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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  October 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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jc: we begin on the storm watch. rain and possible thunderstorms. you see them on radar. phil: before that, we want to get you right to stormteam 5 meteorologist mike wankum. developing. they do not hang around long, but they are developing. 495. here. i have been putting trackers on this one and you can see where it is that. we have this cell a here. you had a cell 15 minutes ago? there is another one on the same line and that is tracking into boston. it should be in newton centre in about five minutes. we are watching that one. this will be raising its way eastward. you do not have to worry about too much rain tonight, it will mostly be this evening. we are pushing through boston and kicking offshore and behind
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it, the winds will be diminishing and i have a great weekend to talk about. we will talk about those details in a few minutes. phil: we want to give you a look at traffic. in both directions, the mass pike does not look so good. we will get backups with the wet roads. take a look at the drive times. 48 minutes. out west on the pike, 20 three minutes. a ton of red going the other way, too. look at this. that is a backup that whole way. it' s a must double the drive that' s a look at first alert traffic. jc: breaking news , the second shooting on a college campus in this one at a texas southern complex. one person was killed and it' s on the heels of a deadly university.
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but first, closer to home -- >> stay away from the cars! phil: it could only be described as car auction chaos! eight people injured, one seriously, when an suv plowed into a group of people. it happened this morning inside a packed auction house in framingham. we have live team coverage tonight beginning with newscenter 5' s pam cross at the pam? pam: it is one of the busiest days of the week of the auction house. hundreds of dealers and side. one car normally driving slowly for review, suddenly out of control. it was a scene of chaos. >> people were just getting out of the way because they heard the noise. they heard the airbag go off. everyone was scared for their life. pam: a vehicle suddenly speeding and crashes. >> [indiscernible] he just arrived.
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pam: five vehicles were struck and one person heard. >> one of the individuals was dragged underneath the car, which came in contact with the interior wall. he was subsequently rescued with the help of the tow truck truck driver who lifted the vehicle. pam: the speeding car, a bmw, was driven by a 78-year-old man from myers to review. acceleration. normal day captured by "chronicle." >> it was one of the craziest things i have ever seen. it was crazy. you know? pam: the vice president came out and offered condolences. police say they want to see company surveillance, said to be extensive, before deciding reporting live from framingham,
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pam cross, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: at least 11 were injured. our live team coverage continues at the metrowest medical center where jorge quiroga spoke with some of those victims. jorge: they described a frantic scene inside that framingham car auction. what happened? >> i heard noises. i felt something hit me in the back in the legs and i fell down. jorge: a driver showing a used bmw of for option when out of control. >> i looked behind me and i seen people scrambling everywhere. i think it helped multiple -- it hit multiple cars. jorge: a car buyer from connecticut has no idea what hit him. what hit you? >> i have no idea. i was just hit in the back of the legs and i went down. jorge: he looked back in the suv
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was still moving, smashing everything in it cap. was it going fast? >> i could not tell. it was all happening behind me. people were running. i seen a car crash into the wall. i was just trying to run to get outside. jorge: limping out of the er, he says he is lucky to get out of that bedlam with only a few pulled muscles. he says he will be ok. a total of 11 people injured. at all but one not seriously hurt to read one person, one man flown by helicopter. life-threatening. live in framingham, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: a social worker facing disturbing charges including pornography. rick hall worked at the north shore community management in redding.
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he is accused of communicating with three girls, enticing them to send pornographic images. his social work license has been suspended. phil: and everett man charged with trying to hire himself out as a hitman. investigators say that joseph burke tried to hire himself out for $5,000. he discovered the plots -- he discussed a plot with an undercover fbi agent. they raided the home of his girlfriend who allegedly transferred weapons to be used in the head. the murder was to have happened next friday. jc: a boston man found guilty in the murder of a 67-year-old grandmother. prosecutors say timothy kostka was on a quest for drug money when he broke into her home. when she walked in on him, he beat her and slid her throat.
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phil: a potential juror in the chisholm murder trial may face charges himself. juror 39, a danvers parent, could face contempt charges for allegedly discussing the trial with five other potential jurors. today' s be defense -- the defense calls for the dismissal of other jury prospects. jury selection resumes tuesday. jc: two shootings at college campuses today, one in texas, one in arizona. this as president obama visits roseburg, oregon, the scene of last week' s massive shooting at an oregon school. the white house president -- the white house says resident obama will be solely focused on his meeting with the grieving families of those killed and last week' s massacre as well as
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but before his trip -- an college campus. one dead, three wounded at a shooting overnight near a dorm in northern arizona university in flagstaff. >> this is not going to be a normal day. our hearts are heavy. jc: police say the 18-year-old escalated. >> two separate student groups got into a confrontation. the confrontation turned physical area -- turned physical. jc: president obama' s staff is looking into whether he can use executive action to expand background checks without waiting for republican-controlled congress to act. most republican candidate say the focus should be on mental health. today dr. ben carson is defending tha his recent assertion that the solution could be more guns. dr. carson: should we have more
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jc: so far this year there have been 10 school shootings. police have not said what led to that deadly fight in arizona. phil: two women are suing uber. one incident when a woman was taken off her routes and attacked. the lawsuit calls on uber to create customer service centers, and have tamperproof cameras, give the option of a female driver. the company says their thoughts are with the victims. jc: it was nice today. phil: it was. but if you' re planning to buy plane tickets to travel over the winter holidays, you need to act today to get the best deal. also new at 5:30, caught on camera - a pregnant woman clinging to a moving suv. why she was so determined to
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stop the driver. plus, a local hospital going to when they' ll start drug-testing
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r so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! right now save $600 on the #1 rated bed, plus 24-month financing. know better sleepr with sleep number. >> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. jc: two people are facing charges after a drunk rest of the white house. back in may be secret service thought someone flying the drone in front of the white house. back in january, a drone operator mistakenly crashed a small device on white house grounds. phil: it'
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capitol hill, as republicans scramble to find their next house speaker. the pressure is on paul ryan to take the job. jc: aixa diaz reports from washington, where many believe the wisconsin congressman can bring the gop together. reporter: a day after house majority leader kevin mccarthy dropped out of the race, gop litters medic -- gop leaders met again on capitol hill. >> to get them to come to consensus or compromises ethical. reporter: as republicans try to find common ground between conservatives and moderates, many are looking at paul ryan. the wisconsin congressman tweeted yesterday that he was not a candidate. >> i did everything except carry his gym bag this morning trying to get him to do it.
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foundation says no matter who is the nominee, they will have to convince the party they will hide -- they will take care of things differently. >> they want to know if you are someone who will fight the president or you will do the go along, get along where you see the battle before you get there area -- get there. reporter: that person needs a 280 majority in the full house to become the next speaker. wcvb newscenter 5. jc: webster have also expressed interest. neither one darrell issa says he is considering running, but only if paul ryan does not. phil: new signs that joe may be entering the race for the white house react -- for the white house. his aides went over primary a spokesperson would not confirm
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that meeting took place. biden' s potential rival hillary clinton is planning what her campaign is calling a "day of action" on gun control. it' s to take place across new hampshire tomorrow. she plans to send staffers door to door to talk to voters. monday, clinton spelled out her own gun control proposals, including closing background check loopholes and allowing victims to sue gun makers. jc: many thought pope francis was a shoo-in to win or possibly german chancellor angela merkel, but this year' s nobel peace prize went to the national dialogue or tet. -- quartets. the award announced this morning in norway. the quartet is composed of four organizations that made up the arab spring movement in tunisia. s transition to 2011.
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phil: 65 degrees in needham, and if you looked behind us -- i can look at this all day. how gorgeous is that? jc: we are so lucky to live here. phil: you lived in the north country. how are the colors? jc: gorgeous. and they popped each day a little bit more. schedule. jc: it is a little late. mike: if you want to do traveling over the columbus day weekend, if you look way to the north, we are seeing a lot of moderate and with the cool temperatures coming, at least the moderate -- the morning temperatures, we will see those colors, very quickly. travel to the north, you will get it. one problem, the wind blowing still gusting. 25 miles per hour. the winds will be settling down area in boston, we have rented -- rain on our camera. that front is coming at us and i
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had we get that southerly breeze warm. he hides it, temperatures will cool down. also, right ahead of it, here are your showers. i want to point out one or two lightning bolts and connecticut. there is a rumble or two of thunder. this is not a severe situation. you' re it we have a couple bands we are focusing on, this band here at which is just to the north of the holbrook area. should be" has it -- should be in cohasset and about 30 minutes. you have a little batch and you wait a few minutes and you get another batch coming through. not a lot of lightning and thunder, but downpours coming with it. there is the back edge of it. where is the severe weather? i pointed at the lightning in parts of connecticut. now you see where the strong thunderstorms are. racing out of new jersey into virginia. it'
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8:00, pretty much done down there. here it is showing up on radar. advance to about 7:00, you see the heaviest is right on top of boston. by 9:00, we kick some things out of here and i think by midnight, we start to clear these guys away -- clear the skies way. friday night football, showers at 6:00. could be a rumble of thunder as you look to the southeastern art of the state and temperatures slowly going down. by 10:00, rain is done. we are done with it. tomorrow, we talk about the wind dying down. right now, very strong. we will stay busy toward 5:00 in the morning. tomorrow, the winds will diminish to nine miles an hour by 10:00 in the afternoon. tomorrow is a little cooler than
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diminishing winds, i think we' ve got a great start to the weekend. at if you' ve got the holiday, you' ve got three great days coming your way and it looks like we will see high temperatures over the cape in the upper 50' s. sunday, chilly start. warming up into the mid-60' s by saturday afternoon. by monday, look at that. we are back at 72 where we were today. there is rain on the forecast on tuesday. we may get a few showers. and then it cools down. temperatures will drop back into the 60' s. much-needed rainfall. not a big problem for us. and once it is out of here, 1, 2, 3 days of sunshine to enjoy area -- to enjoy. phil: mike, thanks. you will soon be able to enjoy
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this is much smarter. jc: help for anyone looking to fly our realities. phil: what you need to protect yourself. plus, bill cosby being deposed today. headlines. save. how his actions saved his bus driver who suddenly fell ill. phil: and a local competition looking to change the view of
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satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. jc: the pilot accused of helping mexican drug lord el chapo escape custody has been captured. it is the latest arrest as the mexican government tracks
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ed disappear. still no word on whether they are any closer to capturing them. bill cosby is set to be deposed today for the first time since mounting allegations of abuse made headlines earlier this year. phil: his testimony is tied to a civil lawsuit - that a judge refused to throw out this week. abc' s brandi hitt reports, the accuser claims cosby forced her to perform sex acts as a young teenager. brandi: bill cosby ordered to answer questions on camera and under orders review faces allegations that he abused huth at the playboy mansion when she was just 15. it is part of a civil lawsuit against crosby. -- against cosby. he has never been charged with a crime and his lawyers have called the suit a "meritless and unsupported 40 --year-old claim."
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>> it something i never thought that happen to me. brandi: 25-year-old chloe may pursue criminal charges. >> we believe she is squarely within the statute of limitations. >> i would like to see justice for all of us. brandi: this is not his first deposition. he admitted to obtaining quaaludes to give to women. that case was settled out of court. malcolm jamal warner, who played his son on "the cosby show" have tarnished the hit series' s legacy. the content will be sealed until december. that is when a judge could decide if any of it will be made public. phil: two people rush to the hospital after a gas starts leaking at an elementary school in newton.
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the action the superintendent is taking to keep city schools safe. jc: cars abandoned are now hitting the auction block.
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karen: phil: we have breaking news from marshfield, where the da and
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police chief are holding a news conference about the murder of robert mckenna. jc: two arrests, one in the let' >> due to an injury to the right arm, penetrating blood vessels and soft tissue injuries. the investigation, including the footwear, and gloves at the scene, and along be suspected route the perpetrator used to leave the scene. presence of the victim for and dna on one item. the forensic portion of this case is far from over. as you know, on september 28 of this year, james ferguson was arraigned on murder and burglary charges in connection with ms. mckenna' s death and is currently being held at the department of corrections. the investigation revealed ferguson committed these crimes with at least two other individuals.
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