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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  October 6, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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harvey some jumped almost 40. norway -- norwood went from 32 to 70. that is classic fall weather. those types of days where it is completely clear. starts out cold but then by the late morning it is pleasant. that is the way it is now. readings in the 60' s for the most part in boston. if you will be out this evening, mainly in the 50' s. late tonight, patchy clouds. 40' s in the cold spots. low 50' s in boston. upper 60' s to around 70. those 70' s pretty widespread. changes at the end of the week. talking about that in a little while. jc: convicted murderer aaron hernandez back in court today. his lawyers are asking a judge to dismiss double murder charges against him. newscenter 5' s sera congi has
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reporter: the former patriots start now a convicted murderer, back in court. this time related to charges in the murder of two boston men. aaron hernandez is accused of shooting them outside a nightclub in 2012. fernandez is currently doing time in the 2013 murder of odin lloyd in north attleboro. lawyers are asking the judge to toss out evidence found in his suv. they claim police got a search by carlos ortiz, who failed a polygraph. is a critical fact he has fund a polygraph exam and therefore, -- flunked a polygraph exam and therefore whatever he says should not be deemed reliable. reporter: the judge is taking that motion to suppress evidence under advisement. they are debating whether to drop a charge of witness intimidation.
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at superior court, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: new at 5:30, a new hampshire man facing charges after driving his car into a vacant dunkin donuts in manchester sunday night. 21-year-old jason martinez morales faced five felony charges, including reckless conduct in court today. police say morales and two of his cousins were drinking at a local bar, then got into a fight inside their car, while going 90 in a 30 mile per hour zone. morales then hit a light pole and went airborne, crashing into the building. he' s being held on set at $5000 bail. the plot of the movie footloose is playing out in real life in one town. a high school in maine is banning dances, saying the dance moves are too sexually suggestive. instead they will offer other social events that will be more appropriate for students. jc: the u.s. military says the bombing of a hospital run by an international charity in afghanistan was a mistake. the obama administration has struggled to explain why it happened. newscenter 5' s ed harding joins us today the general in charge
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questioned on capitol hill? reporter: vigorously. asked about how and why it happened. that is the focus of several investigations. today, we did learn more about the involvement of u.s. forces. >> the hospital was mistakenly struck. reporter: after contradictions, clarifications. >> the afghan partners called for fire. reporter: striking a hospital operated by doctors without borders saturday, killing at least 22. the military said it was order to protect u.s. forces, and then later said afghan troops requested the airstrike after coming under fire. now the top general says u.s. forces were near the hospital and communicating with the aircraft that launched the attack. >> to be clear, the decision to provide aerial fire was a u.s. decision, made within the u.s. chain of command. reporter: the white house calls
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a profound tragedy and says the >> president wants answers. as commander-in-chief he certainly feels responsibility to get the facts and get full accounting henan to make sure whatever changes are necessary are properly implemented. reporter: doctors without borders say it is a war crime. it says the hospital had been operating there since 2011, and the military knew about it. >> this is about respect for the laws of war, and international humanitarian law. this was a grave violation of those laws and reporter: that organization wants an independent investigation. and the defense department are underway. s take a look at first coming out of boston it is bumper-to-bumper. now. half an hour. north of the city, same thing. out west on the pipe, 20 minutes
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when you get on 495, the stretch between mass pike and 290 looks ok in first -- the directions. jc: tonight we are hearing from the wife of the pilot who died in-flight. phil: details she has revealed about his medical history that is causing concern. jc: the infamous nsa leaker edward snowden making news again. what he' s saying about possibly having to spend time in prison. phil: the nation' s newest millionaire introducing herself, after winning last week' s giant powerball jackpot. the spot she was in when she
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>> you' re watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. t think it has hit yet. he is a pilot, he just feels s on his trip. other than the news, you just kind of, it is unbelievable. phil: that is the widow of a pilot who died while flying a plane bound for boston. she is talking tonight -- as we learn more about her husband and what killed him. heather unruh is here with what she is revealing. heather: phil -- a new york medical examiner says michael johnston died of natural causes. his widow was told he suffered a massive heart attack and adds, he had a history of heart problems. american airlines flight 550 was heading to boston from phoenix when 57-year-old michael johnston passed away on board. the co-pilot safely diverted to syracuse, where paramedics were waiting at the gate. johnston' s widow says he had recently lost weight and felt better than ever, after having
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had surgery about a decade ago. >> he has had troubles with his heart, he had double bypass in 2006. as far as we knew he was in perfect health, when he left yesterday he was perfectly fine. he said he felt better than he had in a long time. reporter: it was a total shock. reporter:the -- it was a total shock. reporter: the faa says they are allowed to have coronary disease. johnston underwent -- and passed -- a physical exam every six months, as required by law, so he was allowed to continue to fly. jc: nsa leaker edward snowden says he' s ready to go to prison. the former national security agency contractor tells the bbc he' s made that offer to the u.s. "many times," but is still awaiting an answer. snowden leaked documents about top-secret mass surveillance programs before seeking exile in russia. the u.s. has long said it would be open to a plea deal with him. phil: it could be months before we know if army sgt. bowe bergdahl will face a
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ago. the army officer who presided over last month' s hearing has made his recommendation, but it' s being kept secret -- for now. bergdahl is charged with desertion for walking away from his unit, before being captured by the taliban and being held for five years. it is certainly not something all of us are looking forward to. jc: not everybody. the cold, snowy winter. you know a scene like this one: there' s some good news though. why you might pay less for heat this winter. phil: pepsi' s new collectible -- the significance of this bottle and why it will cost you more than $20 for just one. harvey: speaking of the bottle, how about bottling this kind of weather.
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jc: a large-scale rescue in a busy port area off the belgian coast overnight. this is the aftermath of a collision between a dutch cargo and a gas tanker, which caused the ship to partially sink. 20 ships rushed to rescue the 11 crew members, given the cold water temperatures. the ship, as you can see, is still in the water. the gas tanker is anchored nearby undergoing damage assessment. a tense confrontation caught on tape in san francisco. watch as a homeowner is attacked in his own garage by a man armed with a gun. the pair struggled before the homeowner was able to get the gun away.
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grabbed his own gun. he tried to shoot, but the gun jammed. the suspect is still on the loose tonight. phil: here' s some good news -- the government says you' ll pay less to heat your home this winter. that' s because energy prices are lower, and temperatures are expected to be a little higher. the energy department estimates oil customers will spend $459 less than they did last winter to heat their homes. propane customers will save $322 compared to last year. thinking of flying this thanksgiving -- you may want to buy your tickets now. experts say prices increase an average of $5 for each day you wait. here' s some more advice -- fly on off days, as popular days like friday and saturday will cost you the most. the two worst days to fly? the wednesday before thanksgiving and the sunday after. jc: a new tourist record set at yellowstone national park. last month, more people visited the park than any september previously. the park also reached an annual visitation milestone.
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more than 3.8 million people have visited yellowstone through the end of last month, surpassing the 3.6 million visitor record set back in 2010. pepsi is taking customers back to the future. the soda giant is releasing "pepsi perfect." if it looks familiar, it was the drink seen in the movie "back to the future, part two." the collectible drink will be available starting october 21st. if you really know the movie -- you' ll know that' s the same date the characters travel to in the 1989 film. only a limited number of bottles will be sold at a cost of $20.15 each. i get the symbolism, i just can' t imagine why you would pay $20. phil: the movie to came out in 1989. harvey: how about how chilly
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weather earlier this morning. bloomberg was 35. orange 36. frost in some places as well. in spite of that, what a day . still in the 60' s to around 70. these are the high temperatures, it is down from that little. across the ohio valley, western pennsylvania, warmer in new york. a little warmer tomorrow than today. now it is a quiet jetstream for the next week. we will oscillate between mild and dry weather for tomorrow, and occasionally be jetstream will dip farther south and allow cooler drier air to come in. that will happen thursday and again saturday, maybe early sunday. and then it will lift up and we will get milder around columbus day.
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come through friday night. that should have enough moisture for at least showers in the region. no showers right now. plenty of clear skies. 59 degrees. boston a little cooler, breezes off of the water. 69 now in springfield. 70 in hartford. tonight' s temperatures, not as low as last night. we will have patchy clouds later tonight and early tomorrow. we are now, but to the west and north, patchy clouds. further to the west, also some clouds. no precipitation. we just get some patchy clouds late tomorrow. a couple degrees above today. we do not think there will be a sea breeze and boston so it will be milder. low 70' s.
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fair. this will go through columbus day. if you have the opportunity, beautiful sunshine tomorrow and 71 degrees sunday, chris -- crisp autumn air, a great day. the change comes friday as we get increasing cloudiness by late friday. showers moving in, spreading around the region friday night. but then it looks like baguettes out enough -- it looks like that gets out quick enough so then we have saturday with a lot of sun. you are going to be looking like many people, up north for the fall foliage this weekend, here is how things look so far. it looks drive for the most part. saturday, sunday and monday, monday likely to be the mildest
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of the three days across the lakes region and the mountains. enjoy it if you are headed up there. and you will have idf company. it is the thing to do: this -- the thing to do columbus day weekend around new england. jc: some good news: there will be enough pumpkins for halloween. the bad news: there may not be enough for thanksgiving! crop experts say record rainfall in june washed out many midwest crops. that means there may not be enough canned pumpkin to go around this year. their advice? if you see some on the shelves, buy it now! phil: three years after massachusetts voters approved medical marijuana, few dispensaries are open, and many doctors are still skeptical. in fact, chronicle' s ted reinstein says only one pediatrician in the state is prescribing cannabis for patients. >> dr. eric ruby, a pediatrician in turn -- taunton, sees irrational institutional fear lingering over medical use of marijuana. he thinks the potential benefits
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outweigh the risks. >> once you have tried everything, you have to try this. >> he is a godsend to me. reporter: jessica' s daughter was born healthy. but she began having intractable seizures at the age of three. doctors tried dozens of medications. >> she was next out on everything. and then they put her on phenobarbital and that made her stop breathing. reporter: now 10 years old, nora was diagnosed with a rare fatal neurodegenerative disorder. but she was determined to ease her daughter' s suffering. she decided to try cbd oil, a marijuana extract. >> as soon as i get -- gave it to her, within four days, a drastic change. reporter: nora went from having around 100 seizures a day to only having 10.
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reporter: eric ruby says fear of marijuana stance to the medical community. he is the only peter trish and in massachusetts recommending -- pediatrician in massachusetts recommending cannabis. >> fear and ignorance causes a problem. historically that was called the dark ages. phil: tonight, ted takes us inside a marijuana factory -- looks at how the clash of federal and state laws is chilling research, and tells us why former sportscaster bob lobel believes in medical marijuana. that' s chronicle, tonight at 7:30. jc: fewer kids are signing up for sports and pressure from parents may be to blame. according to a recent study, the number of kids and teens playing team sports is down 10%. experts say parents' focus on elite travel clubs and scholarships are hurting youth sports leagues. >> parents are getting increasingly competitive about showing their kids are number one in everything and sports is just another example. jc: many parents say they feel the heat from other parents to push one sport and focus on it year round no matter the
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expense. travel teams are now a $7-billion industry. phil: you can play three in town but clubs cost a lot of money. college. other ways to get scholarships. jc: true. the nation' multi-millionaire revealed! phil: up next: we' s massive powerball jackpot. reporter: coming up at 6:00, draft teams under fire. the boston-based fantasy sports site in the wake of an alleged cheating scandal. also, mom' s outraged at the halloween toy syringe. she may be battling cancer, but this little girls happy reaction to her portrait is spreading smiles.
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that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh?
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thank you cyrus. lease an mkc for $299 a month only at your lincoln dealer. phil: twitter announcing that it has launched a new feature to its website. it' s called "moments" -- and it helps highlight the top stories being tweeted. the feature showcases top stories being discussed - including everything from sports and entertainment to news. it can be found by tapping a lightning bolt icon tab on the site or application. it will update the "moments" throughout the day. how about this. america' s newest multimillionaire is revealing herself to the world. jc: she' s a factory worker from western michigan, and today
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shared the funny story of finding out she was the big winner and her future plans for all that dough. >> the dream of millions of hopeful lottery players finally comes true for 50-year-old leach. the soul winner of last wednesday' s powerball jackpot for $310 million, bought her ticket at this gas station in michigan on her way to work the overnight shift at a fiberglass factory. >> i quit automatically. [laughter] i was done. reporter: but she did not quit it should -- soon as she could have. she waited until her lunch break. >> having a really bad day at work. i thought i might as well check the numbers. i did not believe it. i had to go back to working get verified from a couple of other coworkers. just couldn' t believe it. reporter: she is taking the lump sum, $140 million after taxes.
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what will she do with that cash? a little how shopping, she says she will stay in michigan and buy a property for her family. >> i' m going to take care of my kids. i don' t want them to have to work like i had to work and deal with the kind of things i had to deal with throughout life. i just want to make it a good life for them. reporter: there may be a marriage proposal in her future from her partner of 36 years. >> i said he would have to sign a prenup now. jc: smart lady. she says she has hired an attorney and financial advisor to help her manage the money. phil: good ideas. news center five at 6:00 starts now. >> now on newscenter 5. ed: fantasy sports scandal --reid: the worker who hit it big, that has boston-based draft kings under fire. heather: the search for a cargo ship with new englanders on board. pam: and the tribute here at mass maritime to the missing crew. ed: protesters arrested.
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harvey: even warmer tomorrow. and then i will spell out those late week changes . >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. ed: five days after a cargo ship sank off the bahamas -- new images of debris found in the search area. heather: this as the families of people on board with massachusetts ties ask for prayers for their loved ones. heather: good evening, i' m heather unruh. ed: and i' m ed harding. right now, the search for survivors continues. newscenter 5' s pam cross is live at mass maritime academy in buzzards bay, where two el faro crew members graduated. reporter: good evening. although they understand the sit -- dangers of the sea, it is still sobering when veteran mariners are lost at sea. this is what coast guard crews are finding off the bahamas coast -- debris from the el faro. it is not what families are hoping to see, or the outcome colleagues at mass maritime want.
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connections are missing. -- third and rescue going on, i ask support. massachusetts connections are two mass maritime graduates, engineers jeffrey mathias and keith griffin were on board. griffin now lives in florida, his wife expecting twins. jeffrey mathias comes from a large kingston family. a married father his children, 3, 5 and 7 years old. his wife today asking others to pray with us for all members of the el faro and for their families. mariette wright the third massachusetts crewmember, grew up in a sonnet. her mother waiting in florida said the sea was her life. mary shevory: she loves the sea, she couldn' t live without being on the sea somehow or somewhere. pam: the ntsb began investigating what went wrong on a ship where every crew member had a survival suit. >> it'
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s just a tragic situation. that is what our iestigation
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