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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 10, 2015 1:07am-1:37am EDT

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weekend. j.c.: new arrests in the murder of a marshfield man. >> we tod them we were coming for them and we did. sera: the break that led police to the suspects. phil: a crowd of people run down. reid: the driver who lost control inside this auction house. j.c.: a gas pump goes up in flames. the customer caught in the fire, and the hero who raced to help. j.c.: a rough start to the start of the holiday weekend in central massachusetts. powerful winds take down trees in the town of monson. in some places, there was so much debris that roads had to be blocked off. good evening. i'm j.c. monahan. phil: and i'm phil lipof. this is the same town devastated by a tornado back in 2011. tonight, no reports of severe damage, but power lines did come down, knocking out electricity to parts of the town. stormteam 5's mike wankum is tracking it all in the weather center. mike? mike: see this line we see forming there inthat tells us, that was straight line winds happening. the national weather service
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also confirming that saying it was not a attorney but boy this was a lot of damage on it. it was moving the way through. you can see when we take a look at the day. we haded scattered showers then a line the west into fork and comes race aring across in the one little area. tonight what we left with is a few scattered showers sitting out ef here over the ocean. that is what left of it all and moving away. the skies are starting to clear away. here this is wait looks. we head to the overnight hours. the clouds dispate. the rains gone. we start the day with sunshine. we stay with unwith sunshine. sun sine tomorrow is going to be different. here is a pocket of cool air. that is what is sliding this way. tomorrow is not going to be as warm as it was today. today we were in the 70's. the weekend which is look drying. still a hi bit on the cool side with that cool sunshine, but then wait until you see the warm-up i got for monday. i have details on that coming up. j.c. >> a quincy couple charged in connection with a south
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shore murder. stolen weapons seized in the bust. the arrest coming near lamont after a grisly killing in a marshfield home. right now our sera congi is live in marshfield with new information. sera? sera. j.c., one is an attorney originally from marshfield and accused in a gruesome murder. >> we stated. about what it. we told them we were coming for them, and we did. sera: strong words from police after bringing in two suspects from a gruesome crime. he was killed in the marshfield home last month during a burglary. the weapon still not identified, but others have say mckenna led to death. >> this has opinion around the chock, exes huhsing investigation. >> today, a 32-year-old attorney was arrested at the home in quincy. he is charged with murder and unarmed burling ry. his girlfriend, 31-year-old lauren of quincy accused of being an accessory ares after the fact.
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>> she is being charged as result of her action in hiding evidence that was implicate. sera: last week, 40-year-old was arraignedded on murder and burglary charge in connection with mckenna's death. >> the attorney and james ferguson have ruined a lot of people's lives, and now they have officially ruined their own. >> police also cover recovered five firearms that were stolen from the vehicle testimony's homes. investigators are still looking for another suspect. 50 this case is congoing. and the work is not over and will not be over 3:00 until every person who was responsible pis held account for their actions. >> so today will be arraigned in a plymouth courtroom on tuesday. the plymouth county d says during the arraignment, we'll hearn more about what happened. liven telephone the marshfield police department, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: right now in newton, police trying to hunt down a bear. environmental police have been called in. they are try interesting to to find the pear,
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tranquilize it, release it back to the woods. the search is underway right now in the area of row and walcott streets. police asking foam stay inside and call them in they see the pear. phil: we're learning more tonight about a private social worker accused of human trafficking. the alleged victim's, teenage girls. new at 11:00, investigators looking into the possibility of more victims. our mary saladna is live in reading with the story. mary? mary. he operates out of this office building here on main street. authorities say, at this this point, it is not near the charges are ref lated to the business here. >> 34-year-old rick hall of wakefield, a social worker now behind bars on child porn charges. hall is accused of enticing three 15-year-old girls in oregon and paying them to e-mail nudic tors. the al vagueses are serious. they can devastating to young people and they are concerning in the case.
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professional obligation to report any suspicions of if abuse against children. mary: redding police launched an investigation back in august after they came forward. police here eventually seized computer evidence from his wakefield home and red aring office. the owner of north shore recovery management. >> regarding this investigation, we have no information, that time, that im plims anyone involved with the private practice. mary: the neighbors told us he kept it next door. has bun ease spill the behavior for over two years screaming matches between him and the female visitors that left her shake ang calling police. >> they fought so much. i don't pay so much attention. how to i think about it. money, it all came together, yeah. mary. the district attorney says it ties soon to know there are other victims, but says
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remind parents to talk to their teens these social media safety issuance monitor their on-line and smartphone activity? s. salehed na, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: new at 11:00, police warning about a possible bad batch of heroin making the drug even more dangerous than usual. police and the da in southbridge issuing the warning tonight after two overdoses last night. in both cases the drug narcan was used to save the victims. police are worried that someone tampered with the heroin and is now selling it to unsuspecting users. jc: a car auction thrown into chaos. right now, 11 people are hurt after an suv plows into a crowd in framingham. tonight, we're learning more about the victims and the man behind the wheel. wcvb newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live at the scene. reid? reid: the auction kips continuing to work there is no investigate this morning's crash f.p up with
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of the drivers showcasing luxury suv created a spectacle of danger. seconds of chaos followed by minutes of paining and if fear. one man pulled from the crumbled concrete and out-of-control suv. >> you know, everyone was scared for their life. >> i was running for my own life. >> the driver of the luxury bmw accelerate across the warehouse floor smashing five cars before crashing through cylinder block wall leaving behind a path of destruction and stunned auction. >> all i heard was noises, then the next thing i know, i filt hit me. i fell down. lar i was car buy remember connecticut and one of the 11 treated for minor injuries hit by degree the collapsed wall. one person, however was hospital. >> one of the individual was dragged beneath the car which then came in contact. >> the 78-year-old driver was displaying the car for
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potential buyers when it tk off clear as to why. was not hurt. >> everybody was screaming. they gave it. he knows the outcome. snow just ride of. the auction house occupied a former silly ty. this is how it normally operatance smooth and calm as featured condition chronicles. morning however of a violent mistake. >> it is a freak accident, you snow you know, my heart goes out to the people if. >> framingham police continue to review individual grow that crash, noon charges have been filed. live tonight inp framingham, reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: a man is under ahe rest tonight accused of offering to murder for money. joseph brk agreed to kale man for $1,600,000 and recorded by undercover agent saying he breaking into the machine's office and try and wait until he shoots him them? raided the home today as well as the home of the girl friend in somerville. 1:00
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j.c.: deadly violence on a college campus in houston. a student shot and killed outside a housing complex at texas southern university. another person was wounded. two people are now in custody and being questioned by police. j.c.: meanwhile at northern arizona university 18-year-old college freshman is under arrest, accused of fatally shooting one student, and wounding three others. all this on the same day president obama traveled to oregon to comfort families who lost loved ones in a campus shooting in roseburg. the president says he focused on the traumatized survivor and the grieving families he met with privately. those mourning the nine kimmed in last week's massacre at a community col hedge. >> we are going to have to come together as country to see how we prevent these issues from taking place. >> just hours before his trip -- >> four people possibly shot.
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another college campus. one dead f. three others wound in a shooting overnight that near dorm at northern arizona university flagstaff. >> this is not going to abnormal day at nau. our hearts are heavy. >> police say the 18-year-old gunman, a freshman,who he is now in custody, opened pire as a fight escalated. while president obama did not specifically discuss gun control in oregon. the staff is looking into whether he can use action to expand background checks without waiting for a republican-controlled congress act. most republican presidential candidates say the focus should be on hental health. ed, dr. ben carson is gene teg recent suggestion, part of the solution to mass shootings could be more >> doll need have a mechanism in schools or other places where you can depend your self? people there? i have no objection to that at all. >> mr. obama made no public appearances during the visit to oregon. i was not known we'll told
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the families of those killed in the campus shooting. phil: attorney gloria allred tomorrow. all red ref sens crude dy you who was 1015-year-old old when cosby assault her. cosby was at the case today for the first time. the lawsuit is move boarding as you can see. phil: one of more than 50 women who have come forward addition to 78 year old of drug or assaulting them. cos pi's deposition was kept a secret and the content will be sealed until december when a judge dea see yousides if it can made public. j.c.: pressure is building tonight on congressman paul ryan to run for house spa speaker. ryan has said he is not interested but many republicans are not nik for af answer and the race wisconsin republican told the colleagues he is
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considering jumping into the race. tension quickly turned to ryan after ma i jo are ty leader kevin mccarthy pulled his name from consideration yesterday. j.c.: gas pump goes up in flames. the customer caught in the fire and the hero who raced to help. facebooks new faces and how they will change the way you post. >> cool weather to start the weekend. will show you when the
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j.c.: gas pump goes up in flames. the customer caught in the fire and the hero who raced to help. j.c.: gas pump goes up in flames. the customer caught in the fire and the hero who raced to help. >> tried to debt him to roll. then right afterward, i took my sweat are off that i had. i tried to, you know, extinguish the fire that
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way. phil: houston burned his han try aring to save the booker. both have been released. j.c.: facebook is testing ow new ways to expression emotion. today, facebook users in ireland and spain were able to use set of animated mow jis that include love, wow, yeah, along with happy and sad faces this. the new reaction a feature could become available to user here in the saint couple of weeks. >> bill: service is up and running axa gain. phil: service is up and running again on amtrak's vermonter route. a train derailed on the route monday injuring seven people. amtrak had shuttling passengers between springfield and vermont by bus. phil: as result, every boiler in newton public schools will be spending before school resumes tuesday. the leak stemming stemming frommer errors made in the boiler installation process sent two to the hospital in
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stable condition. class were quickly called off. >> it was clear, we could not open the school, as soon as i got the hessage. >> those detectors were not installed in place. some bad things couldp happen. in the school, we could have had students. phil: about that school, all classroom ares at franklin had been tested for carbon monoxide and deemed safe. j.c.: kickoff at harvard stadium tomorrow. 100 different type of flying robotics will demonstrate the verse tall hi ty. s all part of hub week, a week-long festival debuted this week celebrating the latest innovation in arts, technol the physician a i see you science. at a time when drones are disrupting and invading no zones and interfering with commercial airliners. they are also guiding crisis managers. >> somebody is having a heart attack, a drone can get defib fator to that person much faster than anything else. if if there is, there is national emergency.
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into searching for victims. j.c.: hub week cbs through tomorrow. sky with. heather: not pad. phil: no, it is not pat bad. mike, what is going on with the rest of the night. mike: very quiet now. high temperatures today. in the 7's. going to take us a couple of days. warmer now than it will be all day tomorrow. here are those high temperatures today. a few place in the 60's but a few 70's as well. look that week. 72 on wednesday. 72 today. basically, throws two warm pont. don't worry, we will start next week off with temperatures, once again, to the 70's. here this is rain. look hat this amount. you know, someplace picked up half inch. to almost an inch of rain. you got a tenth or less than tenth of an inch rain. boston picking up a third. it picks up three quarters of an inch and look toward providence. new bedford, only 19. so all of it less than n. we did get much needed and welcomed rain.
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i know dam are for friday night. don't worry. out of here. we have the whole weekend. where is the ran now. way offshore just now exiting nantucket. we had lightning and thunder associated with this but all out over this else and all moving away. the skies are clearing away nicely now. 64 degrees. the winds have switched all day today. they were busy out of the south today. warming us up and now they have gone the west and ushering in the drier air and the hoom will be dropping as well. well, here are the wind withs. you can see they are coming out of the west northwesterly direction not as strong as they were. then again, the dry air talking about moving in. clear and cool tonight. 44 to 48 degrees with the clear skies. that is when temperatures will start to dop. they have not quiet but they will as we get to with you a ready morning. season if i and cool tomorrow. 58 to 60. again, a dozen degrees cooler than what it was today. here are high temperatures tomorrow night. you are near the shoreline. i don't know if it gets 60 he. probably up the upper 50 he a at best. pedford, 60 out to
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worcester. worcester wile be 57 for a high tomorrow. south shore, he aim ting. , berry to plymouth the 50's but in a little ways. we may get to 60 or 61. the cape as you may suspect is going to be in the 50's. we talktom's if forecast. as i mentioned. it is going to be warming up as we get to the week. 8:00 in the morning. clear skies. now watch what pens to clouds. they go away. the day gets sunnier and sun gry that is possible. think tomorrow morning, you are not going to be seeing too much throughout. so thinking with the top, sunshine, sunshine. it will be a little bit cooler. 58 degrees he is for a high temperature on saturday. sunday, about 66 for a high. let's break it down in the 7-day forecast. show you tomorrow. sunshine. on average, 6. i know many are heading to the north. you want to check out the latest foliage up there. here is really nice weather. lots of sunshine.
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the morning will be cool. we dot nice conditions through through the weekend. by the way, wongering the colors now. a little bit behind schedule. we're stillle seeing nice colors. the central part of the state. around boston wash few flashes of dollar the west. there is a chance of see showing we'res with ons day. that nicks chance of rain. it doesn't look like much of one. a few scattered shower here's or there. to get the idea. saturday, sunday, monday, three days of shine. each day a little bit warmer. each day nicer. tuesday, a tu showers back to the foreforecast. overnight, that is nice. j.c.? j.c.: fantastic night. thank you well, a big day and honor for wcvb reporter jorge quiroga. jorge was give in the lifetime achievement award this morning in boston. governor charlie baker and the mayor on hand to honor jorge who recalled the early days here at 5 when viewers had trouble prononessing his name. >> somebody wrote in dear
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there is a new young reporter, personable young reporter, by the way he pronounce his name at home, we know him oz yoda. >> jorge was the cover buy on the spanish language dally he'll mun doe. he worked here for more than 40 years. he is just awesome! pan takings guy! great honor! congratulation. >> what a great guy. >> jorge quiroga. >> that is very good. >> that is better than yoga. >> well, someone is driving to be jorge. a pint-sides reporter scores a big interview! j.c.: up next, how she got gronk on the record before of this weekend's road trip to dal ras. and coming up on "jimmy kimmel live," actor and some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. r but what are you having for dinner tonight? rtry perdue simply smart and harvestland . rtwo trusted perdue brands
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of chicken raised with
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>> the newest member of the basketball team, 9-year-old quinn amsler. the lexington boy battling remember after being drafted by bc. will have the opportunity to laugh and bond with the team this season thanks to boston based charity team impact. j.c.: love it. ed: that was great. all right. the 8-year-old schoolgirl who lands big interviews. we told with you about her before.
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gronk. she sat down with the pats' typing who told her basketball was the second favorite sport growing up. 3:00 that was not all. she also got interview tom brady and a robert kraft. they got a photo as you saw right there. brady and kraft. pee sides today's patriots' sitdown, shana has land interviews with governor baker, hillary clinton and donald trump in the early budding career as a reporter. ed: heather: am jealous. you interviewed a lot. reporter: i asked him. do you like to have your back to people. he was noncommittal. he was distant. j.c.: am not going near. phil: i cannot imagine why. reporter: coming up, we take a look at two former red sox
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jon lester and john lackey who won a combined seven games during the red sox 2013 world series run back in the playoffs and opposing each other tonight in game two of the cubs and cards series. loser buys the chicken and beer. this will be remembered as terrific pitch pear duo. a shout out inning and gave up a pair of singles. lester gave up a run in the first then dominated. nine. also seven and a third innings. he gives up the two-run pinch-hit home run to thomas. the cardinals win the game 4-0. the series is now tide 1-1. a good day for show me state teams. game two between the astros and the royals and it is colby rasmus with a home run to give houston a 4-1 lead. rasmus, the first player ever with an extra-base hit in his six postseason games.
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way back, and ben zobrist wins it with an rbi single in the 7th. k.c. wins with 5-4. and evens the series at one game a piece. it is definitely missouri and not misery tonight. game to of the bluejays and rangers. innings to decide as this one and it was all mike napoli's fault. a pinch hit rbi in the 8th to tie the game 4-4. that's the same mike napoli who batted .207 another red sox this year. and finally in the 4th, lancer alberto single. slides home. and the ranger go on to win. 60-4. they lead the series two games to none. advantage at quarterback every week. but the last three weeks have been more lopsided than an octagonal lop. second on that one, but we're moving on.
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the patriots faced had total of five nfl wins. >> i am happy i am available to the team. i city this that is something i have taken pined. so trying to be throughout. being consistent defendable player. certainly being available to those guys is you know, what ni job is. you know, it is pretty fun. >> my goal, hon also hi, i don't care if i am 12 or 30. getting the chance to win. whatever that may be. find chance to win. that's the main focus. friday night football and we've got malden catholic at home against b.c. high. the eagles taking an early 10-0 lead. but they were backed up at their own goal line when james irving intercepts a pass and tumbles to the end
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zone. islanders were on the board. but bc's marco king tosses a 5-yarder for six ponts to matt johnson and the eagles go on to beat malden catholic, 17-14. >> this is a win across the poured. i am loved again. winter is womaning. it is temporary. >> got it months. >> exactly. >> thanks to joining us.
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