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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 5, 2015 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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jimmy kimmel live" ! blood and oil" , chace crawford, and music from "eagles of death metal" with cleto and the cletones.
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>> jimmy: we'll be right back. p kimmel act ii i'd like to share a personal story. weekend. i found a pumpkin patch online. the number one site for finding pumpkins in your area. it was a little bit of a haul from where we lived but it looked like fun. so i sent an e-mail to some of the parents in my family who had young kids inviting them to meet us at the pumpkin patch. when we arrived in five different cars, the patch was closed. it doesn't open until next week. i got everyone to drive to an empty parking lot which wasn't
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so my cousin's wife said i know of a pumpkin patch in long beach which is 40 minutes away from where we have driven but we're all pumpkined up. five different cars, and it occurred to me that we traveled 50 miles to take a photo of our daughter with a vegetable and i blame face book for this. there's a lot of pressure now. you have to protus. you can't just sit around all week and watch football any more. you have to come up with things for face book. what did you do this week? >> i watched football. >> he's a dallas cowboys fan. they lost a tough game last night. sorry for you loss. but the nfl has just celebrated a major milestone. according to usa today, the month of september was the first month in six years in which no
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active nfl players were arrested. [ applause ] is this something to be proud of? i'm not sure. but between deflate gate and ray rice and all the other scandals, this is positive news for the nfl and who can blame them for trying to embrace it? >> the nfl celebrates our first arrest free month since 2009. no players arrested for 30 days straight. not him. or him. or him, or even him. this is truly a september to remember. the nfl. we're just as surprised as you are. >> you know what it means? we will have to work twice as hard. meanwhile, in the other kind of football, a i cord
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reports, eight members of the iranians women's soccer team are actually men awaiting sex change operations, which is kind of -- and in 2010, the goalie was suspected of either being a man or having a falefel down her shorts. to be very common. i wonder if iranians are clear if this is the premise of a rodney dangerfield movie. there is their team. can we zoom in on the guy there? is that you guillermo? >> no. >> but it looks like you? >> not really.
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in colorado, marijuana is now legal and as a result, people are doing experiments like this one involves a spare tire and an or orphane orphaned air bag. >> where's the wheel? where's the wheel? >> jimmy: speaking of dumb ideas. part of doing a show like this one is i have to stay up to date trends. there's a relatively new one called extreme phone pinches. people will dangle and pinch and dangle their phones over dangerous places. they will do it over suers, fire, autothe window of a moving car. here is someone pinches over niagra falls. is life really this boring? it really is a great way to show everyone that your parents still pay for your phone.
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i don't know why. it causes me a lot of anxiety. the pictures are bad but it's the videos that really get me. look at this. >> oh my god. katherine. >> oh no. put your phone in there. careful. careful! josh, careful! >> ah. >> oh no. o oh no. >> you have to pinch by hand. it's times like this that make me think that we deserve a president trurp. mp. we really do. this is miraculous. this comes to us from zimbabwe, a pretty famous prophet invited a news crew into his home to
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have the ability to walk on air. wow. that's god. i think we just saw god. i've seen it and i still can't belief it. that was shot by a news crew. this guy, believe it or not, he has 240,000 followers on facebook and claims to have a private jet. if he can plane he wouldn't need a private jet. but obviously that was a camera trick and not a very complicated one. i will show you how it works. i have a staircase here and i will step up on the staircase just like they did on the news. all right. now watch my feet.
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okay? you see that? isn't that amazing? is that not incredible? [ applause ] i'll show you how it works. i got these guys with me. those are my disciples. one of the fringe benefits of having a show, folks. it really is. in case you didn't know, this is nobel prize week. i hope i get one for that. this is the week where people are rewarded. they get 9 $0,000, a diploma and a gold medal.
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the short list includes pope francis, edward snowden and dennis rodman. if the pope does win i really hope he remembers to thank god. talk about aco-taco. nobel prizes are a fine way to honor those who have achieved great things over the course of their lives and careers. but what happens the people whose achievements aren't great? what about those whose achievements are just good. we went on the street and asked pedestrians today to share the most impressive thing they have ever done and well, this is what they did. >> what's the most impressive thing you have ever done? >> um, i got married. >> to who? >> my wife at the time and then divorced. >> so that's not impressive. >> it was impressive at first. >> what's the most impressive thing you have ever done? >> saved a cat once.
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>> what happened? >> it was running along the road and i saved its life. >> so it was running on the street and you grabbed it? >> i shunted it really more than grabbed it. >> so you kicked a cat? >> well. >> that was the most impressive thing you have ever done? >> i wouldn't say i'm proud of every aspect but it survived and it's still going strong. >> okay. one of the big fat burger, i got my picture on the wall for that. that's hard to do. >> the most impressive thing i have ever done was, all right, so we walked in. we wanted to do a senior prank but we couldn't so we wouldn't walk. so we went to the gym for the last rally and we arranged all the seats into a big penis. it was fun. it tripped the teachers out they were like what. it was funny. it was funny. >> i crossed the ocean with motorcycle, yeah. >> you drove a motorcycle in the ocean?
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>> yeah, right. uh-huh. >> how did that work? >> it was like, um, it's a water motorcycle. >> yes. >> what is the name of that? >> a water motorcycle. >> right. >> probably stood up public speaking at my school. >> what did you talk about? >> we just do this competition, so every year we pick topic and -- >> what was your topic? >> fashion crimes. >> fashion crimes? >> yeah. fashion crimes. >> what's a fashion crime? >> socks and sandals. done? i don't know. cheat on my boyfriend and not have him find out? >> you know this is a television camera? >> yeah. it's an old boyfriend. >> but he's finding out right now? >> it's an old boyfriend. not the one i'm with now. >> but the boyfriend is finding out right now? >> oh yeah. sorry ben.
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>> who is it? >> i can't say. >> tj. hockey. tampa bay. >> so he plays iffer tampa bay. and his initials are t and j? tyler johnson? >> okay. i have to go. >> sorry tyler. he's probably over it by now. we're going to take a break. we're going todom back from the break. a young man, an 11-year-old boy is here. he will attempt to juggle a soccer ball and play the sax phone at the same time live in studio in a special edition of can they do it live, so stick
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cc1 test messa >> jimmy: tonight on the show, "eagles of death metal" are on the way. i think you'll like this. this is video posted to youtube. an 11-year-old kid from texas and somehow he managed to bring the worlds of music and sports together like no one i've ever seen before. this is what it looks like when you have too many extracurricular activities. you have to double up. i like that. i will tell you something about show business. it's one thing to juggle a soccer ball and play careless whispers on tape but to do it
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live in front of millions of people is one thing but to do -- another. how are you jonathan? how's it going? how you feeling right now? >> good. >> jimmy: why did you choose careless whisper of all songs? >> a couple of -- well, say about a year ago i wanted to learn a song on the sax phone so i searched on the internet and i liked the melody. >> jimmy: and you liked that one? i think that's a wham song is that right? you're a wham fan? >> no. >> jimmy: do you play in band at school? >> yes. >> jimmy: do you play soccer as well? >> yes. >> jimmy: and you have combined the activities and you hope to get a band/soccer scholarship? what do the other kids say when you're playing and playing the sax phone? >> they're kind of shocked. they didn't expect that it would happen. >> jimmy: who would? how did this occur to you to put
11:51 pm
these two things together? >> i realized since i know how to play soccer and play sax phone and i realized i could challenge myself to put them together. >> jimmy: it's like when they invented reese's peanut butter cups and something wonderful came out. do you feel confident? how many times did it take you to do it right on the video? >> i would say six, seven. >> jimmy: okay. you only have one shot at this. and may god help you if you screw this up. all right jonathan? all right. here we two. time to find out if 11-year-old jonathan can do it live and here -- it's a little harder on a hard floor, right jonathan? >> yeah. >> jimmy: right. all right.
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: wow. should we look back at an instant replay. >> nope. >> jimmy: you will have about a home. thank you. we have a good show tonight. from " blood and oil," and we'll be right back with
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that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month
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>> jimmy: tonight, from the new show " blood and oil," which you can see sunday nights on abc, chace crawford is here. and then, they are from palm desert, california, their new album is called " zipper down," "eagles of death metal" from the samsung outdoor stage. tomorrow night, from " modern family" , eric stonestreet, from " izombie," rose mciver will join us. we'll have music from jewel. and later this week, keanu reeves, lena dunham, guillermo del toro, scott foley from " scandal,"
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thomas rhett and don henley. so please join us for all of that. our first guest is an extraordinarily fine actress with oscars and golden globes. to prove it, her latest, alongside robert redford, is called " truth." it opens in theaters october 16th. please welcome cate blanchett. [ cheers and applause ] >> i like the beard. it's very george michael of you. >> jimmy: it's a little careless whisper to myself. >> are you as harry down there as you are up here? >> jimmy: that's a personal question. but i am very hairy. >> i am not so hairy. i have always envied men. >> jimmy: me, too.
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the truth is having a beard is so much easier. it really is easier. you don't have to every -- sometimes i would have to shave twice in a day. >> you are that hairy all over? >> jimmy: i'm like nixon debate hairy. >> it really transforms you. selma did an amazing job as the bearded lady. you don't get to do that so often. >> jimmy: if anyone could pull that off you would be that person. >> i'm always saying can't we just do a hairy mole for this character and they won't go there. >> jimmy: maybe for halloween. do you dress up for halloween? >> i do but i have never done the hairy mole. >> jimmy: it's a new year. >> i will go as a complete hairy mole. >> jimmy: do you take your children to pumpkin patches in your area? >> i'm sure you do.
11:57 pm
how old is your little one? >> jimmy: she's 14 months old. we wanted to get a picture of her with a pumpkin. >> there's a costume, i think our middle one was 18 months and you can buy the suit where the -- you get a little cap that's the top of the pumpkin and they're a complete pumpkin under. >> jimmy: or if you're cheap you steal one from the neighbor, your son dressed as a pumpkin? >> no i dressed him up. his school did a pageant parade. at his school, every mother can sew but me. i told him he was a ghost but he actually looked like he was from the kkk because i couldn't sew. i was like no it's not that. he's a ghost. >> jimmy: you have three boys?
11:58 pm
ignacious? >> jimmy: is that a family name? >> you run out of ideas. roman is the french word for book. and ignatious. dough do you have a book called captain underpants and there's professor peepee poopy pants. he gets so upset because of his name that he forces the world to change their names and then they have this interior code and so a, you have to -- they give an example of names and you get down to i and the example of the name is ignatious. it was like the virgin saying
11:59 pm
that is it. >> jimmy: do you call him iggy. >> my boys go to a catholic school and every second child has his name. >> jimmy: is that right? i have only heard of the saint and another from confederacy of dunces. >> a wonderful new romantic place called ig nashs strange. but he's igy. >> jimmy: what is that? >> a singer. >> jimmy: or. you see that? i'm learning a lot tonight. >> me, too. >> jimmy: what part of australia were you raised in? >> the bottom part. >> jimmy: what town? >> melbourne. >> jimmy: there are a lot of australians here because they get an insane amount of vacation time.
12:00 am
>> no we get an insane amount of work here. >> jimmy: that's a good way of looking at it. >> you say the word australia and a portion of the audience lights up. >> jimmy: we don't know why. it's magic. >> my dad is from america. >> jimmy: he's american. >> so we inherited some of your traditions. you mention america and the lights go out. what is it? >> jimmy: it's a weird thing. look at that. a sudden blackout. so your dad is an american. >> he died when i was 10. so he was from texas, actually. [ cheers and applause ] hi, y'all. i said if we had a girl we would call her y'all y'all blanchett. >> jimmy: so halloween is not celebrated in australia? >> it is now. but not when i was growing up.
12:01 am
we would get all dressed up. my dad would be super excited and we would go around and people would look at us with blank faces. one year i received a raw sausage. one year i received hand wipes and then tissues. they didn't know what the exchange was. i got so cross that i did the dog turd on fire again and we never celebrated it again. >> jimmy: that would be can strange. >> it was upsetting and i said daddy do we have to do it this year? and we would get dressed up again and i would go as my hawaiin girl. and they didn't know where hawaii was. it's a little confusing. >> jimmy: seems like hawaii would be one that they know. >> they do now. i'm very old. i've had a lot of work. >> jimmy: when we come back we will talk about your movie which i saw today. it's fantastic.
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test text1 underline test text1 italics >> how long have we known each other? >> is it that bad? >> they're going to start an investigation and cbs wants to appoint an independent panel to put together.
12:08 am
and i'm going to announce it tomorrow. i am going to apologize for the story on air. >> andrew asked you to apologize? >> he didn't ask. >> dan, that's surrender. >> the movie is called truth with robert redford. >> i have an unapologetic uncontrollable crush on the man. and you do, too. >> jimmy: he's fantastic and you are fantastic. really great. for those who aren't familiar with the details of the story and i have to say i knew the basics of the story but to see it played out here, tell a little about it? >> back in 2004, he was a
12:09 am
broke some astonishing stuff. and she broke this story for 60 minutes that explored the question mark that has been long socialized in texas of the bush's air national guard service during the vietnam war. and this follows the fallout of the story and the dismissal from cbs. >> there was a document that may or -- couldn't prove that the document was -- >> the story was criticized for the fact that the sources weren't properly vetted. but what happened, i think, is that the story -- the information that this story was dealing with got lost in the details. so then they ended up playing the man and playing the people. but it was a very tsh -- the political environment was so toxic and it got increasingly toxic. >> jimmy: you're playing a producer, not somebody that people know.
12:10 am
a living person which is a little trickier than -- >> playing dead people. >> jimmy: or fictional. and robert redford. >> very much alive. >> jimmy: and dan rather, very alive. it's very strange to see one icon playing another icon and i have to say like ten minutes into the movie, i felt like it was dan rather and he really has -- he was made up to look like him but his speech pattern. >> he somehow got his essence. because bob has been so extraordinary in american culture generally you forget what an extraordinary actor he is. >> jimmy: i never forget that. >> well working opposite him, he does so much other stuff. >> jimmy: he's known for the film festival. >> he's extraordinary and he somehow uses and understands his iconic status. and so it was perfect casting. >> jimmy: and it's such an interesting story.
12:11 am
>> it's really pressing. 2004 seems like a long time ago but the nature of the media and the way we disseminate information now. >> jimmy: it has changed. you wonder if there would be that kind of accountability now. >> yeah, i don't think so. scandal, the notion of scandal and i mean the erosion of investigative journalist since that time has been quite profound. it was a real fork in the road. where they were out with the blog-o-sphere, the personal attacks, it was completely uncharted territory. >> jimmy: it's very interesting, a great movie and you're faastic in it. cate blanchett! " truth" opens in theaters october 16th. we'll be back with chace crawford. disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told
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st text1 underline test text1 italics test text1 plain >> jimmy: after spending six years in high school on " gossip girl," our next guest finally graduated and is off to make his fortune in north dakota. he stars with don johnson on " blood & oil,"
12:17 am
which airs sunday please say hello to chace crawford. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you're all grown up. you're a gossip man now with facial hair. >> i don't get mistaken for megan fox any more. >> jimmy: did that happen to you ever? >> no. >> jimmy: do people comment on your facial hair? your face is something that i think people really take, i don't know, great joy in. >> why, thank you. it's been a little controversial but it's gone well. >> jimmy: the girls seem to still be screaming so that's what's most important.
12:18 am
north dakota, but you shoot it in utah. >> yeah. it's in park city. >> jimmy: in park city. >> yeah. >> jimmy: is that fun being up there? >> i love it. yeah. i shot gossip girl in manhattan. when you're there, everyone just loves to visit. they want to come visit. >> jimmy: in new york? >> yeah. in utah they have weddings every week and no one wants to visit you in utah. >> jimmy: are you lonely in utah? oh my goodness. i want to ask youing a something personal. your brother in law. your sister married tony romo, the quarterback of the dallas cowboys. >> she did, yeah. >> jimmy: we have a picture. this is when you were a young boy. how old are you in this photograph? >> oh my goodness. >> jimmy: a big dallas cowboys -- what is that? a rug? >> i was about fife ve, six?
12:19 am
>> jimmy: a big cowboys fan, i part of the country. >> yeah. it's the haircut that gets me. the mom from home alone. alone. so your sister starts dating a guy and that guy is the dallas cowboys. >> i know. and you're friends with him? >> i am friendly with him. if you don't like tony romo or the dallas cowboys you should not meet him because he is a great guy and a lot of fun. i know you and he, i think you are closer to tony romo than he is with your sister. >> he was marrying her to get close to me. i had to close the deal. >> jimmy: how excited were you and your dad when this was the news. guess who she's getting married to? always. >> i had to play it cool in the beginning and screw that. we dropped that act and it was great.
12:20 am
we're like brothers. >> jimmy: you played it cool in the beginning? >> like hey man, what's up. i don't know you. >> jimmy: and you start to ask him about football stuff? >> right away. how's that shoulder? >> jimmy: are you at the point where you will question or pass or something like that? like man what are you doing that kind of thing? >> after the games we will replay the game and he will talk about like a four second play great. >> jimmy: do you turn around to your sister and hug her as hard as you can when something like that happens? ? and you guys do seem to be very close. i happen to be in a car with tony at one point. >> that's right. >> jimmy: going to willie nelson's house. and he facetimed you? >> i was shooting a pilot and it
12:21 am
shirtless in bed and it's reality tv. >> jimmy: it was a little bonus for me. yeah. are you always shirtless when you and tony facetime? >> i try to be. i try to make sure that's the case. it's always like the biggest suburban ever. >> jimmy: you know what? there was a driver and there were two rows of seats and we were in the way back like where you would keep the little kids. in the far back. >> he crammed in there. he will be with raphael nadal and the kid from sixth sense. >> jimmy: how is tony doing? i saw him last night running around on the sidelines. >> he's doing good. >> jimmy: i see him pretending to be rooting iffer the quarterback who's filling in for him. you only want him to do so well. you want to win the game but barely. that's the key right? do you find yourself thinking things like that?
12:22 am
>> flo no. i just find myself pacing and swearing. >> jimmy: what did your family watch last night? >> cowboys obviously. >> jimmy: even though tony was injured. >> they don't like me. i'm the stepchild. >> jimmy: maybe that's why nobody is coming to visit you. i'm sure that people will come to visit. have you talked to anybody? >> when ski season hits i'm sure they will be happy to come. >> jimmy: it's beautiful there. do you go fishing? >> i do the fishing. i have been hiking and biking. >> jimmy: do you hang around with don johnson? >> that's all i try to do. i just follow him as much as i can. he's the plan. >> jimmy: it seems like he's got like 10 million stories to tell. >> he does. >> jimmy: does he tell them to you? >> he tells me stories all the time about how he goes out for a pack of cigarettes in the 80s
12:23 am
and doesn't come back for eight months. >> jimmy: that's a lot of cigarettes. >> no cell phone cameras. >> jimmy: are you enjoying doing the show? >> it's wonderful. >> jimmy: it seems rough -- it doesn't look like a walk in the park. it's no gossip girls. >> that's right. we got more stuff. >> jimmy: well i wish you the best of luck on the show and hopefully getting some friends up there. if you would like to be friends, if you live -- hold on one second. if you live in the park city area and you would like to be friends with chace crawford, is there a way of contacting you? are you on twitter? >> i am. >> jimmy: please tweet him. he's lonely. " blood and oil" airs sundays at 9:00 here on abc. and we shall return with music from "eagles of death metal." >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live concert series" is presented by
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ne test text1 italics
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live concert series" is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: thanks to cate blanchett, chace crawford and apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time. nightline is next. but first, their album is called " zipper down," here with the song, " complexity," "eagles of death metal." you didn't want to scratch but then you got the itch you only wanted snow white but you got the witch you know you're always paying for the
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[ bleep ] that's free it's not easy with this complexity i tried to make it easy never stop the flow just keep it sweet and simple let a little skin show my socks and underwear i like to keep them clean it's so easy without complexity you say you want to finish but you never start you want to get it finished but you just try hard it don't take nothing fancy it's just abc's it's so easy without complexity you want the good stuff you want the big hit found out it's simple come on and take it but if you close your
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eyes then you won't see that it's easier to broke to pay attention when trouble's up i double i like to strut my so completely without complexity i tried to make it easy never stop the flow just keep it sweet and simple let a little skin show my socks and underwear i like to keep them clean it's so easy without complexity you want the good stuff you want the big hit found out it's simple
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but if you close your eyes then you won't see that it's easier without complexity so, when ya dance all night and you ain't around for sleeping if you would step hidin' and a-peepin' they're so good they're so good but baby it's alright it's alright we're gonna pick it up and we're gonna freaky dance tonight and all the real cool kids are down in silverlake tonight
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and all the real cool kids are down in silverlake tonight it's so tight it's so tight so if you date this guy he's gotta don't be uncool man cuz the owner's like my best-friend make sure you tell him girl just how important that i am i am from silverlake and therefore i don't give a damn don't you know who i am don't you know who i am and so we danced all night
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