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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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going off of tips- warren county sheriff deputies sent the florida authorities a teletype message with a possible address where kallie and her baby may be. they were taken into custody. family and friends were concerned when kallie disappeared without telling anyone on march second. they weren't sure where she was or where she was going, until just recently. kallie's mother posted this on facebook, yesterday. "just got a call from my daughter kallie carnes. she is in florida with her father. she is not with josh craft. thank the lord her and grant both r safe and sound."deputies tell 9 on your side kallie was possibly traveling with joshua craft. he plead guilty to a misdemeanor assault on grant. craft- was not with them when they were found. yesterday- a warren county judge awarded emergency custody of the boy to his father- josh wells. warren county deputies are in the process of fulfilling that order. right now- kallie and her baby
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florida. the warren county sheriff's office says no charges will be filed. tonight at six.. showdown in ohio.. trump versus kasich. after a strong third place showing in michigan... kasich has declared his home state a must-win in his presidential campaign. but momentum is on trump's side. the map shows his strong finishes across the country. cruz is second.kasich hasn't won any states... making ohio even more important to his campaign. two new polls show where the race stands in ohio. a c-n-n.. o-r-c poll shows trump leading kasich 41 percent to 35 percent. ted cruz is third at 15 percent. and.. marco rubio has seven percent. a quinnipiac university poll shows a much tighter race. it has trump leading kasich by 38 percent to 32 percent... within the margin of error. cruz has 16 percent.. marco rubio gets nine percent. in most of the primaries so
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days before the primary how they'll vote have been a deciding factor. so with the ohio primary now less than a week away.. we sent nine on your side's tom mc-kee to take the public pulse. he joins us live from the hamilton county board of elections. tom. no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio. so, both donald trump and john kasich are making a big push here to win voters and make sure they cast ballots on tuesday. they've created a lot of interest in the election -- especially up the road in camp washington. the talk was politics wednesday at camp washington chili. there were as many opinions served up as cheese coneys and double deckers. deckers. "i think both parties are trying to wake each other up and so it's getting pretty crazy." crazy." most talk centered on donald trump, who won three primaries tuesday over ted cruz, john kasich and marco rubio. rubio. "there's only one person who did well tonite -- donald trump." trump."
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hard-charging personality have divided people. people. "personally, i kind of want to see him win out of curiosity. it could be very good or very bad." bad." "i think he's a ticking time bomb, essentially. he looks like he could explode and he's shown throughout this whole thing that he isn't reliable in his emotions." emotions." john kasich did well in michigan behind trump and a point behind cruz. now, it's on to ohio, must win to keep his campaign alive. alive. "we're all familiar with march madness and now the home court advantage is coming north and next week we are going to win the state of ohio." ohio." "i think if anyone can beat donald trump in this state, it's john kasich." kasich." that's the take of hamilton county republican chair and kasich supporter alex triantafilou. triantafilou. "he's got to keep talking about his story and being the adult in thke room and i think ohioans are gong to appreciate that.." that.." back at camp washington chili, some wonder if trump and cruz, plus democrats hillary clinton
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"i feel like we're in a nightmare. any minute now, we're going to wake up and have a really good presidential candidate who kind of scoots in, but i don't think that's going to happen." i talked by phone with trump's hamilton county organizer, linda caudill, to try and get an interview for this story. she declined, saying, "the campaign doesn't want us talking to the media. the media hasn't been favorable to trump." tom mckee, nine on your side, live downtown. both of those polls we mentioned earlier give hillary clinton strong leads over bernie sanders in ohio. ohio.the quinnipiac poll has clinton leading sanders by a nine point margin. the c-n-n poll gives her a two- to - one margin. and ohio won't be the only key state holding a primary next tuesday... people in florida.. illinois.. mississouri and north carolina will also be going to the polls. voters in butler county.. and other areas where speaker john boehner used to be their congressman... will see a potentially confusing item on their ballot. ohio's secretary of state put
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explain the situtation. because boehner left in the middle of his term.. there are actually two primaries being held at the same time. one is for the rest of boehner's current term. the other is for the new term that begins next year. so.. voters will see two primaries for the district on their ballots. the winners of the primary for the unexpired term will face each other in a special election in june. we have rain across the tri- state right now.'s nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh with a look at how long it will last into the evening. steve. rain chances really begin to pick up overnight tonight into tomorrow. the best rain chances will arrive late in the morning, then into the afternoon and evening. we could see a few totals reaching over 1" by early
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a shooting only takes moments. the aftershocks can last for years. so right now... madison local schools is beginning a series of forums to discuss safety and other concerns in the aftermath of shooting. our ashley zilka spoke with parents attending the forum
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tonight is all about moving forward from that school shooting. take a look behind me..the parking lot here at madison high school is full. parents tell me they are ready to discuss the future. this comes 9 days after police say 14 year old james austin hancock pulled out a gun and opened fire in the cafeteria. tonight- parents will have the chance to share their ideas with different groups on how the district will move forward with safety, security and support. the superintendent and staff are all here with the butler county's sheriff's department and other first responders. parents say this is a step in the right direction. there is a spike in flu cases in ohio. how it compares to what we saw last year. and a local teen is sentenced for killing one of his friends. the troubling circumstances surrounding the crash.
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eat everything, haven't you. yeah, yeah. yeah.a boy born addicted to heroin is just other seven year olds in so many ways. the contest that could help him feel more like anyother kid. tonight on world news tonight.. flooding forces evacuations in texas.. arkansas.. and louisiana. a look at how people are coping with the disaster. you're watching 9 on your side
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into
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an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. an 18-year-old who killed a friend will spend six years in prison and won't be allowed to drive for the rest of his life. tristan lacy was sentenced today for causing the crash that killed 18 year old mark valentine in december.. lacy was driving on a suspended license had was legally drunk when he lost control and crashed on beckett ridge in west chester.valentine was in the back seat of the car. spring is almost here. but the flu is still making a lot of people sick across ohio. the state health department
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"widespread."203 people needed to be in the hospital because of the bug last week... up from 93 the week before. but this year's flu season still isn't nearly as bad as last year's.last year at this time.. nearly eight-thousand people had been hospitaized becasue of the flu.this year.. that figure is 653, weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? sot: "he wants to fit in like every other kid... he thinks he's like every other kid." born addicted to heroin with birth defects... doctors said this boy would never walk. his fight to beat the odds and the way you can help him reach his next're watching
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a lot has been written about early school start times and children's sleep patterns. research shows kids would learn more if they could start school later.. so they could sleep-in. now.. indian hill is changing its start times in better in school. the school board has voted to change the high school and middle school start time to eight a-m. it currently starts at seven-35. start times are also being rolled back at the primary and elementary schools.. starting next school year.
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fighter. a kentucky boy came into the world addicted to heroin. now keegan knecht's is fighting to fit in with his peers. peers.keegan is now seven years old, and as nine on your side's scott wegener tells us, he faces some real challenges. "where's missy?"like most seven year old boys, keegan knecht loves dogs. dogs. and that's not all he's passionate about."he's loving school, and has lots of friends at school."still, sometimes it's tough for him to fit in.keegan was born addicted to heroin. jennifer knecht's family adopted him to give him a better life than his birth mother was able to. "he had a lot of struggles in life, going through the withdrawls."the drug created a laundry list of problems, including cerebral palsey, which makes it difficult for him to control his movements and balance."he does have a wheelchair"which brings us back to fitting in."he's starting to get old enough where he doesn't want to be in a wheelchair, and you know,
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kids."just recently jennifer came across 'the great bike giveaway,' by an organization out of michigan called friendship circle.their goal is to donate some six hundred bicycles adapted for kids with special needs."this is something he loves to do. so i know he'll be on a bike, forever."their website draws awareness to hundreds of children living with special needs from across the country. each, including keegan has a unique story of why they want a bike, along with their picture.visitors to the site can simply vote for their favorites, or donate money to the cause or both.they can even become 'ambassadors' to the organization to make more people aware of its mission. keegan is already working it. "vote for me, please. i want to win a bike."scott wegener,
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free agency is underway and it's taken some left turns and at least one right turn for the bengals.mohammed sanu is still unsigned. but reportedly will visit first
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marvin jones is now a detroit lion. he signed a five year, 40-million dollar contract today. reportedly, he'll make 18-million in the first three years of the deal. but safety george iloka will remain a bengal. today, iloka signed a five year, 50-million dollar deal to remain in stripes. and another former bengal appears to be emmanuel lamur. he up in minneapolis and is expected to sign with the vikings and be reunited with mike zimmer, now the vikes head coach. what a run. after 29-years, cincinnati country day head football coach, tim dunn says he's retiring. long time assistant greg ross will take over. and xavier's chris mack was named today the coach of the year by the u.s. basketball writers association. mack will pick up the henry iba trophy at a ceremony next month. and tonight, keenan singleton has the story of a 40-year tradition, life long friends now, thanks to the sport of golf.
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there. look at you! ha-ha yes! sot: we play a lot of golf, we have a lot of fun. and we play a lot more golf and we have a lot more fun. that's the unofficial motto of the les birdies - the first and only all african american women's golf club in cincinnati. officially, they've awarded some 60 thousand in college scholarships and are 70 members strong. a 3-iron shot from were they began.sot: out of all the number of african american women if only 8 could get together, it had to be a feat.on camera: those 8 black women eventually became sisters, forging a family of sorts on courses like avon fields. it's now a legacy that lasted the last 40 years. sot: in 1976, it wasn't popular for african americans, let alone african american women, let alone african american wives to be on the golf course.can see them in their orange and yellow attire across the country but it's another color that still causes some to pause. sot: we simply explain
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club and we're out here playing today.getting good tee times isn't always easy when you also have to work at home. sot: the hardest things for them was doing everything they needed to do at home and take of their family and children. for the 40th year, the les birdies are taking care of local girls with a scholarship dinner saturday night at the crowne plaza in blue ash ... at avon fields, keenan singleton 9oys. and now here's julie dolan with a look ahead at what we'll have for you on nine on your side at seven. ohio is in the political spotlight!and now we're hearing one of the front runners could be in cincinnati sunday..the new information we're gathering ... coming up
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that's 9 on your side at six for this wednesday. wednesday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt
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and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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breaking news tonight in the race for the white house. the new poll numbers just in from ohio and florida. what donald trump just said. if he wins ohio and florida next, his prediction -- going for a knockout. and the sanders surprise. what happened to hillary clinton in michigan? and get ready. how does clinton take on sanders tonight? zwri also breaking, the severe storms hitting right now. churn rescued. homes under water. from the gulf, all the way up to the northeast, where it's coming next. and the scene tonight, a major gas explosion rocking an american city. buildings levels.


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