and your incredible performance in "room," you really have delved into the psyche of women with missing children. was this just a coincidence,
8:51 am
>> it was a complete coincidence, i was flabbergasted when i finished "room" and a month later i got the script for "the family." i was like, what is this? this is crazy. >> i want to hear your reaction, though, when brie larson won? you were watching from home. >> i was. i was. she did such an incredible, incredible, amazing job and she was so gracious to everybody and on the red carpet, she was beautiful and i thought she's so deserving of it. >> the belle of the ball. >> yes, she was. >> tell me about your character. she's actually the mayor of the town, correct. >> yes, yes, the story spans ten years. it's the present day where i'm now the mayor of the town and our youngest child has been kidnapped and has been reunited with the family and then it also cuts back to ten years in the past when the day when he was actually abducted and around that time, as well so it kind of juxtaposes these two time frames. >> i was reading about the
8:52 am
mayor of a town. you were watching video clips. >> i googled women mayors of towns of the population of 75,000 to 100,000 and you see, you know, all different types. it was really interesting, but i watched them, you know, having press conferences and, you know, just how they behave in a public arena and that was helpful. >> and as it so often does in tragic situations it rips family as part. talk about the drama that ensues with your family when your son comes back. >> well, you know, having a child be kidnapped is like the worst nightmare of a parent or any family and so the trauma of that, each family member responds to it in their own way and kind of tries to work through the trauma. my character, i think, digs her way into work more. my daughter's character that alison pill plays becomes religious. the oldest son drinks and the husband starts to philander but it all is a catalyst of this cataclysmic event. >> yes, the shattered glass over the family picture says it all,
8:53 am
>> joan allen, thank you so much for stopping by. we appreciate it and "the family" airs sunday nights at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on abc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by theraflu. the power to feel better. >> you guys got here like a millisecond before. >> we were doing some bollywood dancing.
8:56 am
she was showing me her moves. >> oh, no. thanks to dj kalkutta and the dancers of bollywood bringing it to our studio. >> and you tonight on "world
8:57 am
good morning's 8-57..i'm xxnew this morning an arrest has been made in a local bank robbery. robbery.cincinnati police officers took 37-year old bruce canaris into custody at about two a-m this morning. investigators say he robbed the key bank on east 4th street yesterday afternoon. canaris is now charged with one count of robbery. light snow falls this morning, so watch out for some isolated slick spots. as temperatures rise into the upper 30s today, snow will transition to rain. but as temperatures fall this evening, snow will start to
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "whiskey tango foxtrot," tina fey. and star of the hit drama, "quantico," priyanka chopra. plus, we're quick off "live"'s flashback friday and we want you to join in. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are your emmy-award winning co-hosts,


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