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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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keep a hamburger together. but the new bun on a dave' s double brings a hamburger together. the perfect ratio of bun, to beef to toppings to...other bun. that' s the key. to the hamburger harmony of a deliciously different dave' s double. breaking news tonight. the first word from voters coming in right now. is the national race tightening for trump? at this moment, donald trump's pledge being compared to a nazi salute. also, we ask, is the math possible for bernie sanders, if hillary clinton wins tonight? and what sanders told us about helping clinton. also tonight, we're on the scene right now. the commuter train off the tracks. the rescue effort. more than 200 passengers. one car plunging into the water. we're tracking the deadly storms tonight. tornadoes hitting. neighborhoods destroyed. up to ten inches of rain from
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breaking overseas, the american tourist killed. the images coming in. and your money. tonight, when is a deal not a deal online? three words to watch out for. it's actually costing you money. good evening. and it's great to have you with us on another crucial night for american voters. the race for the white house. and tonight, we're just now beginning to hear from voters going to the polls in four states. amid a tightening race. the newest abc news poll, trump at 34%. ted cruz at 25%. marco rubio, 18%, john kasich at 13%. another poll showing case ic doing even better. tonight, donald trump forced to answer questions about the trump pledge at his rallies. tonight, trump responding. amid the first indications of how voters might go this evening. in michigan, when republicans were asked, if you'd like someone from outside the political establishment, a
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wanted an outsider. and in mississippi tonight, when asked about the idea of banning muslims who are not u.s. citizens from coming to the u.s., three-quarters support the ban. we have team coverage tonight. the results as they come in right here. but we begin with abc's tom llamas with the trump campaign in florida, responding to this latest controversy. >> reporter: tonight, on a crucial voting day, donald trump engulfed in new controversy, critics seeing nazi undertones in his new rallying cry -- >> raise your right hand, everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. i love you! i love you! >> reporter: a pledge of allegiance to trump. >> can i have a pledge? a swearing. raise your right hand. "i do solemn my ly swear." >> reporter: but that image now reminding some of the third reich and the infamous nazi salute.
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anti-defamation league, a holocaust survivor, says seeing "an audience of thousands of people raising their hands in what looks like the 'heil hitler' salute" was "offensive, obnoxious and disgusting." the candidate today rejecting the comparison. today, on "gma," trump pressed about critics comparing his tone to hitler and mussolini. >> does it suggest to you you should tone down your rhetorics and your tactics? >> well, maybe so. but look, i have a tremendous following. comparison. i hadn't heard that. but it's a terrible comparison. i'm not happy about that, certainly. >> reporter: now, in today's voting states, the stop trump movement in full swing. mitt romney recording robocalls for both senator marco rubio and governor john kasich. >> hello. this is mitt romney calling. i'm convinced donald trump would lose to hillary clinton. >> reporter: but tonight, senator ted cruz, the candidate who seems to be surge, now facing another accusation of dirty tricks.
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supporters in hawaii sending out an e-mail with this headline -- wasted vote. big trouble for marco rubio. advisers tell him to drop out. included, a cnn report the rubio campaign calls "a complete fabrication." >> this particular e-mail apparently came from a volunteer in hawaii, not affiliated with the campaign, not working for the campaign, not under authorization for the campaign. >> reporter: but the cruz campaign used similar tactics on ben carson in iowa, spreading a false story he was dropping out. rubio focused on proving it wrong. >> it's totally false. it's an embarrassment. and it's ridiculous. >> and tom llamas with us live tonight from florida. and tom, you reported there, mitt romney recording calls for rubio and kasich. telling voters, trump would lose to hillary clinton, suggesting to vote, really, for anyone but trump? >> reporter: that's right, david.
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because romney is helping two candidates, but the ultimate reason is the same. to take votes away from donald trump, which could lead to aconvention. david? >> tom, thank you. see you as the night moves on and the results come in. now, to the m democratic side tonight. and the question from some. could this be the last stand for bernie sanders, looking to beat hillary clinton in michigan tonight. and mrs. clinton looking to build an unbeatable lead. already turning per focus to the republicans, promising voters overnight, she will never allow donald trump to be elected president. and tonight, senator bernie sanders facing some very tough math to defeat clinton. our political team telling us, he would have to win every single remaining state by an average of ten points. and, in a new abc news poll tonight, clinton ahead national nationally by seven points, but going into the michigan primary there, she had an almost double double-digit lead. clinton now saying she hopes sanders supporters will rally around her if she gets the nomination, as she did with obama. what does sanders have to say
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he's with abc's david wright. >> reporter: at astro coffee in detroit today, hillary clinton ordered espresso, getting set for what could be a long night. >> please go out and vote today. thank you! >> reporter: with polls in michigan showing her ahead by double digits, she's already talking about mending fences with bernie sanders and his supporters. >> i certainly consider him an ally. >> would you tap him to be your v.p. choice? >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. you know -- my gosh. >> reporter: sanders agrees with her on that. in the past 24 hours, she's started to say some very nice things about you. she's talking about closing ranks. she's reminding everybody about how she closed ranks back in 2008. is it premature for that? >> yeah, i think it's a little bit premature. we're running for president. we think we have a path toward the white house. and if we win it, we look forward very much to have secretary clinton's support. >> reporter: but in order to get enough pledged delegates to sew
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every remaining contest by ten points, including michigan. >> obviously, i want to win, but if we end up with almost half the delegates, that's good, as well. you guys ready to make history? >> reporter: in the hours before the michigan polls close, the two have dueling radio ads. clinton claiming sanders voted against the auto bailout. >> on tuesday, march 8th, vote for the one candidate who stood up for the auto industry. >> reporter: sanders is countering that. >> bernie voted for the auto rescue package. but washington has always had a funny relationship with the truth. well, tonight. and david, you were with sanders. he's well aware of the math we spoke of. he basically has to win everything from this point on. but he's not showing any signs of slowing down? >> reporter: that's right, david. he says that he knows this is a crucial night for him, but he insists it is not do or die, even if he loses michigan, his path to the nomination certainly does get a lot narrower. >> david, thank you.
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back to donald trump for a moment. we saw the exit polls. support for the muslim ban and republicans wanting an outsider, but jon, you were saying you saw other signs? >> reporter: republicans overwhelmingly looking for an outsider, but look at this. republican voters, a majority, say they don't think that donald trump is honest and trustworthy. and nearly half of them, republican voter says they won't be satisfied if he is the nominee. one number, david, that defines this election, take a look at this. 59% of republican voters say that they feel bestrayed by their own party. >> wow. all right, jon karl with us as the night moves on. jon, thank you. in the meantime, we're going to turn to other news tonight, and a commuter train derailing in california. 200 passengers onboard. one car plunging down a hill, into the cold rushing waters. investigators are on the scene tonight, after rescuers worked to get the passengers out. abc's kayna whitworth is there. >> reporter: a desperate rescue
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pounding on windows to save passengers from a derailed commuter train that crashed into a fast-moving creek. the freezing water taking over the train. >> i need an additional three ambulances to this location. >> reporter: the ace train, filled with more than 200 silicon valley commuters, leaving san jose at 6:38 p.m. less than an hour later, at 7:15, near disaster. the train ripped from the tracks plummeting 50 feet into the creek below. >> we started seeing water coming into the bottom of the train. >> reporter: 14 injured, nine sent to hospitals. the uninjured walking two miles to safety. heavy rains pounding the region for days, making the area prone to mudslides. officials think that's what brought a tree down on the tracks. >> less than an hour before this incident occurred, there was another train that went through here with no incident. >> reporter: officials say it's a miracle no one was killed. right now, they are pulling that car from the water opt the tracks using cranes.
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they have a rigorous track inspection process, especially during weather events, so, they are investigating now how this was missed. david? >> kayna whitworth on the scene for us tonight. thank you. next, to the severe weather alert at this hour. at least 16 million americans bracing tonight. already at least three tornadoes ripping across texas. roof rooftops ripped off, homes destroyed tonight. heavy rain, up to a half a foot more is expected. flash flooding taking at least one life. system all the way from texas to illinois. abc's phillip mena in texas tonight on the scene at this hour. >> reporter: powerful storms roaring through the lone star state. at this gas station in saginaw, texas, gusting up to 70 miles an hour, whipping this canopy. >> the store was full and everyone was just standing in there scared to death. >> reporter: and confirmed tornadoes. the top of these apartments ripped off. another in the town of cool. >> these folks are here, trying
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>> reporter: this is damage from winds over 85 miles an hour. power flashes caused by this tornado lighting up the sky. >> i heard the hail come and bout time i looked out i see roofs coming off and spinning. >> reporter: jimmy hill helping pull two injured from the rubble. more than a dozen homes here damaged or destroyed. torrential rain leading to multiple high water rescues including six students and their driver, after their school bus got stuck in thigh-deep waters outside denton. floodwaters near house toy. david, this is where the home was, and in an instant, it was blown 50 feet across the road. friends are vying to salvage memories, as this community braces for more storms. david? >> all right, phillip, thank you. rob marciano tracking the system for us tonight. rob? >> reporter: hey, david. the severe weather threat is
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we expect to soot another ee another round. could see damaging ones and or the nay domes with this. overnight tonight, in through the day tomorrow, through southwest louisiana, continued threat. not only of the wind, but heavy rain on top of what is becoming saturated ground. so, flash flood watch has been posted from the gulf of mexico up to southern illinois. people who live in this area, david, have to be aware of the potential of life-threatening flooding. >> rob, thank you. we turn overseas tonight, and an american tourist, a west point graduate, was killed in an apparent terror attack in israel. cell phone video showing the suspect at least seven drivers while running through traffic. israeli police opening fire, killing him as he ran behind a truck. the victim, 29-year-old taylor force, a west point graduate who also went to vanderbilt university. back home tonight, and members of the fbi under the microscope this evening amid a new investigation into the
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the new report out tonight calling the sheriff's killing of a group leader justified, as he reached for his loaded gun. but the question remains, did the fbi agents fire as well, extra shots, and then try to cover it up? abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas with the new video under scrutiny tonight. >> put the laser right there. put the bullet through the head. >> reporter: this just released cell phone video shows the final moments of robert finicum's life. racing away from a checkpoint with four passengers. nearly running over an fbi agent and a police roadblock. finicum, part of a group that had taken over a federal wildlife refuge, is later fatally shot by oregon state troopers that was caught by an fbi surveillance plane. authorities deemed the killing justified. but two mystery shots --that missed finicum -- fired right as he exited his truck have a team of fbi agents under scrutiny. you can clearly hear one of
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as finicum jumps out of the car. watch and listen again. local authorities believe they were fired by the fbi's elite hostage rescue team. if true, the agents apparently never reported those gunshots. so, did the agents mislead super vie sorps? with quos about a possible fbi cover up, expect an explosion of conspiracy theories. the agents being investigated could face serious punishment. >> pierre thomas in washington. thanks, pierre. a developing headline tonight after an emergency meeting on zika. the world health organization reporting that sexual transmission is far more common than previously thought. the virus surviving for an unknown amount of time in the male body. also tonight, the organization advising pregnant women not to travel to places with zika outbreaks, the same advice put out by the cdc right here in the u.s. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the starbucks recall tonight making headlines. the popular breakfast item
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next tonight, the real money team is here with a consumer alert. millions of americans shopping for deals online. popular retailers often show what's called the original list price. and then, what you save. but is that original price the real thing? abc's chief business getting answers tonight. >> reporter: if you're shopping online and think you're getting a great deal, don't be so sure. >> the biggest discount isn't always the lowest price. >> reporter: you may be surprised that you can sometimes put a big x over that original list price. from which you think you're getting a discount. we found this crock pot on marked down from an original list price of $24.99, apparently on sale for $20.99. but look at that same product on the manufacturer's own website. it's $15.99. this mini kwee sin nart looks like a deal at
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on sale for $39.99. but on, the very same product, almost the same price. the company telling us, it's the retailer's prerogative to determine the price. on its website, amazon says that list price can be what's suggested by the manufacturer or supplier, or, an estimated value. and may or may not represent the prevailing price in every area on any particular day. david, the key to remember, when you're shopping online, the biggest discount isn't always the best price. david? >> rebecca, thanks so much. when we come back here tonight, the starbucks recall. the popular breakfast item. and the famous nfl star out of the game tonight. also the close call caught on camera. this reporter and the photographer, the big scare. missing them by just a few inches there. and then, the toddlers s s trapped in their burning car.
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to the index of other news tonight. and a new recall at starbucks. the chaun in removing its sausage, egg and choose omelet because of possible listeria contamination. traces of the bacteria found at a production facility. the recall issued as a precaution. to the west tonight, the near miss while cameras were rolling. ktvu reporter alex savage reporting on that train derailment -- wow -- when a cash crash sends one car right into the frame. glad they're okay tonight. america strong this evening. an officer to the rescue after a close call in monterey, california. a car carrying two small
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highway 1. a california highway patrol officer pulling two toddlers from the car. two adults escaping, as well. thankfully, no one was hurt. and a surprise retirement by one of the nfl's biggest stars tonight. detroit lions wide receiver calvin johnson, nicknamed megatron, walking away from the game in his prime. no specific reason for his decision. the 30-year-old battling injuries. johnson retires, holding 15 nfl reports, including most receiving yards in a season. when we come back here tonight, the new science about chocolate. what it does to your memory. doesn't care who you are. man. woman. or where you're from. city. country. we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar. i am everyday people, yea, yea. pfarxiga may help in that fight every day. palong with diet and exercise, pfarxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults pwith type 2 diabetes. pone pill a day helps lower your a1c. pand, although it's not a weight-loss
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and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. an emergency order is issued in the case of a missing mother and son... and the search to find them. a sunny day today, but i'm tracking this low front moving in. our best chance for rain in your 9 first warning forecast... next on 9 on your side at 7. finally tonight here, a new study almost too sweet to believe. chocolate helps our memory? our concentration?
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>> reporter: okay, we all know, sometimes chocolate makes us act a little strange. just ask homer simpson. >> wow, chocolate, half price. >> reporter: or augustus glup. >> my beautiful chocolate! >> reporter: but a new study the authors insist was not paid for by chocolate companies says everybody's favorite indulgence may be making husband smarter, too. the researchers tell us, natural ingredients in chocolate may work by increasing blood flu to the brain. feeling smarter already. other studies published in real science journals claim chocolate may be good for your heart, reduce strokes and help produck your skin. here at denver's chocolate crisis center, yes, there is such a thing, they only claim one health benefit. >> the one indisputable claim about chocolate is that it puts a smile on your face. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> that's why i've been eating
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new at seven. a judge is making an emergency ruling over the care of a missing 22-month-old. the late developments we are learning at this hour in the search for that boy and his mom...and the danger they could be in tonight. he had everything going for him... but tonight a former northern kentucky high school football standout is in trouble .. again. the new developments on his arrest tonight. and the growing confusion tonight over the g-o-p ballot - just one week out from the ohio primary.we're on your side breaking it down. this is


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