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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 10, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." antoinette: breaking news overnight. a firey crash. that sent a car right into a house. of a marshfield man. the break in this case that led police to the suspects. antoinette: disturbing charges. the accusations from teenagers against a man who worked as a private social worker. danielle: breezy day today. much cooler than yesterday. when we could see a warm-up. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." frank: following breaking news on the eye right now. flames break out at a condo complex in franklin. take a look at these flames. franklin fire is on the scene at theville and of oak hill right now.
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we'll continue to update this breaking story, on air, online and on our mobile apps. good morning to all of you. i'm frank holland. antoinette: and i'm antoinette the day. you know what, danielle? all that rain has moved out so it's really sunny out there. snafn p. danielle: antoinette and frank, the sun is beaming out there this morning although it's a chilly start to your day. we have strong persistent winds out of the north and west. as antoinette mentioned that cold front that brought us the rain pushing off shore. high pressure is building in which means we are going to see lots of sunshine as we go through the day. now we're starting in the 50's in boston as well as on the cape and islands. but this the lower 40's in worcester. jaffrey checking in at 42 this morning. concord at 46 degrees. as we go through the next 12 hours in the merrimack valley notice temperatures will bump up into the upper 50's. we're cooling back down to 49 by 8:00 p.m. tonight. obviously showing you that we're
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in for a chilly night. we do have pretty strong winds out there. today's highs are reaching anywhere from 56-62 but a major warm-up is coming. we'll talk about when we see 70's in the seven-day forecast ahead. antoinette and frank. antoinette: danielle, thank you. we're following breaking news out of turkey. officials say two bomb explosions apparently targeting a peace rally in the capital of ankara have killed 30 people and injured 126 others. it was not clear if the attacks were suicide bombings. frank: also breaking overnight, waltham police are investigating a fiery crash involving three fuller streets. officers say two cars coming one car hit another vehicle. the second hit a house and burst into flames. everyone managed to get out of the house safely. antoinette: a quincy couple charged in connection with a south shore murder. stolen weapons seized in the bust. the arrests coming nearly a month after a grisly killing in a marshfield home. congi with new information just
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chief philip tavares: we said we told them we were coming for them, and we did. sera: strong words from police after bringing in two suspects for a vicious crime. chief: this was a gruesome crime scene. sera: 45-year-old robert mckenna was killed in his marshfield home last month during a burglary. the weapon still not identified, but investigators say mckenna bled to death. chief: this has been an around-the-clock, exhaustive investigation. sera: today michael moscaritolo, a 32-year-old attorney, was arrested at his home in quincy. he's charged with murder and unarmed burglary. his girlfriend 31-year-old lauren kalil of quincy accused of being an accessory after the fact. chief: she's being charged as a result of her actions in hiding evidence that would implicate moscaritolo. sera: last week 40-year-old james ferguson was arraigned on murder and burglary charges also in connection with mckenna's death. timothy cruz: attorney michael have ruined a lot of people's lives. now they've officially ruined
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their own. sera: police also recovered five firearms that were stolen from the victim's home. investigators are still looking for another suspect. chief: this case is ongoing. and the work is not over and will not be over until every person who is responsible is held accountable for their actions. sera: the pair arrested today will be arraigned in a plymouth the district attorney says we can expect to learn more about what happened. in marshfield, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank: an everett man under arrest after an f.b.i. sting accused of offering to murder for money. federal investigators say joseph burke agreed to kill a man for $100,000. he was recorded by an undercover agent saying he'd break into the man's office and lie in wait to shoot him. agents raided his home yesterday as well as the home of his girlfriend in somerville. antoinette: we're learning more about a private social worker accused of human trafficking. the alleged victims, teenage girls. as newcenter 5's mary saladna
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there could be more victims. mary: 34-year-old rick hall of wakefield, a social worker, now behind bars on child porn charges. hall is accused of enticing three 15-year-old girls in oregon and paying them to e-mail him nude pictures of themselves. d.a. marion ryan: these allegations are very serious. they can be devastating to young people. and they're particularly concerning in this case. this is an individual with a professional obligation to report any suspicions of abuse against children. mary: reading police launched an investigation back in august after one of the oregon teens came forward. police here eventually seized computer evidence from his wakefield home and reading office. hall is the owner of north shore recovery management. detective derek holmes: regarding this investigation, we have no information at this time that implicates anyone involved with the defendant's private practice. mary: hall's wakefield neighbors told us he kept to himself, but grace tavarez lives in the duplex unit right next door. she said she's been uneasy about hall's behavior for over two
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late-night screaming matches between him and his female visitors that left her shaking and calling police. grace tavares: they fought so much i didn't pay much attention to it. now i think about it, i kept thinking pictures, money. it all came together. i was like wow. mary: the district attorney says it is too soon to know if there are other victims, but she calls this a good reminder to parents to talk to your teens about social media safety and to monitor their on-line and smart-phone activity. in reading, i'm mary saladna, wcvb, newscenter 5. frank: a boston man is found guilty in the first-degree murder of a 67-year-old grandmother. prosecutors say timothy kostka was on a quest for drug money in 2012 when he broke into barbara coyne's home. when she walked in on him, he beat her and slit her throat taking off with winning lottery tickets that he cashed in for heroin. kostka faces life in prison without parole. antoinette: 5 on the opioid crisis. new hampshire lawmakers are proposing a new bill that could put a drug court in every county in the state.
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manchester police say the city has seen more than 500 overdoses in 2015, 60 of which were deadly. state senator david boutin is co-sponsoring a statewide grant program that would allow each superior court to apply for drug court. to be certified as a drug court, the county would have to have an arrangement with a local treatment center >> we'll be able to get them into the system, get them treatment, and hopefully reduce the use of drugs on the street and reduce the amount of repetitive crime. antoinette: boutin says 69 percent of those convicted of drug-related crimes wind up back in jail, but the recidivism rate after drug court is about 22 percent. frank: one boston neighborhood is seeing a spike in crime. and they are blaming it on the homeless. "the globe" reports violent crime in the newmarket area of the city is up 30 percent from last year, drug crimes are also up 55 percent. the uptick in crime coincided with the homeless shelter that opened in the neighborhood. police tell "the globe" they
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the area. antoinette: this morning a peace march after a lowell high school senior becomes the target of a series of racist and hateful text messages. the incident started late last month after 18-year-old anye nkimbeng was elected senior class president. a group of students exchanged the threatening texts and then someone posted the messages on social media. now some supporters of nkimbeng school administration handled the situation and they are calling for change. an olympics of a different sort kick off today at harvard stadium. frank: about a hundred different type of flying robotics will demonstrate their versatility and prowess. it's all part of hub week, a week-long festival, that debuted this week celebrating the latest inventions in art, technology, and science. at a time when drones are disrupting international soccer tournaments, invading no-drone zones and interfering with commercial airline routes, they're also guiding crisis managers. >> somebody is having a heart attack, a drone can get a
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much faster than anything else. if there is a national emergency, if there's an earthquake or a flood, searching for victims. frank: still some time to enjoy the fun. right now a serious warning to residents in newton. antoinette: the sighting that has officials urging residents to lock their doors. flying for the holidays? the one thing that doctors say you should not forget before getting on that plane. frank: on alert right now. communities around the country taking precautions. danielle: it's going to feel like fall at least for the first half of the weekend, but there are some warmer temperatures on the way.
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frank: following breaking news here on the eye. flames break out at a condo complex in franklin. take a look at these flames. franklin fire is on the scene at the villages at oak hill right now. the web site describes this complex as an active adult community featuring 114 residences.
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we'll bring you breaking details on air, online and on our mobile apps all morning long. police are trying to hunt down a bear spotted in a backyard on environmental police have been they're trying to find the bear, tranquilize it, and then release it into the woods. the search is now underway in the area of rowe and wolcott streets. police are asking people there to stay inside and call them if they see the bear. frank: newton school officials taking precautionary steps this weekend after deadly levels of carbon monoxide were detected at franklin elementary school this morning. as a result, every boiler in newton public schools will be inspected before school resumes tuesday. the leak stemming from errors made in the boiler's installation process sent two to the hospital in stable condition. classed were quickly canceled. >> it was very clear that we could not open school as soon as >> if those detectors weren't installed and in place, some really bad things could have happened. and the school-- we could have had students in the school.
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carbon monoxide and deemed safe. antoinette: with holidays on the horizon, you may be booking flights now. but doctors say there is one thing travelers should not forget before getting on that plane. and as phil lipoff explains, it could be important not only for your health but for the health of those around you. phil: new people, new places, new experiences. it's what international travel is all about. but along with such travel comes new risks including exposure to diseases not commonly found here in the u.s. and now infectious disease experts are warning travelers to get properly immunized before traveling or they could come home carrying more than just souvenirs. the warnings come out of a major infectious disease meeting in san diego. researchers find that outbreaks at home are often tied to people who have been exposed overseas. for example, one study reveals how americans returning from spring break in mexico may have started a hepatitis outbreak in april. all 26 travelers had not been previously vaccinated. getting your shots is a simple
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proposition. yet too many travelers still don't do it. antoinette: phil adds that before you board that plane, see your doctor to learn what shots you should get and get them. frank: a marlborough hospital has a new policy for prospective workers. smokers need not apply. umass memorial hospital marlborough routinely tests all incoming employees for illegal narcotics. as of this week, they also began testing them for nicotine. those who test positive can look elsewhere for work. a hospital spokeswoman says it's hopes other hospitals will follow umass-marlborough's example. the white house is lit in pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month. according to the department of health and human services, breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for women in the u.s. after lung cancer. but when breast cancer is caught early and treated, survival rates are high. forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. antoinette: that rain that we saw yesterday, those downpours are pushed out of here.
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i know it wasn't enjoyable for some people. danielle: it happened to hit as rush hour was going down. not necessarily good news. it is pushing out of here. the rain. it will be a dry forecast over the weekend. even for columbus day itself, there is a low risk of some rain coming late monday night. better chances really on tuesday for our next chance of significant rain. dry. and like i said before, we do need the rain. we're down over three quarters of an inch in october for the month and for the year we're down over six inches in boston. and that's just boston. we're down even more in worcester. in terms of our headlines for today. breezy and cooler. we're looking for a warming trend over the weekend our rain chance is holding off until tuesday so let's talk about what is going on right now. it's a chilly start out there. we have pretty persistent winds out of the north and west. so it's making it feel even cooler. 43 right now in worcester.
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45 in orange. 48 lawrence. 50 boston. 5 degrees on nantucket. -- 53 degrees on nantucket. we're going to warm things up. we'll have a lot of sunshine. first we have persistent winds. wind gusts in excess of 25 miles an hour right now on nantucket. so it is breezy out there. these winds are going to subside as we go through the afternoon. we're also going to see full sunshine through the afternoon. in boston we're going to warm into the upper 50's before dropping into the low 50's by 8:00 p.m. highs across the area anywhere from 58 in boston, 57 worcester. maybe a few low 60's near providence, taunton. mid 50's on the cape. it will be a sunny day. we have had some clouds hanging along the cape the longest. associated with that cold front. shore. once they do, high pressure builds in. high pressure giving us lots of sunshine through the weekend. it will sink farther to the south tomorrow. and then those winds turn to the
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and that is actually a warming wind so that's why we say we're going to warm things up as we head towards sunday afternoon and more so on monday. now tonight with clear skies and the winds going calm, temperatures drop into the 30 newscenter 5 the merrimack valley. mid 40's in boston. we are expecting the potential for some frost. frost advisoried issued from 95 to 495 in this area in blue until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. out in western mass the same idea. if you have any plants, bring them inside because remember that frost can really damage them. even though be start out on the cooler side tomorrow we do warm up nicely. upper 60's to near 70 degrees tomorrow which will be a welcome change. we're actually in the lower 70's as we head towards monday with that next chance for rain. warm rain on tuesday. you want to talk about it. i know a lot of people over this holiday weekend like to head up north for the leaf peeping. it does look pretty good. today you'll need a fall jacket
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for sure but tomorrow you can probably get rid of the jacket as temperatures warm into the mid to upper 60's and the low 70's on monday. that rain chance again on tuesday looks to be showery in nature. not really any heavy rain associated with it. behind it, we're going to cool back into the 60's and 50's even by the end of the week. antoinette and frank. antoinette: danielle, thank you. time now is 8:19. checking on some of the other stories happening right now. frank: police in texas questioning two people after a third case of deadly violence on or near a college campus this week. a student shot and killed outside a housing complex at texas southern university in houston. another person was wounded. a third person is wanted for questioning in the case. police are still searching for a motive for the shootings. the shooting follows deadly attacks on campuses in flagstaff, arizona, and roseberg, oregon. antoinette: islamic mosques around the country are on alert and bracing for protestors. an anti-muslim group is planning about 20 rallies in different cities. a facebook group called "global rally for humanity" is planning the protests. the group is encouraging
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patriots to stand up against islam. today democratic front runner hillary clinton is planning what her campaign is calling a "day of action" on gun control. it will take place across new hampshire. she plans to send staffers door to door to talk to voters. monday, clinton spelled out her own gun control proposals including closing background check loopholes and allowing victims to sue gun makers. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: john lester and john lackey who won a combined seven games during the red sox 2013 world series run back in the play-offs and opposing each other last night in game 2 of the cubs and cards series. loser buys the chicken and beer. yes, we remember the good with the bad. this will be remembered as a terrific pitchers duel. lackey went 7.1 shutout innings only giving up a pair of harmless singles. he walked one. lester gave up a run in the first and then dominated. nine k's for him.
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also 7.1 innings but it was in the 8th inning that he gives up the two-run pinch-hit homer to thomas mann and the cardinals win 4-0. the series is tied 1-1. the patriots and cowboys tomorrow in dallas. another huge advantage for the patriots at the quarterback position. tom brady with 163 regular season wins and 21 post-season wins. that's a total of 179 more wins than brandon weeden. >> i'm available to my team. i've always taken a lot of pride in that, trying to be out there and, you know, be a consistent, dependable player and certainly being available to those guys is what my job is. it's fun. >> my goal honestly is i don't care if i'm 12-for-30. just give this team a chance to win. just find a way to give this team a chance to win. that's my main focus. bob: the bruins are home against montreal tonight, and the boston college eagles are home against wake forest this afternoon. that's sports. have a great day. frank: the newest member of the
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boston college men's basketball team, nine-year-old quinn amsler. the lexington boy battling cancer had a night to remember after being drafted by b.c. amsler, a b.c. sports fan, will have the opportunity to laugh and bond with the team this season thanks to boston-based charity team impact. a pint-sized reporter scores big. her biggest interview yet. antoinette: ahead, how this little reporter getting all the scoops got gronk on the record before this weekend's road trip to dallas. frank: a big story right there. a live look at boston harbor. a beautiful start to the day. it's saturday, october 10. right now 8:22.
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frank: it's 8:25. welcome back. nasa releasing these new color images of pollutey. these photos captured by the new horizons probe show a ring of blue surrounding the dwarf plant. nasa also revealing that the probe has spotted icy patches of water on the planet's surface. antoinette: always cool to see what is going on out there. i know danielle is a meteorologist so she loves all of this space stuff out there. danielle: antoinette and frank, you know me. i'm very curious about anything science. you know who else is curious about science? these kids behind me. this is the 5th grade at briggs school in lexington. i this the opportunity of visiting them. they were such a good group. they asked so many great questions. i just wanted to say hello to
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they promised me they'd get up early. lovely sunrise from the beach in gloucester. thanking nicole for tweeting me this picture. a little more cloud cover but still beautiful sunrise too in yarmouth. from smugglers beach, thank you, peter, for tweeting me that photo. if you're looking for something to do today, a great cause, it's for the american foundation for suicide prevention. a big walk in the berkshires this morning at the community college there. 50 degrees at the time of the walk. and the rest of the holiday weekend doesn't look so shabby. 59 today but by tomorrow, we're at 68 degrees. even though we start out in the 30's in a lot of spots and could see patchy frost, but by monday 72 degrees. enjoy it. antoinette and frank. frank: thanks a lot, danielle. you know what? people come up to me and say you and danielle are characters. this is the perfect person to complete your trio. shayna rose, the eight-year old
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lands big interviews, has done it again. antoinette: this time, she got gronk! shayna sat down with the pats' tight end who told her basketball was his second-favorite sport growing up. gronk also gave shayna a scoop: he likes to have his back tickled. that wasn't all. shayna also got an interview with tom brady and pats owner robert kraft. shayna and her brother got a group picture with brady and kraft. just to show everyone and prove it. besides the patriot sit-downs, shayna has landed interviews with governor baker, hillary clinton, and donald trump in her budding career as a reporter. we keep calling it a budding career. but she's accomplished. she's accomplished a lot more than some of us. frank: sounds like a full-grown career. antoinette: it is. on the way this morning, a possible medical breakthrough at umass. frank: the research being done at the medical school that could prevent lyme disease. more heartbreak in flood-ravaged south carolina. the setbacks to the recovery efforts in neighborhoods buried under water. antoinette: a crowd of people run down in framingham. the driver who lost control
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frank: and a live look right now hat a condo fe in franklin of you can see right now this is video. flames still raging there. we'll have much more coming up after the break.
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>> now on newscenter 5's frank: breaking overnight a fiery crash into a waltham home. the investigation underway right antoinette: caught on camera, a car auction thrown into chaos. nearly a dozen people recovering this morning. frank: is he or isn't he? the g.o.p. scrambling to fill a key leadership position right
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now. will paul ryan enter the race as the pressure mounts? >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." frank: we're following breaking news on the "eyeopener." flames break out at a condo complex in franklin. fire officials believe the ewen unit was under construction when the fire broke out. we'll upindicate this breaking story on air, online and on our mobile apps. it's now 8. 31. i'm frank holland. antoinette: and i'm antoinette antonio along with meteorologist danielle vollmar. the big question we have right now is is there a lot of wind out there. danielle: there is. we've been talking about the gusty winds out of the north and west at 10-20 miles per hour. that won't help with the firefighter situation. that helps to spread the flames plus low humidity not necessarily good news. as you look over boston right now, you can see we are sunny. we have bright new skies.
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not much clouds in the sky. that is the forecast as we go through this all-important holiday weekend so it's looking really good. even though yesterday evening we had to deal with those storms that rolled through. now we're drying things out. 4 degrees in worcester. 50 boston. 51 on the vineyard. 53 on nantucket. a cooler start. you notice those winds gusting upwards of 25 miles an hour on nantucket. 20-mile-per-hour winds on the cape. they will keep temperatures back into the upper 50's through boston, nashua, as well as worcester, low 60's in taunton. and again the winds should back down as we head through the afternoon. but we have full sunshine thanks to high pressure. dominating our weather but there is a chance for rain coming up in the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about when you need the umbrella ahead. antoinette. antoinette: danielle, thank you. breaking news overnight out of turkey. officials say two bomb explosions apparently targeting a peace rally in the capital of ankara have killed 30 people and injured 126 others.
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it was not clear if the attacks were suicide bombings. frank: breaking news overnight. waltham police are investigating a fiery crash involving three cars and a house on newton and fuller streets. officers say two cars coming down newton street missed the turn. one car hit another vehicle. the second hit a house and burst into flames. no one was hurt. frank: a car auction thrown into chaos. right now 11 people are recovering after an s.u.v. plows into a crowd in framingham. newscenter 5's reid lamberty has more on the victims and the man behind the wheel. reid: seconds of chaos followed by minutes of panic and fear. one man pulled from beneath crumbled concrete and an out-of-control s.u.v. >> i was scared for their life. >> i was running for my own life. reid: 11 people were hurt when the driver of this luxury b.m.w. abruptly accelerated across a warehouse floor smashing five cars before crashing through a
8:29 am
cinder block wall leaving behind a path of destruction and stunned onlookers at adesa boston's weekly auction. larry proulx: all's i heard was noises, and the next thing i know is i kind of felt something hit me in the back of the legs and i fell down. reid: larry proulx was a car buyer connecticut. he was one of the 11 treated for minor injuries hit by debris from that collapsed wall. one person, however, was airlifted to a boston area hospital. lt. stephen cronin: one of the individuals was dragged beneath the car which then came in contact with an interior wall. reid: the 78-year-old driver was displaying the car for potential buyers when it took off. unclear at this point as to why he was not hurt. ashot minasyan: suddenly everybody was screaming, saying stop, stop, but he was not reacting, just driving. reid: the auction house occupies a former g.m. facility. this is how it normally operates-- smooth and calm as featured on "chronicle." >> just a freak accident, you know. my heart goes out to all the people who were injured. reid: framingham police continue to review video from that crash.
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no charges have been filed. in framingham, i'm reid lamberty, wcvb, newscenter 5. antoinette: a boston man is indicted on charges in a crash that killed a bicyclist. gregory mccoy is charged with manslaughter while operating under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident. prosecutors say mccoy was speeding through a residential neighborhood back in may when he slammed into a car stopped at a red light. both cars slid through the intersection hitting and killing 18-year-old fritz philogene. mccoy ran from the scene, leaving a blood trail which led police to him. he is being held on $1,000 bail. frank: attorney gloria allred will make a brief statement in boston today in connection with the bill cosby rape allegations. allred represents judy huth who says she was 15 years old in 1974 when cosby gave her alcohol at the playboy mansion and then sexually assaulted her. cosby was deposed in the case for the first time yesterday. >> the lawsuit is moving forward, as you can see.
8:31 am
frank: huth is one of more than 50 women who have come forward accusing the 78-year-old of drugging or sexually assaulting them. cosby's deposition location was kept a secret, and the content will be sealed until at least december when a judge decides if any of it can be made public. antoinette: to washington d.c. and republicans in chaos on capitol hill. the g.o.p. is scrambling to fill a key leadership position after house speaker john boehner announced that he was stepping down. house republicans are trying to convince a reluctant paul ryan to run for house speaker. >> paul is looking at it. it's his decision. antoinette: the wisconsin congressman and former vice presidential candidate has repeatedly turned the job down. >> i don't have anything to add right now. antoinette: but some republicans say it's part of his appeal. >> he is more humble than most members of congress. antoinette: house majority leader kevin mccarthy unexpectedly withdrew from the race thursday. >> i think i shocked some of you. antoinette: he said the party
8:32 am
conflicting factions of the g.o.p., and many republicans believe ryan is the person who can do that. >> if he decided to run, he would probably be elected unanimously or almost unanimously. antoinette: a source close to ryan tells abc news that the congressman is discussing the possibility of pursuing the job with members of his family. meanwhile another candidate for the job, congressman daniel webster of florida, says he is ready to fill john boehner's shoes. >> am i running against anybody? am i running against a personality or a name? antoinette: also in the race jason chaffetz of utah, the chair of the powerful oversight and government reform committee who says he would back ryan if he runs. >> i'm a huge fan of paul ryan. i would hope that he would do it. antoinette: on the campaign trail g.o.p. presidential political turmoil on capitol hill. >> i have urged every republican
8:33 am
in the house to say that the next speaker of the house should be a strong conservative. antoinette: house speaker john boehner is staying on the job for now. and that could improve the chances for a debt limit increase by early next month to avoid a market-shattering government default. frank: new f.b.i. statistics show crime is down across the bay state. the number of violent crimes including murders, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults are down by 5 percent. property crimes fell by 9 percent. the statewide decrease is following a national trend. antoinette: ethnic food markets may get a break from the bay state's blue laws. that means they'll be allowed to open for business on thanksgiving and christmas. the blue laws date back to the 17th century. they call for all supermarkets and retailers to close for the holidays. only food markets that label more than half their inventory in a language other than english would be exempt according to a new bill under consideration on beacon hill. frank: in new hampshire lawmakers are considering a bill that would create a tax for drivers of electric cars. the current gas tax funds highway maintenance throughout the state,
8:34 am
some lawmakers argue drivers of hybrids and electric cars and electric cards aren't buying as much gas so they should contribute to the highway maintenance some other way. >> so there'll be a bill recommending an alternate source. they'll probably pay some more money when they register the car which will go to the state to replace what they would pay for gas taxes. working out exactly what the tax would be. antoinette: an alarming backlog of drug cases in new hampshire's state police forensic lab. the backlog consists of more than 3,800 cases with 750 new cases coming in each month. the director says they can only process 500 cases a month, and the heroin and opioid epidemic is fueling the problem. he also says some drugs require a series of tests to determine what they are which highlights the risk users are taking. >> there's no quality control among drug dealers and users. they don't know what they're getting from packet to packet. the purity could be different
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next. antoinette: a new $60,000 grant will allow for more overtime at the lab along with another full-time chemist. but the lab director says it still may not be enough to get through the backlog of cases. a possible medical breakthrough at umass. frank: the research being done at the medical school that could prevent lyme disease. a pharmaceutical company's controversial c.e.o. new leadership at one of the most popular social media sites. the first action that person plans to take. antoinette: south carolina struggling to recover after historic floods. the warning to residents with even more rain on the way. and we are following that breaking news out of franklin. this is video of a pretty massive fire. this is happening at a condo complex there we have learned that it was under construction and vacant at the time. so far no word on any injuries in this fire or what caused it. we're going to stay on top of this story and bring you the
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all of this happening at a condo complex. it's called the villages at oak hill. fire officials say they believe that unit where the fire started was under construction. this is being described as an active adult complex, condo complex. arch of course you can see that fire there is still raging at this point. we are following the story all morning long for you on air, apps. frank: now to the economy. a popular social media site is reportedly planning layoffs. "the new york times" reports that twitter's c.e.o. and co-founder jack dorsey's is planning a series of cost-cutting moves. twitter has more than 4,100 employees in more than 35 offices. the paper reports the layoffs could come as soon as tuesday. and taking a look at the week ahead. investors will be looking at quarterly earnings reports for big banks along with other big companies including intel, netflix, and general electric. wall street will also be watching for signs of inflation-- one of the conditions that factors in to the fed's decision on raising interest rates. antoinette: another wet weekend in flood-ravaged south carolina.
8:40 am
this morinng. 84 dams in the state are being closely watched as another two inches of rain is expected to fall in the flood zone. in georgetown county, whole neighborhoods are now invisible. streets, sidewalks, driveways, and homes now covered under filthy floodwater with only rooftops to serve as landmarks. some people can only get to their homes by boat. sabrina johnson: a lot of people have lost more than i have. it's just heartbreaking for everybody out here. urging thousands of people to evacuate. they're already in a tough situation down there and just rain. danielle: there are thunderstorms moving into western south carolina. not looking good for them but closer to home for us not a bad holiday weekend forecast. i'm just saying. we're bringing the sunshine and warmer temperatures on top of that.
8:41 am
today we're starting out with high temperatures reaching into the upper 50's. this is actually below where we should be for this time of year. we should be running at 63 degrees. but notice on sunday we're back up to 68. and by monday we're all the way up to the lower 70's and low 70's even on tuesday. so the temperature trend is on the way up through the holiday weekend. in terms of the month of october though, we've actually been running below average. we're about to see more of these red boxes appear on our map as we head towards the middle of october. lots of sunshine out there over boston right now. you can see it. 50 degrees though. the winds still pretty west. you're going to feel them out there this morning at least. they will begin to subside through the afternoon, but we have wind gusts in excess of 25 miles an hour right now on nantucket. and notice that wind has shifted to the north and west because yesterday it was breezy too. west. so that's a warming wind.
8:42 am
hours in boston lots of sunshine notice the winds backing off as we head towards this evening and into the overnight. upper 50's for highs today. low 60's in and low 60's in taunton. mid 50's on the cape as well as the islands. maybe you're headed to the topsfield fair today. looks pretty good. a bit on the breezy side. i would grab a coat if you're headed out for a long period of time. by sunday warming up into the mid 60's. it looks like a great day to be at the fair. remember it ends on monday so if you want to get out there, sneak out there this weekend. as you see, we have a couple of clouds over the cape and the islands. but the beginning-- they're beginning to clear out. that is the trend through the afternoon today. as high pressure really builds in from the north. that's why the winds are still out of the north. but it will push down to the south tomorrow. as it does, the winds then turn to the south and west. that's the warming wind. that's how we start to see these temperatures warm back up. now tonight with light winds and clear skies, temperatures drop
8:43 am
into the 30's in concord and orange. mid 40's in boston. and because of that, frost advisories haven issued for areas you see in blue between 95 and 495 and also out in western mass until 8:00 tomorrow morning. so before you go to bed tonight, you want to make sure you pull the plants inside because remember that frost can really damage them. and even though we start out on the cool side tomorrow, look at the temperature as it kicks up into the upper 60's in boston. mid 60's on the cape. it's a warm day. you become warmer as we head towards monday and even into tuesday. now tuesday we are watching because this is our next chance for rain. it come as early as monday night. but it looks like tuesday afternoon into the evening we could have a couple of scattered showers around. not looking like a heavy rain event or a wind event like we saw yesterday evening but still what it will do is knock back those temperatures from the 70's into the 60's. by the end of the week, we're actually talking temperatures in
8:44 am
frank: thanks a lot, danielle. over to sports. the patriots have a distinct advantage when it comes to quarterbacks. the last two they faced had a total of five nfl wins which is exactly how many this week's opposing quarterback brandon weeden has. that means tom brady has nearly as many super bowl wins as weeden has regular-season wins. >> i'm happy i'm available to my team. that's something i've taken a lot of pride in. trying to be out there and be a consistent available player and certainly being available to those guy s is what my job is. so it's pretty fun. >> my goal honestly is i don't care if i'm 12-for-30. just give this team a chance to win. whatever that may be. just find a way to give this team a chance to win. that's my main focus. frank: the pats take on the dallas cowboys at at&t stadium in arlington tomorrow afternoon. now to one of my favorite stories of the morning. a big honor--for one of our own-- wcvb reporter jorge quiroga. antoinette: jorge was given the lifetime achievement award at the hispanic heritage breakfast
8:45 am
in boston. governor charlie baker and mayor marty walsh were on hand to honor jorge, who recalled his early days here at 5 when viewers had trouble pronouncing his name. jorge quiroga: somebody wrote in, dear "ask "the globe," at channel 5, there is a new young reporter, personable young reporter. by the way he pronounces his name, at home we know him as oh-hickey yoga. antoinette: i think it says that on his business card. i'm not sure. jorge was also the cover boy of yesterday's edition of the spanish language daily "el mundo." he's been television in boston for more than 40 years. i've got to say no one deserves that more than jorge. he's just such a class actment he's so great to be around. no matter what. frank: i'll bet that writer said personable and handsome.
8:46 am
always looking dressed to the nines. antoinette: exactly. on the way this morning, a potential breakthrough in the battle to prevent lyme disease. the local researchers that may be close to a vaccine. frank: and firefighter s are on the massive scene of a fire. the flames consuming this unit at the scrimmages of oak hill. stay withstay with dear fellow citizen, s hard to say no want toys, because you' re saving for shoes. and shoes. and shoes. p but i can help you figure out how to save a little with one deposit checking. r so ask me, i can help you avoid fees.
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frank: 8:54. we're updating breaking news right now. firefighters fighting back flames in franklin. the fire started in a unit that was believed to be under construction at the villages at oak hill. the website for the complex describes it as an active adult community. we have a crew on the scene and will have update online and on our mobile app. antoinette: also breaking overnight. waltham police are investigating a fiery crash involving three cars and a house on newton and fuller streets. officers say two cars coming down newton street missed the turn. one car hit another vehicle. the second hit a house and burst into flames. everyone managed to get out of the house safely. no one was hurt. frank: a quincy attorney and his girlfriend are under arrest in connection with a gruesome killing inside a marshfield home. robert mckenna was found dead in his home on damon's point road late last month. michael moscaritolo is now facing a murder charge. his girlfriend lauren kalil is being charged with accessory
8:49 am
after the fact. plymouth district court on antoinette: a wakefield social bail. he's accused of paying three 15-year-old girls to send him pornographic photos of themselves. 34-year-old rick hall is facing trafficking and child enticement. frank: right now in newton bear spotted in a backyard on rowe street. environmental police have been called in. they're trying to find the bear, tranquilize it, and then release it into the woods. the area of rowe and wolcott streets. police are asking people there to stay inside and call them if they see the bear. antoinette: right now 11 people are recovering after an s.u.v. plows into a crowd at a framingham car auction. the driver was showing the s.u.v. to potential buyers when it accidentally took off. the s.u.v. crashed through 55 cars before slamming into a cinder block wall. the driver is not hurt. the cause of the crash is under investigation. frank: researchers at umass medical school are working on what could be a medical
8:50 am
breakthrough when it comes to the prevention of lyme disease. scientists have developed a new injection that targets the bacteria that causes the disease. right now there are no vaccines to prevent the tick-born illness. human trials of the annual injection are expected to begin next year. if it wins f.d.a. approval, it could be available in about three years. antoinette: big weekend for those of you heading up north to do leaf peeping if you're going apple picking and bringing me danielle: here's the deal. i'll pick the apples if antoinette will take the apples and make a beautiful dessert. antoinette: a fair trade-off. danielle: i'll get down and dirty. i just don't know how to get around the kitchen. frank: and if you two do that, i'll eat it. that's the circle of life. danielle: whatever you're doing on this columbus day weekend it does look really nice. today it will be slightly cooler than the next couple of days. only reaching the upper 50's.
8:51 am
it's a bit breedsy. be aware of that. 68 on sunday. a chilly start. posted. pull the plants inside or they might be damaged. tuesday. mild on monday. that's a good-looking columbus day weekend. pictures. frank: you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or any time on the wcvb mobile hand-crafted...layer by layer. r the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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