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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 5, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: new video of a river rescue mid-way through a high school rowing competition. the danger on the water and the quick action preventing tragedy. erika: historic flooding right now in south carolina. the rain falling in record amounts forcing a state of emergency. emily: a cargo ship and its crew lost at sea. the debris just recovered and the new england connection on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." erika: also on the eye. these bears picked the wrong house to lurk around. the tiny watch dog scaring them off. he is feisty. good morning, everyone. happy monday.
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emily: i'm emily riemer along with cindy fitzgibbon. if you haven't already yet, get out those winter coats. you need them. erika: reality has sunk in. cindy: it felt like it all weekend. it was a chilly weekend. breezy, cool. lots of upper 40's out there to near 50 degrees. getting off the bus this afternoon, it will be closer to 60 degrees with some breaks of are. now we have had some breaks in the clouds overnight. here across southern new hampshire, western massachusetts that will allow the temperature to drop. frost advisory up this way until 9:00 a.m. you can see 30's from jaffrey to keene. we didn't dip into the upper 30's. we're back up to 41. worcester you're at 45. boston now in the upper 40's. you can see from plymouth down to the cape, significantly milder. we're running mostly in the mid 50's. this is where the winds are still stirring a little bit more. gusting over 20 miles per hour. we still do have a lot of cloud cover. notice through lunchtime a lot of clouds across the area.
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in southeastern massachusetts, there could even be a patch or two of drizzle. otherwise we get deeper into the afternoon. and notice especially north and west of boss top, the skies are brightening up. so brighter the farther north and west you go especially as we get dodder mid to late afternoon. temperatures though holding in the 50's to near 60 degrees wind. some lower 60's up through the merrimack valley today. going to warm it up. brighten it up for everyone this morning. let's get you out to the roads rievment now a busy start on a monday morning. kevin: monday morning things filling in quickly. route 1 coming down to the good. let's go to the maps though. up on 128 southbound reports of a disabled vehicle on the ramp to north avenue. route 3 busier up there by 129 in chelmsford. 93 got slowdowns at 495. then the pockets are filling in out of wilmington most of the way down to that lower deck. mass pike so far so good here. framingham, natick all the way 495 looks good.
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and 95 getting much busier now heading up towards 128 and 93. over on route 3 big delays out hanover from an earlier crash we had by route 18. then about another 20 minutes or so on the expressway right at the o'neill tunnel. erika. erika: kevin, thank so much. one person is dead after an overnight car crash in somerset. two utility poles were also taken down by the crash. emily: right now several members of a rowing team are recovering as we get new video of their they were competing in a regatta when conditions suddenly got erika: the eye's sera congi is live in lowell with that new video and the rescue that saved them. sera: erika and emily. those high school rowers ended up in the water. they found themselves in some very cold, very treacherous conditions when the race took a turn for the worse. that four-man team ditched the boat as water started spilling in. minutes later it happened again to a team of nine girls. a shift in wind direction
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created dangerous swells, taking the boat down. >> they went stern first. they just kept going down. sera: the girls were rescued. three of them were treated for minor hypothermia. the textile river regatta was canceled halfway through. some of the swells there were as much as four-feet high. live in lowell this morning, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: right now south carolina is under a state of emergency amid epic flooding. this is just one of hundreds of rescues in the fast-moving floodwaters that have just swamped parts of the state. and cindy, this is still not over. cindy: it's not unfortunately. it's still raining there. the state has had nearly 24 inches of rain. that's two feet. unbelievable. those numbers are just staggering. at least seven deaths are now being blamed on this rainstorm. entire towns in south carolina are underwater, cars submerged, roads buckled. today emergency workers will go
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door to door in columbia checking on people trapped by the rising waters. this mother and infant daughter were plucked from their home by a coast guard helicopter. just one of the rescues carried out by coast guard and national guard crews in south carolina. another big concern with all this rain-- drinking water. all of the capitol of columbia-- 375,000 people-- now under a boil-water order. erika: and still raining for another day. cindy: slowly over the next 24 hours it will pull away. erika: cindy, thanks so much. em? emily: right now debris lifted from the atlantic is providing clues in the search for a missing cargo ship with new englanders on board. the ship known as "el faro" disappeared near the bahamas on thursday while hurricane joaquin was raging. a distress call indicates the vessel lost power and started taking on water. it had been headed to puerto rico from jacksonville, florida. search crews found a life ring with the name of the ship on it. they also found shipping
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containers, but none of it dylan meklin from maine is one of the five new englanders on the ship. friends are anxiously waiting to hear from him. >> you immediately think about the worst, but you're dealing with strong kids. emily: tote maritime, the company that owns the ship, is defending its decision to authorize the voyage. the company says joaquin was just a tropical storm at the time, and crew members are equipped to handle changing weather. right now an investigation is underway after a deadly fire in athol. one man was killed when flames broke out at the morton meadows housing complex saturday night. the building is managed by the athol housing authority. the victim's name hasn't been released. several other people were burned out by the fire. investigators are calling this fire in upton suspicious. that's because the home that burned early sunday morning on main street was abandoned. no one was hurt in the fire. >> hello, everyone.
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i'm doing well, and i'm overwhelmed by the support that i've gotten from everybody. erika: that is the new message from a hero. chris mintz was shot seven times during last week's campus shooting in oregon. and survivors say he put his life on the line for others. that video coming as we hear more about the terror at umpqua community college. 18-year-old lacey was one of the closest witnesses to the gunman. she survived when another victim fell on top of her and she played dead. her father says the gunman told the victims, "we'll all be together in just a moment." then he gave his last words. >> and the words were this. you got me. i've had enough. i'm done. erika: we're also learning the gunman gave a flash drive to one student telling him to give it to police. right now security is being boosted at college campuses in philadelphia after a vague online threat. that threat was posted on the postings about the oregon shootings a day before the
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killings. the f.b.i. put out the warning to philly area schools even though the threat is somewhat vague. alerts were sent out to students as a precaution. emily: jury selection is set to begin this week in the trial of a teenager accused of raping and killing his math teacher at danvers high school. phillip chism was 14 when he was charged in the murder of 24-year-old colleen ritzer. her body was found covered in leaves behind the school allegedly next to a note reading, "i hate you all." chism is being tried as an adult. his lawyers are expected to use a mental health defense. jury selection begins on wednesday. a former new hampshire police officer is expected to plead guilty today in connection with this incident inside the seabrook police station. mark richardson was about to be retried on charges he slammed a prisoner's head into a concrete wall in 2009. there was a mistrial in the case in may. richardson's lawyer tells "the union leader" he agreed to a plea deal to "put the matter behind him." erika: it is 6:08 right now. commitment 2016. candidates focusing on guns in america.
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emily: the new plans to curb violence. linked-in doling out millions of dollars to its users. the reason behind the payout and the timeline for you to file a claim. erika: new this morning. buying in bulk isn't always the right thing to to do. the items you never want to purchase at those big warehouses. cindy? cindy: a swing toward warmer temperatures on the way. the full outlook of the changes on the way. first take a look at the temperatures as you head out the door this morning. it is a chilly start. lots of 40's out there. nashua, worcester and boston. notice mid 50's with that gusty wind off the ocean for you this
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changing when. >> good morning from sacred heart in ross indale massachusetts. we dream big. >> good morning, "eyeopener." emily: all right! stream stands for science, technology, religion, the arts, and math. so a lot going on at sacred heart in roslindale. good morning to all of you. erika: get your friends, your coworkers, or your classmates and record your own eyeopener wake-up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. kevin: and a big happy birthday to cindy. how is it to be 25. cindy: that's right.
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again and again and again. just like that movie. everybody wave to joaquin. bye-bye. talking about joaquin, it is making its closest pass a good 500 miles off shore of us coming up by this evening. we'll see ocean swells and rough surf but that's about it as area. you can see right now it is chilly out there. we've got temperatures that are running in the 30's in a few 49 boston. mid to upper 50's right now on the cape and the islands. here is a closer look at joaquin. still a category 1 hurricane. the independence are 85 miles an hour. this is is bermuda. it is now moving away from bermuda. had up to six inches of rain there and tropical storm winds as well. here you see the forecast track making that path this evening and overnight a good 500 miles here southeast of nantucket. so no huge issues for us. we still have the high to the north which is trying to clear us out. we get breaks of sunshine yesterday. we'll get a few breaks of
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sunshine today but still have this flow here coming in off the ocean with that storm that has been bringing all the rain to south carolina and north carolina over the weekend. the winds 10-20 miles per hour by the coastline. enough to keep the temperatures up. here is a closer look here on the cape and the south coast. we're run inning the mid 50's. boston 49. worcester 45. coolest to the north. you can see jaffrey and keene running in the 30's right now. we're actually below the freezing markup in concord, new hampshire. we've got freeze warnings there. frost advisories for a good portion of the area. still patchy frost with those temperatures hovering close to the mid 30's. it's a breezy and cool day. just breaks of sunshine. upper 50's to lower 60's the best we do for highs. and notice it is warmest up through merrimack valley today. take a look at future cast. it will tell you why here. through lunchtime we're socked in with clouds. a patch or two of drizzle in southeastern massachusetts. as we get into the afternoon western massachusetts lots of sunshine. southern new hampshire lots of sunshine. so up through this way, this is
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where we have the brightest skies. i think we're all going to wait until the overnight hours before we clear. it may take until earlier tomorrow morning for that to happen for you on the cape. another cool night. lots of 40's out there. even mid 40's in boston. tomorrow is a brighter day. we'll see mostly sunny skies. temperatures coming up into the upper 60's. wednesday i think is the warmest day of the week. we should sneak up to around or even over 70 degrees. lots of sunshine on wednesday as well. a little bit cooler on thursday but still dry and pless apt. looks like our next chance for rain coming in on friday as the front approaches from the west so showers do come in with that front during the afternoon and evening hours. it looks fairly progressive so it should be clearing out here with the showers ending on saturday morning and the rest of your holiday weekend by the way actually looking nice. the timing there mid 60's. that's average for this time of year. nice weather to do some apple picking, take in a fair. take in the leaves. kevin: pick a pumpkin or two. cindy: everything is fall this weekend. kevin: sounds like a great week ahead and a great weekend. we have the traffic building
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as always, i mean, we know. it's just always the case here. the expressway over 20 minutes now from, 20-23 minutes now from blaintree up past columbia road and into the o'neill tunnel. big delays further south. to the map on route 3 northbound. delays out of hanover. the earlier problems we had on route 18 in weymouth. to volume about to surge ts way up up toward the expressway. slow heading towards the expressway out of randolph. 26 minutes on route 3 out of hanover. right up to the expressway. 24 busy too out of brockton most of the way up towards that randolph stretch. up north 128 southbound. got a disabled vehicle on the ramp. not really causing any troubles. wide open here lynnfield down to lexington. 9 slow up at 495 and then delays out of wilmington most of the way down to the lower deck. about 41 minutes andover down to boston. no troubles on route 1 although you're busy here approaching the jug handle lights. okay through saugus. taking the trains. we're all running on time. erika.
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erika: kevin, thanks so much. commitment 2016 with a busy day in new hampshire. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina will be at the manchester rotary before making stops in nashua and bedford. george pataki will visit a pizza shop in lebanon before heading to dartmouth college. and democrat hillary clinton will make her 10th visit to the granite state. while there, clinton will introduce proposals to curb gun violence. "the new york times" reports her ideas include using executive action to close the so-called gun show loophole. background checks are not required at gun shows or over the internet with private sellers. last week clinton vowed to lead a counter-movement against the national rifle association. one of clinton's democratic rivals has his own gun proposal. former maryland governor martin o'malley wants a ban on the sale of combat assault weapons, a requirement to license and finger-print everyone who buys a gun, action by the federal government to buy guns only from companies with up-to-date safety technology, and a law making
6:18 am
gun-trafficking a federal crime. emily: m.g.m. resorts international wants more support for its forthcoming casino in springfield. the company president will visit the city today to meet with the mayor and reaffirm his commitment to the project. m.g.m. has proposed a drastic redesign of its original plan and wants to delay the opening by one year to september 2018. the city council is demanding a referendum on that design change. linked in has been ordered to pay up. the social networking site has agreed to a $13 million settlement for sending too many emails. some members were upset that address book contacts they'd requested to connect with had received multiple reminder emails. the settlement affects those who used the site's "add connections" feature between 2011 and 2014. if that includes you, you have until december 14 to submit a claim form. erika: 6:18 right now. buying in bulk is not always cheaper. there are three instances when warehouse shopping is a mistake. first, canned goods. experts say you'll save up to 40 percent at a regular grocery store.
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the best bet-- buy supermarket-brand cans on sale. next, paper products. bargain hunters say warehouse clubs charge more. they recommend the sales at supermarkets during the first or third week of the month. finally, condiments. they don't last long once they're open so a huge container will likely go to waste. can't buy bulk. winter will be here before we know it, and the city of boston does not want businesses to be emily: city leaders want companies to forget last year's historic snow and still consider boston for winter gatherings. so they put out a video poking some fun at the weather, led by comedian jimmy tingle. >> we sometimes treat visitors to our city better than we treat our own people. last winter i saw a woman pull into my parking space. excuse me. it took three hours to shovel that space out. i don't care if we're married. that's my space. emily: listen.
6:20 am
to do. mayor marty walsh and governor charlie baker also appear in the video to highlight boston's best features. erika: boston is beautiful in the snow. just maybe a little less of it in the winter. cindy, what can you do for us? a thrill ride takes a surprising turn. emily: the plunge that proved too much for one woman ahead in eyepoppers. new at 6:30. a driver crashes into a tree and it doesn't end there. the wild ride through new hampshire, and the charges he faces this morning. erika: these guns are some of many found inside a new hampshire man's home. his claims that police are not buying, and the concerns of his
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>> we're from woodbury school. we are studying investigative journalism. "eyeopener." you. a bonus wake up call. great job, guys.
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erika: those students got to spend some time with "5 investigates" kathy curran so you know they learned a lot. cindy: hopefully you have the jacket with you. hits been a chilly month of october. no exception. we're near 50 in boston but it is cooler to the north and west. look at those temperatures and even in the 30's around keene. just 4 on the north shore in beverly. a chilly start. a lot of cloud cover this morning. some breaks this afternoon especially north and west of boston. we're only near 60 today. upper 60's brighter milder tomorrow. look at that. looking forward to wednesday. looks like we're back in the lower 70's. emily. emily: that sounds good. thank you, cindy. 6:24. time for a little eyepopping video. erika: and this one definitely fits the bill. getting scared on a ride is one thing, but this is pretty extreme. yes, that woman just passed out screaming on the aptly-named terror-dactyl ride in colorado. don't worry. she wakes right back up and keeps yelling. the ride sits on the edge of a
6:25 am
200-foot cliff in manitou springs and launches people right into the a canyon. i don't think she's going for a second time. emily: bears get a big scare from a little guy. a 20-pound french bulldog managed to scare bears away from a house in california. jules the dog charged right up to two cubs, all while mama bear was close by. jules's owners say they couldn't believe how tough she was. no fear running right up. erika: a great little watchdog. a major change in how you drive could be on the way. emily: the crackdown on cellphones that is on the agenda at the state house. a wild chase through a new hampshire. the moose making a neighborhood his playground. >> this is an editorial by wcvb-tv channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. bill fine: achieving a lifelong dream, house speaker john boehner seemed deeply moved watching pope francis speak to a
6:26 am
joint session of congress. the next day, he resigned. although boehner claims the decision was finalized months earlier, while listening to the pope's call for a renewed spirit of fraternity, one can't help but wonder if the speaker was reminded just how dismal that prospect seems for the legislative body he presides over. during boehner's five-year tenure as speaker, a small but vociferous tea party-inspired group of representatives has increasingly stymied his leadership. boehner's been forced to repeatedly engage in ideologically-driven-- but politically unwinnable-- in a damaging government shutdown in 2013. this fall promises more of the same on capitol hill. boehner has had enough. and who can blame him? whatever you may think about his leadership skills, few would accuse boehner of not caring deeply about the institution of congress. nevertheless, he knows firsthand just how far the public's respect for the house and senate has plunged. it's no coincidence that all three of the leading g.o.p. presidential candidates have never held elective office.
6:27 am
boehner also pulled no punches, referring to ultra-conservatives as "false prophets" willing to compromise less and less and holding little value at all for actual governance. by the end of october, such scorched-earth, political zealotry will no longer be boehner's problem, resting instead with the new speaker and ultimately the nation as well. pope francis called on congress to cooperate "generously for the public good." although that's unlikely given the recent past, here's hoping its most intractable members heed his words, if not their own outgoing speaker's final and
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." >> dude, they're going down. emily: danger on the river. the quick rescues after students erika: historic floods lead to hundreds of rescues in south carolina. and it isn't over yet. the dramatic video and the health threat many are facing today. antoinette: changing how you use your cell phone in massachusetts. the tough new crackdown that's about to be up for debate. emily: a moose on the loose in a city neighborhood. >> oh, my god. did you see it? emily: the video that has everyone in this community talking. on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning!
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"eyeopener." emily: 6:30 a.m. on your monday morning. two gorgeous shots as we start the day. on the left there our camera in the city of worcester. on the right the city of boston. gorgeous skies there. happy birthday to you. cindy: thanks. emily: good morning. i'm emily riemer. erika: and i'm emily tarn tell in for randy today. cindy, the birthday girl, and kevin here as well. cindy: you know, a little bit of sunshine mixing with the cloud cover out there this morning. not bad at all. it is breezy and cool. kids at the bus stop will want that jacket with them this morning. getting off the bus this afternoon, temperatures near 60 degrees. we actually have a frost advisory up. i know. southern new hampshire out in the western part of the state until 9:00 a.m. see spots flirting with the mid 30's in concord, new hampshire. you can't see it there. it's under the banner. jaffrey is 36. worcester 45.
6:32 am
boston now 49. notice on the north shore we're in the lower 40's. you jump down to the south shore, plymouth out to the cape. in the mid 50's. we still have a little bit more wind stirring. certainly more cloud cover. clouds this morning. but i think overall more clouds than sunshine through lunchtime today. with that flow off the ocean a southeastern massachusetts this morning but as we get deeper into the afternoon, those clouds break apart especially north and brighter. i think it is a mostly cloudy day though for you in southeastern massachusetts so a little bit of sunshine this afternoon. that wind though still out of the northeast 10-15. so upper 50's to near 60 the best we'll do for highs today although sneaking into the lower 60's with those brighter skies through the merrimack valley today. we're warming it up. how does 70 degrees sound? we're going to see that in is seven-day forecast coming up. right now we'll get you out to the roads. busy on a monday morning, kevin snerch it is. route 1 all filled in now as you make your way down through the
6:33 am
a little running room and then down in the chelsea stretch getting up in the tobin bridge. the upper end of 128 those slowdowns coming out of lynnfield past route 93. 93 itself pockets out of the andover most of the way down towards that lower deck and over the zakim bridge. out to the west, mass pike busiest now through framingham on into the natick area. after that more slowdowns in west newton after the weston tolls. 24 delays begin around 124 in brockton. that will take you almost 20 minutes to get to rafned off. route slowdowns out of hanover most of the way up the expressway from an earlier crash we had by route 18 in weymouth. erika. erika: thanks so much. right now several rowers are recovering after their boats were swamped during a regatta in lowell sunday. a change in winds made conditions on the merrimack river dangerous. the textile river regatta was cancelled halfway through. emily: breaking overnight. one person is dead after an overnight car crash in somerset. it happened on lafayette street.
6:34 am
taken down by the crash. erika: and right now a state of emergency is in effect after hundreds of flooding rescues in south carolina. search teams will go door to door to search for trapped residents today. there is also a boil-water order in effect for everyone living in the capital of columbia. right now a tough new crackdown may be on the way for massachusetts drivers. emily: the eye's antoinette antonio is live in needham with the changes that could be in the works. antoinette? antoinette: emily, right now in massachusetts it is still technically allowed to be talking on your cell phone while you are behind the wheel. but texting and driving, that is illegal. but now state lawmakers may be ready to take it a step further. tomorrow there will be hearing to discuss several different proposals that would require drivers to use hands-free technology while they are behind the wheel, like bluetooth. the only exception would be emergency situations. right now several neighboring states including new hampshire,
6:35 am
connecticut, vermont, and new york have hands-free laws. supporters say it cuts down on crashes caused by distracted driving. we want to know what you think. should massachusetts have a hands-free law? head to our wcvb facebook page and take our eyeopener now poll. just don't do it while you are behind the wheel. that is the latest live in newton this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: good reminder. thank you, antoinette. governor charlie baker and other state leaders are addressing the they're testifying today at suffolk university at the start of a two-day hearing on the the health policy commission says the testimony will help it address rising costs and develop strategies to address them. under investigation after this arsenal of weapons was taken from his home. pelham police say 500-pound mark schlagel was naked when they neighbors tell us he claimed he'd shot four people who had
6:36 am
broken into his home and cut a hole in the closet. but officers did not find anyone in mark schlagel's closet, only bullet holes. they also found several guns and more than 10,000 pounds of ammunition. neighbors say they didn't feel safe living under schlagel. >> it was scary, yeah, because he was right above us. he was just shooting everywhere. lord knows, the bullets could have went down right through my floor, hit my son, hit my husband, hit me. erika: schalgel was charged with felony reckless conduct for firing his gun at the closet. emily: a man accused of driving drunk into a police cruiser will be arraigned today. joseph loiacano was arrested early saturday morning in gloucester. police say he was speeding and driving on the wrong side of main street when he hit the cruiser head-on. officer kevin muise was inside that cruiser. he's being treated for serious neck injuries. salem, new hampshire, police say the driver involved in this crash was on heroin. officers say they found alexander dimaggio passed out behind the wheel at the mall at
6:37 am
rockingham park. when they tried to wake him, they say he drove off crashing into a car, tree, and fire hydrant. no one was hurt. erika: worcester police are searching for suspects after a deadly stabbing. the victim was found lying on the sidewalk near the entrance to crystal park on saturday. he later died at a hospital. police say witnesses had seen the victim walking with a group of people. his name has not been released. firefighters are still trying to figure out what started these flames. they say the fire in waltham likely started on the first floor, but they don't know how. there were people inside at the time, but they all made it out safely. the home was completely destroyed. emily: a new food option for students at uconn. erika: the change putting crickets on the menu. phone cameras capture this guy running all over a new hampshire neighborhood. the wild moose chase now the talk of manchester. emily: and ahead in news to go, don orsillo says goodbye. his message for red sox nation. erika: and a live look outside
6:38 am
cindy back when the "eyeopener" comes right that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month
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kevin: good morning, everybody. welcome back to the "eyeopener." i'm kevin kevin in for olessa
6:40 am
stepanova this morning. here. almost 30 minutes braintree to boston along the way now we're picking up a new right lane breakdown by neponset circle. more on that in just a bit. look outside here. it's a beautiful morning, cindy fitzgibbon. cindy: it sure is. look at the sky over worcester this morning. just spectacular. sun coming up in the next few minutes at 6:45. sunshine. brighter the farther north and west that you go today, but it's a breezy, cool day. we're only around 60 today. sunshine tomorrow. upper 60's. look at that. wednesday warmest of the week in the lower 70's by then. emily? emily: thank you, cindy. a moose on the loose! the huge animal was spotted jumping over cars in manchester, new hampshire, yesterday. but the people we talked to weren't scared. they wanted to see the it for themselves. >> i'd like to see the moose. i never have seen the moose. >> i wanted to find by the moose and take it home with me. emily: some girls even came up with a moose and nae-nae dance for the big guy. police say the moose was last
6:41 am
spotted heading into the woods near goffstown. a food truck at the university of connecticut offering students a new snack-- crickets. "the daily campus" reports the school's dining services are advertising the bugs as organic, high in protein, and low in fat. they're sold for 99 cents and can be served in small plastic containers or as a taco topping. uconn says they sell a few a day. erika: good nor studying, right? scott brown reacting to white house speculation. his words when questioned about a joe biden-deval patrick 2016 ticket. also north korea with plans to release a detained n.y.u. student. actually the detained n.y.u. student is released. that is breaking overnight. the overnight announcement.
6:42 am
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emily: it is 6:45 this morning. news to go kicking off with a state of emergency in south carolina. about two feet of rain fell there leading to flooding and at least seven deaths. erika: still raining right now. we're looking at it behind us. cindy: you can see the bull's eye there. just north of charlestown, actually. that's where we have those rainfall totals up to two feet. i mean that's months and months and months worth of rainfall coming in a couple of days. you can see on radar that
6:45 am
it's spinning in. that plume of tropical moisture. this is actually a separate entity from our hurricane joaquin we've been tracking for close to a week around here. that is now moving away from bermuda but a little tropical connection here with these features helping to spin in the moisture. clearly neither of these are affecting us. we do have cloud cover out there this morning. with high pressure to the north, we've had that persistent easterly wind. winds not as strong today as they have been. they are slowly subsiding but notice still a couple of gusts plymouth out to nantucket over 20 miles an hour. so the winds continue to subside. warming the temperatures up. how about that? by wednesday we should be up around 70 degrees and our next chance of rain isn't coming until friday. it's mainly a dry week ahead. running warmest where we have the strongest winds in 49 in boston. 45 in worcester. and look at this. we're starting out in the lower 40's around nashua. you are going to see a mixture of sun and clouds here through the throughout the day. temperatures coming up to near 60 degrees. we'll hang on to the most cloud
6:46 am
cover in southeastern massachusetts and near the coastline but it's breezy, cool for everyone. upper 50's to lower 60's. that's the best we do for highs today. also in southeastern massachusetts, can't rule out a little patch or two of drizzle. with the swell off the ocean through when lunchtime. thereafter, brightening skies here even around boston by this evening and go notice how we clear it out overnight. tomorrow looks like a brighter day. the temperatures warm up to upper 60's tomorrow. looks like pretty nice weather through the middle of the week. wednesday temperatures in the lower 70's. how are we doing on the roads. kevin: a very busy monday morning. you can expect that. a lot shot of downtown here. that leverett connector filled in. slowdowns on the tobin loop ramp. not too bad on the zakim bridge but slow on the river deck. river road the airport tunnels are okay. south of town the expressway is jammed up on braintree past columbia road. lpt 30 minutes to get up to the o'neill tunnel. along the way there's a right-lane breakdown by neponset circle. south of town 24 very heavy out of brockton up to randolph. slowdowns out of the dedham
6:47 am
mass pike delays begin at 495, take you about 42 minutes to get over to the weston tolls and then more slowdowns after that. up north 93 is heavy out of andover. almost an hour to get down to the lower deck and into boston. erika? erika: kevin, thank you very much. breaking overnight. one person is dead after an overnight car crash in somerset. it happened on lafayette street. two utility poles were also taken down by the crash. emily: members of a rowing team are recovering from a scare on the water. erika: the eye's sera congi is live in lowell with video of a dangerous situation. sera: erika and emily, conditions changed suddenly on the merrimack river. more than a dozen rowers ended up in the chilly waters. a change in wind direction caused four-foot swells. a four-man team had to ditch their boat as water started spilling in. then minutes later it happened again to a team of nine high school girls. they had to be rescued. three of them were treated for
6:48 am
minor mine owe thermia. the rest are recovering. the regatta had to be suspended midway yesterday. live in lowell this morning, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: a crackdown could be on the way for massachusetts drivers. state lawmakers could be ready to expand the state's cell phone driving law taking the law one step further. tomorrow there will be a hearing to discuss several different proposals that would require drivers to use hands-free technology while they are behind the wheel like blue tooth. the only exception would be during emergency situations. right now several neighboring states including new hampshire, connecticut, vermont and new york have hands-free driving laws. supporters say it cuts down on crashes caused by distracted driving. live in newton this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb, newscenter 5. snoam antoinette, thank you. this life ring is one of the clues found in the search for a missing u.s. cargo ship. the ship known as "el faro" disappeared near the bahamas on thursday while hurricane joaquin was raging. a distress call indicates the
6:49 am
vessel lost power and started taking on water. it had been headed to puerto rico from jacksonville, florida. five new englanders are onboard. erika: jury selection is set to begin this week in the trial of a teenager accused of raping and killing his math teacher at danvers high school. phillip chism was 14 when he was charged in the murder of 24-year-old colleen ritzer. her body was found covered in leaves behind the school allegedly next to a note reading "i hate you all." emily: two top engineers are now the focus of volkswagen's emissions probe. one is audi's chief engineer. the other is the developer of porsche's racing engines. "the wall street journal" reports they've been suspended. volkswagen is accused of installing emissions-cheating software into cars to get around u.s. regulations. erika: right now security is being boosted at college campuses in philadelphia after a vague online threat. that threat was posted on the same website that carried postings about the oregon shootings a day before the killings. the f.b.i. put out the warning to philly area schools. alerts were sent out to students
6:50 am
as a precaution. breaking right now. a new york university student detained in north korea is free. won moon joo was just released. he's from south korea but has permanent resident status in the u.s. the 21-year-old was arrested in april for allegedly entering north korea illegally. emily: police say a man was drunk when he caused two separate crashes in boston on sunday. mackenzie burke was arrested on the mass turnpike near the commonwealth avenue bridge where his car was on fire. police say the flames started when he hit another car. they also say he had just driven away from another crash on newbury street and mass ave. no one was hurt in either crash. erika: a woman has settled a federal lawsuit with the worcester police department. daisy morales had accused officer james powers of brutality in 2013. she claimed he was enraged when powers thought she lied about a disturbance and beat her. morales settled for $125,000 telling "the telegram" she just wanted to get it over with. emily: republican congressman jason chaffetz is running for
6:51 am
house speaker. the utah representative is now the first serious challenge to house majority leader kevin mccarthy. mccarthy ran into trouble last week when he suggested the house benghazi committee was formed as a political tool against hillary clinton. erika: republican scott brown throwing jabs at former massachusetts governor deval patrick. "the herald" reports brown called the idea of a biden-patrick ticket a "joke." the former congressman made the statement yesterday while hosting a meet and greet for presidential candidate carly fiorina. biden could announce his presidential intentions as early as this week. emily: president obama is paying tribute to firefighters killed in the line of duty. the president spoke at an annual national memorial service in maryland yesterday honoring 84 firefighters killed on the job in 2014. the president also took time to salute the heroism of the firefighters who battled historic wildfires in the west this summer. erika: a dramatic building implosion in des moines, iowa.
6:52 am
they city's old ymca building went down. the demolition crew pushed the button early yesterday. we're giving the team some extra points for the burst of flame that kicked things off. don orsillo: thank you for letting me into your homes and into your families for the last 15 years. last sunday at fenway will be my greatest memory of my life. i can tell you that right now. your tributes to me, i will never forget-- ever! emily: the red sox coming out of the dugout in cleveland to salute a legend. yesterday was the final game for broadcaster don orsillo after 15 years as the voice of the sox. orsillo will be calling san diego padres games for the next six years. dave o'brien will replace orsillo next year. erika: after a season of disappointment and upheaval, a measure of stability for the sox. john farrell will return as manager next year. farrell left the team in august to undergo cancer treatment. he finished chemotherapy last week and was given a clean bill of health. not a fantatic finish for the
6:53 am
sox. they got swept by the indians yesterday losing 3-1. that landed them in last place again. it's the third last place finish for the team in the last four years. emily: this is where we say it's always next season. we start it today. here. we're looking pretty good on 93. although lots of volume heading towards the lower deck here in the somerville stretch. once you get downtown and on the zakim bridge, you're moving a little bit better. let's go to the maps though. delays on 93 out of andover. almost an hour to get down through the somerville stretch. slowdowns on 128 out of peabody getting down past 123. more slowdowns into lexington. mass pike delays begin at 495, stay heavy all the way into the natick stretch and beyond. 24 very heavy south of town. from brockton up to randolph. 128 also busy here from 95 in canton headings up into the needham area. if you're taking the middleboro
6:54 am
delayed 10-15 minutes due to some signal problems. now nice weather out there this morning. fitzgibbon. how is it going. cindy: look at the sky, kevin. over boston a fair amount of clouds with some breaks. pretty sunrise in many areas it is chilly. 49 degrees. that wind is still active. strongest here on the cape and down in southeastern massachusetts where there are still a few guffs over 20 miles an hour. temperatures here running in the low to mid 50's. elsz where it's in 40's. even a few 30's showing up a chilly start this morning. you can see the clouds are encroaching in on us. not expecting a lot of sunshine today. there will be breaks of sun. with this east-northeastly wind still coming in off the water it won't warm up a whole lot today. by lunchtime mostly cloudy skies. some breaks of sunshine. upper 50's. right around 60 degrees by 5:00. so the brightest skies will be north and west of town. looking for a high of near 60 near boston. some lower 60's mer rack valley metro west. the skies may brighten up after lunchtime. may see more of a patch or two
6:55 am
of drizzle on the cape this morning. overnight the skies are clearing out. the exception to that may be on the cape where it stays around 50. otherwise 40's when you're heading out the door tomorrow morning. but tomorrow the skies brighten up for everyone. lots of sunshine. upper 60's tomorrow. lower 70's on wednesday. it is the warmest day of the week. notice dry weather expected pretty much all week long. the exception comes in on friday as the front approaches during the afternoon hours. looks fairly progressive though. it should be clearing out pretty rapidly on saturday. after a lingering shower saturday morning, we should be clearing out. your weekend looking dry at this point. and it looks like nice weather heading into the big holiday weekend. oh, my. emily: speaking of big holidays. (all chattering). emily: cindy, heam birthday to you. cindy: thank you for not putting candles on there. i appreciate that. kevin: there are fire codes. emily: thank you for sharing your special day with us.
6:56 am
cindy: cake for everyone. erika: cindy always brings a smile to our faces. emily: that's true. we love you. happy birthday. speaking of sunshine we want to leave you with a look from the city of worcester. if you're heading out bring the wcvb mobile app with you. you can watch our newscast at any time.
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