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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 5 AM  ABC  March 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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parents at madison junior-senior high school will hear from teachers about how to ease their students back into the classroom environment.... this comes a little more than a week after a shooting that left four students injured. 9 on your side's kristen swilley joins us in studio with what's happening today. madison local schools announced on its facebook page that parents and guardians are invited to a forum tonight in the school's auditorium... nine days after that shooting...and we will hear for the first time from the school's resource officer today. that's kent hall. he will speak publicly about the shooting today at 2 o clock. the parent forum scheduled for tonight is the first in a series of meetings designed to make parents and students feel comfortable in that building again after a gunman believed to be 14-year-old james austin hancock opened fire inside. four students were injured.
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hospital, but administrators say the healing process for the entire mohawk community is just beginning. a separate forum for parents and guardians at the elementary school is also happening tomorrow. tonight's forum is scheduled for 6. the one for madison elementary is scheduled for the same time tomorrow. police searched austin hancock's home the day after the school they're telling us what they recovered inside.according to the search warrant, investigators took a red notebook... an i-phone.. a tablet.. an i-pad.. a macbook.. and a black b-b gun with magazines. police say hancock has confessed to the shootings. now to amelia where police say a middle school student threatened another student. investigators say the threat was posted on facebook.... and the school was never in any danger because the student was promptly arrested. police say the post shows the sixth grader in a picture holding a gun .it turns out it was a toy airsoft gun. but... the orange tip painted had been black to make it look real. that student is being held in juvenile detention.
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2016...primary tuesday actually became primary wednesday... with the final contest in hawaii decided just a few hours ago. ago.the winner in the g-o-p caucus there... donald trump. and he's once again celebrating a big night. trump also came away with wins in michigan and mississippi. ted cruz was the only other republican to win a state... taking idaho.g-o-p establishment candidates continue to struggle stopping trump's message... and growing delegate count... despite a barrage of attacks from his opponents. they didn't do so well tonight folks, okay? i'm not going to say anybody didn't do well. they didn't do well. there's only one person who did well tonight. donald trump, i will tell you." you."one candidate who didn't do well... marco rubio.he didn't win a single state... and faces a tough matchup next week in his home state of florida... where trump is surging. one g-o-p presidential candidate who's hoping to beat the odds... ohio governor john kasich.kasich finished in third place in michigan... but less than *one* percentage
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counting on strong support from voters here in ohio... and the rest of the midwest... to finally gain some traction. and you know, we're all familiar with march madness and now the home-court advantage is coming north. and next week, we are going to win the state of ohio and it will be a whole new race racekasich also finished third in mississippi... ahead of marco rubio. on the democratic side... a major upset in michigan... as bernie sanders won the critical battleground state. it's a sharp blow to front runner hillary clinton.sources say her campaign is shaken by the close democratic race there. clinton did pull off a win last night in mississippi... and still has a commanding lead in delegates. the candidates are pushing for votes in ohio and with visits over the next few days. days.three campaigns are scheduled to make stops in southwest ohio-one later today.. president bill clinton will arrive in columbus campaigning on behalf of his wife. he'll
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fundraiser. governor john kasich will hold a town hall- style meeting on fridayin moraine. and saturday -- donald trump will hold a morning rally at the dayton airport expo center. we now have the results of a special election in kentucky with big implications for the entire state. the race raised the possiblilty of republicans taking control of the kentucky house. but that didn't happen. with all the votes counted.. democratic candidates took three of the four seats up for grabs. that includes the 62-nd district.. which covers owen county. democrat chuck tackett beat phillip pratt in that race. a tri-state teen who admitted to causing the drunk driving accident that killed one of his friends... will learn his punishment this morning. 18-year-old tristan lacey entered the guilty plea last month... in the death of mark valentine.lacey was drunk behind the wheel of his car when he crashed on beckett ridge boulevard on december 26- th.valentine was riding in the back seat... and died after being taken to the hospital. lacey will be sentenced at 11-30 this morning. also due in court this
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old delfon blair.cincinnati police say he trashed a room at the fireside motel on monday.when officers showed up to arrest blain... he punched one of them in the face.he's
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more trouble brewing for chipotle.the latest round of sickness reported...the seriousness of the claims..and who has been hit the hardest. possible settlement talks in cleveland.the case that could be coming to an end for a
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the restaurant chain, chipotle, can't catch a break. new this of the locations in massachusetts has shut its doors voluntarily after four workers got sick... it could be the norovirus... chipotle says no customers have reported being sick... and the restaurant will get a full sanitation...this all comes a month after all chipotle locations closed for half a day to train workers on new safety measures... the family of a 12-year-old boy... shot and killed by a cleveland police officer more than a year ago... may soon have a small bit of closure. the family of tamir rice and the city of cleveland appear to be moving towards a settlement.according to court documents... both sides say they're willing to resolve the case without a trial.rice had an airsoft gun at a cleveland park in november of 2014...
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now to some new developments out of of the officers charged in the death of freddie gray... has been ordered to testify against his colleagues while he awaits a retrial. retrial.officer william porter was the first of 6 officers to go to trial for gray's death. it ended in a hung jury.gray died last april... a week after he suffered a spinal injury while being transported in a police van.he had been handcuffed and shackled.. but not buckled in with a seatbelt. expect a mix of clouds and sun yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs will still be warm south winds. we'll reach the upper tonight, a few falling into the mid nearly 100 questions...ignored. what officials are saying this
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reaction during the deposition. a junior high student is using simple science to solve a multi-million dollar lawsuit. who he says is innocent based
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 5 on 9 on your side!" an ohio police officer who joked about a black lives matter protestor who committed suicide is now out of a job. job.the fairborn police department says that officer lee cyrwrote -quote- "love a happy ending" on facebook... following the death of activist marshawn mccarrell. officials say cyr was off duty when he posted the comment... but his actions violated the department's social media policy. we're learning new information about camille cosby's deposition in her husbands defemation lawsuit.she apparently refused to answer 98 questions while under oath.
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raise the marraige-privledge rule when appropriate... meaning she doesn't have to talk about their private conversations.bill cosby is being sued by 7 women who say he sexually assaulted them. there are new concerns this morning about ohio students' tests results.. results..state school board members found large discrepancies in grades for tests taken online compared to those on districts that tested online got 'f' grades nine times as often as districts that used paper and pencil.the ohio department of education disputes the notion that different test formats led to different results. happening now...the coast guard is searching lake erie for a missing boater.35-year- old brenton burton, of toledo, launched his boat monday morning... but relatives say he never came back.crews found an overturned boat ...but have not yet confirmed if it belongs to the missing man. we didn't see it here in the tri-state...but a total solar eclipse wowed people all over the world..
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eclipse from nasa.nasa says it was best seen in parts of indonesia... and partially visible to people in northern australia, singapore and hawaii.the next total solar eclipse is set for august 20-17... and will be seen across a narrow band across the u-s. let get your latest nine first warning forecast. expect a mix of clouds and sun today with more clouds than yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs will still be warm thanks to gusty south winds. we'll reach the upper
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showers are possible with lows
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traffic 1-65 united dairy farmers on madison road in cincinnati -- that's the intersection at red bank.1-72 speedway on west
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1-84 marathon on madison pike in covington covington a seventh grader from boston says he has the defintiive answer to the deflategate scandal ... ...right now patriots quarterback tom brady is appealing the appeal over whether he deflated footballs to gain an edge ... ...but ben goodall says his science project shows brady is innocent.he claims that every time he tested footballs in freezing temperatures the
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dropped at least 2 psi. he says this proves it ...tom brady didn't deflate the footballs, it was just the weather conditions. conditions. meanwhile nfl commissioner roger goodell and brady are still battling it out in court....with court fees now more than $20 million dollars. the president's workout routine is showing proven results.what doctors found during president obama's most recent check-up. and here's what you'll see tonight on nine on your side. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency.
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who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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visitation begins today for former first lady nancy reagan... who passed away on sunday at the age of 94. 94. reagan will lie in repose at
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library in simi valley, california from one until seven today.then again on thursday from ten a-m to two p-m.she'll be laid to rest during a private service on friday next to her husband... president ronald reagan... on the grounds of the library. president obama is in excellent health...according to his annual physical. physical.the white house released the results showing he has lost five pounds since 20-14.he now weighs 175 pounds, and has a body mass index of 22-point-eight, which is in the normal range for his height and age.the report does show that obama, a former smoker, still chews nicotine gum from time to time. if you need a feel good story on this hump day-we are here to deliver this morning. morning.a south carolina firefighter helped rescue a puppy from a burning house and their story has now gone viral. viral.bill lindler and his dog jake are's been a year since lindler found jake inside a house on fire ... he had burns all over hsi body. jake's family said they
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so lindler adopted him.he has come a long way since that day. in december, jake was sworn in as a city firefighter and also became the official fire department mascot.he's also in training to become an arson- detecting dog. expect a mix of clouds and sun today with more clouds than yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs will still be warm thanks to gusty south winds. we'll reach the upper 60s to low 70s. tonight, a few showers are possible with lows falling into the mid to upper 50s. some holes in a story of a missing mother and son. son.the south lebanon mother and her toddler are reportedly safe... safe...but this morning the boy's father is skeptical.why he doesn't believe the latest
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breaking this morning....the man accused of shooting an idaho pastor is arrested in the nations capitol.what the fbi is saying they found near the white house. suing for their right to vote. the ohio teenagers saying they deserve the chance to make a difference.who they're targeting in the lawsuit. a beautiful spring -like day in the tri-state expected today. today.temperatures once again above normal...making it feel like the season has already changed.for your morning forecast, let's get straight
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meterologist jason adams...he's in for jennifer ketchmark. expect a mix of clouds and sun today with more clouds than yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs will still be warm thanks to gusty south winds. we'll reach the upper 60s to low 70s. tonight, a few showers are possible with lows falling into the mid to upper 50s.
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a missing south lebanon mother and her toddler have been found safe...but not everyone is convinced that is the truth. kallie carnes and her 22 month old son grant hadn't been heard from since wednesday. but last night, kallie's mother posted on facebook that her daughter and grandson have been found safe father. but grant's father says he has not had any official confirmation from law enforcement ...and he and his family won't believe it until grant is back home. police have said it is possible kallie is traveling with joshua craft...who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault on the little boy. he is ordered not to have contact with grant.a warren county judge granted grant's father emergency custody on tuesday. breaking in the live alert center.the f-b-i is saying
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a list belonging to kyle odom...the man accused of shooting a pastor in idaho on sunday.the list was found outside the white house last night. "you know i'd be guessing, but i would say there's probably a dozen or maybe 15 u.s. senators, along with probably twice that amount from the u.s. house and probably half again that amount from the israeli government. there was quite a few names on that list." list."odom's case gained nation attention because he led the invocation for ted cruz at a campaign rally the day before the shooting. police say odom has a history of mental illness. back here at home police are searching for a shooting suspect in kennedy heights. dispatchers tell us a 19 year old man was shot four times on odin avenue near coleridge avenue around 10 o'clock.. he is now at u-c medical center. no word on his condition.
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ohio's secretary of state over the right to vote. vote.the teens... who are all 17... say secretary of state jon husted is refusing to allow them to vote in next week's primaries.they'll be 18 at the time of the general election in november.but husted says the law banning 17- year-olds from primary voting has been clear for 30 years. (jon husted/(r) ohio secretary of state)"we didn't make this up. this is the way it's been. there's nothing new here. this is my sixth year as secretary of state. every primary that i've been involved in has been run by the same rules." rules."meanwhile... democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders has filed a similar lawsuit in federal court.he says ohio is trying to prevent 17-year-olds from voting in the primary. two candidates in ohio's democratic primary for the u-s senate have scored some major endorsements....former congresswoman gabrielle giffords is throwing her support behind former ohio governor ted strickland. strickland.giffords calls strickland the best candidate to protest the rights of law abiding gun owners... while
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powerful gun lobby.gun control is also why star wars actor mark hamill is supporting strickland's primary opponent, p-g sittenfeld. "he's young, he's energetic, he's right on the issues, and he'll make a very 'forceful' senator." senator." he cited sittenfeld's stance on gun safety in this youtube video endorsement.cincinnati occupational therapist kelli prather is also after the democratic nomination.the winner of ohio's primary next week will face incumbent rob portman in the general election this fall. the countdown is on.we're hours away now from the moment n-f-l free agents can officially sign with other teams. the end of the day several bengals may be headed elsewhere.jordan burgess is live with a look at who could
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right now the rumors are flying like the footballs about who may sign's enough to make your head spin.. or bobble... if your marvin lewis wondering who you'll have on your at paul brown stadium next season he may see some of his players on the other sideline. one of the big names out there is cornerback adam jones.he's said to have interest from the dolphins.. browns.. ravens and falcons.another player gathering interest from a division rival.. marvin jones.. who the browns are also reportedly considering signing.the bengals have 13 unrestricted free agents in of the reasons some of those players could be headed elsewhere is because of all the former bengals coaches who are with other teams and know those players so well.of course there's hue jackson.. once offensive coordinator.. now the head man in cleveland. mike zimmer.. former defensive coordinator.. now in minnesota. vance joseph.. a secondary coach.. who is defensive coordinator in miami.and jay gruden in washington. so we'll be watching to see where those players end up.and who the bengals may be bringing in.players can officially sign starting at 4.. but reports of deals will be leaked throughout the day. reporting live.. jordan
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from the field to the hardwood. its another sign march madness will soon be here. crews are now preparing the floor at the university of dayton for the "first four" games. they will be played next week....on march 15-th and 16th. the winners will then move to the first round of the n-c-a-a tournament. the games are worth at least four million dollars to the economy. u-d has the "first four" through at least 20-18. expect a mix of clouds and sun today with more clouds than yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs will still be warm thanks to gusty south winds. we'll reach the upper 60s to low 70s. tonight, a few
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falling into the mid to upper 50s. heroic officer fights to save children from a burning car and the whole thing is caught on camera.why he didn't just do it once-but twice. ready to relax.nasa astronaut, scott kelly, opens up in his first, one-on-one interview.
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a live look from our skycam 9 network right now.we're in store for a warm day ahead.9 first warning meterologist jason adams will have your updated forecast in just a few minutes. be careful before crossing the street.a report shows showing that more pedestrians are being hit and killed by cars in ohio.
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governors highway safety administration says 56 pedestrians were killed in ohio during the first half of 2015.. up 125 percent from the same period in 2014. ohio was one of 26 states that saw an increase in pedestrian fatalities. the number of deadly accidents involving pedestrians was up 20 percent in kentucky.. and six percent in indiana. a total of 26 states saw increases. a california highway patrol officer risked his own life to pull two kids from a burning car on highway one in monterey! you can see him get one out, hand the child to a woman, then go save the other one... while yelling at the driver to get out as well... and a car that went off the road in pittsburgh - landed on the roof of a supermarket!yes, you heard that right!this giant eagle sits below some city streets... so that's how it happened!the roof was damaged and a gas line was
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evacuated as a precaution... nasa astronaut scott kelly ... recently back on earth... after a one year mission in now speaking out ....sharing what it was like spending so much time away from his family... and how he's done re-adjusting to gravity. gravity.he explained in his first, one-on-one interview that his muscles are still sore while his body gets used to earth again... and his skin is painful to the touch: touch: "for a number of days, very very sensitive, like burning feeling almost, because my skin didn't have any pressure on it for so long. it's kinda like maybe now i understand why babies cry when they come out of the womb, right?" right?"even before kelly spent a year in space... he had an impressive resume.. serving as a fighter pilot, space station commander and shuttle what does one do next... after accomplishing so much? "finding that next meaningful
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about and rewarded by is something you think about and worry about." about."kelly says after he retires from nasa he'd like to write a book.but in his immediate future... he just wants to go home and sit on the couch. expect a mix of clouds and sun today with more clouds than yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs will still be warm thanks to gusty south winds. we'll reach the upper 60s to low 70s. tonight, a few falling into the mid to upper 50s. comedian katt williams is headed to court this morning. what he's accused of doing that has him in hot water. medical marijuana that won't get you high.the strain that experts say is being grown and used in one part of the world now..and how it could help
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new this morning, the former director of lebanon's chamber
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night in jail after being sentenced yesterday. yesterday.a judge suspended sara arseneau's 18 month prison sentence, but she'll have to spend 60 days in the warren county jail, complete 200 hours of community service and make restittion to the chamber. in january arseneau pleaded guilty to grand theft, tampering with evidence and stealing from the organization. it's no laughing matter for comedian katt williams... who's now facing charges for a *second time* in the past two months. months.williams will be in a georgia courtroom this morning... following his arrest yesterday on charges of assault and terrorist threats. police say williams and his associates assaulted a former bodyguard with a baseball bat back in february.police also found a large amount of marijuana and firearms at the comedian's home. it's "kosher" cannabis.but its developers say it's no joke... and could one day help people here in the tri-state. researchers in israel are growing new strains of cannabis that could one day treat *specific* diseases.some strains don't have any
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that makes you high.instead... they're filled with a chemical that's been shown to have medical benefits. (ezri peleg, chief agronomist, tikun olam) "i believe we are scratching the beginning about what there is to learn about cannabis plants." plants."relaxed laws have made israel one of the world leaders in medical cannabis research and development. cure for one of the most common causes of blindness... age- related macular degeneration. the disease destroys a layer of cells that help nourish the center of the eye. when those cells die.. a black spot develops in the middle of a person's sight. doctors at the college of london have now implanted a layer of stem cells behind the retna that can take the place of the damaged cells. so far... all the signs are good... although doctors say it will be awhile before they can call the operation a complete success. let get your latest nine
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expect a mix of clouds and sun today with more clouds than yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs will still be warm thanks to gusty south winds. we'll reach the upper 60s to low 70s. tonight, a few showers are possible with lows
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1-65 united dairy farmers on madison road in cincinnati1-72 speedway on west eads parkway in lawrenceburg 1-84 marathon on madison pike in covington covington a dramatic water rescue caught on camera.the emergency departments seen working together to save the victims. more voters than expected. where one county clerk says they ran out of ballots during
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expect a mix of clouds and sun today with more clouds than yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs will still be warm thanks to gusty south winds. we'll reach the upper 60s to low 70s. tonight, a few showers are possible with lows
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in today's right-this-minute video, a man attempts a base jump from less than one hundred feet above the ground. alex bogaychuk climbed to the top of an abandoned warehouse in russia. once on the roof, he jumped through a broken window in the middle of the building as his friend held the parachute open and released the canopy. the entire base jump lasted just a few seconds, but he reached the ground safely. see all of the day's top videos every weekday on right this minute here on 9 on your side at 10 now to heroic efforts by connecticut police officers and firefighters.. all caught on camera. even the police chief.. calling this video dramatic. you can see from
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officer climbing over the guardrail.. down to the river. that's where a car is on it's roof. the officer tosses a rope to another officer and firefighters. the driver still inside... was working with rescuers to force the door open. (very fortunate and i'm very proud of the officers and the teamwork that they showed with the fire department in rescuing the individual. individual.the driver was taken to a hospital with serious injuries.he is expected to make a full recovery. a major turn-out in michigan for the much so -in one part of the state....they ran out of ballots! the lines were long yesterday in county clerk says it's because there were many first-time voters hoping to cast ballots for bernie sanders and donald trump. (john gleason, genesee co. clerk) "probably about midday, they started coming in that voters were not able to vote immediately. we had calls that said there was up to a two hour wait at one precinct." precinct."(dan stopka, flint) "i saw one gentleman switch his vote from republican to
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wait."bernie sanders was declared the winner in michigan overnight.. some of those voters chose ohio's governor as their choice for the white house...
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the votes are counted.the wins and losses just in overnight from tuesday's primaries. and a mystery still unraveling this morning.where is this south lebanon mom and her toddler son?it's a he said-she
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good morning tri-state. tri-state.let's take a live look outside now from skycam 9. 9.rain is on the's meteorologist jason adams. expect a mix of clouds and sun today with more clouds than yesterday. isolated showers are possible. highs will still be warm thanks to gusty south winds. we'll reach the upper 60s to low 70s. tonight, a few showers are possible with lows falling into the mid to upper


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