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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 12, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

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working in what looks like a back room. >> see what's about to barrel through the roof. >> oh! this genius doesn't know it but -- >> he's just stolen a big car. >> the moment the bummer truth starts to sink in. a giant sled that can hold four people becomes wildly out of control. why you don't want to see this coming at you. and -- >> a mom, a dad, four daughters. >> a blonde brit is bashful. >> using all her fingers, still not working it out. >> see if you can solve the riddle that has her stumped. there you are in the office. >> is that a dog? did a dog just fall through -- oh! >> you can see that guy is working in what looks like a back room. and in the open space of the ceiling at this business, that dog fell through the roof.
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happen? what was the dog doing? was it falling? >> we don't know how it got up there but animals find their way into spaces they shouldn't be. and notice the poor dog is standing on top of the dog like, how the heck did i get here? notice this guy starts moving stuff away from the dog and pushes the chair up and is trying to coax the dog onto the floor. the dog is a little reluctant to climb down from the desk because look what just happened. >> he's a little disoriented. he needs a minute. >> he doesn't move at all from that spot because he's like, you know what? i'm not going to test the fate. >> one more step could be the last. >> the guy walks out of the room, he's saying, hey, you won't just believe what happened. pretty soon there are multiple people in the room.
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dogs because he walks over and says, hey, buddy. all's well that ends well, except for the ceiling. everybody strap up, put your seat belts on. we're riding along with trail in albuquerque and he's just stolen a big car. >> gosh, he doesn't even bother to put on a shirt. >> obviously they are ch watching them but how do they catch up to him? how far do they let him get? >> i love all the questions because i'm about to show you right here. he's riding along when the car comes to a halt. >> he's like, what? >> darn, of all the cars i picked i picked the one to break down. it pretty much stops. on. >> you can't get out of a big car, right? >> no, they lock him in. >> he's not going anywhere fast. he continues to try to turn the car on.
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>> when the red and blue stop you, you're not going anywhere. open the door, let me see your hands. >> let me see your hands! hold them up! hold them all the way up! >> stepped out of the car and you know how this ends. albuquerque police set the up that, you guys take the bait, this man was charged for unlawful possession of a vehicle, burglary and stealing. they are also looking for an accomplice because they believe somebody else was with him. anywhere in the world you're going to find tradition specific to that region, right? fun tradition here in germany. the german horse show cup. i probably butchered that word. basically, a giant sled with four people slaloming down the hill. here's one of the sleds coming
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on it. lookout. >> oh! boom! how does that happen? >> eventually it collides with a 46-year-old and a 3-year-old causing some pretty serious injuries. looks like some people uphill tried to jump out and stop the sled, you see them right there, they jump out and risk their up safety. but that sled just comes speeding down the hill taking people out. like i said, caused some injuries. here you can see medical crews responding to the scene of the incident. some of the injured were taken away by helicopter. this next video nobody around. this guy is out there, looks like he set up camera on a tripod to get himself hanging around with his kite scheme, call it what you want, he has one of the air foils and is going back and forth. you don't need a lift, you just go skiing with none of the mechanics. >> that's cool. >> until it goes wrong. just like that the kite goes one way, he goes another. the kite wind picks him up off his skis and pow right back onto
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>> he's okay there, right? >> yeah, he's okay. if you are a parent, can you imagine your kid as an 80-year-old? kind of weird to think about, right? >> well, it looks like this. >> the guys as put this video together and take two young kids, a boy and a girl, and do their makeup to make them look like they are 80 years old. >> we're excited and it should be fun. >> they start the process forming in the creases, the saggy cheeks, the saggy eyes, the bags under the eyes, the dark circles. >> years of mortgage payments -- >> yes. >> car payment, tuition -- >> the second divorce. >> what is really interesting is they are not adding like prosthetic things. this is all makeup. there's no plastic put on there and glued and painted over. >> yeah, it is just all shading. >> it is. once they get the wigs put on, they make their eyebrows look
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now they have to see themselves. [ laughter ] >> that is weird. >> i see me in the future. >> i want to see parents reaction. >> what do you think your mom will do? >> she might freak out. >> this is your baby. you don't want to see your baby as a little old man. >> here comes the mom. >> oh, i don't know if i like it. >> i knew she would cry. i knew it. >> how could you not? >> i don't think you can fake cry. >> because i don't think i'll ever see her this age. >> everything is emotional between mom and a child. >> i don't know what i think of you old. i do, i just want to hug him. >> i just find it amazing that i do get to see it. so i'm just thrilled! >> the good thing is granny still has most of her teeth.
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giving people op closed captioning provided by -- i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. when shopping your resume , you have to find a way to step out from the crowd and that's exactly what this guy did. this is sand bar, a student at the new jersey technical school. he's shaking hands and dropping
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we have all been there. the struggle is real for students about to graduate. but wait, he's not just dropping a piece of paper. >> i wrote a song about my resume . i have been performing it and was wondering if you would like to hear it. >> okay. >>. hi nice to meet you my name is sand and it's nice to meet you >> i can't tell how these people are receiving his performance. you know, some of them look like they are completely puzzled. some of them look completely uninterested and some are entertaining him. >> whether you like his flow or not, he will be very, very memorable. and that's very important. >> yes, and his resume is actually impeccable and he can flow.
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i've been a leadership trainer for years i've given it all my blood sweat and tears >> i liked that. >> once he is up and running, some students don't have that going for them. i think he'll find a job in no time. he has a social media care page going as well, #helpkidfindajob. if you have any questions you guys regularly accuse us men of never growing up, being childish. i say, join us. >> oh! i would do that. >> i'm all in on this one. >> me, too. >> this is a first video play out by the geekafied guy. you may notice faces in this video of youtubers.
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he puts out a bunch of motorcycle videos i watch. a.k. a.k.a. bubble wrap. hop on the bike. >> ow. grass. i don't think he knows how to ride a dirt bike. after the first hit, he takes a while before he finally goes i don't think it had anything to do with the hit. he just doesn't know how to ride. >> he's unbalanced. >> the whole gang watching, here comes shawn durst versus evaride. evaride, down he goes. disappointed, took it square to the chest, down he goes. >> that's a wrestling match. >> stewart edge, one of our favorites from edwin and parker. >> come on, stewart. >> boom! he takes a big hit. he has an injured ankle. it's not broken, just a little sore. in the end, parker pulls down
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>> parker! >> now we'll head on over to barcelona where the -- >> oh, i love those! i could never do it, i always fell. >> these guys making it look like they got wings. >> i thought that those things were going to be stuck in the '90s. but these guys have revived the pogo stick and doing really cool things with them. so now they are actually kind of cool. ah, the joys of parenthood. >> oh! [ screams ] >> i already see where this is going. >> she's screaming and he's laughing. that means one of her children is messing with her. >> her son, dean mcgwire, is messing with her and messed with her repeatedly. he posted this video on march 6 because they are irish and march the 6th, my birthday and mother's day, in ireland.
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a mercedes and a vacation away from this guy. >> momma has a potty mouth. >> do you blame her? she has to deal with this. how can you possibly not have a potty mouth with a kid like this. >> come on, after a while don't you just figure it's my son. >> this is the look i'm giving you because i've never accustomed to you -- you don't just walking around going, i'm crazy, i'm going to jump out. who wants to live a normal life without somebody going ah! >> exactly, yes. >> and this is why moms are impressive. >> ah! >> and she doesn't swear. >> this poor lady just looks tired. >> she's exhausted of having to
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booty son. cooking video french style. >> french fries, let's do this. >> it's incredibly creative. >> yeah, it is. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, rescuers approach a boat where five fishermen are trapped. the story behind the swift operation. plus -- jessica horn's whipping up something sweet. >> cookie butter popcorn. >> the stuff you need to make one show-stopping treat. >> this is delicious. like we' ve hit a road block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. only pull ' n' peel let' s you pull it, peel it, play it. fun never tasted so good
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dark and grainy footage from our friends over at the rnli, the royal national lifeboat institution. what's going on here, they are approaching a fishing boat. on board, five french fishermen trapped in a boat heavily listing to one side. the rnli spring quickly to bring these guys to safety. five guys have already been saved by firefighters off another boat. let me tell you what is going on here. these two boats in this situation sought refuge in a british harbor from high seas. they came into the harbor, bored their boats and then the tide went out. the boats hit the bottom of the harbor and started to tip over. now these guys are in need of rescue.
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incredible that you can get that kind of video at night from a bunch of volunteers, because that's what they are, volunteers doing this. >> rescuing live. >> so that boat tipping over is pretty much done, right? they are going to basically have to leave it behind. >> surprisingly once the tide came in, they were able to right the boats and salvage them. a third did sink in the harbor. >> of course, this is england. they are a navigational great. they know how to fix the boats and send them on their way. >> most of the time they are able to save the vessel, too. >> that's why we love these guys. i love popcorn. >> me too! >> me three! >> me four! back.
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super tasty today. cook we butter popcorn. >> oh, my goodness. tell me more. >> the first thing you want to do is get some of this going in your boiler. >> and then cookie butter. >> then you're going to take that and pour it over the popcorn. >> now soon we're going to add our m&ms. >> what? >> yeah, buddy. >> now we're going to add pret pretzels. >> this is almost like an easter trail mix. >> i'm going to need a bigger tray. at home get the biggest tray you have. >> take the candy and ribbon it across. >> if all that yummy wasn't enough, top it with sprinkles! >> let it sit a bit to harden up. then break it up and put it in a pretty bowl. >> i have mixed feelings about this because i like my popcorn crunchy. does this take the crunchiness out of this?
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i need to try it. >> well, you're about to try it because jessica is here. >> look at all that. >> these look good! >> it is crunchy! >> it is instagramable. get your phone. >> it is so good. >> awesome and crunchy. >> yum. >> this is delicious. and you could sit there and eat all of this in one sitting. >> this is different than what it looked like in the video. i thought the chocolate and cookie butter would just be kind of an essence, but it is a complete and total coating. >> it is pretty and perfect for easter. >> any time. make this in any kind of colors. >> nice job, genius. this is really good. >> thank you. >> if you want to make it at home, go to and click on tv show or go to the mobile app. it's all there if you want to make it. >> make it. he's asked his girl a simple
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>> and that's where it gets really good. >> so it's ten. >> things get hilarious as he
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for this. >> it gives people in cold weather a value. >> yep. ladies, folks at home, we have a simple question for you. >> that has four doors and it has a brother in its family. >> listen to this poor girl try to rack this out. >> a mom, a dad, four brothers, they each got a brother, eight. >> her first guess, eight. >> okay, how about ten. forgot about mom and dad. wrong! >> mom and dad got four daughters, okay. so mom, dad, one, two, three, four daughters, plus four brothers, one, two, three, four, ten.
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not working out. brad's girlfriend continues to be told no and she gets more and more frustrated and that's where it gets really good. >> exactly! exactly! >> daughter, daughter, daughter, daughter, brother, brother, brother, brother, [ bleep ] ten. >> wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong. wrong! >> she's more and more frustrated. eventually after a minute after that, the lightbulb begins to flicker a little bit. >> four brothers -- >> there would be seven. >> you said four girls. >> yes, they all have one brother. they only have one, don't they? >> oh [ bleep ]. >> it finally dawns on her. she's not happy. so, ladies, what is the answer? how many people in that family? >> seven! >> including the parents.
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it's ten! thanks for joining us today. we'll see you on the next "right
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breaking on 11 at 11.... the presidential campaign turns violent. tonight... anti- trump protestors marching through the streets in chicago. that... after concerns about security forced trump to cancel a rally tonight in the windy city. "hey hey, ho ho, donald trump has got to go. hey hey, ho ho, donald trump has got to go. " " seven -thousand plus inside that rally.. included at least one- thousand demonstrators. trump's campaign says they pulled the plug over safety issues at the advice of chicago police. however, police say that's not true. inside the hall... a brief announcement the event was postponed. thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace peacethat follows this scene in saint louis... protestors and police clashing. video shows police taking down a protestor.. another protestor bleeding next to an ambulance. late tongiht.. trump saying postponing that rally.. makes him a victim. "we made a decision, even though our freedom of speech


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